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RW443 - Dawson's Creek S04E05-06 - Way Great

In this weeks episode of The Dawson's Creek Rewatch, Cory and Tom are working out their raving feelings as they discuss of season 4 episodes 5 & 6, "A Family Way" and "Great Xpectations."

A Family Way:

Written by: Maggie Friedman

Directed by: Nancy Malone

Original airdate: November 1, 2000


As Gail tries to run the restaurant while dealing with feeling ill, Gretchen points out her symptoms to Mitch and Dawson, who suddenly realize that Gail is likely pregnant. After they confront her she takes a test that confirms that she is indeed in a family way, which leaves Dawson a bit shocked and stunned as he leaves the house. He talks with Gretchen about it later who helps him see things from his parents point of view, meaning that while he is worried about their financial situation, their age, their relationship, he should consider how THEY feel about those exact things. Dawson thanks her, pointing out that he knew she would be the one to talk with about this as she heads back to work. 

Elsewhere Pacey and Joey are getting hot and heavy but Pacey puts the brakes on their make out session to watch TV, reasoning that everytime they start getting into this situation, Joey is always the one to stop it before it goes too far and he wants to be that person this time. 

Andie and Jack decide to coach soccer because it looks good on a college application but one of the players, a young girl named Molly, is less than enthusiastic about playing. Molly’s big sister Caroline however, starts putting the moves on Jack despite being ten years older than him, while Jack tries to dismiss her advances to no avail as she continues her flirting ways at each practice they have. 

Dawson, working off the scratch damage to Mr. Brooks’ boat, paints parts of his house while the old man sees Dawson’s photography portfolio and begins critiquing him, calling his shots uninspired and boring.

At the doctor’s office, Gail reveals to Mitch that she doesn’t want to have the baby. He is shocked but supports her decision. Dawson is flabbergasted as he had reversed his earlier reaction to one of support for them, and now experiences whiplash. Gail explains about how she feels that she has made so many mistakes the first time around with the affair and combined with the money issues and her age, she feels this is the right decision. Later Dawson and Mitch have a heart to heart about how it was very tough for them to get pregnant with Dawson and even after he was born they had a hard time trying to conceive again. Despite all that and Mitch’s wish for a large family with a house filled with love, he found that with just their small family. 

After talking with Jen, Joey goes to the free clinic to learn about safe sex and birth control, with the doctor giving her some literature and birth control samples and condoms, which she then stashes away in her drawers at home. Bessie finds them and makes a scene at dinner that night in front of their B&B guests, resulting in them leaving and Joey and Bessie arguing about what Joey is doing with the items. Later Bodie consoles Joey and explains that Bessie is just trying to do the right thing to help her get out of Capeside like she’s always wanted to. He also offers that despite going to the clinic and feeling ready, her back and forth on the subject may indicate that she actually may not be ready for sex yet. 

Dawson asks Gretchen to meet, trying to understand his mother’s decision and guessing that Gretchen actually had an abortion as well, although she reveals it was actually a miscarriage. After her talk he seems to have a better grip on the situation and heads home to tell his mother that he wouldn’t change anything about what had happened in their lives and that she is the best mother he could have hoped for. He tells her how proud he is of her and that if they do have the baby, the baby would be the luckiest baby ever because of their parenting.

At the soccer game, Molly’s sister hits on Jack again but Andie steps in to try and stop her, very awkwardly, all of which leads Jack to admit that he’s gay to the wanton woman. She quickly backs off, but the repercussions are discovered soon enough as the next day at the soccer game, several boys fail to show up. Molly reveals it’s because their fathers heard Jack was dangerous, proving that Caroline was spreading the information around about Jack’s sexual preference. Molly however tells Jack that she doesn’t find him dangerous, giving Jack a small amount of comfort. 

Pacey and Joey begin making out again but he puts the breaks on and she calls him out on the choice as he reveals he was trying to jump start the conversation about having sex by using reverse psychology. She tells him to not try that again and he apologizes and the two get back into kissing and tickling. 

Andie tries to console Jack who is regretting coming out like he did, and explains to her that people look at him and see something bad, despite being a good person. She assures him it will all pass as he asks to finish cleaning the equipment up alone. As he takes some time to be alone, we see a montage that shows that Bessie and Joey have made up, while Dawson heads back to Mr Brooks’ place to paint. The man comes out again to check on the progress and critique his latest batch of photos but this time he sees a picture that Dawson took of Gretchen that he shot while she was telling him to consider his parents’ feelings and tells him that it shows potential, that’s it’s the first picture of Dawson’s that has a bit of him in it.

Dawson's Trivia:

Nancy Malone was 65 years old when she directed this episode of Dawson’s Creek. She was a long time working actor from the age of 15, with her first role in the romance TV series The Silver Theatre in 1950. Her most notable parts were as Margie in The First Hundred Years (an attorney and his wife adjust to life as newly weds in New York, with their parents trying not to interfere), Libby Kingston in the cop drama Naked City, and Clara Varner in The Long, Hot Summer (a man inherits land in a southern town and runs afoul of the local law). She had many other one-off appearances over the years before turning to directing in the early 80’s. She directed some TV movies, including Merlene of the Movies with Gloria Stuart (the old lady from Titanic), and on series such as Dynasty, The Bradys, Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, Picket Fences, and Star Trek: Voyager.

The Geo Prizm is the most 90’s car I’ve ever seen!

