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RW484 - Dawson's Creek S06E07-08 - Tripping at the Spiderwebs


In this weeks episode of The Dawson's Creek Rewatch, Cory and Tom are thrashed and no doubt smashed as they discuss season 6 episodes 7 & 8, "Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell" and "Spiderwebs."

Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell:

Written by: Anna Fricke

Directed by: Jason Moore

Original airdate: November 6, 2002


Joey and Eddie banter back and forth at the bar, commenting on their chemistry and backgrounds. She has to leave for class, but says she'll be back for The Hell’s Belles show later that night. Meanwhile, at Boston Bay, Jen and Jack learn that Freeman has accepted a visitation offer from Chicago after the publication of his critical essays.

Back at the dorm, Audrey lays into Joey about not knowing how depressed she is after having broken up with Pacey, further giving it to her when Joey only answers that Eddie isn’t her boyfriend. 

Jen admires the way David just up and asks Jack to go out, and laments that it’s been hard for her to get CJ to date her. She decides to just ask him to go with them to Hell’s Kitchen, and he agrees. Freeman finds Jack with his friends, pulling him away to ask him if he can come to his book signing later that night.

Rich compliments his trainees in all passing their series 7 exams, and takes them all to New Orleans to celebrate. While there, Pacey doesn’t exactly score huge points with the ladies, while Rich and the others easily partake in the pleasures of the flesh. Luckily, Rich manages to strike out with one particular woman that seems to take a liking to Pacey, and they begin talking. 

Back at Hell’s Kitchen, Joey and Eddie banter again when Audrey comes over asking for more drinks. Eddie makes a condescending remark about her, resulting in Joey asking if he’s ok, and he makes an excuse about not enjoying working with a certain coworker.

Freeman reveals to Jack that his wife isn’t actually going to move with him to Chicago, and then tells Jack that he actually inspired him with one of his comments about the asexuality of good guys in film. Jack tells him that he is probably the most popular Professor here, and that it’s a shame he felt he had to hide his true self, but is glad he reached a point where he didn’t have to anymore. Freeman makes a move to try and kiss Jack, but the young man pushes away and the two part. 

CJ and Jen chat and he talks about how Audrey seems depressed. Jen doesn’t notice it, even after seeing Audrey get angry at Eddie, insulting him for not serving her more alcohol and also smashing bottles and plates when dancing on top of the bar. Through it all, Joey doesn’t have much to say about Audrey’s actions either, leaving Eddie beyond exasperated and upset.

Later, Joey holds Audrey’s hair back as she vomits up her alcohol. Audrey resents Joey’s questions about how she got so drunk, and her attempt to understand what is going on, so they end up just arguing. Eddie is also not happy with Joey, telling her he needed her support. He lashes out at her and Audrey, about their supposed entitled upbringing, telling Joey they have nothing good together.

Pacey meanwhile is making his way to his hotel room with the woman from earlier, Denise, and she is ready, willing and able to do anything he wants as she pushes him into the room and onto the bed. Even Pacey, trying to tend to her needs with foreplay, is surprised when she says to not worry about it because his friend didn’t pay for the whole night. He realizes that Rich hired her to sleep with him and he is aghast at the thought, leaving her and going to find Rich. He calls him out on his behavior, and love of all things money. Pacey comes short of punching him and walks away to Rich’s taunts. 

CJ tells Jen more about himself and how he recognizes what Audrey is doing. He details his past with being an alcoholic, and that it ended up alienating the one person he cared about, resulting in him not dating anymore. Later she tries to kiss him goodbye but he backs off, telling her that it’s not her, but that he just can’t. As she leaves, CJ goes to Audrey and starts talking with her, giving her a shoulder to cry on. He tries to get her to open up, and she does, but in the end she just wants to sit for a while together. 

Jack shows up late to the show and finds David leaving. He catches up to him and apologizes, explaining some about relationships and baggage, telling David he needed to be sure he was done repeating mistakes and that he knows he actually is now, and the two lovebirds walk away together.

Joey wakes up at the dorm, noticing that Audrey hasn’t returned. Even later after studying, there is still no sign of Audrey. Eddie shows up, returning Audrey’s wallet she left behind, and apologizes for what he said at the bar. Together they agree to go on a proper date without all the hurdles.

