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RW477 - Dawson's Creek S05E17-18 - Hell Burns


In this weeks episode of The Dawson's Creek Rewatch, Cory and Tom end on good terms and stick the landing as they discuss season 5 episodes 17 & 18, "Highway to Hell" and "Cigarette Burns."

Highway to Hell:

Written by: Anna Fricke

Directed by: Sanford Bookstaver

Original airdate: April 3, 2002


Charlie shows up once again in order to ask Joey to front his band at a gig they just got opening for a Black Sabbath Tribute Band. She hems and haws but eventually with Audrey’s persuasions, she agrees to do it, with Pacey providing the transportation. Unfortunately, Charlie misses his band’s van ride and has to bum a ride with Joey, Audrey, and Pacey. Things start off ok, with Pacey very annoyed, but as they continue the drive, Charlie keeps talking and further annoying everyone in the vehicle, from prying to where Pacey got his car to unabashedly flirting with Joey and then to about how slow Pacey’s driving, until finally Pacey pulls over and orders Charlie out of the car and the two face off. Audrey manages to lure Pacey off into the woods with the promise of “something” while Joey remains behind to trade barbs with the flirty Charlie. When Audrey and Pacey return, Pacey is very happy and all smiles and they continue the drive on to the gig.

As Dawson and Jen get ready for a trip back to Capeside to celebrate Lily’s one year birthday, Grams knocks on the door and enters hesitantly, expecting to find the two lovebirds in an embarrassing embrace, but is somewhat relieved when she doesn’t, delivering the news that Joey is downstairs. Afterwards Dawson makes a comment about being old and boring because they weren’t caught in a compromising position and Jen comments that every morning doesn’t have to be an embarrassing Grams encounter. Dawson starts to head downstairs but starts to suggest that the two of them could get a little something something but Jen says she would normally but she is finally dressed and doesn’t want to get undressed. Dawson accepts that and starts to leave but Jen starts to wonder why he gave up so easily. Dawson refuses to engage in Jen’s attempt to start a fight and leaves. Downstairs Joey tells Dawson that she won’t be able to go to the party due to her new gig.

Back at Capeside, Dawson is introduced to Gail’s new “friend” Nathan, while everyone looks to see how Dawson will react. Jack volunteers for him and Jen to go get the cake from downtown so that he can talk with her about her bombshell news she dropped on him that morning: that she is going to break up with Dawson. Jen tells him that Steve the rocker didn’t cause any profound revelations, but meeting him made her realize that she missed that feeling you get when you meet someone for the first time and get to decide if you want to get to know them better.

Inside the house, Nathan tries talking with Dawson who answers his questions with very short clipped answers, and has to leave the room when he sees Nathan pick up Lilly and Lily holds on to him as if she knows him very well.

Dawson tries talking with Jen about his issues with Nathan but Jen is not very engaged which Dawson picks up on. Eventually she tells Dawson that he should have prepared for his mom moving on, but  it doesn’t help him. Jen, feeling like she’s in a losing battle, decides to take a breather while Dawson stares off after her.

As Joey prepares to go on stage, she finally admits to Audrey that she’s nervous about the whole thing. Indeed the place they are in is a far cry from drunken college kids, causing Pacey further annoyance at Charlie. As Joey goes up on stage, Charlie introduces her to a very dull reception with a few boos thrown in. Joey sings two songs offscreen that we don’t get to see but the audience is not pleased. Charlie cuts off the song and suggests a different song and both Charlie and Joey together launch into I Hate Myself For Loving You and the crowd begins to turn their way until finally they’re cheering for her wildly at the end. 

Back at Capeside, Jen has gone off for a walk with Jack, while Dawson talks with his mother. He talks about moving on and she explains that sometimes you don’t even mean to move on but that the choice comes down to that or trying to fit into a shell of your former self, and you have to decide what you can live with. He tells her is glad he met her new friend as he opens up Joey’s present to Lily which contains her drawings of the Leery family and their happy memories, bound together in a book. 