Avis-Marie Barnes was the counselor. Lately she’s been a supporting cast member in 23 episodes of Greenleaf (The unscrupulous world of the Greenleaf family and their sprawling Memphis megachurch, dark secrets and lies), and was BeeKeeper in Doom Patrol. Before that she was in 18 episodes of the 20 episode series Lodge 49 (Dud finds himself deposited by fate at the doorstep of Lodge 49, a dusty fraternal order that offers cheap beer and strange alchemical philosophies). She did appear in two episodes of Stranger Things as Elderly Woman, two episodes of The Purge tv series, and a bunch of other one off roles way down on the cast list, one of which was Seaquest where she appeared in Smoke On The Water and Daggers, playing a female hauler and a peace officer, respectively. 

Caroline was played by Bridgett Newton. Most recently (2019) she was in a series called Play By Play (coming of age comedy about an ESPN sportscaster who looks back at his life in the 90’s giving a play by play of his youth). Before that she was in 7 episodes of Fall Into Me (a web series about love). She’s made appearances in Man of Steel (mother of family in train station), The O.C., House, The Drew Carey Show, Becker, all as lower cast list one offs.

Molly was Carly Schroeder, and she has a few handfuls of roles, one of which was playing Cindy Brady in the movie adaptation of the Barry Williams book Growing Up Brady. She also did a voice (unnamed) in Toy Story 2. She had a number of appearances in Lizzie McGuire, the series and the movie, as well as 201 episodes of Port Charles (spin-off of from General Hospital focusing on the professional and personal lives of the first year interns at Port Charles' General Hospital). The latest thing (2018) she has done was a TV movie called Deadly Shores in which she was the lead (plays Anna who moves to a remote island as the new bride of a famous mystery writer. Once there, she uncovers secrets about her new husband's dead former wife and fears she may be the next victim). She was also a lead in numerous TV movies such as Ouija House with Tara Reid in 2018, a lead in One Of Us (A young journalist goes deep undercover within a mountain commune and becomes manipulated by a duplicitous cult leader), Prep School (when the star player of an elite prep school rugby team suffers an emotional collapse, his friends and teammates respond in their own ways, ranging from heroic to horrifying), and Slightly Single in LA (girl tries to find love in LA, with Lacey Chabert).

Great Xpectations:

Written by: Nan Hagan

Directed by: Bruce Seth Green

Original airdate: November 8, 2000


Andie finds out that she has been accepted into Harvard but the news leaves her feeling nothing for some reason, despite everyone being overjoyed for her, including her father who is a Harvard alum. She considers that it could be because of her new medication, but when hearing about a rave that Jack was invited to, decides to go along with him.

Meanwhile, Gretchen asks Dawson about attending the same rave, but he feels it’s not really his scene and declines. Elsewhere Drue tries to convince Jen to get back to her olden days when she was a regular raver, even suggesting that it would be the perfect night to use the ecstasy that he gave her and she seemingly took home with her.

Dawson discovers his parents have decided to have the baby with that news in hand, decides it’s time for him to go out and enjoy himself and heads out to Gretchen’s place. Meanwhile, Gretchen does Joey’s makeup in preparation for the rave which she and Pacey decided to attend as well, when Dawson shows up and and all seems copacetic with the group of previously estranged friends.

As Andie and Jen talk about the rave, the ecstasy pills catch Andie’s attention leading Jen to try and explain their effects on one’s body as well as the pros and cons. Jack shows up and the three head off to the rave with Andie keeping a hold on the pills, eventually taking one.

Upon arrival at the rave, Dawson and Gretchen share a moment where he tells her about his parents, wanting to share it with someone, and Andie reveals to Jen she took the ecstasy, prompting Jen to put herself in the role of chaperone, knowing the trouble the ecstasy could cause Andie. Soon enough however, Drue shows up and gets Andie away from her by asking her to dance, leaving Jen to ask Jack to keep an eye on them, but Jack has his own wants and needs which include partying himself as well.

Gretchen and Joey talk where she apologizes to Joey about Dawson showing up but Joey is fine with it, and warns her that Dawson may be actually feeling something for her. This leads Gretchen to confront Dawson and ask about it, with him explaining that all he wants is someone to be friends with and that he finds her very easy to talk to.

Later, a clearly high Andie talks with Joey and Pacey and the gang and compliments Joey for being so nice but then reveals that she’s still not over Pacey in a stream of consciousness word salad as everyone stands there shocked. Breaking the silence, they all decide to go bounce in a bouncy house together and are all having fun when Andie suddenly collapses. An ambulance is called and she’s taken to the hospital as Jack admonishes Jen who reveals that Andie had taken ecstasy. Jen faces off Drue who points out that her friends have iced her out because of what happened and she will be seen as the bad seed again, trying to convince her that he and she need each other, but she walks off. 

At the hospital the doctors manage to get Andie stabilized but Pacey decides to stay behind with Jack to keep an eye on Andie for now. Andie apologizes to her father for messing up but he’s very supportive and comforts her.

Dawson asks Joey if she wants to grab some food and the two talk about the events of the year so far and what’s coming up in their futures. Joey comments how it will be hard to imagine life where they don’t live so near each other and have each other in their daily lives, but he responds that she seemed to do ok with that for summer as the two watch the sun rise.

Dawson's Trivia:

We’ve seen director Bruce Seth Green before, he directed 3 episodes of Seaquest, “Sympathy for the Deep” (colonists are inexplicably angry and violent), “Lost Land” (the crew find a helmet from Atlantis), and “Destination Terminal” (saboteurs attack a high speed train).

