Thursday, November 4, 2021

RW449 - Ladyhawke

In this episode of the ongoing Random Rutger Rewatch, Cory and Nathan may be weak willed as they discuss "Ladyhawke."


Our Favourite Trivia:

Richard Donner had attempted to get the film financed for a number of years and came close to making it twice, once in England and once in Czechoslovakia. He eventually got the project up at Warners and Fox, where it was green-lit by Alan Ladd Jr. Originally, Kurt Russell was cast as the male lead alongside Michelle Pfeiffer. The role of the pickpocket was offered to Sean Penn and then Dustin Hoffman, before Donner decided to go with Matthew Broderick. Eventually, Russell pulled out during rehearsals, and Rutger Hauer was chosen to replace him.

The film's score was composed by Andrew Powell and produced by Alan Parsons. Richard Donner stated that he was listening to The Alan Parsons Project (on which Powell collaborated) while scouting for locations, and became unable to separate his visual ideas from the music.

Three of the castles used for this movie were owned by Italian movie director Luchino Visconti and his family.

Aquila, the name of the town from which Philippe Gaston originally escapes, is the Latin word for "eagle".

The hawk featured in this movie went under the name "Spike II" and worked in the Universal Bird Show until 2000 when she was transferred to the National Audubon society and became an Audubon Ambassador until she died in May 2007. Several different hawks were used. One to sit on Rutger Hauer's arm and another for the flying scenes. A third proved to be mostly unusable, as it enjoyed Hauer's company so much that it would ruffle its feathers when seated on his arm, making it look more like a chicken than a stately hawk.

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