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RW333 - SeaQuest Rewatch S03E12-13 - Reunion War

In this weeks final episode of The SeaQuest Rewatch, Cory and Tom uncage their true feelings as they discuss season 3 episodes 12 & 13, "Reunion" and "Weapons of War."


The SeaQuest pulls escorting duty for an ambassador traveling to the Tartarus colony to negotiate a trade deal between them and the UEO. Once there, the crew discovers Tartarus’s work program, a system whereby criminals are sent there to work off their debt to society, including their old enemy Mason Freeman. Henderson runs into an old boyfriend named Jason Pardee who is also there as a convicted worker, telling Henderson that he was framed for his conviction by Tartarus officials, noting that THAT is how Tartarus gets their free workers when they need them, leading Lucas to dig deep and find out that Jason was convicted of stealing from a farmer in Tartarus jurisdiction. 

Henderson confronts the Ambassador but he is quick to put her off, saying he has done the research into Jason’s file and dismissing her, which only leads to Henderson trying to get into the colony to have some time with Jason to obtain more information. Shortly after she meets with him and returns to the SeaQuest with the information, a prisoner riot breaks out with several of them managing to escape via a shuttle towards a research colony, while the SeaQuest heads off in pursuit, with a Tartarus admiral going along to use whatever force is necessary to stop the escapees.

Mason Freeman contacts them and reveals that he and Jason along with several other prisoners have taken over the research colony and have the scientists as their hostages. Jason pleads their case about why their escape was a necessity due to the extremely dangerous work environment in the Tartarus colony where they are daily exposed to toxic chemicals and materials causing painful side effects among the prisoners. While Hudson manages to talk the Tartarus admiral down and letting them take the lead, Mason demands that Lucas and Henderson come aboard with a medi-vac to treat the prisoners and the scientists who are not handling the stress of being taking captive very well, but once aboard the trap is revealed as Mason and Jason take the two captive, now happy to have better hostages as well as SeaQuest’s advance shuttle sensors to better fortify their position. 

Jason admits his guilt and that he lied to her about being innocent and Henderson realizes that it was he who stole her communicator device that allowed him and the prisoners to escape. Henderson and Lucas devise a distraction and manage to get the hostages out in a shuttle but the two are quickly recaptured by Mason who calls Hudson to demand their freedom and prepare to kill Lucas if it isn’t given to them. Luckily, the SeaQuest crew have managed to get into the colony using the escape pod hatch that is now empty and they overcome the prisoners and take control.

The ambassador sends a message to the Tartarus admiral stating that he has just learned of the prisoners medical issues due to the working conditions and says that the prisoners will be sent to a UEO facility and their cases reviewed individually to determine the human rights violations that are occurring in the colony. Hudson and crew search the sea nearby for Mason, the one escapee who could not be found, but he has managed once again to elude the intrepid crew, as he sneaks away in a vessel, practicing his audition song for the next season of American Idol, 2032.

Send Out the WSKRS:

The Ambassador was played by Dennis Christopher. He’s had various small supporting roles over the years and a number of recurring roles on The Profiler as several characters. He was also a main cast member in the TV movie Dead Women in Lingerie. Played Eddie Kaspbrack in the original TV mini series IT.

The admiral was played by George Wilson who also played General Fraser in the episode “Daggers.”

Mason’s henchman was Mitchel Dean. He’s had a lot of credits for documentaries as the script writer; The Evil Within: PTSD, Corrosion Comprehension 7: Material Sustainment on Air Land and Sea, and many, MANY more. He also worked on stunts for some top movies like Spider-Man and Fast and the Furious.

Weapons of War:

The SeaQuest is ordered to make way for the trade border between UEO, Macronesian and Chaodai territories after an unprovoked attack there on a UEO outpost by the Chaodai, who have not been heard of at all for fifteen years. McGath reveals that the outpost is actually a secret covert listening station to spy on the Macronesians. Weeks earlier a Section 7 agent was assassinated in the area after reporting back that the Chaodai were testing several weapons well beyond the technology capabilities of both the UEO and Macronesia. Hudson is ordered to keep the SeaQuest at the border to maintain their commercial interests in the area.

