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RW441 - Dawson's Creek S04E01-02 - Coming Down


In this weeks episode of The Dawson's Creek Rewatch, Cory and Tom return to their old downward days as they discuss of season 4 episodes 1 & 2, "Coming Home" and "Failing Down."

Coming Home:

Written by: Greg Berlanti

Directed by: Greg Prange

Original airdate: October 4, 2000


Pacey and Joey return from their down south sail, deciding to spend the night away from each other after having spent every night together the last three months, and also agree to say nothing about whether they “did it or didn’t do it” during their excursion, with Joey assuring him that no one is going to even ask about it.

The rest of the gang hangs out on the beach, with Andie getting to know two French students backpacking along the east coast, offering them a tour of Capeside. Jack and Dawson leave to get supplies for a painting job they arranged, where Dawson bumps into Pacey’s older sister Gretchen, recently returned to Capeside for a break from college. Dawson reveals to Jack that he once had an adolescent crush on her but nothing ever came of it.

While Bessie reveals to Joey that the BnB has become super successful, so much so that Joey needs to sleep on the couch for the moment, Pacey finds out that he doesn’t even have a couch to sleep on as Gretchen has moved in with Doug. 

Joey visits the Leery’s but no one is home, her ladder missing. As she enters Dawson’s room, she sees he has discovered a new passion: photography. She heads next door and chats with Jen, who like Bessie, and Deputy Doug, ask about whether or not she and Pacey did the deed, but Joey, like Pacey, avoids giving a straight answer. Jen invites Joey to go to the “Dive In” with the gang later that evening and Joey considers it.

Pacey visits Joey despite their plan to spend an evening apart and she invites him to go with her to the Dive In, however upon arrival there, Dawson is visibly upset and angry with Jen and moves to a different seat as Pacey decides to go and get them some drinks to try and help the uncomfortable situation.

Jen tries to convince Dawson to talk with Joey, while Jack handles Joey. Eventually Dawson gives in and he and Joey finally talk, however uncomfortable and surface level the conversation actually is. Dawson hides his sadness until he’s out of sight, while Joey also feels upset and walks off, looking for Pacey. When Pacey does show up, he gets pushy and says he’s taking them home, which Joey immediately gets offended by. The two argue about how Joey has been absent the entire last week, mentally, caught up in her thoughts about coming home and the confrontation with Dawson, leaving the two to go off in separate directions. Eventually, Dawson spots Joey standing around and thinking and offers her a ride home. 

Meanwhile, Andie finally asks whether the French boy who can speak English has a girlfriend to which he admits he does and is very much in love with her. As he moves off, Andie vents to the other student who hasn’t spoken at all the whole afternoon, but who suddenly speaks to her in English, revealing that his pretending to not understand her was just a joke. The two chat and eventually he asks to kiss her with Andie responding “Oui”.

Joey gives Dawson a gift she got for him, a brick from Ernest Hemingway’s home, offering it as a symbol of their new friendship but Dawson cuts her off, explaining that it is going to take a lot more than symbols for them to get back to the way they were and that he needs to take things day by day. He makes a comment about the question everyone wants to know, whether or not she and Pacey slept together, saying that knowing the answer would kill him, but Joey reassures him that the answer would actually NOT kill him, leaving him somewhat relieved.

Joey returns to Pacey’s boat and explains that she was absent recently not because Dawson was her boyfriend for a few months, but because he has been her friend her whole life, and that she hurt him terribly and has caused her a great amount of guilt. She also reveals that the whole time she was driving back to see Pacey, she stalled the stick shift vehicle so many times but each time she did, and every other time she gets angry or sad or confused, she thinks of Pacey and immediately feels better, reassuring him that her heart is with him and not leaving anytime soon. Together they curl up in their separate hammocks and read from a book together, taking turns, something they did during their vacation, and eventually fall asleep together.

Dawson's Trivia:

16:9 4K HD Upgrade On Netflix AND the original theme song is back! A new recording has been made. Was first rumored back in April of this year as a part of Paula Cole’s new album.