We’ve also seen writer Nan Hagan before, she wrote 4 episode of Sliders, “Post Traumatic Slide Disorder” (the Sliders think they make it home), “Dead Man Sliding” (criminals compete on a game show), “The Other Slide of Darkness” (Quinn meets his alt in the fog), and “This Slide of Paradise (Rickman leads them to an island of humanoid beasts). She also has a teleplay credit on “State of the ART” (a world of only androids), and story editor credits for 25 episodes, as well.

Todd Thompson was the driver #1, and he will reappear in Dawson’s Creek again in 2003, as The Baker, however his scene will be cut, unless it’s in the extended edition. He’s done a number of short films as producer, writer and director, and has had a handful of one off appearances in shows like Mama’s Family, The Waterboy, and Nashville.

Kendrick Cross was the medic and will soon appear in the aforementioned Untitled Goonies Re-enactment Project. He was a lead in Ambitions (a woman, Robin Givens, moves to a new city and finds herself going head to head with the town's most powerful and deceitful players), appeared in episodes of Black Lightning, Teen Wolf, Drop Dead Diva, One Tree Hill, House of Cards, and NCIS, amongst others. 

Mappoint Rave: An antiquated tradition left over from the early days before tickets and infolines for raves. Map Point was the place where you went to buy a map to the location of the rave (rather than the more modern concept of buying a ticket then calling the infoline) which was also buying your ticket. It is still frequently used, although in conjunction with tickets and infolines.

The Rave poster lists- DJ Snuff, Burkittsville 3, DJ Shiver, and MC Laughing Boy. Burkittsville 3 is likely a reference to The Blair Witch Project.

Essential Playlist:

Classic Creek Critiques:

SLYN11 says: I don't think there is any way that DC writers will let Pacey and Joey have sex. It would be too much like the normal and right thing to do. I bet they are holding out for Dawson and Joey to get together (I hope not). I just don't see Dawson and Joey ever getting back together - but definitely I will see them friends forever.

Markus “Bible” Huber responds: Have you never seen the movie "Harry and Sally"? They cant be friends again, because their emotional state has changed. You know, in season 1 they were what the term "friends" literally means, at least it seemed that way (Joey's growing feelings for Dawson were the first sign of the change). Since Joey dumped Dawson for the first time the whole show has been entirely based on the sexual and emotional tension between the two of them (if it wasnt before). Dawson cannot kick Joey out of his head, because the show would be a black hole filled with BH90210 crap if he kept cool looking at Joey screwing around in capeside. This means that there are only two logical ways for the series' solution: a) Joey and Dawson together or b) one of them leaves the show. James van der Beek and Katie Holmes will not leave the show (Both have contracts for at least two more seasons or so), it follows that sooner or later J and D will get the happy ending.

SLYN11 replies: From personal experience I know that you can be friends with an ex-boyfriend (it may be hard but it is definitely possible). The show started with Joey liking Dawson and him not sharing those feelings (remember how he liked Jen). Now in season 4 their roles are reversed...but I think that the DC writers will let them both grow up. As we age our tastes and hearts change...most of us do not ultimately end up with our first loves - we never forget them but we move on to TRUE love...I think that is what season 4 is about. I think the show can go on with both Dawson and Joey have separate relationships...I think it will be interesting to see Dawson "truly" fall in love.

Cat Z. Theorizes: What SHOULD happen is that Joey & Pacey will consider sex for awhile - long enough for Dawson to get seriously involved with a girl to be considering sex with her. Then, Joey & Dawson will both feel that they must lose their virginity to each other. They will sleep together, first, and then realize what a mistake it was, because they are truly meant to be just friends. Pacey and Dawson's girl will find out what happened, and then Joey & Dawson will spend the next season trying to win them back....


Makara says: Yuck! I am very disappointed. The last two episodes have been a big let down for me. Does anyone share my disappointment?

SLYN11 responds: I think the writers are having a hard time trying to recapture the magic that was the last half of season three. There was some wonderful writing (especially in the last 6 or so episodes) last season and I am confident that the writers will soon recapture some of that glory. I did not like "A Family Way" very much. The whole build up about Pacey and Joey was a pure marketing ploy and I have never been all that interested in Mitch and Gail. However, the scenes with Jack were the most memorable. I have always thought he is radiant everytime he is on scene. Kerr has made Jack such a caring, strong, supportive, and compelling character, that I look forward to seeing him each week. We all should be so lucky to have a friend/brother/boyfriend like Jack McPhee. 

Makara says: I just know that since the first show of the first season, I have been glued to the TV. The last two episodes have really let me down. I think the problem for me is, they have turned Dawson into a big cry baby...The lack of Dawson and Pacey as a best friend team really bums me out. I like Joey and Pacey together... But more than that I like the chemistry between Pacey and Dawson. I'm glad that Mitch and Gail got back together, but abortion goes against everything I believe in. I really do not understand why she would want to get rid of this child. It is not like they are tennagers. They are a married couple, financially set, it is very irresponsible. I think that is setting a bad example...

Sweetie143823 replies: While I agree that they should not get an abortion, Mitch and Gail are NOT financially set. They said it themselves in the episode - they are very much in debt due to all the money they used to open the restaurant.

[About Jack] Yeah, he totally doesn't, but fortunately it is clear that the writers have

been trying to give him more airtime. I can almost gaurantee a relationship for Jack this season.


