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RW522 - Quantum Leap Revival S01E03-04 - Somebody Decent


In this weeks episode of The Quantum Leap Revival, Cory and Tom go toe to toe with tasers and trackers as they discuss season 1 episodes 3 & 4, Somebody Up There Likes Ben and A Decent Proposal.

Somebody Up There Likes Ben:

Episode Title: Somebody Up There Likes Ben

Written by: Drew Lindo

Directed by: Marcus Stokes

Airdate: October 3, 2022


Ben leaps into young and upcoming boxer Danny Hill, in 1977 Las Vegas, the day before the boxer’s big title shot. Addison reports that Danny lost the fight, getting knocked out in the second round, seeming distracted, and resulting in his career never recovering. Before discussing it further, a woman named Angela enters the locker room and begins kissing Ben passionately. Daryl Hill, Danny’s brother, catches the two of them and admonishes the woman. Addison discovers that Daryl raised Danny after their parents died in a fire, and that he was a prize fighter himself until he got drafted into Vietnam.

At the weigh in for the fight, Daryl reacts negatively to all the flashing cameras, while they find out that the reason Danny was distracted during the fight; he is in love with Angela, who is actually dating his opponent, Roy Gordon.

Back in the future, Addison is starting to lose it, with Ian calming her down. Magic reports that the Pentagon is still asking questions, given their continued power drain. Ian reveals that Ben had unlocked all safety protocols and is now able to leap beyond his own lifetime. Ian later talks to Magic and reveals that Ben is likely trying to use the leaps to gather enough power to leap even farther than he ever should have been able to. Meanwhile, Jenn finds out that Ben had been working on his new code for the last 6 months, even going so far as to lie about where he was on trips away from the project.

Ben tries to get Daryl to delay the fight, but discovers that if they do, the promoter will pull out and they’ll lose their family business, a gym Daryl secretly leveraged with loan sharks. Outside, Roy appears and lets Ben know that he saw Angela with him. Daryl shows up to get him away, but Roy calls him a baby killer, referring to his role in Vietnam. Daryl starts to attack him but Ben gets him away safe. Addison reveals that in the original timeline, after Danny lost the fight and Daryl lost the gym, he then committed suicide.

Addison comes up with the idea to use the hand link to show Ben the fight as it actually went down, allowing Ben to use his photographic memory to work out a strategy to win. She helps him train but keeps pushing herself, and she eventually collapses.

As Addison recovers, Ian finds out that the reason Ziggy has been running slowly is because someone has hacked into the system from a remote location, reasoning that it’s Janis. Rather than lock her out with a system reboot, which also endangers their connection to the past with Ben, they leave her connection intact to try and figure out what she’s doing. 

Elsewhere, Janis talks with Beth about why she was the one responsible for blocking her from joining the Quantum Leap Project.Beth says she didn’t want her daughter to get caught up in it the same way her father did, and fail at retrieving Sam from the past. Janis asks her if she ever considered that she wouldn’t have failed, and asks for all of Al’s items related to the project, but Beth refuses. Unfortunately, Beth passes out during the conversation, having had her tea drugged.

Back in the past, Daryl starts to exhibit symptoms of PTSD as he talks about his wife being worried about him. He’s further triggered when the police show up to arrest him for assaulting Roy and his friends earlier. Ben manages to calm him down with Addison’s help, given her experience with this sort of thing in her tour in Afghanistan. Ben gets himself arrested as well, reasoning that this arrest is likely the real reason Danny was distracted in the original timeline. Ben talks with Daryl in jail, and makes him promise to get help. After they are bailed out, Daryl reunites with his wife and Ben reunites with Angela, their secret love affair now no longer a secret.

As the fight begins, Ben manages to keep everything going exactly the way the original fight went until he finally sees an opening and knocks the champ down, but he gets back up on count nine, surprising everyone. Ben goes back into the fight and is knocked down himself, starting to recover some memories in the process. Addison advises him to fight righty, since Danny is a southpaw. The strategy works and Roy is knocked out, with Danny being crowned the new champion. Addison tells Ben that Daryl also gets help, and starts a PTSD support group. Ben asks Addison to stay with him, and then reveals that he remembers someone being with him, but before he can finish his sentence, he leaps.

Addison is later surprised by her coworkers showing up to watch TV with her, a ritual that she and Ben had. Magic takes a phone call from Beth who tells him that Janis stole Al’s project files, but more notably, the original handlink. 