The HD upscale fixed an error that’s bugged me for years! It was so obvious that Katie Holmes had on a microphone pack in the opening scene of season 4-

Gretchen was played by Sasha Alexander. Before Dawson’s she was the lead in Wasteland (Six twentysomethings who went to college together find themselves in New York trying to find themselves. Eddie Mills, who played Ty, also stars in the show, along with Rebecca Gayheart, who we talked about back in the Sliders episode “Time Again and World”). She had smaller parts in Mission Impossible III and He’s Just Not That Into You, but had a lead role in NCIS for a couple of seasons, as well as a lead in Rizzoli & Isles (a detective and medical examiner team up to solve crimes in Boston. Also starring Angie Harmon and Bruce McGill of Quantum Leap fame). She also had a run of 11 episodes on Shameless (William H. Macy leads a scrappy feisty fiercely loyal Chicago family that makes no apologies). Most recently she has been playing the voice of Adeline Kane Wilson in the DC animated movies Deathstroke Knights & Dragons (which is listed TWICE, as a series of 12 episodes and a movie, however the series only has 1 episode and seems to mirror the movie listing closely).

Jean was played by Garikayi Mtambirwa. His first series was called Van-pires (A meteorite turns a team of young gearheads mentored by a former roadie for The Rolling Stones into car vampires. It also creates an evil car vanpire overlord who feeds on other cars. To save the world, they must stop his vanpire car pack). After that a series of one off roles, including Dawson’s Creek, before he ends up a supporting character in ClockStoppers with French Stewart (A teenager accidentally activates a machine that enables him to speed up his body so that other people seem to be standing still). He was in horror movies like Jeepers Creepers 2 and Bones, before becoming the lead in The Great L.A. Pretenders (deals with the narcissistic behavior of wannabe artists and how artificial they become when they try to be big in Hollywood and don't succeed). His latest project in post-production is called Sheets: A Japanese Ghost Story (Americans Tyler and Ryan are in Japan for a change of scenery to help Tyler get over his drama with women and make him stop pining over ghosts from girlfriends past but quickly find themselves stranded without money. When they are tricked by an entrepreneurial shady woman to help her renovate an old Japanese house for free room and board, they unwittingly break a binding spell and unleash a box of angry ancient Japanese cotton creatures that slowly start to hunt them down. Connected to the creatures is the ghost of a young Japanese girl, whom only Tyler can see, and while he falls in love with her, Ryan thinks she is one of the killer sheets).

Danny Roberts played Jean-Jean or JJ. Danny was a gay man who was part of The Real World: New Orleans. He only had one other three episode role in a short lived show called Waylon (The relationships and sex lives of eight friends with varied ethnic, cultural, and sexual orientations that work and live in the vibrant community of Downtown Los Angeles).

David Dukes died of a heart attack on October 9, 2000, in Spanaway, Washington, while on location shooting the Stephen King miniseries Rose Red.

Failing Down:

Written by: Tom Kapinos

Directed by: Sandy Smolan

Original airdate: October 11, 2000


As Joey and Pacey discuss his upcoming appointment with Capeside High’s guidance counselor, they end up kissing before class right in full view of Dawson, trying to get past them to enter the classroom.

Later, Andie talks with Joey about college, and Joey comments she needs to find a job so she can afford college, prompting Andie to suggest the Capeside Yacht Club. Pacey meanwhile finds that Mitch has taken over the guidance counselor spot and is concerned about his grades, pointing out that if he doesn’t do something drastic he may need to take summer school while all his friends graduate and move on to real life. 

Dawson and Gretchen bump into each other while she is out looking for a new place for her and Pacey to live, unable to stand Deputy Doug’s anal retentive ways. She sees some CDs that Dawson is getting rid of and questions him about getting rid of a Grateful Dead CD, something his parents gave him years ago but one that he never quite got into. 

Meanwhile Jen frantically checks her email for word from Henry, but he seems to be nowhere to be found, despite her attempts to contact him. Jack checks his own email and quickly shuts the computer when he sees something he didn’t expect, an email from Henry. Jack tells Andie that Henry wants to take a break from his and Jen's relationship, but she is adamant that Jack keep out of it.