Boss6Sr asks: I really don't want Joey to get deflowered by Pacey. For some reason he irks me. Does anyone else agree??

AngelnBvff replies: Pacey doesnt IRk me but i dont really like him this season at first he didnt interact with anyone but his OH IM SO IN LOVE JOEY" but atleast he interacts now and i dont have a problem with his character or the actor but i do have a HUGE problem with him being with Joeyhe acts with an attitude "i won, i got the girl i am better than you attitude my shit dont stink" and he grins about it i couldnt stand when he said well my girlfriend is spending the entire day with her ex-soul mate (dawson is still joeys soul mate even if theyre not together) how dare him say that. do you agree or disagree with me? Pacey and Joey are almost as bad as Buffy and Riley (god dont get me started on him) Dawson n Joey 4-eva

Frank Monica states it bluntly: I hope not. Pacey is such a creep and probably has VD. He already got Andie, he shouldn't get Joey too. If this happens, I will NEVER watch this show again. EVER.

Woodchuck32oz responds: For all of you who hated Dawson and Joey, and now hate Pacey and Joey get a life...please you hate the one she is not with cause the show plays to that, I for one hope that Dawson and Joey enver get say they are "soulmates" but the truth is Joey might be Dawson's soul mate, but it is obviously not returned...she should not be with Dawson...I would rather see her back with Jack

Jazzlan — er Jazz says: I don't think he's having an "attitude" -- I think he is just really in love with Joey, and he's in a good mood about it. . .What's so bad about that? I hope with all my heart that Dawson and Joey never get back together. They were childhood friends who thought they were in love, not soul mates. Dawson wants to control Joey, and Joey is an independant girl, she doesn't need Dawson bossing her around. Pacey is good for Joey, he allows her to make her own decisions and their relationship is a healthy one.

Makara says: Joey and Pacey grow on ya.... Pacey is a great guy, and probably the only one who actually acts like a real teenager.... sex does not equal bad....

bashton says: What is all this Pacey bashing? Pacey and Joey at least seem semi-real, unlike the impossible relationship Joey had with the selfrighteous Dawson. Dawson is the real creep...did you watch last season??

Frank Mojica fights back: Yeah really, especially after Dawson stabbed his best friend in the back, and then kept doing it again and again after getting busted. Oh wait, that

was Pasty.

Makara parries: "Pasty"....hehheheheh you guys are too funny. Joey was also holding that knife....he forgave her.... Have you never fell in love with someone that you didn't intend to?Sometimes you just can't choose who you love...

SLYN11: I agree wholeheartedly. I think we need to consider why Dawson only forgave

Joey. Could it possibly be that his manly pride kicked in and forgiving Joey and putting her back in his life would make Pacey feel bad? Remember when he first found out? He told Pacey that he was going to be alone with no friends. Why was he SO much angrier at Pacey? They were both his best friends.

Tigerlily says: When Joey asked Dawson why he could forgive her and not Pacey he told her it was because she had told him she was sorry for hurting him, whereas, Pacey (he thought) felt no remorse for hurting him.

SLYN11 says: Well we all know that Dawson just did not want to forgive Pacey... because I recall a few episodes where Pacey apologized to Dawson.

Tigerlily replies: I thought, although he didn't say it to Joey, that Dawson didn't think he was sincere.

Alberich replies: If writers make Joey go back to Dawson I will be pissed. I love, absolutely LOVE the relationship between Joey and Pacey. They are a great couple. Joey and Pacey really click when it comes to chemistry. So I'm just posting this to say that if the writers mess up this relationship and make Joey go back to "Forehead Forever" Dawson....they'd better give Pacey a consolation prize....Jen (Michelle Williams). She'd be the only other character on Dawson's Creek...(who is a major character on the series) who could match up with Pacey with the right chemistry. But I'm hoping this relationship between Joey and Pacey continues...In fact...I can DEFINITELY see a series spinoff with Joey and Pacey together after they head off into the sunset while Joey becomes a photographer working for a New York agency. I see potential with this Joey/Pacey magic. The writers did the right thing by making this bold move toward a Joey/Pacey relationship. This is one of the best pairings

I've ever witnessed on TV in a loooooong I'd hope the writers don't screw this one up. Sure..I can understand the need for "tension" between characters for the sake of "ratings"...but they don't have to ruin it either. My two cents. 

Mal P responds: Since I am couple neutral, and care not who ends up with whom as long as the story is entertaining, fun and heartbreaking, I would not tune out if Joey went back to Dawson. However, the fan base for the Pacey/Joey relationship is quite large, I believe in excess of 70% of viewers approve of it. If that relationship were to demise, the consequences in fan loyalty and indeed ratings, could prove disastrous.

I thus conclude that such a re-uniting is unlikely, at least, in the present circumstances. Too many fans would be alienated, and considering the subtext between Dawson and Joey, attempting a relationship for the third time borders on the unrealistic. Then again, this is Dawsons Creek. Who would have thought Pacey and Joey would get together. I didn't even see it, that is, until a "Weekend In The

Country". I didn't even catch the drift during "Four To Tango". Silly me.