Elsewhere, Ben finds himself being hit on by a drunk man in a bar, before seeing a woman’s visage in the mirror staring back at him. 

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Who is Ben?
Danny "Youngblood" Hill
Where is Ben? 
Las Vegas, Nevada 
When is Ben? 
October 2, 1977 (21 year leap back)

  • Closest Previous leaps- 
  • S01E01 "July 13th, 1985"
  • Closet location to Sam Beckett-
  • S02E16 "Freedom" in Nevada 1970, helping a Native American grandfather get home to the reservation
  • Closet time to Sam Beckett- 
  • S02E02 "Disco Inferno" April 1, 1976 
  • S03E18 "A Hunting We Will Go" June 18, 1976 
  • S05E10 "Trilogy: Part 3 (The Last Door)" July 28, 1978

  • Steven Lilien & Bryan Wynbrandt are the creators and developers of the new series, and are credited writers and executive producers. As mentioned in episode zero, Martin Gero is now the showrunner, having replaced Lilien and Wynbrandt after the filming of the first 2 episodes.

    Unsung Hero: Jermain Alvarez Martin. Aside from a few handfuls of minor roles, he doesn’t have a whole lot going on, like the rest of the supporting cast in this episode.

    A Decent Proposal:

    Written by: Moira Kirland

    Directed by: Rachel Talalay

    Airdate: October 10, 2022


    Ben leaps in as a woman at a bar and soon finds himself being hit on by a drunk man he quickly rebuffs. Addison informs him that he is Eva Sandoval, a bounty hunter. She and her partner Jake work for Eva’s father, a bail bondsman named Alberto. Jake shows Ben their suspect’s photo again, and the suspect happens to be the same man that tried to hit on him earlier. Together they pursue the man as he tries an escape, eventually catching him.

    Addison finds out that Ben is likely there to help Tammy Jean Jessup, who is in trouble for unpaid traffic tickets, however the details of her case don’t seem to be all that major. Before they can discuss it further, they find the door to Eva’s father’s shop left open. Jake goes in alone but Ben follows soon after, only to find Jake on one knee, proposing to him. Ben says he needs more time, which puts Jake off. Alberto comes in to celebrate, but is disappointed as well. Ben tries to make things right by redirecting Jake into helping him with the Tammy Jean case, and he goes along with it.

    Back in the future, Ian discovers that Janis is trying to access different parts of their systems, most notably the prediction systems, focusing them on the actions of Ian, Magic, Jenn and Addison. In order to find out what she’s trying to do, Ian needs access to all of their files, even Magic’s classified ones. Magic takes Ian out to talk to them about his past in Vietnam, and his experience there when Sam Beckett leaped into him. Years later, he learned about Project Quantum Leap, finally seeing the man in his dreams since his time in the war. Being a Navy Seal, he lived by the credo to leave no man behind, and started the project back up in the hopes that maybe someday he could bring Sam home. Ian later talks with Jenn and says that they are not going to let the same thing that happened to Sam, happen to Ben. 

    As Ben and Jake plan to find Tammy Jean, Addison questions why Ben seems to really want to save Eva and Jake’s love life, and he admits that it’s because he remembers having a girlfriend. Before more can be said, Jake signals that things are clear, and Ben fools Tammy Jean into coming with them to her court date. She tries to bribe him, and when that doesn’t work, she tries crying and a cover story, but he doesn’t buy it. Suddenly, two men with guns show up, but Jake finds an escape out the window for them as they drive away. 

    Jake loses his patience with Tammy Jean and she admits that the guys might be working for La Serpiente, a drug cartel that took over the cocaine market in San Francisco, and are possibly after Tammy’s boyfriend Zack because he deals in cocaine as well. Tammy’s story reveals that the cartel believes that she and Zack are helping the DEA with their investigations, thus their interest in trying to get Tammy.

    Jake tries to get Ben to open up about what the problem is with the proposal. Ben stalls, eventually getting fed up with Tammy trying to butt in, and handcuffs her farther away from them. Unfortunately, she manages to slip away and Ben reasons that she may be going to her boyfriends club, with Jake understandably upset that he and Eva aren’t happy and celebrating instead.

    Upon arriving at the club, they witness Tammy Jean threatening her boyfriend Zack. He calls her Carla, and after accusing him of talking to the feds, she shoots him. A bump into the furniture reveals Jake and Ben’s presence and they take off running as Carla’s goons follow. Addison reveals that there were rumors that La Serpiente was actually run by a woman. 