Joey interviews at the Yacht Club for a very snobby woman named Ms. Valentine, and is talked down to quite a bit, causing her to start to walk out and name drop a rich family that Andie mentioned to her, causing the woman to do a complete 180 and ask her to come back in to start over.

Gretchen shows Pacey the place she found which while affordable, does need some work put into it to make it livable. Pacey’s dour mood after talking with Mitch causes Gretchen to inquire and he reveals his predicament. Gretchen tells him that he should be confiding in his girlfriend, but he is worried she will just see him as an idiot. She counters his argument that despite his father and Doug telling him he’s an idiot, his problem is Dawson, who is metaphorically whispering in his ear that he’s not good enough, but that Joey picked him and needs to deal with it before he ruins the relationship before it even begins.

As Joey works at the yacht Club, she finds herself verbally sparring with a young rich man and not taking kindly to his insults, which he tries to play off as a joke. She is surprised to see he signed his name as Owen Ross, the family she name dropped in her interview. The following day, he dishes some Yacht Club gossip to her about various people there and then also comes to her rescue when Ms. Valentine calls her out about having served an Owen Ross who was supposedly out of the country. After the rescue, “Owen” reveals he is actually Drue Valentine, the boss’s son, and realizes that Joey had lied her way into her job, but that that makes him actually like her more.

Joey and Pacey have dinner on the boat but Pacey’s dour mood and reluctance to tell Joey what is going on leads them to a bit of a fight when she makes a remark about having gotten a new job so as to not end up  doomed to roam the streets of Capeside as a local girl, or townie, as she puts it. Pacey takes offense but Joey calls him on it, refusing to escalate things.

Mitch talks with Dawson about Pacey’s troubles, and while Dawson says that it isn’t HIS problem to be worried about, Mitch counters that be that as it may, maybe Dawson knows someone that CAN help Pacey. The situation is further reinforced when at school, he sees that Pacey has failed to show up for class again. This leads him to go to Joey and tell her that he needs help, telling her that Pacey hasn’t told her about this because he wants Joey to be proud of him, and is scared to death of disappointing her. 

Joey confronts Pacey about his grades and he offers that he is just a loser but she says he isn’t, but that she is heartbroken to see that she comes up last in his list of people to talk to about his problems and storms off. 

Jack talks with Jen and it comes out that Henry is indeed breaking up with her, leaving Jen to walk away angry. Later, she finds Jack and apologizes for killing the messenger.

Pacey finds Joey and apologizes to her, explaining that she wrecked him when he fell in love with her, because he knew that a huge part of her heart would always be with Dawson, but everything changed after she picked Pacey over him. Because of that amazing miracle, he now lives his life waiting for the other shoe to drop when she realizes that she should be with Dawson. Joey tells him that that won’t happen because she is inspired by Pacey which is why she ran away with him in the first place, and that they are making their own history now, separate from Dawson and their past. She warns him that they are now moving forward where things could get rough, and that it’s the little moments that will define them and their relationship. Pacey breaks down and confesses he needs her help to not flunk out of school as she takes him in her arms and comforts him, assuring him that she isn’t going anywhere.

Dawson's Trivia:

Ms. Valentine was played by Carolyn Hennesy. She’s best known for her work on General Hospital as Diane Miller. She’s been in a number of series, both dramatic and comedic, such as Mother Lover (with Jonathan Lipnicki), a run of 25 episodes of Cougar Town (with Courtney Cox), and 10 episodes of True Blood, among a host of other guest appearances such as Click, Legally Blonde 2, and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. She has done voice work for various Star Trek and Star Wars games/series (notably playing Princess Leia in the series/games and Demine Lithe in The Rise Of Skywalker). Her current project, now filming, is a pilot called Failure To Parent (psychologist and single dad raising three daughters and failing but getting help from sexy neighbor Susan, aged 58).