Cindy Morgan says: As for the 1% remaining... Remember the scene last season when Dawsons asks Pacey to watch out for Joey.. One of the next scenes shown was Joey sitting at the end of the dock when Pacey shows up and sits next to her. He has his arm around her and she leans her head on his shoulder... (sorry, I don't recall which ep that was.) Anyway, I think that's when the whole thing started. :)

Mal P replies back: Oh I meant in a romantic sense... I didn't pick up on it, despite all the signs pointing that way, until "A Weekend In The Country". Before that, I thought they were just friends. With the benefit of hindsight, it's startlingly obvious, and I can't believe I was that dense lol ;-) I'm glad the producers intended a P/J hookup right from the start... if they did the entire D/J getting together again, breaking up again etc etc, I would have just tuned out, one can only take so much. A breath of fresh air.

Cindy Morgan says: I thought Joey and Dawson were great and was upset when Jack stole her. Then I thought Joey and Jack were great, but was upset when Jack turned out gay. Hehe, now I absolutely love Joey and Pacey. I imagine I'll like the next guy too... :) Kinda goes in a pattern. Anyhow, for now... Joey and Pacey together forever!! Heh

Angus.Robb says: Im I the only one who thinks Pacey and Jo arent meant to be i mean come after youve read all the books and watched all the tapes of Dawson and Joey together I mean Jen and Pacey were always "The Friends" while D and J were always the main characters its just weird that Pacey and Joey suddenly fall in love after 16 years. I think Andi the dork should die

foofighter replies: I'm a DJer. That's right, Dawson and Jen. I always thought Dawson and Jen should be together. They always got on well with each other, there's definitely attraction between the two. I mean come on, when Dawson first saw Jen, he was in love, there & then. I though Pacey & Andy where great together too. I was never sure that there was a right person for Joey.

Makara says: Please....Dawson's so called love for Jen ended when he found out she was not a virgin.... After that he never looked at her the same....big ole....judgmental

pants...... What a turd!!!

foofighter responds: Yeah I suppose so. But you've got to realize that although Dawson appears mature on the outside, inside he's about a mature as a 12 year old. He always imagines things to be the way he wants, and when this doesn't happens he whines like a baby. I suppose this is cos he's never had any responsilities when growing, and I guess not having a bigger brother or sister who talked to him out about growing up or whatever. I don't have anything against Dawson as I think he's a good character most of the time. But he just needs to do a little growing up. By the way, i'm not the only DJ, Dawson & Jen 'er out there am I? Come on, there must be more of us Dawson & Jen fans?!?

SLYN11 replies: I am like Dawson and Jen together, especially lately...I think Pacey and Joey is the best thing that has happened on the creek in years. Dawson and Joey had very little chemistry onscreen (which was not important - since they were just exploring young love). Pacey and Joey are a couple going through all the

struggles of real love (after all the first love and puppy loves end)

Frank1252 asks: Do you think their on-screan chemistry is do to their off-screen relationship?

Sweetie143823 responds: You are so right! Dawson and Joey's relationsip did not seem real when they became a couple. It was too childish, and the "issues" they dealt with were so petty. Pacey and Joey ARE real. They have 10 times more chemistry than she and Dawson ever had. With them, it really is true love. [in regards to off screen chemistry] Well they obviously didn't have too much chemistry off-screen. They are no longer a couple. Katie is now dating Chris Klein, Oz from "American Pie."


Sweetie143823 says: I can't BELIEVE that Bessie yelled at Joey in front of Body and the customers about finding the condoms in her drawer. Doesn't everyone remember the season premiere, when Bessie eagerly and excitedly questioned Joey about what she and Pacey did on the boat at night? She had a big smile on her face, hoping Joey would give her some juicy details. Now, all of a sudden, she's acting like the concerned sister. It just seems strange to me. And I'd like to get people's opinions on whether or not they feel Gail should have her baby. I'm thinking it would be a nice twist to add to the show. I'm all for it! Joey and Pacey...HAVE SEX ALREADY!!! LOL. I would love to hear people's responses but make sure you include spoiler warnings and spoiler space for the people who did not yet see this episode. Good night everyone!

Digerati01 replies: It just seems strange to me. i think it isn't all that odd. Joey's sis knows that she is a good and responsible girl. She could have just been teasing her and having a little fun finding out how much they kissed or something fairly tame like that. She probably assumed that nothing serious could have really happend anyways, that Joey just wasn't like that. Finding the Condoms and stuff in her drawer made her have to deal with the reality that Joey might actually be sexually active and thus in danger of making mistakes like she did. That's why she freaked out this time. Before it was just joking she didn't really believe was true. This time she took it


[regarding the baby] It's a tough call and a very sensitive issue. I can see both sides of it, why they should or shouldn't have the kid. I can't really. I just hope they don't

turn it into some major political/preachy thing either way.


Rocky R asks: Is DC going to be worth it after Season 4?  what do you think?

Dawn answers: I am still hoping they will end it after this season. I just don't want it to get out of hand. It's a good show, but I'm ready for it end.

mob leader says: my guess is that it'll pretty much hafta finish this season; the storyline is heading towards a big showdown in one way or another, school's gonna finish and the characters are gonna hafta to move on if they want a life; the actors/actresses will take on new jobs, rah rah rah... what do you think Rocky?

Digerati01 answers: Television shows, especially profitable ones, rarely end just because it would be best from a narrative point of view. Dawson's Creek is still one of the flagship shows of the WB, and I doubt the network is just gonna let it go just because it might go down in quality. They might either try to contrive some reason to keep them all together, ala 90210 (something they refer to in the show itself much to my laughter), or perhaps keep only a few original characters so that it would be easier to keep them together, or chuck the whole cast and start over but with the same name. Either way, I'd bet Dawson's Creek, at least the show, will be around for awhile longer.

