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RW486 - Dawson's Creek S06E11-12 - Out of Moves


In this weeks episode of The Dawson's Creek Rewatch, Cory and Tom are hiding, seeking, and peeking as they discuss season 6 episodes 11 & 12, "Day Out of Days" and "All the Right Moves."

Day Out of Days:

Written by: Gina Fattore

Directed by: Robert McNeill

Original airdate: January 15, 2003 (one month break)


As the clock turns over to Monday morning, Todd gives a speech written by Dawson to commemorate the end of principal photography on their movie, with Natasha bidding Dawson an awkward goodbye.

As Tuesday rolls around, Joey tries getting in touch with Eddie but only gets his voicemail. She soon sees Hetson’s daughter, Harley, in the bar. She pulls her aside and finds out she lives with Hetson now, and is currently ditching a school field trip. Later, Pacey walks through the Aquarium during his lunch hour and sees Emma sitting nearby. The two talk, and she reveals that she comes here to kill time until 1 o’clock. Pacey wants to know what happens at 1, but she points out that he needs to get back to work soon so he takes off. Meanwhile over at the helpline office, CJ is training Jen on how to be a counselor. The two are just not gelling, as she keeps getting frustrated with his attitude, and him getting annoyed at her cutting comments. At the clinic, Jack and David are being a mature and responsible couple by getting tested for STDs. Back in LA, Todd and Dawson talk with the producers of their film. After conducting several test screenings they have decided it’s unwatchable and in need of reshoots, something that Todd is vehemently against. Dawson pulls him aside and asks him to play nice, but Todd walks out of the meeting to the surprise of the producers. 

As hump day happens, Joey approaches Hetson after class to let him know she caught his daughter skipping school. He acts defensive, getting offended that she is suggesting he doesn’t know what his daughter is up to, and tells her to mind her business and he will mind his. Pacey meets Emma for their aquarium chat as she reveals that she had fish as pets growing up. Pacey explains that he comes here as a reminder of who he used to be, commenting that he isn’t the conservative type she thinks he is. Emma pushes him to stay and call in sick for the rest of the day, to which he actually does despite him knowing it will put him at the top of Rich’s firing list. Over at the helpline, David tries to help Jen with her training by pretending to be a caller, but it’s to no avail. Jack shows up to pull David away, joking about how Jen and CJ do not get along. Back in LA, Dawson meets with the producers again who are expecting an apology from Todd. Dawson instead tries to go to bat for him, but the producer, Heather, suggests that Dawson direct the reshoots to save the film. A stunned Dawson looks down at himself, and in the most amazing subtle cameo ever, Sam Beckett leaps into his very essence as he utters the famous catchphrase, “Oh Boy.” Elsewhere in La La Land, Audrey hangs out with Jack Osborne, as they wait for Dawson to pick them up from  a beach party full of unknown people. She tells him that she didn’t feel ready to go back to school but is prepared now, saying she is going to be good from now on. 

Thursday hits and at Hell’s Kitchen, Joey again tries to get in touch with Eddie to no avail. She complains to Jack and David who offer her words of encouragement, though after she leaves, they admit that it doesn’t look good. Jack starts to feel judged by his summer of sexual abandon, and the two end up sitting there in uncomfortable silence. As Joey leaves, she again sees Harley in the bar and pulls her outside. They head off to Eddie’s apartment, but they find out that he has apparently moved. At the aquarium, Pacey takes another day off as he and Emma enjoy lunch together. She wonders why he ever decided to change his life so much, and he answers that he isn’t sure, but reasons that it’s possibly an attempt to be someone else, lamenting on his days as a schmuck in a Hawaiian shirt, with a bad haircut and no money. She tells him the old Pacey seems nice, and encourages him to quit the job and show up to the aquarium tomorrow as the old Pacey. At the helpline, Jen gets hung up on by a caller and stresses about it. CJ says they’ll call back because they probably got interrupted, and they do, but Jen lets CJ take the call, fearing messing up again.