Drue was played by Mark Matkevich. He hasn’t had anything as a main leading actor in his 19 credits, except his final credit in 2012, a movie called Melvin Smarty in which he plays Sebastian (comedic romp about young love and what it takes to achieve happiness amidst the backdrop of Reno, talkback radio, casinos, money, religion, crime, and other perversions).

fixatingonarewind via reddit: There is an active project, called The True Love Editions. During COVID, they released every season with the original music put back. They plan on updating to HD by the end of the year. They did a fantastic job, they used the DVDs and the UK airings with the official music to put it back. Way better experience. Message creekfan3 on IG for more info.


iReactions/Ibrahim Ng: I feel this episode marks the breaking point of Dawson's character. Tom expressed consternation during Season 2 as to why Dawson was so loathed by the fans. In Season 3, Dawson's psychotic hatred for Pacey and controlling behaviour towards Joey cratered the character's likability.

It's true that in Seasons 1 - 2, Dawson could be vengeful. As early as Season 1, he broke Pacey's nose in a fit of rage. He was insanely jealous of Jack in Season 2. However, Dawson always regretted these impulses, apologizing to Pacey, making a film in which Dawson says Joey has outgrown him. Dawson could be sensitive, caring and insightful.

In contrast, Dawson's anger in Season 3 is sustained over the course of several weeks, indicates no self-awareness whatsoever, and this is a season where Dawson also gave up filmmaking. At this point, Dawson has lost all of the traits that made his character likable and only the flaws remain.

I think this is yet another area where a group of very talented writers simply lacked Williamson's skill. Williamson understood how to make Dawson self-defeating but someone the audience could empathize with as he addressed his flaws. His strengths existed alongside his weaknesses. In contrast, the post-Williamson writers have focused on Dawson's impulsivity and anger, partially to feed the more argumentative tone of Season 3, in some ways to make Pacey a more viable romantic option for Joey, but probably because they made a mistake and overemphasized some traits over others.

There's also the fact that according to a Vanity Fair article, James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson were apparently not getting along for reasons unrevealed; the writers said they made an effort to write fewer Dawson and Pacey scenes in Season 3 and it looks like when they did write scenes with the two characters, they wrote in the anger that they were observing between the actors.

During the hiatus after Season 3, Van Der Beek did an interview that I can't find. He said that he'd told the writers that he felt Season 3 made Dawson too antagonistic and that he had requested that Dawson's sensitivity and kindness receive greater airtime. It's clear to me that the Season 4 writers agreed with Van Der Beek, but this comes with issues of its own. Fairly or unfairly, Dawson was held in utter contempt by the fans after Season 3 and it retroactively affects how fans remember the character in Seasons 1 - 2 much as Quinn Mallory of Sliders is despised due to later revisions to his character.

Anyway. Kevin Williamson comes back for the finale, so his version of Dawson will be restored. And Season 4 definitely does a lot of good work with Dawson, but it's possible that where Season 3 made him downright evil, Season 4 made him too good.

Essential Playlist:

Classic Creek Critiques:

Lots of people talking about Pacey’s hairdo and how it’s as bad as Felicity's hair massacre last season when she cut it all off. 

BudSwimmer18 says: He looks as bad as Felicity after her hair massacre last season.

Sweetie143823 replies: OK, I wouldn't go THAT far!!! I totally agree that the longer hair looks better, but this is nowhere near as bad as what Keri Russell did to her hair. Oh, and one more thing...while we're on the topic of hair, I must say that I think Dawson's new 'do looks even worse than Pacey's That long hair flopping in his face looks HORRIBLE on him! Pacey's haircut is not the greatest, but at least he still looks good. I think this hair makes Dawson looks

reveals more of his receding hairline! Now he REALLY doesn't look like a teenager. Ugh.

Bite my Balzac in regards to Dawson’s hair: Nice receeding hairline for a "high schooler" =)

John Truman (Star, a girl) says: im i the only one who likes Pacey's hair? mind u it did look better around the time of Joeys mural. now that was sexy. do think your going a bit over board calling him a fuzz head. anyway take a look at Dawsons mop head, lol now thats something to laugh at. mind u everything involving the way Dawson looks his a joke.