Frank1252 says: If you recall the show "MASH" lasted longer then the korean war, which is was set in

McPhee… says: Either way, the show TOTALLY peaked in season 2. Some of the episodes in season 2 we're SOO good, that I would fight to the death to say they are amonst the best acting and screenplay even made - EVER!!! Its impossible for them to re-create the class they had in season 2, the writers have lost the plot too much and I think there will be 1 more season after this and that will be the end. Its not like 90210 days, where quality dramas were hard to come by, teenage america has about a 1000 shows competing with each other. The attention span of people is too little and shows like Buffy/Angel and all that garbage are more fast moving and have better merchandising opportunities for the executives at the networks. Also, the cast will soon get pissed of at how crap their characters are becoming all the time (which is what happened with meridith already i think). DAMN good show, but it was all downhill after Kev Williamson left.

Matthew replies: I completely agree, IMO he was the heart of the show. After he left you could tell a big decline in the quality.

Digerati01 says: That's unfortunately to be expected. He was the creator of the show, he had good vision and a nack for story telling. Also, it being his show, he could pretty much do whatever he felt was in the best interests of the show. Once he leaves, the control sorta goes to a team of writers producers etc. all of whom are far more under the thum of network execs and the like and make decisions not out of interest to the quality of the show, but to "marketshare" or something.

BRUSTROM: Do we really want a "Dawson's Creek-The College Years"? The show should end after this season. Just have Dawson and Joey lose their virginity to each other, like it was meant to be, and then have everybody(and I mean everybody) go their separate ways.

Mike Jakeman replies: No. It's about kids at High School. And the longer that the writers are persuaded to run it for longer than they wanted to, the more the quality will deteriorate. If they decide to run the final year over two seasons (like the sophomore year) then that's fine. However, I can't think of a feasible way for them to carry on after that. DC has always been a step up from most other 'teen dramas' and it should also know when the right time to finish is.

Makara says:  I would enjoy it for as long as they want to make it...

Frank Mojica says: This is the way to go. I can see them two finally doing it in the last

episode (hopefully they won't fuck this up), Dawson goes to film school, Joey and Andie go to some snob schools, Pacey stays in Capeside doing whatever, and Jack and Jen...dunno.

Chris Thornley says: When the ratings fall its common for the network to step in with their story line which they will insist the producers to broadcast or they will not get another season. As a result you will see a lot of things out of character and the show been beaten into the ground by the network trying to press on the produces what stories they want told as they will boost rates. this is common with many seris i.e x-files, babylon 5 etc says: I think it will be worth watching because there's plenty of room for growth.Nobody is pregnant yet and Jack doesn't have a partner! It would be a bit weird if they all suspiciously went to the same college and yet it wouldn't be the same without all of them! says: Please tell me this isn't true! An old high school friend of mine has parents who live in Willmington, North Carolina where they film Dawson's Creek. Supposedly his sister has been an extra on the show. He tells me that this is the last season of the Creek! Word in Willmington is that the cast and crew have left.

Mal P calms haze down: It's BS. They're still filming, upto around episode 11 now


Meaghan posts some thoughts about meeting Katie Holmes: Im coming to Katie's defense here, because she deserves it. Earlier this month, my mom took me down to Wilmington after 3 years of asking to go. This trip was worth every minute of it. I met Katie on two occasions. The first day i met her was on Tuesday. My mom and I were driving past the university, to go and see Joey's house from the show, when I saw lots of giant trucks outside UNCW. We pulled in and were just sitting there, and all of a sudden Katie walked in front of our car! My heart flew into my throat and I kinda yelped, "Its Katie Holmes! Mom, its KATIE HOLMES!" She got in a van, and they drove over to the other side of the school. After a few minutes, we decided to go over there as well. We got out of the car and started to walk over to were a crowd of people were, but Katie was rehearsing her scene she was going to shoot a little later, right in front of us. I was sniffling and crying a little, and when she looked at me, she smiled. That just brought on more tears! We watched filming from about 9AM to about 2:30. The whole time, I didnt have the nerve to confront Katie and ask for an autograph. Finally, at the end of the day, they announced Josh was going home and Katie was going back to the studio. I jogged after Katie and said, "Katie, could you sign this?" She turned around and started to walk back over to me, but her body guard stopped her, and said to me, "katie needs to go back to the studio" and he gave her a small push to have her go back in the other direction. She started to walk away and then she turned around and said, "Im sorry! Im really sorry!" Her face was completely genuine, she meant it, you could tell.