Friday finally arrives and Pacey sits at the office in his Hawaiian shirt. Before he leaves for lunch, Rich gives him extra work, admonishing him for calling in sick the previous days. At the aquarium, Emma waits for Pacey but due to the work he was given, he skips lunch and never shows up. At the helpline office, everyone is bored as no calls are coming in, so CJ decides to leave to get coffee. Sure enough, as soon as he leaves Jen needs to take a call that comes in. She starts off nervous, but tells the caller that she does want to help. Jack and David get their clean bills of health from the clinic, and Jack asks if his admission about his promiscuous past has changed David’s image of him. David says no, and the two kiss and walk off together. After Hetson’s class, the professor offers Joey $50 for watching Harley the previous day. After explaining that Harley’s mother is now out of the picture, he makes a deal with Joey to continue the babysitting arrangement going forward, seeing as how his daughter has taken a liking to her. On an LA beach, Dawson finds Todd and they talk about the change in the movie. Todd says he doesn’t hold a grudge about it, asking him to just take a picture when Natasha finds out who her new director is going to be.

Dawson’s Trivia:

The producer, Larry Newman, is character actor Paul Gleason, best known for playing Principal Vernon in The Breakfast Club, later spoofing that role in Not Another Teen Movie. He’s got a long line of roles playing the tough guy or sleazebag, in such movies as Die Hard, Van Wilder and Trading Places. He has a huge list of TV credits, including Malcom in the Middle, Friends, The Drew Carey Show, Seinfeld, Murder She Wrote, The A-Team, Miami Vice, all the way back to the 70’s with Mission: Impossible and Adam-12. He was even in the TV movie The Ewoks Of Endor. We saw him previously in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman as Henry Harrison in the episode “The Ides of Metropolis.” He died in 2006 from lung cancer connected to asbestos. 

The field trip teacher was Kate Leahey. She was also in Surface as a Park Ranger. 

The menu on the DVD has ANOTHER mistake on the title for this episode.

All the Right Moves:

Written by: Maggie Friedman

Directed by: Arlene Sanford

Original airdate: January 22, 2003


At Hell’s Kitchen, Audrey finds her friends and apologizes to them about her recent behavior. She takes ownership of her problems, and asks for forgiveness, to which they all respond by hugging her and accepting her back into the circle. At the bar, Emma and Joey share some fantasies about bartenders, and Emma asks Joey to clean out Eddie’s locker since she doesn’t know where he is these days. Later, when Audrey goes to visit Emma at her apartment for band practice, she finds out that they are auditioning new singers for their gig opening for another band who’s opening for the main band. Audrey begs her to reconsider and give her another chance. She’s decided to give up her party girl ways, and Emma and the band agree to keep her on. At the practice for the gig, Audrey does a bang up job singing, getting the attention of one of the other bands’ members. He invites her to hang out, but this includes drugs and alcohol, which Audrey refuses to partake in at first, but eventually succumbs to her addiction. When she returns for the gig, she’s obviously under the influence, and gives a terrible performance, ending with her passing out on stage. Emma later tells her that she is kicked out of the group. 

At work, Pacey is asked by Rich if he feels up to attending a party thrown by one of their biggest clients, and Pacey readily accepts. Upon arriving at the party, Pacey mingles and chats with a woman who uses Pacey as an excuse to get away from another party goer who has a very handsy approach. Rich pulls Pacey into a meeting with the company head, who asks if he is ready to take on a bigger role single-handedly overseeing their account. Pacey stumbles at this too good to be true offer, but recovers and is pleased to accept. Later, as his mysterious unnamed lady leaves, she cautions him to ask why things for him at this job have been so easy and she takes off. 

