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RW476 - Dawson's Creek S05E15-16 - Downtown Lonely


In this weeks episode of The Dawson's Creek Rewatch, Cory and Tom feel the karma and the love as they discuss season 5 episodes 15 & 16, "Downtown Crossing" and "In a Lonely Place."

Downtown Crossing:

Written by: Tom Kapinos

Directed by: David Petrarca

Original airdate: February 13, 2002


As Joey takes money out of an ATM before heading back to David’s house, a man resembling Keanu Reeves bought on Wish approaches her asking to borrow money. She refuses and tries to move on but the man persists and makes several jokes about not being a mugger or a rapist before flashing his gun hidden in his pants. Joey banters with the man but eventually hands over $20, and her cell phone, much to the man’s chagrin. While he checks out the phone, Joey takes the chance to hit him and runs away but he catches her and subdues her on the ground. He asks her her name and comments on how he likes boys’ names for girls before forcing her to go to the ATM to empty her savings account out. Before he lets her go they talk about how he is a drug dealer and how his wife is angry with him. He asks for ideas on how to get back in her good graces, and despite Joey’s suggestions he asks her to give him her jacket so he can give it to her as a gift. He takes the jacket and walks off, turning around to wave to her as a car comes speeding down the street and hits the mugger, sending him flying as the car races off.

Joey calls the police and the ambulance while the injured mugger lays on the ground but still tries to threaten her. Soon enough he ends up pulling the gun’s trigger but it turns out his gun wasn’t even loaded. As they wait for the authorities, they get to talking and Joey reveals her father’s story to him and he reveals how he met his wife. Eventually the police and medics show up and get everyone to the hospital.

After coming out of her shock, the doctor tells her about the mugger undergoing surgery and that he might not make it. Joey is free to leave, but then runs into a little girl looking for her mother. Joey helps her find her mother, Grace, and through their conversation she discovers that this woman is the wife of the mugger when she says her daughter’s name is Sammy, and comments on how she was named by her father who likes boys’ names for girls. When the truth comes out as Joey describes how she ended up in the hospital, Grace apologizes and goes to leave with Sammy. Joey tries to tell her that she understands due to her own past with her father and that she is worried for Sammy and her father’s relationship, especially since he might not make it, but Grace tells her that it is none of her business and walks off. 

Dollar Store Keanu requests to see Joey and she reluctantly goes to speak with him. He explains why he needed the money so bad: because he spent the family’s day care money on drugs. Joey pushes back against him when he claims to love his daughter but he says that is who he is. He asks Joey if she thinks his daughter will ever forgive him and she relates the story of when she went to the park with her father when she was younger and was so happy because everyone there knew her father. It wasn’t until later she figured out that they knew him because he was their dealer, but that day still remains her favorite day ever. As the two of them sing a song that Joey was singing right before he started the mugging, the man dies.

Joey leaves to find Grace and Sammy, with Sammy very upset at hearing that her father did something bad, but Joey reassures her that he actually saved her life, trying to preserve the girl’s image of her father, and as Grace hugs her daughter, Joey slips her savings into her purse and walks out.

Dawson's Trivia:

Sam Ball was the mugger. One of his first bigger roles was playing Robin Hood in Captain Jackson, Psycho Vampire Midgets coming in 2003. No episodes are listed on IMDB. He was a supporting cast member in Urbania (a series of urban legends take place around the life of a troubled man who is searching New York City for a mysterious stranger), The Last Castle (a court-martialed General rallies together twelve hundred inmates to rise against a corrupt and sadistic warden), Pumpkin (a sorority girl finds her life falling apart after she develops romantic feelings for a mentally-challenged man), and Man About Town (with Ben Affleck). He was a lead in Chasing The Dragon (drug drama), On The QT (a struggling violin player has his morals tested after he meets a wise musician while playing in the subway who introduces him to the music world in N.Y.C.), Net Games (a married man gets drawn into a voyeuristic Internet affair), Spin Shoot and Run (an artist gets attracted to girl with a baby on the run and get into dramatic hijinks), and Wowsers (a tormented young woman haunted by a recurring dream is catapulted into a peculiar and deviant world where she is confronted by the duality of her existence).

