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RW483 - Dawson's Creek S06E05-06 - Imposters Living Dead


In this weeks episode of The Dawson's Creek Rewatch, Cory and Tom reveal their wicked identities as they discuss season 6 episodes 5 & 6, "The Imposters" and "Living Dead Girl."

The Imposters:

Written by: Gina Fattore

Directed by: Michael Lange

Original airdate: October 23, 2002


At Hell’s Kitchen, Joey, frustrated with Eddie’s lack of attention on her waiting order, lashes out at him yet again, and he sarcastically tells her he has been intimidated by her ever since their kiss. They continue arguing, but Emma interrupts to tell them to get along.

Dawson finds Todd drinking and hanging out with Natasha. She heads out and Dawson tells Todd the issues of the day: namely that they are over budget, behind schedule, facing problems with the weather the following day, and everyone wants to know what the plan is. Todd tries to avoid the subject but the executive producer Heather is fed up with Todd dodging her calls, and shows up at that moment to see how things are actually going for herself. 

As Pacey studies for his exams, Audrey listens to her headphones while reading a book. Pacey calls her out on how she seems like something has been bothering her all week due to her being quiet and studious, but she avoids the question. He presses her about the party but Audrey remains close-lipped and even when Pacey offers her to have a little one on one  horizontal dance lessons, she declines, claiming tiredness. 

The next morning, Emma sees that Pacey has stayed up all night to study and drank all the coffee. He shows her there’s more while heading out the door, talking a mile a minute on his caffeine high, as Emma notices Audrey singing in the shower.

Jack and Jen get their papers back and discover that she got a B while he got a C minus. Jack approaches Freeman about it but he claims that while his content was good, his understanding of structure is rudimentary. 

Joey finds Eddie putting up flyers for Emma’s band and she talks with him. She somewhat apologizes for her acting immature, but he tells her to not back down, especially in class, or Hetson will eat her alive. He makes it clear that things are not really nice between them and leaves her standing alone.

Heather tells Todd that she isn’t impressed with Natasha, threatening to shut down and recast. Dawson comes to her defense, asking her to check out some of the recent footage they’ve been getting. Later, as Heather heads off to work out at the gym, Todd prepares to yell at Natasha and let her know how replaceable she is, but Dawson manages to beat him to it, giving her some advice on how to play the next scene without thinking.

Audrey pays Pacey a visit at work where he rushes her into a conference room, as personal visits are not something looked upon favorably in the office. She tells him that Emma asked her to sing with her band at their gig tonight. Pacey is overjoyed for her and promises to be there.

Joey is tasked with teaching a lesson but she keeps getting interrupted by Hetson, until Eddie suddenly comes to her defense. Hetson turns on Eddie and starts to talk about a writer who actually didn’t exist. Hetson pushes the story on Eddie a bit more than is normal and Eddie tells him he gets his point and leaves the class. Joey rushes after him but he blows her off. 

Before Emma gets ready to do her set at Hell’s Kitchen with Audrey, Joey asks why Eddie isn’t there and learns from her about how he lives off campus and isn’t actually a student. 

Todd and Dawson show Heather a cut of a scene, but she remains unimpressed and starts to make some phone calls to begin the shut down. Dawson quickly works with the editor to change a few scenes and music cues, while Todd distracts Heather. They show Heather the newly edited scene and at long last she starts to see the potential. 

Jack goes to see Freeman in his office and asks if his grade had anything to do with him being so surprised at the professor’s advances the other night, and that if he was asked again he might actually say yes. Freeman admits that not everyone is willing to live a life for a political agenda and be a part of a despised minority. Jack counters that maybe Freeman should ask himself who is actually doing the despising. 

Jen tries to talk with Audrey before her set about the party but Audrey claims to not remember anything, clearly lying. Audrey and Emma, with the other members of Hell’s Belles, perform to tremendous applause (despite Audrey’s rather bluntly bad vocals, even from a punk rock point of view). She is disappointed to find that Pacey never showed up, and when she and Emma get back to the apartments they find Pacey asleep on the couch. He apologizes but she says she just wants to get home and sleep in her own bed to which he agrees to drive her home. 