Meanwhile a woman named Kimura that Tim has been having an on-line romance with decides to take a shuttle to meet him on the SeaQuest near the border after he has to cancel their date due to the destruction of the colony. He begs her to go back due to the extreme danger but without enough fuel she has no choice, leaving O’Neil to steal a shuttle with Piccolo to intercept and save her. They soon find her in an impossibly fast shuttle and she reveals herself to be a member of the Chaodai requesting sanctuary and wishing to defect to the UEO in exchange for information about her people and their technologies. 

While McGath is fine with the deal he cannot send the SeaQuest away until tensions have returned to normal in the area and Kimura is confined to quarters under guard. Not content to sit still, knowing the Chaodai will never let her leave alive, especially knowing she is in the area, she makes an escape and gets away from the SeaQuest, planning to appeal to Macronesia for help instead. 

Fredricks and Piccolo go after her when they are attacked by a Macronesia sub. A fight ensues and Kimura is disabled by a Macronesian emp due to the electronic web wired into her body, a procedure done in the Chaodai to allow them to pilot their vessels through more than just manual physical control.

After Hudson manages to talk the Macronesia captain down from continuing the fight, a group of Chaodai subs show up and attack the Macronesian colony, leaving SeaQuest to try and help defend them, with Piccolo and Fredricks again leading the charge and taking out two of the enemies’ ships but unfortunately Piccolo is hit leaving him to bail out while another shot destroys Fredricks ship, killing her instantly. 

The Chaodai contact the SeaQuest and demand the return of Kimura and her ship. Hudson readies an argument but Kimura agrees to return, reasoning that she has given them enough information to prepare for their next battle against the Chaodai. O’Neil escorts her to her ship but knocks her out, sending her sub out alone on autopilot, while the Chaodai, not realizing the ruse, open fires on her sub, thinking they have destroyed her, effectively freeing her from their control.

Kimura requests to be enlisted in the service given that they have need of not only a new fighter pilot but also her expertise in the Chaodai, to which McGath agrees. Tim talks with Kimura later as she tries to reason with him that she must have had some feelings for him deep down but he is too hurt by her deception and rebuffs her semi-apology while elsewhere Hudson finishes the sad duty of clearing out Fredericks’ quarters.

Send Out the WSKRS:

Kimura was played by Julia Nickson. She’s had various guest roles here and there. She was in the main supporting cast for Rambo First Blood Part 2 and Double Dragon, and a lead role in Glitch, an 80’s “cheesecake” movie.

You can find the missing storyline here

Whats Next?

Cory and Tom will be discussing the single season show "Firefly" plus the film "Serenity." See you again soon!

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RW332 - James Bond Rewatch - Diamonds are Forever

In this episode of the James Bond 007 Rewatch, Cory and Nathan moon buggy their way to success as they discuss "Diamonds are Forever."


The Music of Diamonds are Forever:

Our Favourite Trivia:

After George Lazenby left the series, producers Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli tested other actors, but studio United Artists wanted Sean Connery back, paying a then-record $1.25 million salary for him to return. 

The producers were inspired by Goldfinger; as with that film, Guy Hamilton was hired to direct, and Shirley Bassey performs vocals on the title theme song. Locations included Las Vegas, California, Amsterdam and Lufthansa's hangar in West Germany

This is the first Bond movie to not use the villain from the novel of the same name. This movie features Blofeld as the villain, whereas the novel's villains were the Spang Brothers. Wint and Kidd were in both the novel and movie. 
An original plot had as a villain Auric Goldfinger's twin, seeking revenge for the death of his brother. The plot was later changed after Broccoli had a dream, where his close friend Howard Hughes was replaced by an imposter. So the character of Willard Whyte was created.

Charles Gray was cast as villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld, after playing a Bond ally named Dikko Henderson in You Only Live Twice (1967).

Initially, the character of Miss Moneypenny did not feature in the movie, partly because Lois Maxwell had held out for a pay increase, but it was decided during production to add the scene where Moneypenny gives Bond his travel documents at the port of Dover. The additional scene was a last-minute rewrite, as the producers felt it important to incorporate Maxwell after her issue was resolved. Maxwell and Connery filmed their lines separately for the short scene.