The next day, I met her again. This was our last day in Wilmington, and we were driving along the beach, when again, I saw a bunch of large trucks. We pulled over, and waited with a group of other people. It was REALLY hot that was 105 out, but we heard on the news because of the heat factor or whatever, it felt like it was 117. We had to wait in the sun, and when Josh came out he was like, "if anyones feeling sick, just tell someone, we dont want anyone passing out." Then, all of a sudden, the girl next to him just fainted. He dropped the autograph he was signing and started hitting her face, trying to wake her up. When she did come to, she saw Josh in her face, and almost passed out again. He got her water, a giant umbrella, and had her sit in his directors chair. After all this, I felt sick so we left for a bit and came back about 2 hours later. At about 8, Katie showed up. My mom had gone to clean out the car, and all of a sudden she heard a door shut, and Katie was leaning on our rental car after getting out of her van. She walked past the group of people I was with and waved. About 20 minutes later, she came out again. Now when I say she is shy, she is REALLY incredibly shy. I didnt understand that until I met her. She was looking right at me, and you knew she came out to give autographs but didnt have the nerve to ask if anyone wanted one. So I finally said, "Katie, could you sign this?" And she said really quietly, "sure, whats your name?" I could barely hear her. I had an 8X10 photo (the one from rolling stones with the wreath on her head) so I was holding the bottom so she could sign it. Her arm kept hitting mine and she knew I was shaking, and she smiled at me. After she signed mine, she forgot to give me my sharpie back. But, everyone was crowding around her asking her to sign things for her. The girl next to me started to hyproventalate...she was so shocked to meet Katie. Katie looked really scared that this girl was having this reaction to meeting her. But she was incredibly sweet. She signed autographs for pretty much everyone there, and took pictures with a few people. She even picked up this baby, and took pictures with it. She had to go back and shoot the scene, but she noticed she still had my sharpie in her hand, and she looked around for a second till she found me and said, "Sorry, this is yours." After a little bit, we left. It started to rain, we couldnt really see anything, and we had to drive to Raliegh at 3AM to fly home. As soon as i got in the car I started crying. It was so overwhelming to meet her, cause I had looked up to her since she was in the Ice Storm. I cried for literally, 3 hours. When we got back to the hotel I was calling all my friends, crying into the phone "Betsy, i did it! I met Katie Holmes!" Well, thats my story. Sorry for it being so long, I just wanted to tell the story like I remembered it. Ill never forget that trip.

Dawsonfan1 also met Katie: Haha I've told my story before so I'll so a short and sweet version for everyone! The crew guy that was very sweet to me all day showed up and was like "Come here Come here" He was walking fast. So I hop off of the couch and go to him. He walks me outside and Katie is walking towards me. I'm like OH JeEZ!! I meet her and said "HI, I'm Bridgette- I got you Jelly Belly's b/c I know you love them". She goes "Oh thank you" Then i said " I just want to thank you so much for just being you b/c you are such a great role model and such an inspiration" She goes "awwwww and gave me a hug!!" I was shaking and my voice sounded all weird. Then I was like "Would you mind signing something for me" K- "Sure" She wrote a very sweet message Bridgette, It was so nice meeting you. You are a beautiful young woman. Best Wishes Always.- Katie Holmes. Then she put her arm around me and took a pic. After she walked back inside I started bawling! Haha then my mom started crying. I could of stayed to watch Michelle film later that night but I was like ok I can die now... Haha so we went back to the beach house- Told my sis and cousins about it and got them all teary eyed. Hahah it was kinda funny. I still get all emotional when I tell the story! i'm such a dork... Anyways- It was a true dream come true. Katie is very sweet, maybe a lil shy (didn't seem to be)and gorgeous in person. Ahhhh it was the best!!

Megs  also: Hey everyone! I met Katie last year when they were filming Stolen Kisses. I agree with whoever said her shyness comes off as being snotty. She probably just feels uncomfortable around people she doesn't know. How would you feel if strangers just randomly come up to you? Anyway, my sister went up and asked her for her autograph and she was really quiet, but did. She was talking to Josh, kidding around or something, being totally normal, but when we approached her, she got quiet.

Anyway, I thought she was nice. 

For whoever asked what scenes I saw them filming in Stolen Kisses. I'm having a memory loss right now, but it was the scene where Andie, Pacey and Will are walking down the sidewalk talking about how they played pool. I just remembered that I actually didn;t meet her when they were filming that, but when they were filming Neverland. I saw them filming the last scene at the drug store. When I was watching them they just looked like they were having a lot of fun talking to each other. I also saw them filming a couple scenes in Show Me Love. The scene in the very beginning where Joey's walking in the cafeteria, and she sees Dawson, Pacey, and Andie, and then sits by herself. Katie had to keep on opening this bag of chips, and she didn' want to eat them so she gave them to Josh and was like "Here, eat these" and hes

like "Why?" and shes like "Cause you'll eat anything" he was kind of like, okay... I also saw them filming the scene where Joey sees Pacey before the Regatta, and she tells him she wants him to drop out. I don't think they were doing anything that exciting besides just hanging out. Katie was on her cell phone, and someone heard her say the name Chris. And in the Longest Day, I saw that scene where Joey runs into Dawson, and is like "I gotta go" and the scene in the library where Pacey Andie and WIll are in the library. Katie was there for like the first hour, and they shot her looking at the other three, and then she got to go home. But se was up on the second level, and they were downstairs and they were doing something and she said somthing like "They're doing something very bad down there" The four of them were being totally goofy too. It was so cute. They were sitting on the steps (which are about 10 feet from where they filmed, you can see the back of them I think) and they were just laughing. You couldn't really hear what they were saying though.