Howard Rappaport channels Tom: Josh Jackson = George Clooney… need I say more?


Frothy wonders about the weird shady relationship: I don't like the way Joey and Pacey's relationship has started in season 4. 2 episodes, 2 fights, 2 makeups. Is this going to be the trend. One good fight per episode and then they kiss and makeup. That will get old quick.


Motteau223 wonders: The thing about the premiere that really annoyed me was no one wanted to see pacey. I mean him and jen seemed pretty tight from the last season. Pacey stood up for jack during that whole thing with the teacher. Just seemed they would be happy to see their friend.

Sweetie143823 responds: Do you know I didn't even realize this until I read what you wrote!!! As a HUGE Pacey fan, I am really ashamed, LOL. But that is SO true...I mean, why didn't he go say hello to Jen and Jack when Joey wanted to talk to Dawson, instead of "going to get a drink?" How come, when Joey told Jen that she and Pacey were taking the night off, Jen didn't call Pacey to welcome him home? I can see why Andie and Dawson avoided him, but you're right, Jen and Jack had absolutely no reason to. But truthfully, I don't think the writers really meant for the others not to have missed Pacey. I think they just overlooked it. We'll see what happens next week.

SorrowRuffian reasons: I just assumed it was one of those shifts that happens when you're in

high school. If there's a group of friends, and one leaves for a few months, "best friends" sort of get shifted around, the ones left get more time together, bonds get stronger.... Dawson's also pretty weak. Jack and Jenn know Pacey and Joey have each other, but in Dawson's opinion, he's got nothing, so if Jenn or Jack had shown any sort of welcoming to Pacey he would have accused them of abandoning him, too. Look how mad he got at Jenn for inviting Joey to the dive-in movie.


Geret!!! Says: I thought that it was pretty good, but nothing REALLY happened. Joey and

Pacey fight (expected) Dawson is upset (expected) Mitch and Gale make out (expected and disturbing). I guess it's just because I've read so many spoilers or something, but I just thought that nothing really happened. I do think that Joey and Pacey will be together for quite a while though. Oh, and do you think that Joey will lose her virginity to Pacey this season?????

Daniel D Bauer is a bit negative on the writing: This pretty much sums up every episode of Dawson's Creek ever made, don't ya think. For example, in the last 5 episodes of last season, all the happened was the Joey and Pacey got together and Dawson got upset. The other

character's plots weren't at all developed. I don't know how the writers manage to consume so much air time with so little plot advancement.

Jasper responds: hell no. she wont sleep with pacey. They were on a boat for 3 monthes and didn't do it, what is going to make them do it now. I also don't think they will last very long. they are always fighting in the previews. I ginve them to the 4 or 5 ep, but thats about all the hope I have for them.

Darlene Volas is in agreement: Oh much as I love Pacey and Joey together....I give them like 2 episodes more max.

Lilika AMpatzo has insider information? Joey and Pacey are still together and happy till the 7th episode that it was filmed recently.I heard this from an extra.And in the previews they aren't

fighting all the time 'cause it was just one scene.I've read from spoilers that they have another fight in the 2nd episode but that's all.I agree that it's a little strange to have sex now despite the fact that they were alone for 3 months but this is Dawson's Creek so we can't make any sort of

judgement from this.


MTP asks: G'day everyone, Will Dawson and Pacey ever be friends again?  Just like to hear your opinions on this topic, I really do not see a way they could become friends again it would have to take something tragic or really big to happen and even then I don't think they would be friends anymore. After watching the first episode I think Pacey hates Dawson just as much as Dawson hates him becase Pacey knows he is still a threat and obviously now he can't handle that! Well maybe they should just jump in a wrestling ring and settle their differences and winner takes Joey :)

Jasper agrees: I agree I don't see them being friends again.

Martin has spoilers: *Small spoilers concerning the storm* Yes, I agree... but you said "a tragic incident" and at the third episode, there will be a storm in the 'true love' and Dawson and Joey will help Pacey and Jen (who are on the boat).... I think that this incident will make dawson and pacey friends again..

