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RW478 - Dawson's Creek S05E19-20 - 100 Ways


In this weeks episode of The Dawson's Creek Rewatch, Cory and Tom hit the beach with the new management as they discuss season 5 episodes 19 & 20, "100 Light Years from Home" and "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)."

100 Light Years from home:

Written by: Rina Mimoun

Directed by: David Petrarca

Original airdate: April 17, 2002


The gang, minus Dawson, head to Audrey’s parents’ beach house in Florida for spring break. Dawson has a different destination: New York City with Oliver to meet an agent interested in their movie. On the trip there, At Oliver’s request, Dawson tells him the history of him and Joey, resulting in him deciding, again at Oliver’s insistence, to go after the girl, and head down to Florida.

In Florida, the gang meets MTV personality, Chris Hartford, who happened to go to school with Audrey and he invites them all to a big MTV concert. Charlie meanwhile has been trying to track down Joey,  calling her every couple minutes, until finally he finds her. Joey flirts back but ultimately walks off without him. They meet up several times throughout the night however and continue their flirty back and forth routine much to the annoyance of this podcaster and his daughter.

Audrey, who had told Pacey that Chris was just a friend, reveals to Joey that he was actually the love of her high school life and she has often wondered if breaking up with him was the right thing to do. 

Meanwhile, Pacey bumps into Chris in the bathroom and it comes out that Pacey doesn’t know about his and Audrey’s relationship, which makes Chris feel like Pacey isn’t a serious contender for Audrey’s love. Pacey finds Audrey and he confronts her about Chris, leaving the two to remind themselves that this was supposed to be a fun relationship with no strings attached, as they storm off in separate ways. 

The next morning Jen, suffering from some manner of cold, is talking with Jack and she tells him it appears as if he’s drinking more again in order to forget something. She asks him if he wants to talk but Jack refuses and rushes off. Joey comes back from a surfing lesson with Charlie, and when Jen discovers that, she warns Joey about him. Joey gets indignant that Jen would give her advice about this, especially considering how she slept with Dawson, and asks Jen why she even cares what she does with Charlie. Charlie shows up to return Joey’s keys which she left behind and Jen goes to bed to nurse her cold.

Chris goes to see Audrey and tries to put the moves on her, even kissing her, which Pacey ends up seeing since he had come back with flowers for Audrey to apologize. He doesn’t see however that Audrey does not seem as into Chris as it might appear.

Charlie and Joey talk by a fire on the beach as he tries to set up a tent and they begin to actually connect as he opens up more and tells her he is more than what she knows from his time with Jen. 

Dawson finally arrives in Florida and finds Jack, drunk as a skunk, on the roof above the pool. Dawson tells him to get down from there to which Jack responds by jumping off the roof and into the pool. After Dawson pulls him out and dries him off, Jack confesses that he’s messed up by failing out of school, and then finding out that Tobey has a new boyfriend. Now he wishes he could just start the year over again and do it right.

Pacey goes to find Audrey and she talks over him to tell him that she wants to be his girlfriend and he tells her that he wants to be her boyfriend as well. The two kiss as they take their first step into an actual monogamous relationship.

The next morning, Pacey finds Dawson downstairs and realizes he is there to find Joey. Pacey tells him he needs to let it go, but Dawson is ever the optimist, giving a speech about how he feels this pull and has to act on it,  and asks Pacey where he can find Joey, leaving Pacey to break his friend’s heart when he tells Dawson that she is with Charlie.

Joey wakes up in the tent that she and Charlie put together, and after some some small talk, Charlie mentions that he must be losing his touch seeing as how they were together for so long and he hasn’t given her a proper kiss. Joey answers that he hasn’t lost his touch and then kisses him.

Dawson's Trivia:

Hilarie Burton was an actual MTV VJ, but she also had a lot of acting roles. She was a supporting cast member in Our Very Own (with Alison Janey and Keith Carradine; five friends want to leave their hometown but things change when a hometown-girl-turned-Hollywood-star returns home). She was a lead in Solstice (with Shawn Ashmore; a girl starts to feel the presence of her twin who committed suicide), The List (with Malcolm McDowell; a lawyer’s father dies and becomes embroiled in a secret society he was a part of), Normal Adolescent Behavior and The Secret Life of Bees. She has a number of lead roles for movies you’ve never heard of such as Black Eyed Dog, Surprised by Love, and Growing Up Smith.  