Reportedly, the final scene Sir Sean Connery filmed as Bond (for the official film franchise) was the one in which an unconscious Bond is loaded into a coffin at the funeral home. 

During Bond's briefing with M at the beginning, M refers to Bond having just been on holiday, and later quipped how the Service had managed well during Bond's absence. These were inside jokes referring to Sir Sean Connery's absence in On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969).

What's Up Next?

Time for a proper change up as we get into the Roger Moore era of Bond, starting with "Live and Let Die."

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RW331 - SeaQuest Rewatch S03E10-11 - Good Chance

In this weeks episode of The SeaQuest Rewatch, Cory and Tom infiltrate the past as they discuss season 3 episodes 10 & 11, "Good Soldiers" and "Second Chance."

Good Soldiers:

Bridger returns to the SeaQuest to take command in order to retrieve some sensitive information from an abandoned UEO lab that is now under Macronesian control. Bridger takes a shuttle with Lucas, Ford, and Dagwood into the base and as they begin searching, its revealed that Ford was stationed here as an ensign and witnessed the work that was being done here: work that was basically torturing GELFs in order to understand their physiology better and eventually create a more perfect soldier that could recover from any damage done to their body. 

Meanwhile, the SeaQuest is doing its best to avoid detection by Macronesian forces but ends up having to use Darwin to destroy some of their sensor drones as well as inadvertently destroying a Macronesian scout ship which was sent to investigate the destroyed drones. 
Back in the base, Dagwood has begun to experience visions of the horrors committed in the abuse and Bridger reveals he was a part of the project at one time. Dagwood begins lashing out at Lucas, remembering his Gelf friend Rachel who warned him of the dangers of the monotones. Dagwood’s pain does help him find the crystals but the group is discovered by Macronesian forces who immediately open fire. As they try to retreat, Dagwood refuses to go, wanting to remain behind and die as his fellow GELFs did, but after Ford decides to stay with Dagwood and refusing to let him die alone, he changes his mind and agrees to leave, reasoning that if they die here, no one will remember their story and with that they escape as the the charges they left behind go off, destroying the base.

Back on board the SeaQuest, Bridger gives Dagwood the info crystal leaving him with the decision on what to do with it. After watching the contents involving a GELF named Matthew who believes the doctor that experimented in him to be his friend, Dagwood destroys the crystal while Ford goes to the visit the doctor involved in the project to let him know that he regrets not stopping his experiments and will never be afraid of stepping up again.

Send Out the WSKRS:

James Mathers played Dr. Veracheck. He’s had various bit roles here and there, his first role being the lead in his own written project, Dr. Jekyll’s Dungeon of Death. He also appeared in a 2007 movie called SpaceDisco One.

Matthew was played by Steve Mastro Jr. Just five credits in IMDb, the most notable of which is his role in the movie Knots, in which he plays “party ass grabber.”

Roy Scheider: A Film Biography states that originally this episode did not include Bridger. That was a later addition.

Second Chance:

As the Seaquest powers up their reactor core after some repairs, an anomaly causes a mini black hole to appear inside which ends up tossing the SeaQuest back into 1962 at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The crew discovers that somehow instead of peace winning out during this time, an actual nuclear war somehow occured, destroying all life except for one navy officer, Commander Michael VanCamp, whom SeaQuest manages to rescue from his ship but soon succumbs to radiation poisoning and dies.

While Hudson and crew theorize about how things went wrong to cause the war to happen, Lucas and Henderson come up with a plan to recreate the portal and go back in time further to prevent the destruction of the world. 
After making the time jump, Ford, Lucas, Henderson and Piccolo go ashore to try and find information about the US ship deployments in order to figure out which ship is going to start the war. They end up going to VanCamp's and using the keys Piccolo took from the future, they steal the family's clothes to fit in, but are seen by VanCamp's daughter Christine who they decide to take with them lest she tells someone about their arrival.