MTP replies: G'day Martin, Yeah I read something about it but I am not so sure if this would bring their friendship back as I think this will be something for Dawson to throw in his face like I saved you kiss my ass bitch haha

Rocky R jumps in: but remember the tragic incident between joey and dawson at the end of season 2 she said something along the lines of never forgiving him!! come on this is tv -- and its dawsons creek.. of course pacey and dawson will be friends again =)

Frothy has IRL experiencer with it: I was actually in a situation similar to this and my best friend and I didn't speak to each other for 6 months. 1.5 years later, we still talk and hang out, but not nearly as much and there is still tension there. They may become friends again but nothing will ever be the SAME as they stated in the season finalle when Pacey asked Dawson that question at the wedding. Just my 2 cents

Jasper replies: I agree with you if they do get back to gether it wont be the same, there will always be tension. I also Agree with MTP. I think for now dawson will use saving pacey on the boat against pacey.

Digerati01 gives his opinion: First off, I think that they can be friends again, but it will most likely lack that depth and trust that used to be there. Can it ever come back to it's full original status? I think so, but it would take something really big as a catalyst. I think that Pacey might be the one with the harder time being friends again. He is so insecure and resentful of Dawson, in just these first 2 episodes, Pacey has already tried to make Dawson the reason or excuse for just about everything he sees as going wrong. I think this will blow up in his face in the end. I don't think Dawson "hates" pacey, but he is no doubt really wounded. Still, he is a good friend and a truly "nice guy" which is why he went to tell Joey to help Pacey. It may have hurt him, but he did it. Which I think highlighted his own love for Joey given what he said. He showed her that he had to do what she would expect him to do (be the nice friend) even though it hurt him to help pacey.

Jasper responds: thats how I felt after seeing the episode. I also think next weeks will be good at showing Dawsons character and how he goes out in the storm even though he is mad at pacey.


PeachTrek on Pacey and Joey: Okay am I the ONLY person who gets sick at the sight of them together. I would deffinately like Dawson and Joey back together and Andie and Pacey back

together. Gosh I saw the season premiere and I thought it was sickening especially when Joey said that her heart never left the boat or Pacey. I am sorry to say this for all you P/J lovers out their but that coupling SUX!

Jason Kolnos agrees: rock on!!! dawson and joey= true love and nothing should come between them

Jasper jumps in: I aree too. Dawson and Joey are the best. I don't care as much about

Pacey and Andy.

gargoyle agrees: I TOTALLY agree with you!! I was SOOOO relieved when Joey "told"

Dawson that she didn't have sex with Pacey on the boat. It would just enrage me if Joey had sex with anyone other than Dawson, for the first time. There is NO chemistry with J/P.....but get Dawson and Joey together in the same scene? ooooh LA LA! Sparks a-flying! I can't WAIT for the episode that puts Joey and Dawson back together!! says: Where the hell were all you people when this whole love triangle started? Ive been looking at DC chatrooms/message boards fromthe beginning anf EVERYBODY was all JOEY + PACEY! It was alwasy a dumb idea and the only reason it even happened is because the producers monitor the official site chatrooms and message boards so that the viewers get what they want and the shows ratings stay high. its SOOO obvious! Why do you think Eve left so quick, when she was obviously supposed to become an important storyline. Pacey and Andie were probably the most high-chemistry couple on TV and the script writig between them was magic.

Jasper says: YES!! Exactly. That is exactly how I feel! Its about time someone in this group agreed with me. Is there anyone else that feels the same. Joey never should have risked what she had with Dawson.

SorrowRuffian replies: Except for the fact that when Joey developed a deep interest in art,

Dawson treated her with nothing but patronizing comments and little jibes about her "hobby." And when Joey realized Pacey had been much more supportive of her in her interest and in her emotional wellbeing, Dawson reacted with violence -- nearly destroying two boats, neither of

which he owned. Which led to Dawson instigating a fist fight with Pacey. Not the first time he's ever reacted with extreme violence when he felt jilted, either. How many times did he kick down the ladder when Joey said something he didn't like? How quickly has he gone from being in love with someone to in love with someone else? Yeah. That's healthy. That's a good guy to get into a relationship with.