Dawson’s Trivia:

Jaime Bergman played Denise. She was Playboy Playmate of the month for January 1999, its 45th Anniversary issue. I know her as the Pam Anderson-style character from Howard Stern’s Son of the Beach. That character’s name? B.J. Cummings. She was a main cast member in Dark Wolf (an LAPD cop, whose partner was murdered by a werewolf, must protect a woman called Josie, who's a hybrid, after he realizes that the werewolf wants to mate with her), and Soul Keeper (two thieves down on their luck get hired to steal the Rock of Lazarus, an ancient relic capable of returning evil souls to earth). She has a supporting cast credit in Daybreak with Roy Schieder (people are trying to find their way out of a subway tunnel after a devastating earthquake). Her last main credit was in 2004 as Monica in Boa vs Python (after a genetically-altered python escapes, a scientist is enlisted to help kill it by releasing a giant boa constrictor that he owns). She’s had a couple of guest roles since then.

Joshua Jackson was arrested by Raleigh cops in November 2002 and charged with drunkenly assaulting a security guard at a Carolina Hurricanes hockey game. The 24-year-old registered a blood alcohol level of .14 (North Carolina's limit is .08) when tested at the Wake County Jail.


Written by: Gina Fattore

Directed by: Bethany Rooney

Original airdate: November 13, 2002


Dawson catches up with Jen, Jack and David at Hell’s Kitchen, but before leaving he gifts them tickets to the No Doubt concert, courtesy of Todd. He bumps into Joey on the way out, and after an awkward back and forth, he leaves. Upon hearing about the tickets, Joey invites Eddie to go. While hesitant due to it being their first date, and with all her friends, he eventually agrees with the promise of her paying for the gas.

Back on set, Dawson convinces Todd to shut down early for the day because everyone is tired. In doing so, Dawson wins the $600 crew pool, and gets Todd’s tickets to No Doubt with backstage passes and even better seats. 

Jen presses Audrey to come along despite her sadness. She eventually decides to go, with Jen promising to use Jack and David as a barrier between Joey and Eddie, so she doesn’t have to watch them being lovey dovey with each other. Audrey complains about Joey and how she’s perfect, but Jen says she has made mistakes, most notably the same one Audrey did in dumping Pacey. Jen bumps into CJ at the CD store and invites him to come along. He agrees, but casts a nervous glance towards Audrey. When Jen leaves, CJ confronts Audrey and it’s revealed that they slept together the night before. Whereas CJ is seemingly cured of his “not wanting to date anyone” sickness, Audrey doesn’t want anything to do with him, and actually wants to forget that anything happened at all.

At the concert, Joey finds out she left the tickets in her other coat. Left without a way in, she and Eddie try talking to the guard at the back but it’s a no go. Dawson and Natasha show up kissing while waiting in line, but find out that their seats are actually for the following night’s show, leaving Natasha to try and get them in using her two feminine wiles to distract the guard. However, once inside with the guard, he sees that the backstage passes are good for tomorrow night and they are ushered out, while Joey and Eddie sneak in behind them.

Pacey heads into the concert and finds Audrey sitting in their row, and the two decide to go and talk about what happened. Soon enough they are back in each other’s good graces and having a great time together.

Jen meanwhile chats with CJ about Audrey, and her recent breakup. As Jen continually keeps trying to hint at her own interest in him, he tells her that he is interested in someone else, revealing that it’s Audrey. Jen finds Audrey and tells her that she knows what happened, and doesn’t want to talk about it. Audrey tries to apologize, but Jen counters that she was holding back because she had sympathy for her, but now she finds her just sad. 

Eddie and Joey walk under the arena amongst the lower staff levels, when Eddie goes into a room and reemerges with his dad, a worker at the stadium, who gets them into an area of the arena that makes you look terribly composited against a green screen.

Dawson and Natasha, two very smart people, surprisingly at a loss of what to do with their tickets after scalping them didn’t work, begin to make out on a car before being stopped by a policeman. They are taken to the station on suspicion of scalping, and also due to Natasha’s flippant attitude while pretending to be a hooker. Todd comes to the police station, after having been woken up by Dawson’s one phone call, and drives them back home. 

Audrey goes to CJ, angry with him for telling Jen about their tryst. He tries to appeal to her by claiming he really likes her, which is something he hasn’t felt in a long time, but she just argues back that their night together meant nothing to her. Pacey shows up to see what was taking Audrey so long, and CJ makes a disparaging comment about him. Pacey says keep my girlfriends name out your effing mouth and clocks him. As the two begin punching and fighting, security comes and separates them before kicking them out. 

Emma scolds Pacey for getting all of the group kicked out (somehow) and Pacey admits that he feels guilty how things ended, and that it’s difficult to admit he wants to save Audrey.

Jen caters to CJ’s wounds after the fight but doesn’t judge him for the situation, saying that if she did ever try to do his job at the help center she would do it better than him.

Eddie and Joey later talk about his dad and how he’s a good dad but not always good with encouragement. Joey reveals her fathers past as well, saying her dad is pretty much the opposite of his. The two kiss and say good night. 