Grace was played by Mercedes McNab, who’s had a few handfuls of roles here and there. She did a run of horror movies as one of the leads, titles like Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf (with John Rhys-Davies), Twelve (XII) and Thirst (with Lacey Chabert), while in Hatchet, Hatchet II, Vipers and Dark Reel she was a supporting actress. She was also a lead in the comedy The Pink Conspiracy (an unlucky man uncovers a plot in which all the women in his life are working to drive him to insanity). She’s had various guest appearances on TV shows like Boston Public, Walker: Texas Ranger, Angel, and Crossing Jordan among others, but did have a recurring role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer over 5 seasons. She also played a young Susan Storm in the Roger Corman directed Fantastic Four. Most recently, in 2011, she was in a TV movie called Glass Heels (two women turn to stripping after an economic crisis, but one gets tired of their life, while the others enjoys it).

The Cop was played by character actor Stephen Moore. He’s had over 100 roles, some of which include Doctor Who, Doc Martin, Patrick Stewart’s A Christmas Carol, Casualty, The Thin Blue Line, and Inspector Morse among so many others. He primarily seems to be a British series/movie actor. He most notably played Marvin the Android in the original The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie.

Young ER Doctor was played by Keith Flippen, he’s a character actor as well with 70some roles to his name, including Omari, Doom Patrol, Creepshow, Dopesick, Homeland, Drop Dead Diva, Army Wives, and Surface, among others.  He was a lead in The Perils of Posting (egotistical movie director and social media addict puts his family at risk when a stalker uses his posts against him), a higher up cast member in Heartless (charismatic attorney takes on a case in which a friend is under suspicion of killing her husband), a supporting cast member in Lacey Chabert’s Hello Sister, Goodbye Life (college student gets custody of her 7 year old half sister), and Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal (teacher gets harassed by a group of snotty cheerleaders). 

In a Lonely Place:

Written by: Gina Fattore

Directed by: Keith Samples

Original airdate: February 20, 2002


Dawson and Joey watch a movie in her dorm room, after which Joey comments on how her friends have been taking turns watching over her after her mugging incident. Later Jen talks to Dawson about a concert she needs to go to in order to interview the band for the radio and Dawson admits he forgot and had already made plans to go see a movie screening with Joey for school, not feeling good about leaving her alone. Instead, Jen ropes Audrey into going with her.

Pacey goes to see Audrey but she is less than receptive to his advances, telling him that she can’t continue on with him like they’ve been doing. Pacey asks if it’s because he didn’t call her the next day but Audrey counters with that she feels there has been a karmic imbalance in the universe because they had sex and that led to what happened to Joey on Friday night as well. Pacey leaves disappointed. 

Joey goes to see Wilder in his office but he is cold to her, explaining that he doesn’t care why she didn’t show up at his place on Friday night, just that her decision to do so has saved his career as he is seemingly finished with their tryst, leaving Joey shocked.

Pacey attempts to get in touch with Audrey by throwing rocks at Jen’s window  to get her help but Jack shows up and takes him with him to a favorite hangout of his for drinks, a local gay bar. It isn’t until after they hang out there for some time, before Jack lets on about the nature of the place. Later, Pacey gets into a deep conversation with a local restaurant reviewer, unaware of the attraction the man seems to have for him. Pacey would rather not tell the reviewer he isn’t gay, but Jack takes him over to confront the guy crushing on him. The reviewer mistakenly infers that Pacey is trying to say he isn’t available, rather than not gay, and leaves his card behind with Jack in case they ever break up, which greatly offends Pacey at not being considered the hot guy.

Jen and Audrey enjoy the concert and head back to meet the band, both of whom are very cute guys and they all head over to the radio station for the interview. Audrey gets to know Wynn, who tells her of his girlfriend back home, and the two have an exchange about monogamy, which Audrey is not into but Wynn deduces that she is gaga over someone. The story of her and Pacey comes out and how she feels bad about missing Joey’s call after her attack. When she reveals that she thinks relationships are complicated, Wynn retorts that only the bad ones are. He says if Audrey thinks things are too easy with Pacey, then maybe that’s the sign that she’s been waiting for.