    They escape but Jake is frustrated with the lack of an answer from his girlfriend, and decides to leave, heartbroken. Ben laments the loss of their relationship and asks Addison if the woman he left behind is mad, but she responds that she is just confused, as they all are.

    Alberto enters and is disappointed to hear about her and Jake. When Ben says he’s determined to bring Carla in, Alberto reminds him that all of the parking tickets were at Union Station, giving Ben a solid lead, and Addison reasons that train travel would be an easy way for Carla to avoid being tracked. Surprisingly, Jake shows up after Eva’s dad called him, convincing him to not give up. Jake reasons that a scary life with Eva is better than a life without her.

    As they search for Carla, using the local deputies to take care of her goons, she manages to find Jake and holds him at gunpoint. Jake starts talking about how he was thinking about proposing to Eva again, at Christmas, prompting Addison to recall that he gave Eva a taser for Christmas and that Ben could shoot the metal lined suitcase Carla holds. He does, shocking her and enabling Jake to apprehend her safely. Addison reports that Carla goes to prison, and teases Ben about not wanting to find out what happens with Eva and Jake. Ben recovers more of his memory and realizes that the girlfriend he left behind is actually Addison, but as he reaches out to touch her, he leaps. Ben is now a man in a poncho and cowboy hat, being reprimanded by a young girl. Ben walks outside and finds himself in an old western town.

    Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

    Who is Ben?
    • Eva Sandoval
    Where is Ben? 
    • Los Angeles, California
    When is Ben? 
    • July 29, 1981 (4 year leap forward)
    • Closest Previous leaps- 
      • S01E01 July 13th, 1985
    • Closet location to Sam Beckett- 
      • S01E08 "Camikazi Kid" 1961 
      • S02E07 "Thou Shalt Not" 1974 
      • S02E11 "A Portrait for Troian" 1971
      • S03E07 "Black on White on Fire" 1965 
      • S04E19 "Moment to Live" 1985
    • Closest time to Sam Beckett-
      • S02E13 "Another Mother" September 30, 1981 Scottsdale, Arizona 

    Director Rachel Talalay came up through her production work on the Nightmare on Elm Street film series, and was given her first directing gig on Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare. She also directed the cult classic film Tank Girl, starring Lori Petty and Naomi Watts. She’s been directing television for a long time since then, with more recent notable episodes of (of course) the DC slate of shows, Sherlock, and Riverdale. She directed 7 episodes of Doctor Who over the Capaldi run, coming on for episode 11-12 for season 8-10, and only episode 11 for season 11. She’s also the director of the upcoming 60th Anniversary Special.

    Justin Hartley played Jake. He’s probably most well known for playing Kevin Pearson in six seasons of This Is Us. He has done a number of Netflix original projects lately, such as Rebel Wilson’s Senior Year, and a Hallmark style Christmas movie called The Noel Diary. He continues to capture leading roles in films, such as A Lot Of Nothing (a husband and wife plot revenge on a neighbor they saw kill someone) and The Exchange (an awkward teenager attempts to befriend a sophisticated and cultured French exchange student that is not really all that cultured and sophisticated). He had a run of 185 episodes on The Young and The Restless, and 437 episodes of Passions. In superhero circles he is known as the original Green Arrow from the Smallville series (72 episodes), and most recently he voiced Bruce Wayne/Batman in a Spotify original podcast called Harley Quinn and the Joker: Sound Mind, and then Superman in the DC animated movie Injustice. Before winning the role of Green Arrow, he starred in the failed pilot for an Aquaman series. 

    Carla/Tammy was played by Sofia Pernas. She starred with Danny Trejo in Green Ghost and The Masters of the Stone (a car salesman, Charlie, moonlights as masked Lucha Libre Wrestler "Green Ghost” and discovers that he has superpowers that he must harness to save humanity when men arrive seeking an ancient stone). She also starred with Bruce Campbell in the recent comedy Adopted (when a Green Beret returns home to Texas from military service, he and his family struggle with the challenges of adopting his new brother, a 12-year-old Russian boy). Most recently, she starred in the two season show Blood and Treasure (an Indiana Jones/Lara Croft/National Treasure style series with an art thief and antiques expert teaming up to catch a terrorist).

    Unsung Hero: Anastasia Antonia. Aside from a handful of one off roles in movies and series, she is also a successful model.

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