She also starred in a number of Hallmark-type movies, such as Naughty or Nice (an ad exec who comes into control of Santa’s famous list), Christmas on the Bayou (a divorced workaholic executive goes back to her hometown to spend Christmas with her son and mother), Last Chance For Christmas (just before Christmas, Santa's stockman must rush to find a replacement for an injured reindeer), The Christmas Contract (a recently-single woman dreads the thought of going back to her home town in Louisiana for Christmas when she finds out her ex-boyfriend will be there with his new girlfriend), and The Christmas Wish (Maddie slips in a wish that her sister Faith will experience true love for the first time. The next day, Faith meets seemingly-perfect Andrew, but is he really the one for her?)

Besides making various guest appearances in TV shows over the years, she is best known for her role of Peyton in 130 episodes of One Tree Hill but had a recurring role in 25 episodes of White Collar (a white collar criminal helps the FBI catch others like him). 

The guy Joey was talking to was Brian McFayden, he was also an MTV VJ.

In 1986, Marion and Marit released an album of children’s songs. They then formed the band M2M and released an album in 2000, one song of which was chosen as the lead song for Pokémon, The First Movie: MewTwo Strikes Back. Two years later their second album didn’t sell as well and their record deal was canceled and the band broke up.

The use of the number 100 in the title was not an accident, this was the 100th episode of Dawson’s Creek.

Separate Ways (Worlds Apart):

Written by: Nicole Ranadive

Directed by: Robert Duncan McNeill

Original airdate: April 24, 2002


Audrey discovers that Charlie spent the night at her and Joey’s dorm as the two wake up and continue their usual flirty bantering. Joey comments that she enjoys their budding romance because he doesn’t know anything about her, unlike her past relationship with Dawson where he knew her for practically his whole life.

At the restaurant, Audrey and Pacey discover that Danny has indeed sold the restaurant when the new owner, Alex, leaves a memo for a staff meeting later in the day. Alex introduces herself and explains what happened and that there will be cuts to the current staff, to which Pacey is shocked and says so, but she shuts down his outburst quickly. Pacey heads into a meeting with Alex and she tells him that despite his obvious problem with authority, she has decided to promote him to head of the kitchen, at least until she finds someone more permanent. He accepts and leaves happily, only to discover that Audrey is being let go.

Meanwhile, Charlie shares news with Joey that the band has just gotten the opportunity to go out with another band for a 10 city tour starting right away. Joey is happy for him but Charlie asks her to go with him. She of course denies the request, loving her college life,  but Charlie retorts that he doesn’t want whatever they have to end yet and begins to consider staying at school and not going out on tour, telling her that he wants to prove to her that he is actually a decent guy, a guy of substance. 

Elsewhere, Dawson and Oliver travel to New York City to meet the agent, Andrew Waller,  who is interested in their film. Once there, Oliver starts off the meeting by insulting a movie the agent represented and talking incessantly, not giving the agent a chance to tell them what he could do for them. Annoyed, Waller tells them he will be in touch as he ushers them out of his office. 

Back at the restaurant. Pacey is handling his duties as the new kitchen lead relatively well, but at one point he tries to talk to Alex about Audrey and trying to keep her on as a waitress, but they’re interrupted as waiters and cooks fly by and she gets pushed into him for a moment. She tells him to see her later and they can discuss things further. 

Joey, clearly not ready to be in a serious relationship with Charlie, talks with Audrey and voices her concern about him staying behind, likening it to her past when Dawson gave up on his dreams in California to move to Boston. Together the two of them go to see Charlie’s band perform for their farewell gig, with Pacey joining them.

After the show, Audrey tries to make Charlie angry by pretending that Joey was sleeping with Pacey but the ruse goes nowhere, as Pacey drags Audrey away and Charlie confronts Joey. She asks him if he would consider not going on the tour if she wasn’t a factor and he admits that he wouldn’t consider that, showing him that he needs to go and follow his dream.

Dawson and Oliver have a fight about how Oliver messed up their big chance to get a foot in the door in Hollywood, and Oliver decides to take the train home instead. Dawson heads back to Waller’s office and waits five hours until he comes out to leave and makes an impassioned plea to give them a second chance. Waller likes the youthful energy and desperation and torment that Dawson shows, knowing that that is hard to fake as you get older, and tells him he will make some calls and see what he can do, as Dawson heads home elated.

Pacey heads in to talk to Alex about Audrey but she simply states that it was simply a case of last hired, first fired. After asking about his age, and his dating status, Alex mentions that it’s a shame he’s settling down already as there are very few adorable single men in town. Alex says they might be able to work something out and proceeds to kiss Pacey but he backs off, telling her that they are definitely not on the same page, and despite her insistence that they are thinking the same thing, he leaves.

Dawson, back home and heading out to get food is stopped by Joey who asks him what has been going on and he reveals the story of his new agent. Together the two head off to catch up on recent events.

