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RW479 - Dawson's Creek S05E21-22 - After Abby


In this weeks episode of The Dawson's Creek Rewatch, Cory and Tom study the finer points of workplace harassment as they discuss season 5 episodes 21 & 22, "After Hours" and "The Abby."

After Hours:

Written by: Jeffrey Stepakoff

Directed by: Mel Damski

Original airdate: May 1, 2002


Jack hangs out at Pacey’s apartment trying to get caught up on his school work in order to pass his finals but finds it’s a seemingly insurmountable task. Pacey confides in him about his experience with his boss Alex kissing him, and Jack tells him to keep it secret, seeing as how he wasn’t really fooling around but sexually harassed. 

Alex shows up to apologize about the kiss, and Pacey says it’s ok when she asks if Audrey will come back to work for her. She comments on the place and Pacey explains he’s staying there until Danny can find a new renter, which Pacey suggests could be her, since she is looking for a place.

Grams tries to help Jack with a tale from the Bible but Jack calls her out on the repetitive advice and she ultimately decides that coffee will help him stay alert as she tries to assist.

Dawson, having left Joey at the library studying, heads off to see a movie for his class and bumps into movie critic Amy who uses him as an excuse to leave the date she’s on. They talk about her review of his and Oliver’s movie which wasn’t necessarily all bad and she invites him back to her place. 

Back at Civilization, Audrey tries to figure out hope she got her job back with Pacey explaining that Alex just wanted her back because she’s a good waitress. Audrey knows she isn’t and theorizes that Alex secretly wants Pacey, even calling out Pacey’s sudden nervousness as proof. 

Dawson and Amy chat about movies but eventually start making out before they get down and dirty. Afterwards Dawson notices a tape titled as being directed by her and asks about it but she refuses to show it and ends the conversation. 

Audrey confides in Joey about Pacey and Alex but Joey tries to play devil’s advocate, reasoning that he might just be planning a surprise for her. 

Back at work, Pacey is ready to leave but Alex still has work to do. Pacey offers to carry her books home for her so she can work from home rather than stay late and have to walk home alone. He gives her a hug goodbye that lasts a little too long and they part ways. 

Jack goes back to the frat and tries to get their help with the finals, knowing that they have access to the year’s worth of notes and study guides but they refuse. 

Dawson asks Amy why she won’t show her movie and she tells him that it was terrible and can’t imagine why she would ever want to try it again, especially given she’s content in her current job. As all things eventually go with Dawson, he asks Amy why a girl would sleep with someone she hardly knows and she says besides that obvious that it’s all about the guy’s shoes and that Dawson’s shoes made her feel safe and genuine. She asks why he and his girlfriend aren’t together anymore and he mentions about Joey spending the night with another guy to which she counters that he just spent the night with another woman and he obviously hasn’t moved on so it’s possible she hasn’t either. 

Jack returns home after getting little help from Joey with his studies and is shocked to see Grams waiting there with Eric to help him study. Jack asks why he is helping him, bringing all of the frat’s notes over, and he replies that it’s because Jack helped him once. 

Alex ends up coming over to Pacey’s place to check out his apartment, as he had suggested, and she suggests they share some champagne when she makes the decision to rent it and Alex starts talking about the kiss they shared. That’s the moment Audrey stops by and catches the two together and then runs out. Pacey chases after her attempting to explain the situation but only digs himself deeper. He returns to Alex and starts to kiss her, but she backs off, saying that just knowing they could go further is excitement enough for her. Pacey later tries to get in touch with Audrey but she isn’t picking up her phone. 

Dawson meanwhile heads over to the library where Joey was studying throughout the night and asks if he can just sit there for a while, and then asks her if she likes his shoes, to which she replies, confused, that she does.

Dawson's Trivia:

When Amy and Dawson leave the theater, he mentions he has no interest in seeing the movie Storytelling (2001). We discussed this movie last season, because at the time James Van Der Beek was controversially cut from the final film. It was an anthology of stories, and one was scrapped before release. James played a college student coming to a realization about his sexuality.

