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RW442 - Dawson's Creek S04E03-04 - Two Tense


In this weeks episode of The Dawson's Creek Rewatch, Cory and Tom sail the drunken tide as they discuss of season 4 episodes 3 & 4, "The Two Gentlemen of Capeside" and "Future Tense."

The Two Gentlemen of Capeside:

Written by: Jeffrey Stepakoff

Directed by: Sandy Smolan

Original airdate: October 18, 2000


As Drue teases Joey in their English class, the teacher admonishes her and prompts her to give her thoughts on a Shakespeare play in which two friends are torn apart by a girl. As she explains her interpretation, Dawson disagrees, followed by Drue making a snarky comment, all of which lead the teacher to assign each of them an assignment to prepare a debate on the subject for the next day. 

Elsewhere, Grams gives Jen a hard time about skipping school and the sad music she’s been listening to in the wake of Henry’s breakup, but Jen reassures her that she is beyond sad and now just pissed. Before she leaves for the day, Grams gives her an umbrella, warning her that the farmer’s almanac predicts a storm coming. 

Later, Pacey shows off the first results of his work with Joey, an A on his assignment, leading him to asking her to celebrate with him on a sailing trip that afternoon. Unfortunately she has to tell him about her new assignment and that it will also involve Dawson. While Pacey is a bit disappointed, he keeps his spirits high as Jen volunteers to go with him instead.

At the yacht club, Joey, Drue, and Dawson try working on their assignment, but Drue keeps getting interrupted by phone calls from someone he calls gorgeous, while Joey has to stop to take care of their only patron for the evening, Mr. Brooks. Elsewhere at the club, Andie is being interviewed by Ms. Valentine, who is one of the alums of a college she is looking into. Everything seems to be fine until Ms. Valentine asks about her medical leave of absence and begins to repeatedly question whether Andie is up to handle the stress of a competitive college.

As Pacey and Jen sail away having a great time, things suddenly turn as it seems the waters are getting rougher, and a storm approaches, despite the earlier weather reports saying things were supposed to be clear. Back at the Yacht Club, Joey gets increasingly nervous about the weather, and as Andie comes out of the interview, a tree breaks the window as the storm arrives in full swing. A worker named Bruce comes in saying that he’s got several boats coming in due to the storm, but when questioned if True Love is one of the boats, he knows nothing about it.

Back at sea, Pacey and Jen try desperately to keep the boat from going down, despite their shorted out radio. Reasoning that it’s too dangerous to go back to Capeside given they can’t see where they’re going, Pacey makes the decision to find a different cove to take shelter in, one that he remembered from years ago when he and Dawson took shelter in it during another storm. Meanwhile back at the club, Dawson has figured out where Pacey is going, remembering the cove, and decides to borrow a boat to try and find Pacey and Jen, with Joey insisting she go along. Drue tosses him some keys, telling them not to let the old coot find out, but then later reveals to Mr. Brooks that they took his boat.

Fearing their own end is near, Jen confesses that she regrets that she will never know what it’s like to fall in love, reasoning that what she had with Henry wasn’t love, while Pacey reveals that he regrets the way things ended with Dawson. 

Back at the club, Andie takes charge of the situation and begins getting people to take care of broken windows, broken glass, and Mr. Brooks’ boat, managing to contact Dawson and Joey on the radio to find their whereabouts, all while Ms. Valentine stands around at a loss for what to do.

Dawson and Joey find True Love and manage to get Jen aboard. Pacey at first refuses to go on board and leave his boat behind, but Dawson jumps over and convinces him to go, telling him people care about him more than he cares about the boat. Pacey sees Joey and with Dawson jumps to safety, letting True Love drift away.

Parents, Grams, and Mr. Brooks are waiting, anxious for everyone’s return, and when Mr. Brooks tries to lay into Dawson for scratching his boat, Grams steps in and gives him a tongue-lashing the old coot won’t soon forget. Mitch comments on how it isn’t fair that he saved the day but still lost the girl, commenting that instead he learned that no matter where life takes him, he can look back on this moment and know that he did a great thing, the right thing, and that’s something no girl or thank you could ever replace.

Jen and Grams reconnect and Grams confesses she was so scared she was going to lose Jen, and got so angry at Mr. Brooks, having lost her faith momentarily. Jen offers her some angry music to listen to later, while confessing that SHE actually had hope that things would work out, something she attributes to Grams, but still passes on the standing invitation to attend church this Sunday.