As Joey tutors Harley, the young girl asks if she’s discovered anything further about Eddie, prompting her to call the phone number that Joey found on a manuscript in Eddie’s work locker. Eddie answers, but Joey quickly hangs up. Later, Hetson finds Joey at the bar because Harley has cut school yet again. Before they can call in for a missing persons report, Harley shows up with Eddie in tow. When Joey and Eddie finally get to talking after some tense starts, he tells her he wants to help with her pregnancy, a fake story Harley used to get him there. Joey reveals the lie and berates him for leaving without a goodbye, and he defends it by saying he was doing it for fear of holding her back from her future. They argue some more as she tries to get him to see that the manuscript he wrote is actually good, but he leaves. Harley apologizes to her for overstepping, but it’s waved off by Joey. She suggests asking her dad to read the stories, but Hetson is his usual acerbic self and refuses. Harley promises to work on him, and shortly later Hetson returns to the bar to pick up Harley’s backpack that she conveniently left behind. He tells Joey that he was annoyed into reading Eddie’s stories, but does see great promise in them, offering to help Eddie get into a writing workshop. Joey asks him to tell Eddie himself as it might be more meaningful, but he tells her it’s up to her to convince him. Joey goes to Eddie’s parents’ home and tells him about Hetson’s offer, but he is hesitant at first due to the money needed. Joey convinces him that he needs to stop being a coward and take a chance, just like the writers of the books he admires, and he decides to do just that. He goes to kiss her, but Joey backs away. She tells him it’s too late, before saying she loves him and leaves. She returns home to find Audrey passed out on the bed, with a broken bottle of alcohol nearby. Audrey is unresponsive, so Joey quickly calls 911.

Dawson’s Trivia:

Director Arlene Sanford has been a strong working TV director since the mid 80’s, not just on shows but many TV movies as well. She was actually a director and producer on The Torkelsons, a Disney Channel show we’ve mentioned before. She also directed the film A Very Brady Sequel.

Gosling (previously known as Loudermilk) was an American rock band formed in Tri-Cities, Washington. The band was composed of Davey Ingersoll (vocals, guitar), Mark Watrous (guitar, later keyboards), Shane Middleton (bass) and Isaac Carpenter (drums, percussion). As Loudermilk, formed in 1995, the group released two albums; the independently released Man with Gun Kills Three! (1998) and then major label debut The Red Record (2002), and toured with Megadeth and Mötley Crüe. The group later, in 2004, changed both their name and music style and were then known as Gosling. They went on to release a self titled EP, through The Control Group in 2004 and their final album, Here Is..., through V2, in 2006. They played shows with Velvet Revolver and Rose Hill Drive before eventually disbanding.

Sarah Shahi was the mystery girl. She’s had recurring roles in The Rookie, City On A Hill, Reverie, Alias, Chicago Fire, The L Word (26 episodes) and Person of Interest (50 episodes, playing the role of Sameen Shaw, a CIA agent turned-vigilante with a heart of gold) among others. She lead a drama called Fairly Legal (a woman, who quit being an attorney at her father's law firm to become a mediator, copes after her father's death), Life (a former police officer returns to the force after having been wrongly imprisoned for years), and a TV movie called Drew (Nancy is now a detective for the NYPD where she investigates and solves crimes using her uncanny observational skills, all while navigating the complexities of life in a modern world. Anthony Edwards co-stars). She was also a lead in Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special (after Santa tells Michael Bolton that he needs 75,000 new babies by Christmas to meet toy supply, Michael Bolton hosts a sexy telethon to get the world to start making love. It also stars Janeane Garofalo, Louie Anderson, Adam Scott, and many other stars). Some of her movie credits (lead or top supporting cast) are Road To Paloma (with Jason Mamoa), Bullet to the Head (with Sly Stallone and Mamoa), and Static (with Milo Ventimiglia). Most recently she has been in Sex/Life on Netflix (a suburban mother of two takes a fantasy-charged trip down memory lane that sets her very married present on a collision course with her wild-child past), an episode of Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings, and a movie called Language Arts (Charles, a withdrawn high school English teacher, and his student Romy start documenting collaborations between autistic youth and senior dementia patients, causing Charles to tailspin into his past and confront the errors of his youth).