Steve meanwhile flirts with Jen, talking about passion and art and trying to deduce whether or not she has a boyfriend, which she is extremely cagey about when answering. Indeed Jen doesn’t answer the question at all until Steve actually says outright that he is interested in her and wants to get to know her better. Even at first he doesn’t believe Jen is telling the truth, talking about feeling a connection to her but eventually he lets up as he and Wynn head out to get back to their hotels for the evening. Audrey laments that maybe she isn’t actually as single as she believed before heading off to see Pacey waiting by his car, and after an apology and a brief conversation about her being scared and him deciding to not take no for an answer, the two kiss.

Joey and Dawson head off to the theater but notice that Professor Wilder is there with a date. Dawson wonders if they should go say hi but she says no, and that it would be too weird. However, for the remainder of the time before the movie starts, Dawson can’t help but notice Joey’s infatuation with the teacher. At one point when Wilder gets up to go to the lobby, Joey follows behind. The two talk about endings and how anticipation is actually the purest form of pleasure, alluding to the fact that their relationship which never quite happened, is better as it is, left in the realm of what could have been. 

Wilder returns to his date as Dawson comes out and talks with Joey about what had been going on and is surprised to hear of Joey’s recent exploits. She tells him how her recent actions have been very un-Joeylike while Dawson considers they may need a new definition of what Joeylike means. 

Later at home with Jen, he talks about Joey and how much they all have changed and how much time has passed. Jen asks him if he thinks two people in a relationship need to be passionate about the same things, and he answers that as long as they’re passionate about each other, there shouldn’t be a problem. He asks her if she’s having doubts about them, but she laughs it off, claiming tiredness, as they cuddle up together. 

Dawson's Trivia:

The two musicians only have a few small handfuls of credits between them, and all only minor roles really. 

There are bands called Veneer and North America, but they both formed in the past 5 years or so.

The title of the movie Dawson takes Joey to see is never mentioned or seen. Wilder does look at the poster and remark “Great title, I might steal it for something.” The movie is In a Lonely Place (1950), and is the title of this episode.

Essential Playlist:

Classic Creek Critiques:

lisa says: just for the record i want to go on and say, that i enjoyed the episode very much.... though it wasnt as realistic as it should have been it still touch me someways..... her realization about what type of person her father was and realizing that her life, even though it was rough that she turned out okay and her problems wont be as important as they have been in the past...... i do agree that if i was mugged i wouldve called someone to come and get me.. and they still shouldve gave lines to the other characters. all in all i give 3 out of 4 stars.....*** next weeks looks intense........ but here again weve already seen a similar episode this whole teacher student thing........PACEY AND TAMARA


Joey asks: Am I the only one who is tired of Katie's Creek? Ive been with DC since day one.. And Katie is a good actress in my opinion… But doesnt it seem with each episode that goes by its become the Katie Holmes hour?

IceBlast agrees: I agree with you. But, since you've also watched since the first episode, didn't it just feel right to hear the word "Action" come out of Dawson's Mouth.

Joey responds: It did. BUT to hear Joey say everything is going to be alright because shes there.... is out of character for JP, in my opinion lol But then the previews for next weeks show had nothing but Joey in them? A very special Dawsons Creek.. =| I remember when it was Dawson and his friends. Not  ****JOEY****** ....and oh yeah that Dawson guy and ohh yeah Jen.. and Jack who? Maybe its just me.. I dont know..  BUT I absoultely loved that they somewhat put Pacey and Audrey together. I think they will compliment each other very well... Audrey is hillarious!!

tachyon says: You are right...Joey is the only one of the cast members to appear in next weeks episode...However, I'm lead to believe there's a *very* brief appearance by Dawson as well right at the end. 

ckchevy: I agree with Joey being in the show more then anyone. I am also one that has watched DC since day one, but I, however, am liking her being in it. Everything with Dawson anymore is all peachy keen cause of Jen, so there is really no story line with them, yet. They need to, I dunno, have something happen....oh well..