As Ford and company find a spot to make camp, some of Christine's friends arrive, having seen her with this new group, and begin a fight in an attempt to rescue her. Despite stunning the ruffians, more begin to appear and so the crew runs off but are quickly intercepted by the military, led by Commander VanCamp himself.
Meanwhile, Hudson and the crew back onboard the seaquest monitor the activities of the American and Russian subs. They try and use their lasers to seize up the engines of a Russian freighter, hoping it will leave but instead the attack only draws attention  to the freighter and a US sub begins to approach it.

Back at the navy base, Interrogation begins to determine who the SeaQuest crew actually is, with VanCamp not believing anything they are claiming, despite them showing that they have his daughter’s keys from the future and know about his son’s St Christopher prayer Medallion. It’s not until he receives a call from his wife telling him she just purchased a St. Christopher Medallion for their son that he begins to see the truth. Checking with his daughter, they now have an identical set of keys as well, one of which is Catherine’s in present day, and the ones that Piccolo took from the future. Those two things combined with VanCamp testing out the SeaQuest weapons results in him helping them get the information they need. 

The seaquest meanwhile has been using its weapons to prevent the US sub’s weapons from reaching the Russians in order to try and avoid a war. Hudson uses the information from VanCamp to get the US sub to stand down, but the sub had launched a buoy that would be a signal to start dropping bombs. With the Russian sub in the way of the buoy, Darwin is sent to stop the buoy from transmitting the war signal, averting the war and saving VanCamp’s future as the SeaQuest heads back through the black hole anomaly and returns home.

Send Out the WSKRS:

VanCamp was played by Terrance Knox. We've seen before in the Lois & Clark episodes “Green, Green Glow of Home” and “Strange Visitor” as Jason Trask.  He’s had various supporting roles since then, but was a lead in Tour of Duty (a Vietnam war series) and Children of the Corn 2.

Christine was played by Brittany Murphy. She’s best known for Clueless, Happy Feet, Girl Interrupted and Neverwas. She was also the voice of LuAnne in King of the Hill. She had a band in the 90's called Blessed With Soul. She died quite suddenly and unexpectedly in 2009, due to pneumonia and anemia, however, her husband died five months later of the same symptoms. Her father is part of an investigation to find out the truth as he believes they were murdered, relating to her and her husband being witnesses in the case of a persecuted former Homeland Security employee named Julia Davis. Indeed ten years after her death, it was discovered she had 10 heavy metals in her body higher than the "high" levels as maintained by the World Health Organization.
Trask was played by Paul Vroom. He acts on and off in bit roles (purse thief, clerk, thug #1). We saw him previously on SeaQuest in the episode “The Sincerest Form of Flattery” as a Lieutenant. He also played Yuri in Thunder in Paradise.

Hank Stone played a marine sergeant. We saw in “Blindsided” as a cellmate. He also played Mongo in the unaired pilot of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. It starred Matt Landers as Ted's father who was in The Flash ‘90 (as Harry Milgrim) and Quantum Leap (the date when Sam was a woman).

Whats Next?

“Reunion” & “Weapons of War” (final episodes)

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Thursday, March 19, 2020

RW330 - James Bond Rewatch - On Her Majesty's Secret Service

In this episode of the James Bond 007 Rewatch, Cory and Nathan seek out some not so familiar faces as they discuss "On Her Majesty's Secret Service."


The Music of On Her Majesty's Secret Service:

Our Favourite Trivia:

George Lazenby is the youngest actor to portray 007, at age twenty-nine during filming. The rest of the actors and their ages: Sir Sean Connery - thirty-one, Sir Roger Moore - forty-five, Timothy Dalton - forty, Pierce Brosnan - forty-one, and Daniel Craig - thirty-eight.

The producers originally intended to explain the change of lead actors in this movie by saying that Bond had undergone plastic surgery because his "old" face was now too well-known by foreign spies and terrorists for him to go undercover. But they then decided not to refer to the change at all, and thus hopefully minimize the public attention being paid to George Lazenby's replacing Sir Sean Connery. However, after the opening action sequence, right before the titles, Bond says directly to the camera, "This never happened to the other fellow", an intentionally comedic reference to the change in actors.