Ms. Valentine commends Andie on handling things so well during the crisis, but Jack jumps in and dresses down the snobby boss for failing to do her own job. Andie also retorts that the university will be very interested in hearing about what a bitch they have representing them. Ms. Valentine is surprised and worried, but Andie says she wouldn’t actually do that because she doesn’t get pleasure in lording what little power she has over others as Ms. Valentine seems to. Andie tells her to give her the recommendation she sees fit, because she doubts that it will hold much water anyway, given Ms. Valentine’s reputation.

Elsewhere, Jen runs into Drue when she goes back inside to grab Grams’ keys and is shocked to see him. Drue drops some cutting remarks about Jen’s history in New York as Jen leaves.

Joey tells Pacey she’s pissed at him that he almost didn’t leave the boat, and reminds him that things are different now, and it’s not just about him anymore, that he is thinking for the two of them now. The next day, Pacey goes to Dawson and gives him a heartfelt apology, understanding that it will take possibly a long time, but he hopes that someday they can be friends again, to which Dawson replies, until then, and the two walk off in separate directions. 

Dawson's Trivia:

Harve Presnell plays Mr. Brooks. We saw Harve in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman where he was the second actor in the show to play Lois Lane’s father, Sam Lane. He’s known for his roles in Fargo and The Unsinkable Molly Brown (fictionalized biopic of Margaret "Molly" Brown, who survived the 1912 sinking of the RMS Titanic). He was one of the main cast in Andy Barker P.I. starring Andy Richter, and was a main cast member in The Pretender (A specially gifted man, with the ability to instantly master any skill, escapes from a secret testing facility and travels the country taking on different jobs and helping strangers while hiding from his kidnappers). He was a voice in The Lionhearts, a 13 episode series about the life of Leo, the MGM Lion mascot, a supporting character in Patch Adams, The Legend of Bagger Vance, Mr. Deeds, Saving Private Ryan, and a host of other shows and movies. He had a guest appearance in Two Guys, A Girl, and A Pizza Place, which is of note simply because that show was mentioned by the English Teacher in a roundabout way.

The English teacher was Mr. Kasdan, portrayed by David Downs. Just two handfuls of credits, he is a recurring character on Dawson’s this season, as well as a recurring character on Everwood as the principal. 

The Harbor Master, Bruce, was played by Stephen G. Tyler, and the Weatherman was played by Chris Marshall. This episode was their only acting credit.

Future Tense:

Written by: Gina Fattore

Directed by: Michael Lange

Original airdate: October 25, 2000


Pacey comes to the realization that Joey has already started the process to begin applying to colleges, something that isn’t even on his radar at the moment, given his current state of academic affairs. The gang meets with the college advisor with some of them prepared like Joey and Andie, others like Jack and Pacey not quite ready to even begin, and others like Dawson still trying to decide what exactly he will focus on for college. 

Drue finds Jen and and talks about old times, old nicknames, and old drug habits as Jen rebuffs his attempts at starting up a friendship again. Gretchen applies for and manages to get hired at Leery's Fresh Fish as a bartender, despite Gail being worried that she won’t stick around after the college break she is on. At football practice, Jack injures himself, taking himself off the team and losing something that made him feel accepted. 

Joey talks with Bessie about her college plans and reveals that she Only fourth in her class which has derailed some of her thoughts about which college she would apply for, seeing as how some colleges look for “concert violinists, Westinghouse science prize winners, or legacy students.” When Joey talks with Pacey later about being fourth, despite him saying that THAT is a reason to stop studying, she feels her goals are unrealistic, and that certain people get into schools because of who their parents are. With Pacey starting to zone out, Joey decides that they will both go relax by attending Jen’s impromptu un-birthday party being thrown for her by Drue.

Gale talks with Dawson about his college choices, all of which seem to be thousands of miles away near California, leaving him to explain that it's natural since he is, or was, a movie obsessed person. Gail says they will support him in whatever choice he makes, but to be sure he’s choosing the right school for the right reasons and not just because he’s trying to run far away from his problems with Joey and Pacey.

Jen finds Drue at the party and accuses him of hosting it in a stranger’s house in her honor so that if the police showed up, all people would remember was that it was a party for her, allowing himself to not be caught. 