Anneli:I just hated 514... It was all about Joey! Joey the muse, Joey the understanding perfect friend, Joey the hot lover, Joey the intelligent… *sigh* And the previews for next ep doesn't look good... It seems to be ALL ABOUT JOEY!!! *gah!*

Joey says: whew good to know that i wasnt the only one feeling the same way lol

Marci says: well, it sounds like my wednesday night has suddenly become free. i thought the season before last was bad. this one is awful. i don't know if i'll even be able to make it through the rest of the season.

Rocket #9 says: I don't think I watched this one right... I kept thinking, "Shoot her! Shoot that b#%&@! in her fucking head, dude!". Was this the reaction the writers were going for?

Alberich says: Apparently no one has responded to my post "Katie Holmes was wonderful during tonight's unusual episode" for a very simple one had any fault with it. I was disappointed nobody responded...but I'm learning to take the view that that nobody responded to it because everything I said in that post couldn't be contested. Because the producers have very rightly shifted the series focus to Joey. This was always about Joey...only now are they coming to grips with it. She's the heart of this series, not Van Der Beek. It's always been about Joey and nothing can detract from my opionion on this matter. Jack and Jen are leaving..which (assuming Dawson's Creek survivies this year to return for a final next season) will be even more dependent on Joey - Katie Holmes. 

Believe me, Katie Holmes wouldn't have even been on this season if she hadn't had the star power to insist the storylines change enough to allow her a chance to show her full acting stengths. And the episode with the mugger proves it. Joey is "Dawson's Creek". Nobody can do it better than Katie Holmes. If God could grant me one wish...I'd wish he could change me into Joey Potter. The producers have done a wonderful job this year in realizing it's all about Joey. the Dawson/Pacey feud was all about Joey and her decisions. It's about time we're spoon fed the reality this series is about Joey, not Dawson. Dawson may be the poet, but Joey is the soul and mind of this series. It's her desires that matter, not Dawson's. This is that rare occurance when a character dreamed up for a series turns out to be better than the premise of the series in the first place. "Dawson's Creek" has become "Joey's Creek" and I don't regret one minute of it.

Conspirboy says: Then again, no one probably responded because of your personal predicament. Not wanting to point out what a pathetically plotted episode it was where the witty but likable mugger apprehends the witty and, for no reason, not the least bit scared heroine. And not to mention the mind numbingly weak attempt at creating a parallel with Joey's lack of father and the little girl's impending fatherless life. The episode is everything that is wrong with television today that panders to the lowest common denominator, trying to make everything cute and enjoyable as Novocain for that masses. But, at least Katie's easy on the eyes so it wasn't all bad.

Alberich says: She's definitely easy on the eyes and that's one of Katie's appeals. Her extreme cuteness is one of the reasons why she's so likeable. Whatever happens she's aware of her charms and can wheedle her way out of tough situations like that. However, I'm not saying that's realistic at all. In fat it can be downright dangerous. The mugger could have called her bluff and Joey could have been raped and murdered.

Rocket #9: I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with your "Joey *is* Dawson's Creek" bit. While I *do* agree that isn't about Dawson (the next to least appealing character), Joey is just a generic, poor-as-dirt-but-wears-designer-clothes, win-against-all-odds-and-prove-what-the-fuck-ever piece of fluff. She's trite. All of the above IMHO, of course. ;)

Bruce Ostrom says: Far be it from me to tell TPTB how to write, but what the hell went on last night? There's no way in hell that I would give my hard earned money that I had just recovered from a mugger to his widow. Ok, I might br sorry he died, but it's my money! I don't care how cute the kid is(and she was), but hey.... And the duet was just a little(all right, a lot) overboard. I love Katie, but last night was a huge disappointment. One star from me.