Joey meanwhile has found Eddie's address and shows up there, with Eddie annoyed she came. They go inside and talk, but he resents the idea that he needs help from her. He makes a condescending comment, and that she could have saved a lot of trouble by calling before coming over. Joey counters that it didn’t seem like trouble when she made the decision and then leaves.

Eddie shows up at the bar later to apologize, and explains how he came to sit in on Hetson’s class, something that he has done a lot of times. She says she wanted to apologize for getting him caught today when he was just trying to be nice to her. He says he wasn’t trying to be nice, but rather just showing off. 

Natasha and Dawson chat after Heather and Todd rush off, and she asks him if everything is all good. They talk about how they met and how she came to get this part. The two then make plans to hang out later.

Professor Freeman finds Jack outside at a coffee stand and hands him his newly graded paper, now sporting a B. He admits that he may have let his emotions affect his way of grading and somewhat apologizes. He tries defending his reasons for hiding his true nature but Jack calls him out on it. He asks to have the TA’s grade his papers from now on as he walks off with Jen.

Dawson’s Trivia:

Heather was played by Nicole Bilderback. She made her mark recurring on popular TV shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, NCIS: New Orleans, The Rookie, Good Girls, Bones, Perception, The Mentalist, Human Target, Castle, Numb3rs, House, Heroes, Without A Trace, Dawson's Creek, and Dark Angel. Some of her feature film credits include Netflix's Staged Killer (when a former co-host, Jake Everett, works his way back into the professional life of popular TV morning show host Naomi Spencer, the show's success skyrockets, but Naomi's personal life begins to fall apart), Clueless, Can't Hardly Wait, Legally Blonde 2, Bad Girls From Valley High, and the action film Mercenaries, plus many more. Nikki is probably most recognized as the bitchy cheerleader "Whitney" in the blockbuster mega-hit Bring It On, starring Kirsten Dunst. Most recently she’s a supporting actress in the series Cruel Summer (a teen girl is abducted, while a different sweet awkward outsider girl suddenly becomes popular and then later despised).

The editor was played by Scott W. Lee, and he is an actual editor, production manager, and director.

When Mr. Freeman talks to Jack about how much the world has changed in its attitude towards the gay community, Jack mentions that back in the day “Jack Tripper was the only gay man in America.” This is a reference to the sitcom Three’s Company, where Jack Tripper is able to move in with 2 woman because they convince the landlord that he is gay. The series was actually based on the British series Man About the House, where the character's name was Robin Tripp.

A scene of Audrey singing or auditioning for Emma's band, Hell's Belles, was removed from the episode. It has been released on line, so check it out:

Living Dead Girl:

Written by: Tom Kapinos

Directed by: Les Sheldon

Original airdate: October 30, 2002


As Todd’s movie continues to film, he and Natasha tell Dawson about how the sound stage they’re in is haunted by the ghost of Melanie Ray, a scream queen from the 50’s that was married to her co-star but having an affair with the director. When her husband found out, he strangled her to death while shooting a scene. While Dawson doesn’t buy into the story, he does ask Todd if he was cavorting with Natasha, to which the director vehemently denies, stating that he learned his lesson about that type of activity long ago. Later, while Todd, Dawson, and an editor review their dailies, they discover that a shot of Melanie Ray has somehow found its way onto the footage.

Meanwhile, Jack, Emma, Jen, Audrey, and Pacey are all getting ready to attend a costume party, with Pacey noticeably unenthused about it. After many tries, Jack manages to convince Jen to call the helpline and invite CJ to come along as well.

At Hell’s Kitchen, Joey walks up to Eddie at the bar and tells him that he can now come back to Hetson’s class because she worked out a deal with him. Eddie is amused to find out that the deal is that Joey would babysit Hetson’s teenage daughter Harley, while he goes out to attend a date.