Roger Stepavich was played by Ray Wise. He’s a “that guy” with more than 270 roles, starring in such shows as Twin Peaks, Fresh Off The Boat (a Taiwanese family makes their way in America during the 1990s), Robocop, The Chase (with Charlie Sheen and Kristy Swanson), 24, and How I Met Your Mother to name just a few. He was cast as Captain Pike in a Star Trek fan film that never seems to have gotten finished, but it is listed in his IMDB because it did start to film at some point. One source credits him as Jamie Rollins for 950 episodes of the soap opera Love of Life (while IMDB says he was in one episode). He had a run of 70 episodes in The Young and the Restless as well. He’s great at playing hardcore gruff, scary, and stern characters as well as campy versions of that too, and equally as good at the caring father figure. Most recently he’s been in Apple TV+’s series Physical and the third Psych TV Movie.

Carl Rosen was played by Robert C. Treveiler. He’s been a supporting cast member in such titles as Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice, Beauty and the Bandit (TV version of Smokey and the Bandit with Kathy Ireland, and Brian Bloom as the Bandit), Matlock, and he even had a bit role in Shake Rattle and Roll : An American Love Story. He also shows up as a Preacher/Entrepreneur in Surface. Most recently he has been in Ozark as the Sheriff. 

 One broker’s story:

Essential Playlist:

Classic Creek Critiques:

Alberich commented about Katie Holmes movie Pieces of April getting good traction, and saying she seems to have a good film career going on. He compares her film career to Sarah Michelle Geller’s film career which is only the upcoming Scooby Doo 2. He mentions it’s ironic because Katie apparently didnt take up the role of Buffy The Vampire Slayer when she was offered it. No one responded.

Other posts were by a troll who said the last best episode was The Breakfast Club episode and it went downhill from there. No one responded.

Deputy Doug posted about the upcoming FanForum Convention and the prices to get in where Dawson’s Creek cast was supposed to be appearing. No one responded. 

There was a viagra spam post and someone asking if the episodes will be available online to download somewhere. No one responded.

The following week there was talk about how someone’s vcr did not record the episode and they were hoping to find it on bittorrent. There was talk about where to find it and someone mentioned they only had kazaa and didnt know how torrents worked. 


jumpman23k says: is it just me or has katie holmes gotten deathly skinny and tan? shes still really hot, but not as hot as before

Jodi responds: And her hair? Has anyone else noticed that at the start of the show, she had thickish hair, and now its incredibly thin? What has she done to make it this way?

Alberich says: When you lose that much weight, the hair starts falling out. This is my opinion, but this is something that people have been telling me over and over.

Barbara says: It's all that Garnier Lumina dye says: f you look at some of the other seasons, even last years, you can see she was starting to chunk up a bit - not bad, but you could see it starting. Perhaps the studio came down on her? Williams is the hotty now. :) Jen's gotten cuter, Joey is getting gaunt. Didn't notice this part [the hair] at all. Maybe it's also because of some diet?

DaleMurph1 says: I hate Jen’s new hairstyle. Why did she have to cut her hair again???

Jolene Darling responds: Glad I'm not the only one.

DaleMurph1 says: I didn't even recongize her at first. On a more positive note, I really like Mika Boorem. She's Joey's new friend.

AW says: I didn't mind Jen's hair too much, but I love the natural curls she was wearing for the last couple of seasons. Down to earth, like her character. I do hate Josh's beard and mustache thing, though- yuck, shave already. I didn't end up watching too much, for a few reasons: one, I can't stand Audrey (or Busy Phillips); two, I haven't watched any episodes this season (though I think I watched most of the No Doubt one) and don't know enough about- Eddie?- to care about him, especially him with Joey; and ditto for the professor and his daughter. Though, it is very odd for me to see Todd from One Life To Live on DC- I remember him first showing up in Llanview when I was, oh, 10 or so. He's lookin' gooooood.

tachyon says: The goatee disappears in #615 at Joey's request.

Jolene Darling says: Damn, I like the goatee


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