Nope. I dated a Dawson in high school. In college, when I finally had to say "we're way too different now" it was an angry, hateful, bitter, nasty, violent end. Pacey, at least, has shown growth over the past seasons. He's gotten more serious about school. He's getting a little better with finding some direction for his life. Dawson faces change by reacting with violence and radical change. Pacey grows and builds on what he has.

Lost Marble says: Hate to interrupt the whole D/J thing you've got going, but I have to say I

love the P/J coupling. However, I did want D and J to be together in the first series, so I might again. But I doubt it.

Jazzlan — er Jazz inst a Dawson fan though: I can't believe all of you. Dawson is the worst character on the whole show, I do hope that rumor of his death comes true -- *soon*. And on the other hand, Joey and Pacey are the best characters. I think that they are the characters most can relate to - and in my opinion they are a perfect match. Precisely what Gretchen was saying.

Dawson is annoying beyond what words can describe, he prances around like he's better than the rest of Capeside, then whines like a spoiled brat everytime he doesn't get his own way. It would be interesting if Dawson suddenly became infatuated with Jack, although I would hope that Jack would reject him -- I wouldn't wish Dawson on any of the characters. I think Joey and Pacey have amazing chemistry . . . and I hope they stay together for at least a few more episodes. If Dawson ruins what they have, I'm going to be more than angry.

TJ Xenos is on board with Jazz: Wow. You're amazing. I agree with this completely (im not being sarcastic) pacey is the best character by far, my favorite scene of season 3 was when they were in the holding sell and he was all drunk and being an asshole to joey because he was bitter. i can completely relate :)

Jeysel… agrees too: I totally agree Pacey and Joey are the best together , they just look so adorable together ! I honestly love Pacey SOOOoooooo Much !!! He is so fine , but that haircut gotta go !!! Dawson is a "mamas little boy" who always ends up with his heart broken, he is soooo dumb,he is too innocent !!!! I can't stand him. I'd rather have Pacey / Joey stay to gether !!! : )

MoonGoddess proclaims: Oh please, how biased can you be? Joey and Pacey were completely cute! Yes, they had one fight but the end was completely sweet. We never got to see many moments of Dawson and Joey truly happy. I think it's worth it for Joey to continue to see Pacey and eventually Dawson will get over it, if not, that's his problem. Dawson thinks it's okay for him to be interested in anybody else, but God forbid Joey do the's ridiculous! I understand why he would be hurt, but he's gotta get over it, Dawson and Joey were obviously never successful as a couple although they were as friends. I thought the premiere was great, can't wait until next week. And I thought it was refreshing to see Joey actually *happy*!

AngeInBvff says: I AGREE DAWSON AND JOEY FOREVA cos they are soul mates they cant live w/o eachother!

SorrowRuffian responds to Dawson wanting Joey to not be interested in anyone else: This is a point few people seem to get. He was madly in love with Jenn minutes after meeting her. He went after the girl he cast in his movie (Yes, a symbolic Joey, but the real Joey was still there). He was fooling around with Eve almost immediately. If you read the Desktop Diaries over the summer, you find out that he very nearly had sex with a friend he interned with last summer. The only times he's ever expressed ANY interest in Joey is any time he thinks he's losing her. At the

start of last season she VERY plainly states that she wants another try, and he pushes her away. Dawson only wants her when it's convenient to him. He really doesn't care about Joey as an individual.

Julie Jolin has … issues? I totally agree with you. Yes they are friends but so wath, they can't stay together fo ever. You can not go out with a boy who is almost your brother, this is just plain wrong. They both need to find someone else et stay friends has they have always be. And get pass those almost incestuous fellings

PATRICIA.ROUX wants Dawson and Joey: I'm not agree definitivly!!!! Although I live in France and I am seeing season 3, I love when Dawson is with Joey and they're a couple.They're so cute together. Sorry for all the P/J ers. Dawson & Joey forever lovers./

Beccaset chiming in: Okay, I can't resist adding my two cents! Pacey and Joey are the best

couple!!! They've got tons of chemistry and they fit together a lot better than Dawson and Joey did. Granted, it's probably not what the writers have in mind for a permanent couple, but let's enjoy it while we can!

rosi says: i'm with you on that one. i think it's bad if joey runs her whole life around dawson, which in season 1, she practically did. and you have to remember, DAWSON TOLD HER TO GO. and i think dawson knew what he was doing. he said "all roads lead back to me" (or something like that), but she had to find it out for herself.