Dawson, arriving early to the party on the film set, sees someone who looks like Melanie Ray and tries to follow her, but she disappears before he can catch her. Todd doesn’t believe him, giving the suggestion that it was just someone in a costume since they are at a costume party. Natsha shows up in a revealing costume and Todd walks off with her.

Joey wants to do some fun things with Harley, but she is not having it, already fed up with her dad always running off when she comes to visit instead of spending time with her. Eddie suggests a haunted house, and Harley is all for it when he says he will go with them. While there, Joey and Eddie discuss her decision to try and get him back into the class, with Eddie not really wanting to, and the two realize how little they know about each other. Joey gets spooked by a monster in the haunted house and jumps into Eddie’s arms. He decides he doesn’t want to let her go and they kiss. The kiss is cut short quickly when Joey realizes that Harley has given them the slip.

At the movie set, Dawson sees another glimpse of Melanie Ray. He tries to follow her, but loses her again. He thinks he sees Todd and Natasha alone together, but when he goes to find them, he finds himself in a room where a bunch of people are mingling, with Todd and Natsha just talking on the bed.

CJ shows up to the costume party with a friend, David, both noticeably not in costume. Jen is disappointed, now thinking that CJ is gay. Jack agrees to run interference and find out the truth as he pulls CJ away to chat. Jen quickly finds out that CJ does want her, badly, although David tells her that CJ only wants her as a counselor, because he thinks she would be great. Jack meanwhile finds out that CJ is aware of Jen’s interest in him, but that she just isn't his type.

Elsewhere at that same party, Audrey and Pacey begin arguing about how she hasn't been attending classes while she calls him out on losing himself in his job and not knowing what’s going on in her life. They walk away from each other, and later Pacey finds himself chatting with Emma, telling her his troubles which include him admitting to not knowing if he loves Audrey anymore, and questioning if he ever actually did. Audrey ends up hearing his confession as she had taken a moment to herself, resting inside a prop coffin nearby.

Dawson and Natasha have a conversation about Melanie Ray, which morphs into her calling Dawson out on being jealous now that they're broken up. Later he thinks he sees Melanie Ray yet again, and follows her into a room where he finds Todd and Natsha laying on a bed, albeit fully clothed. Nevertheless, Dawson lets loose with his emotions, telling Natasha that he made a terrible mistake and is jealous of her dating other guys. He then promptly quits Todd’s movie before he can fire him, and walks off. Dawson sees Melanie Ray appear and she walks right towards him before taking off her hat, wig, and shades to reveal Natasha. She informs him that with Todd’s help, they were just pranking him.

On a burst of inspiration from something Eddie said, he and Joey find Harley at the movies. Joey talks with her about her dad. Harley says she always hopes it will be different when she comes, but it never is. As Hetson shows up to get his daughter, Joey tells her to not give up on her dad, and Harley tells Joey that she can see Eddie likes her. Eddie appears with a root beer float and asks Joey if she wants to share. They talk about what exactly they are, and agree that it’s not dating, but that whatever it is, they're fine with it being undefined for the moment.

Jack and David watch from afar as CJ tells Jen that he isn’t interested in asking her out right now, which David said is a good thing because of a long story concerning CJ. Jack asks him if they could talk about it over coffee, to which David agrees.

Pacey walks outside to find Audrey who tells him that she is breaking up with him, and the fact that Pacey doesn’t fight for the relationship proves to her that this was the right choice. They argue but in the end she slaps him and walks off. 

Natahsa finds Dawson stewing and he admits that he didn’t realize how much he liked her until he thought Todd was sleeping with her. She tells him that he is one of the only people she ever wanted to stick around in her life, and the two get back together, kissing, and then laying down on the bed as a mysterious hooded and masked figure appears with an axe in the background.