Peter Hunt, who had worked on the five preceding films, had impressed Broccoli and Saltzman enough to earn his directorial debut as they believed his quick cutting had set the style for the series; it was also the result of a long-standing promise from Broccoli and Saltzman for a directorial position. Hunt also asked for the position during the production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and he brought along with him many crew members, including cinematographer Michael Reed.

Timothy Dalton was offered the part of James Bond, but turned it down feeling that, at twenty-two, he was too young and relatively inexperienced to take the role. Dalton played Bond in The Living Daylights (1987) and Licence to Kill (1989).

Broccoli and Saltzman had originally intended to make On Her Majesty's Secret Service after Goldfinger and Richard Maibaum worked on a script at that time. However, Thunderball was filmed instead after the ongoing rights dispute over the novel was settled between Fleming and Kevin McClory. On Her Majesty's Secret Service was due to follow that, but problems with a warm Swiss winter and inadequate snow cover led to Saltzman and Broccoli postponing the film again, favouring production of You Only Live Twice.

Between the resignation of Sean Connery at the beginning of filming You Only Live Twice and its release, Saltzman had planned to adapt The Man with the Golden Gun in Cambodia and use Roger Moore as the next Bond, but political instability meant the location was ruled out and Moore signed up for another series of The Saint. After You Only Live Twice was released in 1967, the producers once again picked up with On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Broccoli and Hunt eventually chose Lazenby after seeing him in a Fry's Chocolate Cream advertisement. Lazenby dressed the part by sporting several sartorial Bond elements such as a Rolex Submariner wristwatch and a Savile Row suit (ordered for, but uncollected by, Connery), and going to Connery's barber at the Dorchester Hotel. 

This is one of the most faithful adaptations of an Ian Fleming novel. Virtually everything in the book occurs in the movie. Staying so close to the source actually caused some continuity problems due to the different order of the movies.

Lazenby was offered a contract for seven films; however, he was convinced by his agent Ronan O'Rahilly that the secret agent would be archaic in the liberated 1970s, and as a result he left the series after the release of On Her Majesty's Secret Service in 1969.

Lazenby said he experienced difficulties during shooting, not receiving any coaching despite his lack of acting experience, and with director Hunt never addressing him directly, only through his assistant. Lazenby also declared that Hunt also asked the rest of the crew to keep a distance from him, as "Peter thought the more I was alone, the better I would be as James Bond."

The soundtrack for On Her Majesty's Secret Service has been called "perhaps the best score of the series." It was composed, arranged and conducted by John Barry; it was his fifth successive Bond film. Barry opted to use more electrical instruments and a more aggressive sound in the music.

Barry felt it would be difficult to compose a theme song containing the title "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" unless it were written operatically, in the style of Gilbert and Sullivan. Leslie Bricusse had considered lyrics for the title song but director Peter R. Hunt allowed an instrumental title theme in the tradition of the first two Bond films. The theme was described as "one of the best title cuts, a wordless Moog-driven monster, suitable for skiing at breakneck speed or dancing with equal abandon."

On Her Majesty's Secret Service was released on 18 December 1969 with its premiere at the Odeon Leicester Square in London. Lazenby appeared at the premiere with a beard, looking "very un-Bond-like", according to the Daily Mirror. Lazenby claimed the producers had tried to persuade him to shave it off to appear like Bond, but at that stage he had already decided not to make another Bond film.

Because Lazenby had informed the producers that On Her Majesty's Secret Service was to be his only outing as Bond and because of the lack of gadgets used by Bond in the film, few items of merchandise were produced for the film, apart from the soundtrack album and a film edition of the book. 

On Her Majesty's Secret Service was nominated for only one award: George Lazenby was nominated in the New Star of the Year – Actor category at the 1970 Golden Globe Award ceremony, losing out to Jon Voight.

What's Up Next?

The producers rush back to Sean Connery and we get "Diamonds are Forever."

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RW329 - SeaQuest Rewatch S03E08-09 - Equilibrium Resurrection

In this weeks episode of The SeaQuest Rewatch, Cory and Tom fix a global mistake as they discuss season 3 episodes 8 & 9, "Equilibrium" and "Resurrection."