Jlodaho3211: i never thought they would say dickhead....what a surprise this year joey is featured alot more than dawson....i think it should be called joey's creek. i think tonight episode was good and it was a change from the usual but i think the show has begun to sour...i don't think it's as good anymore im sick of jack not even being in half the episodes and even when he is in them it's usually only for about 5 minutes total...i heard that he's leaving the show this year and that at the end of this season jen is leaving too....after they are gone i don't think i'll have any reason to continue watching

Helen says: First of all, Joey's reaction to the mugger was very unrealistic. She was being mugged and she could have been killed. You don't talk, let alone make sarcastic comments to the mugger. She was speaking as if she was talking to Pacey or Dawson. Did she actually think she was going to talk her way out of the situation? Just because he seemed like he wasn't going to shoot doesn't mean he really won't. I mean, he has a gun!!!! I thought Joey was smarter than this. The writers might have good intentions but script is terrible! I also wonder what time is it suppose to be? I don't buy that there is NOT one single person on the street. I mean she is not walking behind some alley or something. Didn't she just called Professor Wilder and said that she was going to be right over? So it can't be that late (unless she's planning to stay over, which I highly doubt). I thought last week's episode was pretty good and was actually looking forward to this one. I was completely disappointed. It's too unbelievable, even for television. It was an insult to my (and probably everyone else's) intelligence and this goes down as the worst written episode ever!!!

Madara says: Sadly I agree. They had good intentions, but so very fake and unrealistic

BudSwimmer18 says: I agree. It was unrealistic, unbelievable and unfair to viewers. What a waste of time!

Marjorie says: You noticed the exact same thing I noticed. The mugging scene was totally unbelieveable. The mugger was comical at best not even threatening. What were the writers thinking? I did enjoy the latter part of the episode, but it was the worse written episode.

Chet Helms says: It's like I said before, "Dawson's Creek" ENDED when they killed Mitch, so the disappointments are all you folks have to look forward to. Just by reading your comments here, producers have strayed so far off of topic since that awful two-hour funeral, I can't see how fans of the original DC could even stand to watch it up to this point!

Lindsay says: i agree too. i wish they would have just stuck to the story line. i also think that if i got mugged, as soon as i got my cell phone back i would have been calling SOMEONE to come and get me. i would not go home alone. and wasn't the prof expecting her anyway? why didn't he call her just to check up on her or something?

Steve Raznar says: Another question I had… Why did they even bother putting the other 4 people in the opening credits?  Truthfully, it would have been more appropriate to call it "Joey's Creek" and have it say "Starring Joey.... Joey! AND MORE JOEY!!!!" Not only was the entire mugging thing unbelievable and unrealistic, the hospital scene was even more unreal.

Mike says: As we haven't seen the ep you are referring to in Canada yet (Well most of us haven't) I can only say that this whole season has been a let down so far at least for me. Someone made the point that the show should be joey's creek now... Maybe they are setting up for something like that which they did with the hole Buffy / Angel bit Just my .2

Alberich says: Tonight's episode of "Joey's Creek" was very powerful. I loved it. I loved it because the timing of this episode was so coincidental in the fact that it comes within the same day I find out my father is dying of cancer of the stomach. Doctors refuse to operate on it, they'll only put him through the debilitating cruelty of chemotherapy. Which means it'll be a painful, slow death. Killing not only my dear father, but also myself. Because each day he's going through this…I'll be walking down that same dark path with him. Trying to keep his spirits up. To see the Light.

And that's why Joey Potter's performance in this episode was so standout. I cried during this episode because it was so true. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to just live a life in this world and not take the shortcuts. It made me understand the cruelties of life and showed me how a little kindness can go a long way. This show has definitely turned into Joey's Creek and I love every minute of it. It should have been Joey's Creek from the beginning. She's the soul and character of the series. The only other actor that can match Katie Holmes onscreen persona is Joshua Jackson as Pacey Witter.

Joey was incredibly brave facing down the gun not knowing it wasn't loaded. But this episode also showed why I wish I could find the Joey Potters and be around them. Their infectious humor, wit and candor can be so refreshing. And not only that but the Joey Potters have a wholesomeness that you can't find in almost any woman today. The only ones who have that same kind of wholesomeness I'm referring to the Amish people of Pennsylvania. Completely unspoiled by the corrupting influences of media culture, technology and everything it stands for.