Dawson’s Trivia:

Harley was played by Mika Boorem, and she was born in Tucson, Arizona. She works sporadically on TV and in feature films, with a number of them horror based; such as Dark Desire, The Ward, and The Initiation of Sarah (a remake of an older version with Summer Glau). In 2016 she played a lead in an anthology movie called Minutes Past Midnight (as midnight falls, all manner of terror invades the Earth. Demons, cannibals, killers, ghosts and monsters swarm the world in these tales of the supernatural, the fantastic, and the just plain horrific). Other notable parts are Blue Crush, Riding In Cars With Boys, and Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights. Most recently headlined a movie called Hollywood.con (an actor steals the identity of a producer, and is hurled into Hollywood's next Mayan film. In the jungle of Mexico she is mistaken as a member of a cartel).

David was played by Greg Rikaart. He is best known for his role of Kevin Fisher in 1542 episodes of The Young and the Restless. Before that he was in 80 episodes of Days of Our Lives. He has had a handful of various guest roles in other series and movies as well. 

This time the editor was played by actual editor Daniel A. Valverde. 

The band was an actual group called The Murderdolls. The lead singer was Wednesday13 and wrote songs based on horror movies or related to them somehow. The guitarist was Joey Jordinson of Slipknot fame. They didn’t last long as a group but the members did go on to form other groups.

Bremerton is a city in Kitsap County, Washington, United States.

Essential Playlist:

Classic Creek Critiques:

David/Amicus asks: What was Dawson’s costume? I didn't have a clue.

David Paradis replies: I think it was supposed to be one of the Men In Black.

Jamie says: That was what I was thinking too.

Danielle Moat says: Dawson was a charactor from Resevoir Dogs. It was mentioned on the official DC site


Markymarc asks: ey did you guys spot the 2 X-5's on Dawson's?? did you?? Nicole Bilderback and Jensen Ackles!! Yay!! sorry....that was just some obscure Dark Angel reference. yes, i was a Dark Angel nerd. i miss Dark Angel. oh well....sorry, i'll go now.

AllenGaryK says: As long as you're making connections, Nicole and Bianca Kajlich (Natasha)

appeared together as cheerleaders in "Bring It On."


Littrell4me says: pacey needs to stay away from those loopy girls first jack's sister and now audrey… pacey deserves better

A.L. says: That is a very ignorant thing to say. Andie wasn't 'loopy'. She was ill. She didn't chose to be that way, and the fact that she was doesn't make her any less worthy of Pacey's love.

Same with Audrey. She's not 'wacko', she's depressed and lonely and lost. She needs help, but doesn't know how to ask for it.

Both of them are intelligent, witty and beautiful girls. Their emotional problems aren't their fault and they deserve just as much love as the next person.

Littrell4me says: ok so maybe ill give you the andie being ill thing but audrey is just a spoiled

conceited bitch sometimes and after she slapped pacey she doesnt deserve him anymore...

not many guys are as good as pacey and she treated him like crap half the time anyway

Jule jumps in: So does Audrey.

Paul Lefebvre responds: I agree! And actually, I think everyone on that show has rocks in their head for the stupid decisions they've made both recently and in the past, maybe more recently than in the past, except for Pacey. But personally I think Pacey belongs back on his boat instead of behind a desk. Maybe his desk job is part of his agenda to get the cash together to get back on his boat, maybe around then end of the season, and ask Joey to come along again? Didn't she say once that it was the best summer she ever had? Didn't she say things only went wrong with her and Pacey when they came back and there was Dawson? That hurdle is past now, so it's clear sailing (sorry for the pun, it just came out...).

A.L. defends: Uh...he cheated on her last season. Kissed that old hag woman! And she over heard him telling Emma (that's her name right, I forget..?) things he should have been telling her.

She was upset, lonely and probably drunk. Maybe she shouldn't have hit him. But who knows how she's really feeling on the inside. Maybe it hurt her more than it hurt him.

Wow...ok, so I was watching tonights episode and all I could think when I looked at Audrey was, 'She's either headed from drugs or a suicide attempt'. Don't suppose anyone knows if I'm right?

I hope the writers are brave enough to explore the latter.

We've seen the drunk girl with the 'woe is me' attitude before. Jen. We've watched her grow up, and come out of it a more beautiful and strong person.