Dawson’s Trivia:

The cop was played by character actor Jim Grimshaw who has appeared in many movies and series in bit parts. We’ve seen him before in the SeaQuest episode “Daggers” where he played an Admiral. 

Many of the ticket takers, guards, and door men, were played by stuntmen.

The episode title “Spiderwebs” is a track from No Doubt's third album "Tragic Kingdom," but that specific song is not played in the episode. The songs played at the concert are from their 4th & 5th albums "Return of Saturn" & "Rock Steady". According to Dawson’s Creek producer Drew Matich during a 2018 interview with Billboard, they did send a crew to film the Worcester live show, but filmed the cast in a separate location back in North Carolina.

Worcester is the second-most populous city in Massachusetts after Boston. In this episode, Joey mentions that it’s only about an hour's drive away. This is surprisingly accurate, as it is only 40 miles (64km) away, and according to Google Maps can be driven in as little as 50 mins.

Essential Playlist:

Classic Creek Critiques:

David/Amicus asks: No dress code for teachers? Joey's prof dressed a bit too casual IMO.

Pea says: My college professors dressed like street bums. Joey's prof looked great in comparison.

manhn says: There's no dress code. Compared to some of my profs, he looked like he was ready for an Awards show.

tachyon says: lol. A bit conservative are we? I've had prof's show up wearing ripped t-shirts and boardshorts. As long as they're capable at teaching, who gives a crap what they wear?

I miss Reagen says: I guess the biggest thing is, tenure or non-tenure. Tenured professors dont

give a fuck about anything, including dress code.

mcl says: When I was a TA way back between 1970 and 1972 (I'm 55) at the Univ of Wisc at Madison I stypically wore jeans. Of course during the summer that would transition to cutoffs and sandles. I was there to teach not for a fashion show. The department had the students rate their TA's. I was top rated on every rating. Even today after working for the Air Force for 29 years, I hate ties and jackets (don't even own a suit). Aside from weddings, funerals, (and the occasional VIP visitor) I never wear them.


jumpman23bk asks: So is Pacey fired? After seeing Wed's ep - i wanna know if Pacey's fired or does he quit - or is he still working there with hostility towards his boss? Whats the deal with his current job?

tachyon spoils: Pacey is still in the job as of #610 (which has been filmed) and there are no signs of him quitting in future episodes after that.

Alberich says: So much for the romantic hope that Pacey quits his job to buy his boat and sail off into the sunset. But let's hope his appearance clears up and has him looking like the old Pacey we know.


N…@222.222 says: i would love to see a pacey and andie reunion.... im sure people will be mad that im saying this but pacey and andie belong together. forget audrey forget joey

Bran 230 says: I totally agree with you. I thought that Andie and Pacey were a great couple,

and it is definitely the best Pacey pairing.

Sparky says: Best is Dawson and Jen - she's got a wild streak, he's a stick-in-the-mud type. Please Jen's is a heck of a lot cuter and more 'experienced' than Joey will ever be. Joey is so screwed up she doesn't know what she wants. I think this is Jen's last year though?


Miss… says: Dawson doesn't fit in. He lacks any emotion. What happened?

Terri S says: It's not even his acting/non acting. I think the character of Dawson just lacks

a much needed connection to the other characters of the show. He is the odd man out. There are newer minor characters that are connected to the "core" characters more then Dawson is right now. You can't have a show called "Dawson's Creek" and have Dawson be the friend that comes around once in a while and the show focuses on everyone else's lives. Audrey slammed all over Joey for not being around, well Dawson has ignored his friends a lot more then Joey has. Yes, he is busy, yes he is working, but cant they even mention him giving a phone call now and then to make it seem like he does keep in touch.


Steve Razner asks: Why is this show still called Dawson’s Creek… when Dawson is never on the show?

Jeffrey Gregory says: I kind of like it better without him

David/Amicus agrees: Me too

Pea agrees as well: Me three. Nobody cares about Dawson and his stupid movie. They should dump him and rename the show "The Emotions of Joey Potter"

markymarc says: James Van Deer Beek is out of a couple of episodes this season because he

was out promoting his new movie "The Rules of Attraction". Thats why he was absent this whole episode....

CHRISGSITA says: ell im sick of him, i find the episodes easier to watch when hes gone

i like "joey, pacey, jack and jenn” kind of like zoe duncan jack and jane dawson who? what?

David/Amicus says: I'd like to see it become the "Jack & Jen Show" centered around Grams'

home as a boarding house.

Ruthaton says: They really need to be honest with the audience, the world at large and change

the name to Joey Potter Goes to Worthington or something like that. It's kinda like ER these days, it's almost always about Abby. I just don't get it.

dawn says: i agree with you,Dawson is the only one i do not like watching anymore....


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