Thursday, October 21, 2021

RW447 - I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer Rewatch


In this episode of the I Know What You Did Last Summer Rewatch, Cory and Nathan are going straight to DVD withs part 3 "I'll Always Know."


Our Favourite Trivia:

The movie was announced in 2000, and was originally meant to star Jennifer Love Hewitt, Brandy Norwood and Freddie Prinze Jr. again. However, the movie was left alone for a while and the original script, which involved Jennifer, Brandy and Freddie, was scrapped and a whole new script was written. Despite the script being scrapped, Hewitt was rumored to have a cameo appearance in the new movie, but never made it.

It was originally proposed to continue where "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" left off. However, it languished in development hell for many years. Instead of the film being released in theatres it was made as a direct-to-video movie without any of the original cast members.

Damon Santostefano was once set to direct.

Director Sylvain White was brought in as a last-minute replacement after the previous director was fired, and thus had to cast the film, prep the locations, and devise the shooting schedule within just two weeks. White did not use any CGI in the film, as he felt that gore looks much more realistic with practical effects than with CGI.

The film received highly negative reviews from critics, criticising the plot, acting, editing and lack of originality. The film holds a 0% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on six reviews. Scott Weinberg of DVD Talk called it "a 12th-generation knock-off that leeches off a flaccid little concept that was already withered and whiskered the first and second time around". He described the directing, editing, script, and acting all as predictable and uninteresting, ultimately summarizing the film as "not so much outrageously awful as it is deadly dry and dishwater dull".

What's Up Next?

We're very much looking forward to "Halloween Kills"

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