They've never dealt with suicide before. Sure, Jen and Jack have both felt like doing themselves harm at one time or another, but it's not the same.

As someone who's experienced it, I'd like to see how the writers would handle it. And Audrey is my favorite character, so I'd love for Busy to get the chance to explore something so deep, and often misunderstood.

Just my opinion though.

Alberich says: I hope Pacey ISN'T the one to help her out. Please let Pacey be far, FAR away from Audrey. She totally sucks.

tachyon spoils: It will be revealed in the next few episodes that Audrey has a drinking problem

A.L. says: Damnit. Why can't the writers come up with something they haven't aready done.

We don't need another drunk blonde. We already watched Jen vomit on a picket fence after being carried out of a drunken threesome by Dawson. This is so boring. *yawn*



ABC says: You people are idiots! How old are you people? How can you call yourself "fans" of the show and say that Dawson and Joey are BORING or that you are glad they are not together. Joey and Pacey ending up together!?!?! COME ON!!!!! In the first, best season, the most appealing part of the show was Dawson and Joey's relationship. That is the CORE of the show, it's too bad the writers have bastardized Williamson's vision since the second season.

Dawson and Joey are meant for each other. To end the show any other way, would be blaspemy. You should blame the writers/producers/etc, not the characters....

Sana says: Yeah! You're perfectly right! I agree with you at all! Dawson and Joey are really meant for each other, there's no Pacey who can change this. If the show will end in a different way, It will be an awful and no-sense end..

tachyon replies: Uhhh...I think you take this show a little too seriously. We poke fun at it

because the show really is that bad. Lighten up.

David/Amicus says: It's too late for D&J to get together. Back in season 1 YES!!! But now too much water under the bridge has happened. D and J need to move on and get lives apart from one another.

Jen says: Besides the shows trying to be realistic. That even though everyone knows there meant to be together, their time has passed. I could give a million examples just like it from my own and friends lives. It sucks big time, especially when ya look back and think 'what if'. But that's life, it sucks sometimes. my two cents :-)

Sheri Bossalina says: Except for the "idiots" part I agree with you, ABC. I also hope that Dawson and Joey are together when the show ends. I know that real life doesn't always work that way, but this is television. They (the writers, etc.) owe us a happy ending. When "The Wonder Years" ended I was disappointed that Kevin and Winnie went down separate roads. I think that Pacey and Joey might have worked before but not anymore. Joey had better wake up and smell the toast burning, so to speak. She and Dawson are right for each other. Besides, he is a good guy and will always love her. Just my 2 cents (or more) worth. . .

Maria Tzamtzi says: and how old r u? do u know that u r in desprate need of a shrink if u take a

tv show THAT seriously??

tachyon says: lol. You're kidding right? He cheated on his fucking girlfriend and made Joey the "other woman" and he's a good guy? What fucked up fantasy world are you living on?

Sheri Bossalina replies: I don't live in a fantasy world. I was just posting my opinion. I am sorry

if anyone thought that my post made it seem like I condone cheating. That was not my intention. I do believe that the character of Dawson Leery is a decent guy overall. I also don't think that he planned to cheat on the girlfriend in LA or hurt Joey. He made a mistake. Who hasn't? At the

moment, I feel like my mistake was posting my opinion. I have only recently been able to get this newsgroup. I usually look for your posts, tachyon, because they are interesting and you seem to have some inside information. I never thought I would be berated in one of them. I suppose I will just go back to being a just reader. Sorry to all for the rant and for any

misunderstandings on my part.

tachyon responds: Don't stop posting on my part. I didn't mean to have a go at you. It's

just that in real life, when you get cheated on, you find it very hard to trust again, even if that person says it was just a mistake (speaking from personal experience). In my book, cheating is one of those things that simply can't be forgiven, whether it was a mistake or not. So when your

post sounded like it was ok for Dawson to cheat on his girlfriend with Joey, just because it's Dawson and Joey, I got pissed. I obviously misunderstood :-)

Sheri Bossalina says: I just wanted to say that I'm glad that this has been cleared up. I do see

Your point about the cheating too. It was a huge error in judgment. For any future posts I will be sure to be more clear and specific.