Elsewhere at the party, Joey begins to drink, despite Pacey trying to warn her against it due to her not holding her alcohol well, and despite Dawson talking with her and asking her why she’s drinking so much, eventually she gets a bit too drunk and hangs out with Jen out on the dock, where Andie quickly joins them as well. Pacey gets into a game of poker with Drue and his pals, which eventually turns into strip poker when some of the girls run out of money to play. Joey, Jen, and Andie bond while theorizing about their futures, but Joey is much less happy when she sees the poker game Pacey is in. She quickly decides to enter the game herself, but Pacey confronts her and before they can get into a major fight, he picks her up and carries her off, caveman style while Dawson looks on from afar. 

After talking with Joey and realizing that Drue is currently living in a small apartment with his mother, Jen finds him and thanks him for the party, after which he gives Jen his birthday present, a box containing ecstasy. She refuses the gift but he is insistent and leaves it with her as he walks away.

Pacey gets Joey home and she begins talking about maybe staying in cape side instead of going away to college, but he dismisses the idea saying that if she wants to stay to be with him, she doesn’t have to worry because he plans to go wherever she plans to go. 

Back at the restaurant, Dawson bumps into Gretchen and the two play a drinking game with him, sans the actual drinks, in order to get him to reveal his troubles. He reveals, aside from his college woes and his parents’ questions about his plans, that he saw Pacey and Joey and realized how much she actually does love him. Gretchen makes an allusion to The Wizard of Oz getting Dawson to see that despite the problems Oz has, compared to Dorothy’s home, it’s a great place and along the way in the adventure there you can make great friends and that who you wanted to actually become, you already are. Dawson tries to ask Gretchen about why she is back in Capeside, but since he has no quarters for the game, he can’t play, to which he says that’s not fair, to which she replies, too bad.

Dawson's Trivia:

Michael Lange is a working director. He got his start on the 1981 series Fall Guy, starring Lee Majors as a Hollywood stunt guy. Among others, he’s also worked on Freddy’s Nightmares, Dynasty, American Gothic, The X-Files, The Pretender, Roswell, Psych, Eureka, and Criminal Minds. He directed a few low budget TV movies as well. He has a couple of acting credits in show episodes he directed, including playing a gravedigger in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. We’ve seen him before, he directed the Lois & Clark episodes “Swear to God, This Time We’re Not Kidding,” and “Never on Sunday.”

Ms. Watson was played by Avery Clyde (Heather Avery Clyde in some credits). She got her start in an episode of The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo, before showing up on Dawson’s Creek. Since then, she’s had one to two roles per year approximately, all secondary cast stuff, but continuing on up through today (includes Shameless, Bosch, SWAT, Criminal Minds). She did play the lead in something called Nosferajew (a mockumentary about Maury Feinstein, a Jewish vampire (think Woody Allen with fangs) un-deading among the living in a suburban surreality, and his daily interactions with friends and family). She also was one of the leads in Killer Vacation (Successful businessman Jake takes his pregnant girlfriend Lindsey on a babymoon trip to an upscale desert resort. When they get there, Lindsey discovers that Jake's meddlesome, soon to be ex-wife, Gwen is there too. In a dream vacation gone wrong, it becomes apparent that someone is determined that Lindsey will never use her return ticket). She was a lead in Bosco (two friends who did something bad are on the run and end up in a strange forest), Making A Milk Spiller (no synopsis), and Your Name Here (musical about two boys that start a garage band). Her current project is called Monsters of California where she plays Kelly’s Mom (show about paranormal events in California). Watch the Pilot episode here.

Random Student #2 was Josh Mandrell. He was in 128 episodes of 2002’s Ocean Avenue as a supporting cast member (A cop working on the case of a serial killer targeting prostitutes must deal with his own secrets being exposed). He was in a short called Lovely Lane (Ryan gets an unexpected surprise, forcing a new perspective on life), and for some reason was in the Biography episode that covered Megan Fox.

For most of the episode, Jack has his left arm in a sling. However, when he is talking with Andie at the party, his right arm is suddenly the one in the sling.

Essential Playlist:

Classic Creek Critiques:

People are convinced Andie is going to die soon like David Quinn says: I heard that Andie might be leaving the series -- is this true?! Please someone tell me it's not, Meredith Monroe is so cool and the Andie and Jack characters make the show.