Have you seen these films by first time directors?

Reservoir Dogs - Quentin Tarrentino (technically second)

Les Mistons (The Mischief Makers) - François Truffaut (technically a short film and his second film)

Strictly Ballroom - Baz Luhrmann

Diner - Barry Levinson (technically second film after a TV movie)

The Maltese Falcon - John Huston

Body Heat - Lawrence Kasdan

Clerks - Kevin Smith (technically second after his film school effort Mae Day)

Ordinary People - Robert Redford

Say Anything… - Cameron Crowe

Sex, Lies, and Videotape - Steven Soderbergh (Did a couple shorts and a video documentary before)

What’s Up, Tiger Lily? - Woody Allen (his credit is “aided & abetted by”)

The Abby:

Written by: Diego Gutierrez & Jonathan Kasdan

Directed by: Michael Lange

Original airdate: May 8, 2002


Audrey runs around the dorm participating in a water war, taking a break to try and convince Joey to come to LA with her for the summer but Joey declines. Instead, Audrey decides to invite herself to go to Capeside before they hear someone knocking on their door. The girls arm themselves with water balloons before opening the door and tossing them right into Professor Wilder who had come to see Joey. He shows Joey the school literacy review magazine which has her story about her and Dawson’s kiss and she is elated that she got published. The two exchange some final goodbyes and a hug before he leaves. 

At Civilization, Alex is telling the staff about a big dinner planned for the next day for the inventors and that they will decide after that whether or not to franchise the place. Pacey shows up four minutes late while Alex describes what she wants them to make for the dinner, to which Pacey disagrees with and explains why. Alex pulls him aside and reprimands him for his attitude and to not cross her.

Meanwhile, Dawson takes a call from Andrew the agent and receives good news. Oliver, nearby, wants to know what it is, but Dawson calls him out on his behavior in New York. Oliver eventually apologizes and Dawson accepts it and tells him that they have new plans for the summer now.

Jen and Jack are trying desperately to figure out what to do over the summer with Jack firmly on the side of an exotic adventure somewhere. Despite Jen not really wanting to do much, because it all sounds too much like summer camp, reasons that if she has to do this adventure, there’s no one she would rather do it with than him. Grams however lets her know that her parents have called and want her to go see them at a house they bought on a beach where they used to spend summers at.

The next day at Civilization, Alex is berating staff members and micromanaging everyone, even going so far as to fire a waitress for sneezing on a fork. Pacey comes to her defense but sticks to her guns with the firing. 

Back at Capeside, Joey asks Dawson to hang out with Audrey for a bit while she goes to visit her father in prison. Once she gets there however, it turns out that Mike Potter was released a few weeks ago and apparently never called his daughters to let them know. The guard does let her know of a rumor he heard of where Mike is working currently, and Joey heads back to Capeside. 

At the restaurant, Alex welcomes the investors and tells them about the wonderful meal that will be coming out. When the food suddenly does not come out, she goes to find out why and learns that Pacey took all the food to a soup kitchen. Pacey then comes into the restaurant with a huge stack of pizzas and explains to everyone that the staff is staging a coup d’etat. He reads a letter explaining all the grievances the staff has against Alex which she tries to deny but the staff backs up what Pacey said, while Pacey serves them the pizza.

Meanwhile, Dawson and Audrey walk around Capeside and chat about things, but Dawson brings it all around to Pacey, telling her not to give up on romantic fantasies. He then tells her the big news for him and Oliver, that they will be going to LA to work with a producer for the summer. Audrey insists they stay with her, excited to have her new friends nearby for the summer.

Joey talks with Bessie and wonders why her dad didn’t tell them about getting out and Bessie reasons he may just be trying to rebuild his life and to give him time. 