Sheri (who is back to being a part-time poster, part-time lurker) :-)

tachyon says: Difference is that Dawson had the opportunity to come clean about having a

girlfriend before he slept with Joey. Remember that conversation? Or did it conveniently slip your memory? He even had the opportunity to come clean afterwards. Yet he still continued to lie to Joey about it. How is that a healthy relationship?

Dawson has always been there for Joey??? Gimme a fucking break. He threatens her with ultimatums when he doesn't get his own way. He has pushed her away so many times that I've lost count. And admittedly, she's done the same to him. They are never there for each other. I wonder how the two can even remain friends, let alone try to sustain a real relationship.

And if you think they're getting back together any time soon...think again

jumpman23bk says: i think that the show is just trying to prove that no matter what happens,

true love will always conquer in the end. And thats why its perfect for Dawson and Joey to end up together. Yeah, timing was off. Yeah, Dawson cheated on Joey, but she did the same thing back to him twice (once with jack and then over this summer). But do you people HONESTLY believe that Dawson and Joey don't belong together? What the hell did Pacey and Joey have? They don't even talk to each other. Joey has always been there for Dawson and Dawson has always been there for her...and they will definetely end up together...

Melanie says: Actually I liked the way they "broke up" this season. I can't recall exactly, but one of them said something to the effect of "it's never the right time" and "it's always something" that keeps them apart. It's a pretty realistic ending, considering the countless "almost" encounters they've had. It gets tedious after awhile, and if you're one of the involved parties, you'd probably start thinking if it's worth your time and energy dealing with it time and again.

As for the Joey & Pacey or Joey & Dawson dynamic, I see this as similar to Felicity & Noel or Felicity & Ben (on "Felicity".) We're just attracted to different kinds of people (thankfully), and I'm

guessing you'll find those who want Joey to end up with Dawson, are the same people who want Felicity to end up with Noel.


David/Amicus asks: How long will Pacey last? I just can't see him sitting behind a desk too much longer. 

Alberich responds: Interesting comment. I was thinking the same thing. My "guess" here is

the producers are obviously trying to keep Pacey AWAY from Joey. Have you noticed that? And this "Audrey" character has me switching the channels whenever her face comes on. The funny thing is, based on last night's episode, Dawson's "girlfriend" was hot and should be Pacey's girlfriend! She was incredible and literally stole all the scenes she was in. She's alot better than Audrey that's for sure. But, we're still waiting for the

"True Love" fans to make their mark: Joey and Pacey reuniting before

this series ends.

Jumpman23bk says: Joey and Pacey!??? thats outrageous - in order for true love to prevail,

Dawson and Joey would have to end up together. I think that DC is a perfect

example of love b/t D&J. Their relationship has its ups and downs - but

theres always room for forgiveness and thats what love is all about. Sure

they missed their chance at love twice - one bieng Joey's fault (kissing

Jack) and the other bieng Dawson's - my money's on Dawson and Joey ending up

together at the end. Think about it - season finale of last season - the

begining - Dawson's dream how Joey and him are estranged and they meet each

other - do u honestly think that the show would end in such a callous and

unsatisfying way?

tachyon says: must you people turn every thread into a fucking couple war? this is not

what the original poster asked about. if you want to have a couple war, do

it on another thread. please :-)

RUMOR has it that one of Pacey's co-workers has been signed for the rest of

the season. This is only a RUMOR though. So IF it's true, then I guess

he'll be doing the broking thing for a while.

I still want to see him get another boat and sail off into the sunset...

Alberich says: That's exactly what I was thinking. Pacey going back to being good ol

Pacey. And...*ahem*, Tachyon, about that boat sailing off into the

sunset...remember when Joey accepted Pacey's offer to go sailing with

him? I wonder...Nah! The producers probably won't be smart enough to do

that. They want their Joey/Dawson nonsense.