Dawson's Trivia:

Jack Plotnick played Andrew Waller, the agent. One of his first roles was in a short film based on Kevin Smith’s Clerks. This also starred Jim Breuer as Randall, an actor named Andrew Lowery as Dante and Keri Russell appeared; Jack Plotnik played a cop. He was a regular in The Jenny McCarthy Show for all 22 episodes of its one season run, and was up near the top of the cast list in Ian McKellen and Brendan Frasier’s Gods and Monsters (the last days of Frankenstein director). He had a run of 12 episodes on Ellen, and was a lead in Drawn Together, playing the character Xandir P. Whifflebottom (a parody of Zelda’s Link). He was a lead in Normal British Series (a bloody love story fit for a queen), as well as a few other lesser known one season shows. Most recently you could see him in a couple of episodes of Reno 911: Defunded. He’s played various roles in that show during the earlier 7 seasons as well.

Sherilyn Fenn played Alex. She’s been in a number of series such as Shining Vale, Confess, S.W.A.T, Shameless, Gilmore Girls, Ray Donovan. She’s probably best known for her role in Twin Peaks, playing Audrey Horne. She also played Lulu Hogg in The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning. She is currently playing the lead in the upcoming The Last Saturday Night, a series about Gigi and her group of friends dealing with life, work, and love. It also stars Eric Roberts, Ed Asner, and Star Trek’s Tim Russ.

Essential Playlist:

Classic Creek Critiques:

Dave Rodgers asks: Why is season 5 so bad?

TK Baltimore says: Because a show about a group of friends from high school that are still so stuck together now that they're college-aged is hard to make realistic, or even reasonable.

tachyon responds: Because the bloody writers are so hellbent on the D/Jo soupmates saga that they couldn't realise a good opportunity when it was right under their nose.

Don't you think that Pacey would have been just a little pissed that D/Jo had kissed in Co-duh [Coda]?

Don't you think it would have been weird for Joey that Pacey's fucking her room mate? 

But no, the writers choose to ignore the fact that Pacey and Joey ever fucking dated so that they can put the soupmates on the reunion train.

You gotta realise that the only thing that saved this show from cancellation at the end of season 3 was the P/Jo storyline...Would the writers dare go there again? Probably not. It would ruin the sanctity of the D/Jo dynamic *rolls eyes* 

Be thankful that season 6 is definately the last season. One that I won't be watching unless the spoilers I receive tell me that it'll be worth my time and effort.

Gumbo replies: I do have to agree because the show is turning into 90210 and Melrose Place... It's going in that full circle of lets have 6 people and see who can sleep with who or who can date who how many times... Lets break it down...

Dawson has been with Joey and Jen...

Pacey has been with Joey and Jen...

Jack has been with Joey and Jen and turned gay...

Pacey is with Audrey which will end soon and Dawson will move in on that...

Jack is still going no where with anyone...

Charlie has been with Jen and movin in on Joey...

Who am I missing here?

I mean the characters don't have feelin anymore cause in the case of Joey... Has the hots for her teacher and the minute the teacher blows her off... She wants to bounce on Charlies lap... I mean come on... Are any of these relationships that serious?

name says: The characters were far more mature in season 1 and 2. now they're simply retarded

C. Helms says: Like everybody says, it's about moral decay and impracticality. It just doesn't work any more. Besides, queer sex and interracial dating are cancers, NOT endearing social qualities. Such attitudes are instinctually repulsive to people. Makes you wonder why producers are trying so hard to make them seem normal, doesn't it? There's hope for a continuing sage, but they need to return to the intellectual aspects, and get rid of the degenerates Jack and Jen once and forever.

name rebuts the jerk: You are one sick hypocrit. On what basis do you find homosexuality wrong, and then also support hatred in the form of racism? All humanity is descended from two parents: Adam and Eve (this is supported by the BIble for creationists, and genetics for the rest of us) and their kids were all different colors. Their children had offspring and gradually all of Adam and Eve's genetic information spread out into the wide spectrum of beautiful

skin color we see today. If you supposedly believe the Bible, God has no place for haters and hypocrits. If you believe in something else, you are a big hypocrit. That's for you to decide. They [the characters] are normal and typical. Young people sleep around. They sleep with older people too. Is that news to you?

The conversation at that point devolved to the above two posters attacking each other and ranting at each other. 

Rehn came in with a final word on the thread: I haven't seen much of season 5 'cos it is not on terristial in the UK yet but from the end the last season I thought - They should end it now! Everything linked up with the pilot episode and the kiss between Dawson and

Joey should have been left for us to interpret - the future ours and theirs for the taking.


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