Mal P confirms it: It is true, she is leaving... in fact, she has already left. Meredith finished shooting episode #407 last week, and left with her husband to another job... had the garage sale, the whole works. I'll miss her too, she was a great, talented member of the cast, and her departure I feel is a stab to the show.

JazzMag123 says: I heard that Andie will get killed this season. On the radio it said that someone will die and people have been talking that Andie's character is leaving the show.

mob leader thought so: I was thinking, it might have been a neat idea for Andie's character to be killed, but perhaps her soul can linger and haunt the estuaries at night.

David Quinn spots her down under: Actually it's funny, yesterday on the news I was watching the sport they had a segment on the Indy Car that was going on in Queensland and guess which celebrity they spotted and interviewed -- none other than Meredith Monroe! Looks like she's taken a holiday Downunder before she goes on to her next job.


Mal P says:  thoroughly enjoyed this episode, and I thought it matched the season premiere for quality and enjoyment. 

"Two Gentlemen of Capeside", aka "The Storm '' was never about the hurricane, or boats or such tacked on storylines. What this episode concentrated so perfectly on, was the underlying theme of Dawson's Creek, friendship. It showed how Dawson and Pacey, no matter how much anger they have, no matter how many harsh words they've exchanged, will always, always, be there for each other. That's what friendship is, something greater than just petty squabbles, it's a unique bond that defines, as the WB promo so eloquently stated, our character.

The parallel between this episode and Shakespeares "Two Gentlemen of Verona"  is quite significant, as the Victorian text showed so perfectly to its  audience, that the same situation, can be interpreted many different ways. Joey believed it was her that had come between Dawson and Pacey. Dawson believed it was Pacey who came between himself and Joey. What I disliked was  the way Joey disparaged Dawson, by referencing him as a "cardboard cut-out hero" and defended Paceys actions, basically, spitting in Dawsons face. Not nice Joey.

Dru, what a goof. Thoroughly enjoyed him, and the role is perfectly cast. He'll bring havoc to our little group of friends, that's for sure. The  syphillis remark Joey made on the mobile phone was a classic, and nothing delights me more to see the fiery spark return to her, as in line with season 1.

I must say, as the rescue occured, and Pacey foolishly (but understandably)

wished to save the boat he had worked on for so long, that was a symbol of his love for Joey, my heart was beating. It was a cheap, manipulative way of invoking emotion in the audience, but it worked. The look on Joey's face when she thought Pacey was going to remain on True Love, was incredible. Full credit to Katie Holmes for her acting, it is without par. That look of course, convinced Pacey that it was just a boat, and jumped with Dawson onto the safer motorboat.

What can I say about Dawson? What a man. He can dissipate his anger, his  loathing, to help out what is still his best friend. That is character, and  that is integrity. This is what I love so much about him... he never stops caring. He cares about Paceys grades. He cares about Joey's safety. He  simply cares.

I will indeed miss Andie greatly once she leaves... her character has  developed significantly over the last few years, and her fire and passion in  the scenes with Dru's mother are fantastic. My heart went out to her, not  only because she refused to lie about her mental problems, but how much she must have been hurt.

I thought Mitch's words to Dawson were touching, and heartfelt. Sure, Dawson  didn't get the girl, but he will remember saving two lives for the rest of his life. Something to be proud of. Mitch is a great father. Someone  mentioned that Joey ignored Dawson completely, and didn't even say thank you. I find that unlikely... as you can see, Pacey did not say thank you  right there, instead the next day, he went to Dawson directly. And I'd say Joey must have said words to him that way.

Following on, that scene between Dawson and Pacey at the end, was very  bittersweet. The two were almost crying, and it's clear both missed each  other greatly. I admire Pacey for having the guts to own upto Dawson, and apologize for stabbing his best friend in the back. It goes a long way to rekindling a special friendship.

Having said that, even if they become friends again, I don't believe that Pacey and Dawson will ever be as close as they once were. The trust has been  broken, and that's something next to impossible to repair.