Back at the restaurant, Alex leaves to find Pacey waiting there, as he asks why she is the way she is. She has no answer and the two part ways but after his car fails to start, she offers him a ride. As they drive, she starts to feel sorry for herself and begins to speed. Pacey tries to get her to slow down but she begins driving recklessly, enjoying Pacey’s fear. He then turns the tide on her by telling her it’s exciting and that there is just something about fast cars and beautiful women that does it for him and he starts to kiss her neck. The move brings Alex to her senses and she pumps the brakes suddenly and veers out of the way of a car backing out of a driveway. 

They sit on the sidewalk afterwards and the two talk about what happened, with Pacey telling her she can’t go through life feeling sorry for herself, and that it’s not too late to make things right. The two hug and part on good terms.

Joey goes to see Dawson after Audrey tells her that he has something to tell her. First they talk about her dad, and Dawson reasons that maybe her father didn’t tell her he was out because he didn’t want to mess up her life like he did the last time he came home. Joey asks him what he wanted to tell her, thinking he wanted to tell her about when he drove down to Florida for spring break to see her, but instead Dawson tells her about his LA trip news. At first she’s confused but recovers quickly, congratulating her friend.

Jen tells Jack that she has decided that she wants to spend the summer with him but he pushes her to see her parents instead. Grams comes in and Jen asks her for her advice and she responds saying that Jennifer knows what is truly worthwhile in this situation and if her parents have found a way to love her again, this won’t be the last opportunity that comes her way. 

Dawson goes to see his father’s grave and has a conversation with him, telling Mitch all that happened over the past year, and ends it by telling him that after everything, he feels he is still in love with Joey and wants to be with her.

Elsewhere, via the rumor the guard told her, Joey walks towards the store where her father is working. 

Dawson's Trivia:

Series director Jason Moore played Trevor (credited as Jason Little). We previously discussed him as the director of Pitch Perfect, and executive producer on Pitch Perfect 2 & 3. He also directed the Anna Kendrick: Cups video (When I’m Gone).

Steve Boles played Mr. Devaney / balding man. He was also in the episode “Abby Morgan, Rest In Peace” playing the minister.

JR Rodriguez played the prison guard, returning after his standout performance as a redneck in the season 1 episode “Roadtrip.”

The earliest use of the term "Tangle Ass":

Essential Playlist:

Classic Creek Critiques:

KevinS asks: Has Michelle Williams been written of Dawson's Creek? If not, why hasn't Jen been on the last 2 eps?

Brat17a responds: because for the last couple episodes-- Michelle Williams has been out of town doing a movie. I don't know if it was beginning or ending of the movie or the play she is doing (rehearsals or whatever). But she will be back for the last two episodes I believe. I know she is in the season finale-- from what I read. I got all this information from (under the Dawson's Creek topics the last couple of weeks, or on the spoiler boards there). Hope this helps.

AgentSidBristow jumps in: she will still be on new episodes for the rest of the season but niether

michelle williams or kerr smith are coming back next season. i wont watch anymore

GeneSuperior tells Sid: Then that makes you queer, stupid, or both. These two misguided degenerates have destroyed a great show, just like they're being used to destroy a great nation.

AgentSidBristow responds to him: did u know kevin williams the creater of dawson's creek is gay? Maybe u should thank the "misguided degenerate" kevin for for the "great show" maybe you're just the stupid one =)

GeneSuperior responds: No I didn't, but it's hardly atypical for the ooze in Hollywood. It also explains the Jack and Jen characters, and the wholesale assault on morality these last few seasons!

DC was so good at the beginning, because Mr. William's approach was bound by moral constraints and common decency in an effort to produce a hit show. How far do you think it would have gotten if it was based on the anti-social lives of a bunch of interracial degenerates and [homophobic slur] like it is now? Well, now that he found an audience, his own depravity can ignore what made it a success. That's why Dawson's Creek is failing miserably --and will continue to fail until is destroys careers and gets cancelled. Funny how a perverted mind has to misrepresent itself in order to benefit from normal things, isn't it? That's why we need the moral constraints, and there's nothing stupid about healthy attitudes!

flippit retorts: you are bound for hell, hateful bigot

Gumbo says: She is coming back next season cause there was an interview with her in one of the TV Guides I get from the Sunday paper and she said she signed a 6 year contract and next season will be her 6th year... So she is stickin with her contract... After the 6th year... She thinks the show will be over…

tachyon says: crap. kerr is the only one who *might* not be coming back. Michelle definately will be returning.