This episode shows why Joey Potter is so good. She's become the new voice of reason this year. Jen's powers of deep insightful comments have gone silent this year in favor of a hot romance with Dawson. So the wisdom seer, the person who brings around the change in others this season is Joey. Her quick wit can be very biting and sarcastic but always with an undertone of understanding that usually wins you over. It won over the heart of the drug dealer. After tonight's episode…I wish I could be Joey Potter. Because to combine the grace, quiet strength she showed in tonight's episode makes me wish during these dark days of my father's chemotherapy sessions I'll be able to maintain the same outlook as Joey did. Her playground story was wonderfully told. Reminds me of the happiest day of my life when my father brought me out to learn how to catch fish. I'll always remember those days as some the happiest in my life.

Desiree2 says: I love your story and i give the best regards to your dad! The episode was awesome the whole reason i watch Dc is because it puts me in this make believe world thinking that some day life can be so easy and i think this is the best show no matter what anyone says. The show is so untrue but it is very addictive. I wish i lived in Joeys world i know she went through alot of hardships with her dad and everything but she has it all now guys, friends money and a great personallity i think she is the character that makes the show worth while and without her i am not sure i would watch it. Well happy Valentines Day and write back to me with updates on your fathers conditions i could just cry feeling so bad for you!! Cancer is a terrible thing anyway of dying that includes suffering is bad dying shouldn`t be a hard thing it should be done and over with out of your misery like a snap!! well buh bye and don`t forget! :)

SLYN11 says: I am glad someone else liked this episode...I feared I may be the only one. I haven't posted since last season - but I am still watching. Don't hate me but I am actually enjoying the season alot. And I liked the mugging episode. It was unrealistic - but the beginning was humorous - and the end made me cry. I was really into it.


Sean hawk asks: This has been an ongoing problem for me; Jack's character sucks, and has since last season. The last time Jack had a decent scene, that I felt was an accurate portrayal of who his character is, was at the end of third season when he broke down in the kitchen and cried in front of his father. Since then, he has been totally underused. He is the only character whose personal life is neglected in the writing, whose problems seem to either go away or not really concern the rest of the characters too much. When Jack first came out it was an important moment for me. I said, finally I have a DECENT gay character who is not being used for comedic purposes. And I trusted TPTB to utilize this amazing opportunity to everyone's advantage by showing what it was REALLY like to be gay in high school. They did a good job(esp. throughout season 3), but then suddenly(esp. in this season) they just seemed to forget he was on the show. Case in point, TPTB are now sending the message that Jack is somehow a lesser character because of his sexuality(not to mention they made him an asshole), and that his life(his PERSONAL life) is of no real concern to even his closest friends. SEAN HAWK

BTW...Chet don't even bother responding to this cause I already know what your right-wing, uber-Christian response will be, so just don't bother...K.

pamie: I agree completely that Jack's character has been seriously ignored this season but I do think you are wrong that he is a lesser character for being gay. He is adjusting to a different lifestyle. Jack becoming an asshole is supposed to show us the difficulty he is having adjusting to his new freedoms of college life. He no longer has the support behind him, Andie is gone, his dad is gone. He became comfortable being the token gay guy in high school where everyone knew his story. When you go to college, alot of the time you are trying to change your image (ever watched undeclared? Steve's character is trying to shed his life as a geek!).

Jack is trying to fit in to a "normal" college life. What is more normal than becoming a frat boy? In becoming a frat boy Jack has pushed away his old friends. So have the rest, Joey spends way more time with Audrey than the rest of the Capeside gang! Now that Jack has seen the frat brothers for what they really are, and realizes his mistakes, maybe he will become good ol Jack again. To be honest I preferred partying Jack to the Jack with Tobey. He was whiny and boring! I think Jack and Joey need to go out and get loaded! The two of them need to ease up on the whole woe is me act! And Jen, what the hell? I don't even like her anymore

 Oh, Jen and Dawson they are so perfect! That is not Jen Lindly! Bring the girl back! I have really enjoyed this season. I think they have done a great job in making the transition from capeside to Boston. Highschool to college. I just wish they would spend more time as a group, and where the hell is grams? Audrey is great, glad they are keeping her!