SorrowRuffian agrees: The rainstorm itself was insignificant to the story. The real storm was the relationship turmoil. I do have to give James Van Der Beek a few points for acting. When Joey tells him the True Love is out there, Dawson almost looks like he's thinking "Good." ... And when Joey says that Jen is out there too, the attitude changes -- it clicks in his brain that Joey's not just worried about her boyfriend, but her FRIENDS, and Dawson realizes that. I just wish Pacey would stop feeling like he stabbed Dawson in the back. It's not like he seduced Joey away while she was in a relationship with Dawson. Pacey and Joey's relationship grew out of friendship when Dawson was barely in the picture.


MTP (from Oz): G'day everyone, Just wanted to know your opinions of Gretchen? I think she is a great character that could really add to the show if they kept her on for quite a bit and I think a relationship between her and Dawsons would be the way to go to spice things up a bit! Look forward to all your opinions.

Coy A Hile agrees: agreed; she is a great character, and if she and dawson got together, that

would make a great new dynamic; especially with her being his first crush and all. and if all else fails, she's hot! that's always a good thing.

^astro^ says: I like the interaction between her and Pacey so far. I'm not sure what to

think about her and Dawson hooking up though… She has the same carefree witty attitude as Pacey which is what I like :o)

Vinny thinking with his… other brain: Heh, I really like her. She brings something different into the mix (why not since they deviated from the fab four in season two). If your going to add

regulars, why not add them all the time. Plus, she IS pretty hot.

sara says she’s too old: I think she is 37. Could they have at least cast someone who might

plausibly look like she's in college. She looks older than Doug. She looks the same age as Dawson's mother. Even if the actress is really in her 20s, she looks older. Dawson's casting agents have bad eyesight.

Digerati01 says: I totally agree, well not totally, I'd peg her at maybe 24 or 25, not 37 :-) Still, she looks way too old to play her part. If I remember from the season opener, she is like 3? years older than Dawson, that should make her...20?or so. Though the actress is hot, she looks like she should be old High school buddies with Joey's older sister, not hanging with Dawson and the crew. Still, I would love to see Dawson get together with her. She is sorta like a far more healthy Eve (though nowhere near as hot!). She is carefree and adventureous and could help Dawson further break out of his shell, but without putting him in constant turmoil like eve did.

Also, I'd love to see how Pacey and Joey would react to that.

Sierra897 agrees: I agree with you and I don't have anything against the actress that plays

Gretchen personally, but she looks too *mature* for the part. It seems like she should be preparing PB&J sandwiches for her little ones instead of wisecracking with Pacey. And I totally can't see her in a romantic relationship with Dawson. Very bad casting choice on the DC agents' part, in my opinion.

Jessica Turgeon likes the possibilities: I like her a lot. Joey is too pessimistic for Dawson and Eve was too skanky. Gretchen would be a nice one to get with Dawson and bring him out a little... he's much too introverted.

Mal P wonders: I am wondering why they can't introduce a normal girl for Dawson. Not a

voluptuous blonde, or someone older, just a nice, sweet, same aged girl, who will appreciate him for who he is, a kind, caring person. Not a Joey, who continues to break his heart.


Sam Rappos asks: I dont know if anyone has noticed, but whenever Pacey has told Joey that

he loves her, she has never repeated the sentiment by telling him that she's loves him also. Could this be some foreshadowing? Does this mean that Joey doesnt really love Pacey?

abs responds: perhaps..i dont could be...but keep in mind...season 3's finale she at the end said she was in love with him....and i dont believe he ever actually said word for word how he felt about her (i.e. "im in love with you") maybe the writers are just providing pacey with his turn to say "i love you" ...or perhaps you're right, and it's just some foreshadowing...i hope not though

Mal P replies: Heya Sam, Of course Joey loves Pacey. You don't risk a life time friendship with someone like Dawson, for a mere crush. You don't run away with someone for three months, for a mere crush. You aren't willing to work through problems, obstacles and heartache for a mere crush. You can see it in her face, the way she smiles, the way she's happy with life (finally!) and with the way she talks to him.

Lilika Ampatzi agrees: She did say that she's in love with him in "True Love".


Matthew on alcohol and next week: Wow, what a great show. I think this was the best written episode yet this season. Very emotional charged and well acted. I did have a problem with 1

thing though. The way they talked about drinking. It seemed to me like they wanted to put alcohol in DC again but didn't want to make it look acceptable at all. So they had to like preach to us (the viewers) of how it was not the right choice and gave Joey a hard time about it. Getting drunk once in a while at a party is a normal thing for teens. Ah well, just my 2 cents. Other than that I thought the episode was great. Oh, and about that preview for next week..... I really can't believe that she's thinking about giving it up to Pacey. I always thought her and Dawson would be together for their first time. But lately I've been kinda liking Pacey and Joey together. They make a great couple. And I think Gretchen would be better for Dawson than anyone else. I sure up their relationship heats up soon. I can't wait to see what happens next week!!!