Frank1252 says: If she is doing the movie, it the one that she plays the love intrest of "chris kline" and we know who he is connected to ! [United States of Leland, possibly, a meek teenage boy, the eponymous Leland, who has inexplicably committed a shocking murder. In the wake of the killing, his teacher in prison tries to understand the senseless crime, while the families of the victim and the perpetrator struggle to cope with the aftermath]


Pea says: I know they are trying to be trendy but Charlie looks like he put the back of his head to a powerful fan blowing on his head. It almost looks like a wig. Joey should tell him to cut his hair and stop brushing it forward.

with heaven in her eyes says: YES! it's terrible. i don't like charlie anyway, and the bad hair just adds to it.

Boss6Sr says: I've said the same exact thing!! His hair looked cool in the beginning and on

Gilmore Girls. I don't know what the hair people are thinking, but it DOES look

like a wig! It's almost freak like!

Tony V says: I thought it was just me thinking he has a bad hairdo.He needs to seriously

fire his hair stylist and get his hair done somewhere else.


Steve Raznar says: Nads

Epil-Stop & Spray

Hot Wax

or even just plain shaving

Honestly, Mr. Van Der Beek, do SOMETHING to remove that FUGLY chest hair of


Kim says: ok i haven't watched the 5th season yet because it of course hasn't started over here in australia, i have been sitting reading a lot of the posts for quite a few years, and when i first started to read people were complaining that it wasn't realistic enough, no youths talk like that etc etc etc, now when it has become more realistic you guys dont want it.... do you really want to watch an unrealistic show about bubbly teens just getting everything right, it would be so wrong and boring… ok some of the storylines are outdated like the Dawson and Joey, they should just give that a rest, and bring back one of the two best relationships that have been on this show, either pacey and andie or pacey and joey.... What do guys really want???? and make up your minds.....

tachyon says: bwahahahaha...realistic? what fantasy world are you living in? i don't know whether you've ever actually been to university, but let me assure you that what they've portrayed this season is anything *but* realistic. not to mention joey's mugging episode. it's an absolute load of bullshit. You obviously haven't got much idea what's happened this year considering you say you haven't seen s5...i'm in australia too, i've seen s5. it's simply not worth the bandwidth anymore.

nobody says we want to watch bubbly teens getting it all right. it's fine for them all to make mistakes. the problem is that the storylines are unrealistic. again, you wouldn't know this considering you haven't actually seen s5. 

a return to the p/jo storyline would be wonderful. but the ratings have tanked so far this season that i doubt even that would truly save the show now. but that's not where the storylines are going. the d/jo storyline is full steam ahead. what do i want? a realistic p/jo storyline and reunion. what's actually going to happen? d/jo reunion and the soupmates shoved down our throat at every possible opportunity. this spoiler is confirmed.

Flippit says: dawson, "i want you back joey... even though i know you've screwed the cocks off 17 guys in the last three months"


Pea says: [About the critic, Amy] And her baby-talk whisper is intolerable. I can't believe Dawson slept with her, then went to see Joey. Ick.

GeneSuperior says: Yeah, I hate her typical "I'm so special" diatribe too. It seems they're all being paired-off with 30-something feminist cell phonies with no moral scruples, but then, celebrating perversion is the Hollywood way.

I can't stand to watch the sin-agog showcase beyond a few minutes at a time, but Joey's smug attitude and "Cover Girl" over-pampering is getting worse than having an "accepted" [homphobic slur] in the regular cast!

FordLady13 says:  think she is pretty. She was in the movie Dream a Little Dream


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