Melanie says: Well, I can't say I see him sitting behind a desk either. But I can

see him pacing (no pun intended) round his desk with his hands in his

pockets, speaking animatedly into his headset. Actually, I think

Pacey's just perfect for the job. He's got the right personality and

the right set of skills for a broker, being the cocky bastard that he

sometimes is <g>. Add the right motivation, and he's all set. He

just needs the right motivation, or I see him losing interest and

starting to get bored with all the pitching, it's not an easy job. It

depends on how much he likes "the kill" and closing a deal. It can be

heady and positively euphoric :).

A.L. says: Me either. I know he has to grow up and get a job and everything, but

the writers have sold us this sweet, smart and funny guy who's very

much a dreamer, and who doesn't like to limit himself.

I don't see this job as being very 'Pacey'. I think that it'll kill

his personality, and turn him into a jerk like his boss.

Melanie says: Oh boy, I hope it's not his boss. Then again, chances are it is, he's

about the most prominent character at Pacey's workplace so far.

Me too [sailing off into the sunset], especially since we didn't get to "see" it last time, we only

got to imagine it over the summer. Then again, filming on a boat

probably isn't practical long-term. I like sailboat Pacey. Having

him grow up and get a grown-up job is less fun.

 I've watched enough Joey & Dawson nonsense to last a

lifetime! I think my favorite part of the show was the Joey & Pacey

story arc. Best decision she ever made <g>. I'm getting a little

irritated with the way they've chosen to write Joey lately. It's as

if she's at the same emotional stage as when she was in highschool.

Why is she letting that bartender guy and her professor push all her

buttons like that? I'd have expected her to be a lot less frazzled

and a lot more cool and poised. JMHO, anyway. I expect others view

her as more assertive nowadays, less meek and fragile. I just wanted

to see her react with more maturity when provoked


Steve R says: Not since Kelly Osbourne's "Papa Don't Preach" have I seen such a bad cover of

a classic song. I feel violated.

That damn WB froggie owes me 10 bucks for the time I wasted watching tonight's


The new slogan for DC should be "all of this, tonight... on Dawson's Creek...

Because it's still on."

Alberich says: I'm glad I didn't watch it. I might have been tempted to punch the TV

screen with my fist had I witnessed that travesty. The producers on

Dawson's Creek are trying so hard to have the audiences "love" Audrey

that it sickens me. This Audrey character is nausuatingly dumb, stupid

and plain idiotic. I'm referring to the character, not the actress. Tell

me, please, why the producers don't let Jen Lindley be Pacey's

girlfriend? Is that asking for too much? I'd be able to swallow a Pacey

Jen pairing off before the series ends. Because I'm assuming the

producers are too stupid to see a Pacey Joey match as being the perfect

match on Dawson's Creek. Joey/Pacey was perfect and to have the

producers throw that away was enough proof to me to say that they stink.

Pea says: They are trying way too hard forcing Audrey on us. She's hideous.

Please make the pain go away!!! I can't stand her anymore. And the

British chick isn't much better, but better than Doofus Dawson's

nauseating Natasha. Yick. Please don't let Dawson and Joey get back

together again EVER!

Jolene Darling says: Normally I don't mind Audrey but I just watched Wednesday's episode and

those scenes with her singing were just terrible

Melanie says: Those scenes were absolutely horrendous. I have nothing against the

actor or the character, but that voice made me freeze in horror. In

retrospect, that was probably why I didn't hit the mute button:

temporary paralysis of my limbs. There are people who can sing and

project their voices over large, crowded areas. Then there are people

who sing and just can't get that volume, so they compensate by

shouting. Audrey shouts. It was totally unbearable! Cyndi Lauper

should sue <g>.

A.L. says:  disagrre. I don't think this season would exist had it not been for

Audrey's presence last year. I know I would have stopped watching if

she hadn't been on, in fact she (and the slight chance or P/J back

together again) are the only reasons I continue to watch.

And it's not just me. I've seen so many DC fans saying that Audrey

breathed new life into a fast dying show.


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