Rhonda notes: There is more chemistry between joey and pacey.. dawson and joey looked more *forced* to me..

D.J. Blower says: I would like to continue believing that the main purpose of the P/J affair is to stretch out the show to another couple of seasons, as well as being due to Pacey being such an (understandably) popular character Any body who watched the beauty contest (talent section) in season 1 must understand what I am harping on about. I think that Williamson and the other collaborators have important things to say about true love, and I think that Joey and Dawson are the primary vehicle of these ideas. This theme is also what leads me to believe that Andie does not die, but that eventually she and Pacey are reunited. Of course I could be completely wrong in my predictions, but then I would have to concede that DC was just another 'run of the mill' teen soap. And I am NOT ready to believe that quite yet. 

Frank1252 has insider info? Sorry to say, but the actress that plays andy will only do 7 ep's in season 4, then she is off the show

Matt B says: I know that Joey should move on from Dawson and experience other guys, but did she have to fall for his best friend? They really sneaked around too, maybe it WOULD have been better to ease into the whole thing. Still though, the whole thing just messed up the whole chemistry of the show. It used to be so happy, but now there are all these conflicts. Maybe it will work out in the long run, who knows?

Some notes:

I didn't know Andy looked that good in a bikini!

The white guy who was from "paris" but ended up being an American is

also the gay guy from the Real World New Orleans. I forget his name,

but someone on this NG may have already mentioned this fact.

Henry is gone? No big loss.

How mad is Pacey going to be after Dawson starts going out with

Gretchen? You know it's inevitable.

Bring back Eve!!!!

Embers97 reviews: I think that maybe the group has to learn things the hard way... remember this is a TV show. Not everything works out the way you want it to go. Someone else is pulling the strings. We can just complain about it or be happy. As for my thoughts on the first episode, I don't think I have ever seen so much skin in the first few minutes of a episode since the last time I watched a daytime soap during sweeps. They sure are pushing the envelope. But on a whole

it's overall tone was more pleasant and upbeat. TPTB also lived up to their making the show more visually vibrant. The colors and scene setups were fantastic. Nice use of NC for a change. As for the characters....everything was fine... except for MM....having a lame fling with the fake french boy JJ (Danny from Real World). Poorly excuse to have either in the episode. But she will

have an interesting plot before her curtain falls. Lets just see how they lay that one on us. The Dawson/Joey conversation was way above par and the ending with Pacey/Joey was really sweet. I was about to give up on DC after the past 2 substandard seasons but maybe they can pull off this one afterall. It could be the last, especially if this actors strike happens. But you never know.

Daniel D Bauer being negative as usual: It HAS to be the last season, as I've said before. There is absolutely no feasible way to keep the six of them together for another season, considering they will all be graduating.


SorrowRuffian has an excerpt from the official Dawson’s Creek Newsletter: THE MYSTERY OF JACK & ANDIE: DAWN, the Jack and Andie question is always asked but never solved.

Here's the deal: when the writers first created Jack they wanted him to be a year older or younger than Andie, they were leaning towards older but they weren't positive which way they wanted to go. But then Paul Stupin was doing an interview so he asked, "Is Jack older or

younger?" and the writers said "older." But then we realized we liked Jack and we decided that even though he was a little older than Andie, they would be in the same grade. So the answer is: JACK AND ANDIE ARE IN THE SAME GRADE, BUT JACK IS OLDER THAN ANDIE! (Of course, it's our ongoing joke in the writer's room -- look in upcoming episode #404 for a

joke regarding this very subject!).


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