The SeaQuest discovers a region of the sea that became infected with a bacteria that was created during one of the vessel’s past missions when Bridger was captain. Lucas easily comes up with a solution to the problem but things get complicated when Bridger shows up with his own small contingent of ships asking them to trust him and let the bacteria die out naturally rather than possibly compound the problem by introducing new bio agents into the ecosystem. McGath sides with Lucas and instructs Hudson to move ahead with his solution, while Bridger stands firm and warns them that he won’t let them go through with it.

Bridger’s ships create a blockade but the SeaQuest is easily able to disable all of them save for Bridger’s own ship. Bridger, knowing the SeaQuest like the back of his hand, manages to play a game of chicken with the vessel while subtly taking over one of the ship’s WSKRS to disable its propulsion systems.

The delay is only momentary and the SeaQuest disables Bridger’s ship and moves ahead to release Lucas’s enzyme into the bacteria infected waters. All seems well as the water toxicity levels begin to return to normal, however, the seaquest begins the experience hull breaches shortly thereafter, and upon further study they realize that the enzyme caused the bacteria to mutate further and it has begun to infect the ship’s bioskin. Furthermore the water leaking in begins to infect the crew members as well, resulting in an infection that threatens to consume the surrounding land and its people as well. Hudson makes the call that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few and tells McGath to ready a nuclear missile in order to eradicate the area and destroy the infection. 

Meanwhile, Bridger has taken a vessel of his own to try and find some other solution to the new problem. Lucas rendezvous with him and Bridger shows him a strain of algae that is somehow resistant to the bacteria. They rush back to the Seaquest to prepare a new enzyme to rid the area of the bacteria, however McGath has prematurely launched the missile, and due to all of SeaQuest's pilots out of commission due to infection, Hudson takes a ship to try and intercept it, eventually managing to remove the warhead, and saving the crew.

While Ford and an infection-free Henderson admit their love for each other, Bridger tells Lucas that while the bacteria would have burnt itself up eventually, it turns out it would have taken longer than he initially thought and that Lucas’s research was correct and the proper course of action.

Send Out the WSKRS:

In this episode, Hudson mentions an outbreak and references the “Caracas Hantavirus.” Caracas is the capital of Venezuela. Hantavirus infects rodents but doesn’t cause disease, and can infect humans through contact with rodent urine, saliva and feces causing hantavirus hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS), or hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS).

Bridger's shuttle is classified as a "DS9 shuttle", a reference to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. "Equilibrium" was also the name of an episode in the third season of Deep Space Nine.

Bye Bye Life:

Bye Bye Love:


The Seaquest finds itself playing host to former eco-terrorist Max Scully, now fully pardoned from his crimes and currently in charge of an ecologically pure, self sustaining colony he created that could possibly be a template for all future colonies. While their shuttle back to the SeaQuest is attacked, it is quickly captured by SeaQuest herself with the culprit behind the attack revealed as Elaine Morse, Hudson's two time fiancee who has since quit the UEO and is now working freelance as a bounty Hunter with intentions of bringing in Scully to the Japanese government who did not pardon him for his crimes a decade ago. Hudson makes sure that Elaine is sent away and orders Lucas to spend some time on Scully’s colony to see if the former criminal is really worthy of his pardon or if he is still the fanatic he once was.

While the Seaquest is called away to investigate a radiation leak at a nuclear waste facility, Lucas learns all about the colony before seeing Scully being kidnapped by Elaine Morse. Lucas gets the jump on her and saves him, as Scully informs Hudson of Elaine’s actions, resulting in Hudson coming back to the colony in a shuttle to formally arrest her while the SeaQuest continues its investigation.

Elsewhere aboard the ship, newly commissioned officer Piccolo is obeying his order to clear out Brody’s quarters and personal effects, eventually learning Brody had a son that no one aboard knew about. 