HDS replies: Hey Matt, I love Joey & Pacey together, I get excited everything I see them. I think

you are right about Dawson and that other girl. I also think Dawson needs to do something with his hair ASAP.

Makara has ideas: I was rather disappointed in this weeks show… I wanted a Dawson/Gretchen kiss at the end… I found it strange that Joey got drunk so willingly… Last I heard she was the "poster child" against alcohol… Like the last party she attended where she followed Dawson around whining the entire time. I think it is about time that they bring some sex into the show...

For 17 year olds they are pretty lame… I think Jen and Drew should get would be interesting.

Sweetie143823 on the preachiness, the bonding scene, and Dawson’s hair: It's funny that you say that. I did notice the preachiness of the episode, but I also noticed something else that the writers probably overlooked (along with Jack's broken arm changing back and forth). When Joey and Pacey arrived at the party, Pacey had a drink. A little while later, there he was driving Joey

home. If they're going to preach, they should not have a character drink and drive, even if he only had one drink.

Hellz yeah! I could not stop marveling at how NORMAL Joey and Jen and Andie seemed in their "bonding" seen. They were acting silly and goofy and were using a very simple vocabulary. They were just letting loose and having fun. I could not stop saying that this was the first time I have ever seen them, ESPECIALLY Joey, act like "normal teenagers." It was refreshing and fun.

LOL! I have been holding my breath waiting for everyone else to realize how terrible he looks! Besides that, he looks OLD!!!

Jazzlan —er Jazz disagrees about getting drunk: As a "normal teenager" I really have to disagree with this… I don't have to get drunk at parties to have fun. I've never drank and I

never intend to, it all seems very pointless. Tell me, what makes drinking "fun"? Do you enjoy being tramsformed into a blabbering idiot? Losing control over bodily functions? It's as pointless as smoking -- woo hoo! Let's have "fun" puffing on a little roll of tobacco! We're so cool now! *sarcasm*

Sweetie143823 disagrees: I don't have to get drunk to have fun either. I don't have to go dancing, or watch a movie, or go to a sports game to have fun. But these are all things I ENJOY doing, and what most of the world enjoys doing as well. And so while there is  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with you or how you feel about drinking, you are certainly not the NORM if you're looking at it from a statistical point of view. I never drink to the point of becoming a "blabbering idiot." I enjoy a view drinks and it loosens me up and I dance and laugh and have a good time. What I consider an idiot is someone who judges others and thinks they are better than others and talks down about something just because they don't enjoy doing it. Oh, wait...I'm describing YOU.

Matthew fights back: Your just as bad as those damn kids on DC. Your NOT normal, your a

straight-edger. And obviously you think only YOUR ideas are the only acceptable ones. I never get so drunk that I'm a blabbering idiot or lose control over bodily functions. It's just something fun I like to do with my friends once in a while (socially) and it lets you let loose a little bit and believe me you sound like you need to loosen up. Just because you don't like to do that why do you feel it's necessary to PREACH to other people you don't know about. This is exactly what I was talking about in my original post. Your doing exactly what the writers were doing on last weeks show.

foofighter supports Jazz: Yeah man I agree totally. I gave up drink forever. I'm better of without it. Just wasting your money on something your only going to sick up in the toilet at the end of the night anyway. I used to smoke too, til I realised that it stunk and that I was just wasting my life. Leave Jazz alone. It's just his opinion about drinking. I don't think he was trying to preach his beliefs onto you, he was just speaking his mind. I agree with him on drinking after past  experiences. Remember, different stroke for different fokes. Not everyone enjoys drinking, but some people love it. I don't think the writers where showing drinking as a bad thing, I think they where showing UNDERAGE drinking might not be so good afterall, as most of the people at the party weren't strictly old enough to legally drink. Don't you have to be 18 or 21 to legally drink in most states? I just think the writers where trying to put off potential underage drinking. I mean come on, their not going to promote underage drinking are they?


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