Adventureland says:  I agree... Jack is being ignored. Like they have lost all sense of direction. Kerr Smith proved his acting skill in that kitchen scene. I hope see an honest relationship for Jack and air time for Kerr.


Alberich predicts: The hint comes very close to the end of the episode when Joey visited the mugger in the ER room. She eneded up talking about the one day she remembers most about her father. This is an important hint because it shows us the kind of man Joey is really looking for: a father figure in her life. Someone she can lean on and not feel afraid no matter what she does. Who offers this? Pacey does. In fact, there was a conversation between Joey and Pacey last season that had Pacey promise he'd always support Joey and she wouldn't have to be afraid of venturing out to do her thing. Pacey even did this during this season when he encourages Joey to let loose during that dance party and Joey took him up on the challenge and passed. We just never got to see Joey thanking Pacey for giving her the strength to explore her talents.

People, it's Pacey that Joey will choose. Not forehead forever Dawson.

Tachyon says: Joey may choose Pacey in the end, but who will Pacey choose? ;)

Alberich says: Oh, god. Don't get started on that idea. The writers better stick to the tried and true here. Pacey stated he's always loved Joey and always will. So I can only hope the writers give us the happy ending these two deserve. Pacey should marry Joey for the final episode. There's too much sickness, disease, old age and death to go around. We need hope and having this series end on a note of hope for the future can give us the courage to go on. A Joey/Pacey marriage can do this.

Tachyon says: hehehe...yeah :-) A P/Jo marriage or engagement to end the series would be great...But with the way things are going right now, it looks like P/Au may be a long term thing, especially considering they've renewed Busy Phillip's contract for next season. But who knows what will happen if their ratings tank again. Oh yeah...Something I forgot to post...Dawson and Jen break up in #517 and then he decides he wants Joey back again. But by that stage she's kinda falling for Charlie and in #519 when she's actually with Charlie (or at least sexing it up with him) Joey rejects D's pathetic ass (I only say this because of the way he used Jen when he was still in love with Joey) when they're on spring break...Mua!!! We get to see the trollface again like we did in True Love :P That will be something to look forward to!!!

Alberich says: If the writers are keeping the Pacey/Audrey pairing, don't bet on this being the end of the line for him as far as women go. Audrey isn't the one for Pacey. Period. The writers know this and the fans know it. It's a question of whether the writers have the courage to admit this to us in a public way by having the storylines gel to allow Joey and Pacey back together. If the whispering I'm hearing about this season being the end, I'd as sure as heck hope the writers patch things up quickly between Joey and Pacey for us to have the writers give this super duo a sendoff to remember. And ending the series on a marriage proposal without hearing whether Joey says yes or no would be a fascinating way to end this series! Pacey pops the question to Joey...Joey looks up at him and...fade to black. what a way to end Dawson's Creek! Only this season is definitely Joey's Creek. I can't believe WB is planning to drag this series beyond this season.The X Files was mercifully ended and the series finale is coming up. They should be doing the same for this series.

Tachyon says: hehehe, true enough...But I've been told that DC will be returning for a final season. Of course that's not 100% certain until the WB release info on their fall lineup in May. I wish it would end now rather than drag on and on like The X-Files (a show which I used to love by the way) and 90210.

Pjitter says: they should just end at the end of this season....having another season is just going to futher hamper the possible "movie star" careers that JJ and KH could have. I didnt mention the others cause I don't think they can cut it in the movie industry....they will prolly have to stick to tv shows.

Tachyon says: nevermind...P/Au break up in #520 as I've just been told. Dunno why or whether there are plans for a reunion between them though.

Dr. Bond says:I don't read this group and only follow the show lightly… is this the last season? Or is there one more?

Alberich says: says… We don't really know yet. We do know the network is supposed to release the lineup for next season and as far as I's touch and go for now. But it's known that Dawson's Creek is SUPPOSED to continue for another year but now people have been whispering that this season may be the last one.


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