Scully orders his men to start taking over the SeaQuest remotely, using codes that Scully obtained earlier on his visit to the ship, and they divert all power to the lasers and begin firing at the nuclear waste facility. Unfortunately diverting all the power results in life support being cut down to the minimum causing all aboard to pass out from lack of oxygen, as well as causing the ship’s core to begin to overheat, which could cause the SeaQuest to blow itself up before finishing what Scully wants it to do, which is to destroy the nuclear waste facility and turn it into a nuclear bomb that will destroy all life on earth save for his colony. Through a ruse he manages to get Lucas to save the core from exploding with Dagwood’s assistance and then proceeds to resume firing at the facility.

Elsewhere, Elaine has convinced Hudson that something isn’t right with the radiation leak and Scully and they return to the colony. They’re immediately confronted by Scully who reveals his plan. As Scully monologues, Lucas tries to get a rise out of him, distracting him just enough that Elaine and Hudson begin taking out his men, joined by Lucas as Scully is arrested, as Lucas wonders if Scully’s legacy will be his crimes or his colony.

Send Out the WSKRS:

Jim O’Rear is an uncredited bridge crew member. Like most of the other uncredited bridge crew members he has many uncredited roles and bit parts. He is a director and writer, as well as an actor. He went on to write a large amount of horror movies that he directed and starred in, with titles such as Scream Farm and Night Blade. He’s also worked with some of the same people over and over again in similar type movies. He is also a frequent star of the series Thong Girl, playing Vish’ss, Igor and Georgie.

Whats Next?

“Good Soldiers” & “Second Chance”

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Thursday, March 12, 2020

RW328 - James Bond Rewatch - You Only Live Twice

In this episode of the James Bond 007 Rewatch, Cory and Nathan find the man behind it all as they discuss "You Only Live Twice."


The Music of You Only Live Twice:

Our Favourite Trivia:

You Only Live Twice premiered at the Odeon Leicester Square in London. It was the first premiere of a James Bond film that Queen Elizabeth II attended. The film grossed $43 million in the United States and over $111 million worldwide.

Unlike most James Bond films featuring various locations around the world, almost the entire film is set in one country and several minutes are devoted to an elaborate Japanese wedding. This is in keeping with Fleming's original novel, which also devoted a number of pages to the discussion of Japanese culture. Toho Studios provided soundstages, personnel, and the female Japanese stars to the producers.

While scouting locations in Japan, the chief production team narrowly escaped death. On March 5, 1966, Producers Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, Director Lewis Gilbert, Cinematographer Freddie Young, and Production Designer Ken Adam were booked to leave Japan on BOAC flight 911 departing Tokyo for Hong Kong and London. Two hours before their Boeing 707 flight departed, the team were invited to an unexpected ninja demonstration, and so missed their plane. Their flight took off as scheduled, and twenty-five minutes after take-off, the plane disintegrated over Mt. Fuji, killing all aboard.

When the time came to begin You Only Live Twice, the producers were faced with the problem of a disenchanted star. Sean Connery had stated that he was tired of playing James Bond and all of the associated commitments

Jan Werich was originally cast by producer Harry Saltzman to play Blofeld. Upon his arrival at the Pinewood set, both producer Albert R. Broccoli and director Lewis Gilbert felt that he was a poor choice. After several days the part was recast with Donald Pleasence.

The theme song, "You Only Live Twice", was composed by John Barry and lyricist Leslie Bricusse and sung by Nancy Sinatra after her father Frank Sinatra passed on the opportunity. British singer Julie Rogers recorded an alternative song for the titles, but this was not used.

To promote the film, Eon Productions produced a one-hour colour television programme titled Welcome to Japan, Mr. Bond first aired on 2 June 1967 in the United States on NBC. Bond regulars Lois Maxwell and Desmond Llewelyn appeared playing respectively "Miss Moneypenny" and "Q".

The henchman that Bond fights in Osato's office was played by Samoan pro-wrestler "The High Chief" Peter Fanene Maivia, grandfather of "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson.

The volcano set cost almost as much as Dr. No’s entire budget.

Out of simple courtesy on Bond's part, this is the only movie in which he accepts a Martini that is stirred, not shaken. This is an intentional joke by the producers, not a mistake by either of the actors.

What's Up Next?

A change of Bond actors, and we'll discuss it in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"

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