Angie = Hey everyone, Ok, since it is early in the morning, I am the only one up, and I am beyond bored, I have been going to like every thread at fan forum Ok, but I just thought I would say something about Katie since I went to Wilmington, and may or may not can shed some light. I did not meet Katie personally but my mom was sitting nearby where we were filming (I was an extra that day) and she said that Katie looked over and smiled at her. So, see, a wench wouldn't do that. And this girl I met who lives there said she has met her on several times and she is a very sweet person. On the flip side, I know for a fact that she had been snippy and unfriendly as well. And Angie has a theory. =) LOL! But anyway, if everyone will remember, Katie Holmes has had unpleasant (to say the least) experiences with her fans. I am an actress myself, and one of the most aweful things about the whole business (which I pray will never happen to me, famous or not) is when people stop being your fan, loving you, looking up to you, etc. etc. And they start obsessing over and stalking you. From what I hear Katie was raised in a small town, and people screaming and having fits when they see her probably do not put her at ease. If that were me, I know my mother would say "stay away from those nuts." So I am sure her mother has given her the same talk about being careful who she talks to. If I were her I would be edgy all the time. So the best thing I can say is put yourself in her place. I am not Katie's biggest fan, but I think I can understand what she goes through. Ok, those are my two cents...if they even made sense this early in the morn.

Mal P reposted some stories about others meeting the cast as well: No name given: OK, I'm here to defend Katie and James.:D James was definitely the nicest of the cast, even nicer than Katie TBH. I'll tell the whole story as detailed as possible. I arrived in Wilm the 13th of August, around 9PM EST. We ate dinner and went to bed. The next day, around 5.30PM, we went downtown to visit some filming

locations. Lucky enough they were shooting at "Leery's Fresh Fish", which is actually the Water St. restaurant. I waited with about 20 other girls, all between 15-25 years. (My sis and I were the youngest, 12 and 13) Then after waiting about an hour, Katie arrived. She had a boat key around her wrist, so she probably arrived in her boat. She did not give autographs, and I was a little disappointed. Then, after 10 min., it looked like she wanted to walk over to the fans. Then some stupid women run to her and screamed for an autograph.:mad: Katie seemed a little shocked and disappeared with a crewmember in a back alley. Half an hour later James came out. He looked a little tired, because he was the one filming inside Leery's Fresh Fish all day. As soon as he came outside, he started waving and smiling to the screaming fans. After he got himself a drink, he walked over to us. My mom was afraid we would be pushed away by others, so she started yelling: "James, James, my daughters are from Amsterdam!" Sonja and I were so ashamed. But James took it well. He said: "Oh really. Is that so?" Then we chatted a little, we talked about his last name. (I told him van der Beek means "from the Creek") Then he asked me for my last name, he asked if that one was also Dutch, etc., etc. Then he signed autographs for all the fans there, and he posed for pictures. He waited patiently until everyone had pictures and autographs. I have about 3, 4 pics from that moment, as soon as I have a scanner I'll post them. Then he walked away and said, with a smile on his face, "It was nice meeting you all!" I totally loved him!

The next day, we knew they were shooting at UNCW. I met Meredith, John and Mary-Margaret and I saw Kerr. I have pics from all of them. But I won't make that story too detailed. They were all very nice, esp. Meredith. Kerr was a little cranky, he gave an autograph and a picture to one fan and then he walked straight past all the other fans, who were waiting there for three hours until he came out! Then Tuesday Aug. 22nd, I got a special tour around the set while they were filming (in "Capeside High"). They gave Sonja and I VIP passes and we watched filming on the set from 1.30 PM-6.30 PM. Katie had to do a scene 30 times, over and over again. In between she glanced at my sis and I and smiled. Then she rolled her eyes to us when they said "Katie, another time". She had one break, in which she got herself a Diet Coke. I can't tell anything about the scene she did, it has to stay private for all the other fans. A little while later James, Josh and Michelle came in. (there had to be a scene done with Katie and James, and Katie, Josh and Michelle) Anyway, James gave us another autograph and another photo. Then Katie walked up to me and she asked: "Are you from Amsterdam? That is so cool!" Then she asked me who I liked better from the guys. I said James, and she smiled at me. I chatted with her about a few other things, and she signed my sis and I an autograph and she posed for pics. I wanted to ask her if she ever went to Fan Forum, but she had to start filming. Anyway, she was very friendly and pretty, a little shy. Josh though, he runned around like a ping pong ball and he even hit a lamp which was broken. He was very funny, but less nice than James and Katie IMO. He didn't pose for a picture, and I didn't really talk to him. He signed me an autograph quickly and walked away. Same for Michelle and Kerr. So I have met the whole cast, and IMO the nicest were James, Katie and Meredith, James with an extra star. This is my story and I told it as honest as possible.

No name given: Hey friend's friend is signed with the Douherty Agency in

Pittsburgh, where I'm from. Well, when he was a senior in high school (he'll be a sophomore in college this yr), he had a huge crush on Katie Holmes, and he just happened to be downtown when Katie Holmes arrived to film a small scene in the Wonder Boys. He saw some filming and walked over and they needed extras and since he had working papers, he was given the go ahead, because it was only a small scene to be filmed in the burgh and it was way overboard with airfare etc already... well Katie came up to him and said thanx...for pinch hitting or whatever, and they talked about the agency he was signed to and she was very nice he said, but she looked extrememly tired, but was very tall. They grabbed something to eat at the catering truck, then she had to go film, but said it was nice talking to him and a few weeks later, with his paystub (which he framed lol) he got a letter of thanx for filling in and it said "Ms. Holmes and the cast extend their thanks." So i guess she is nice!

No name given: Okay well I met Katie when I was in wilmington and it was cool she was really nice and she took a picture with me williingly. Also I was at a launch party for the new magazine Teen Vogue this past weekend and I didn't get to meet katie again there, but my friends did, and we are all planning a road trip to wilmington in March so they told her about it, she seemed a little scared, but grateful for such devoted fans. so we will see her again in march.


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