Back at the bar, Audrey tries to figure out why Pacey got so macho and angry at Charlie and he explains that he hated watching her kiss him for the movie that Dawson made, and he just does not like the guy. Audrey suggests they stay at the motel across the street instead of driving back, which Pacey is all for, and Charlie as well, with Joey reluctantly going along with the idea. Joey and Charlie banter back and forth again since there is only one bed and talk turns to how many people they’ve slept with. Joey admits Pacey is her only one, and Charlie admits that Jen and one other girl from high school are his only ones. She calls him out on his lie, since he cheated on Jen with someone, and he heads into bed while she heads outside for a while.

Pacey bumps into Charlie and tells him that while he isn’t hating him right now, if he does anything to hurt Joey he will make him regret it for the rest of his life. He heads back to Audrey and presents her with a cupcake and candle in honor of their first night together without roommates, backseats, or security guards, in lieu of an actual apartment, something that Audrey has been bugging Pacey to get lately. 

Dawson meets up with Jen at the end of the day and they talk about the state of their relationship. Dawson says that what they had was right at the time with Jen saying that they needed each other. And with that, they mutually decide to end their relationship. 

Elsewhere, Joey decides to take up Charlie on his offer to share his room and climbs into his bed to fall asleep.

Dawson's Trivia:

Lem Collins played the medic, not only in this episode but in Four Scary Stories and Use Your Disillusion as well. He has no IMDB picture, despite having 60 roles. One of his more recent works is Quantum Leef, in which two stoners get high and suddenly find themselves time traveling. He seems to specialize in a lot of independent films, shorts, and web series, none of which I could find streaming on a cursory search.

Kevin P. King plays an uncredited role as biker, and will return in a future episode as a prison inmate. He only has 6 roles to his name, all minor, he was part of craft services for Shallow Hal.

Here is Katie singing Jessie’s Girl and I Ran. Terrible quality vid but this is it and plenty of boos.

Cigarette Burns:

Written by: Tom Kapinos & Jonathan Kasdan

Directed by: Les Sheldon

Original airdate: April 10, 2002


While Dawson and Jen dance around the awkwardness of living in the same house after their breakup, he shows off his epic 2 hour 45 minute movie he directed to Joey and at the end of it, while she admits it’s a long one, it is actually really good, even bringing her to the point of tears. She also points out that Charlie was better than she had expected, which Dawson agrees with.  Oliver shows up and lets Dawson know that he actually went head and scheduled a screening of the movie at school, despite Dawson’s protests that it isn’t finished and that some things need to be trimmed, cut out, and reshot, as well as music fixed, and various other details, but Oliver is insistent. As they discuss the movie, Oliver interjects to ask if it’s ok with Dawson if he asks Jen out. 

Elsewhere, Pacey and Audrey live the lush life staying in Danny’s house while he’s away in the Caribbean with his wife, when talk turns to how many people each of them have slept with. Pacey quickly reveals the number is 6 for him, but Audrey is cagey about the answer, telling Pacey he doesn’t want to know. 

Audrey consults with Joey about what to do about this issue, but she tells her that honesty has always worked for her. Later as she and Pacey drive, she reveals the number to him, 27, which causes Pacey to lose concentration and crash into the car in front of him. Luckily everyone is ok and they all continue on their way with Pacey desperately trying to convince himself that he is ok with the revelation. 

Meanwhile, Jen and Jack run into Grams’ new boyfriend, an African American widower named Cliff. Jen starts to give him the third degree much to Grams’ amusement, before they all head out to the screening of Dawson’s movie.

Dawson, readying things in the school screening house, overhears the conversation of a woman on the phone, seemingly going through a breakup. After she hangs up, the two banter back and forth as Dawson insults her about her choice of movie preference. It’s then that they both introduce themselves and she turns out to be Amy Lloyd, film critic for the Boston Weekly.

Joey shows up for the screening and finds Charlie sitting there waiting for it to start. Her and Charlie chat while he tries to woo her with his masculine wiles. He notices that she is acting differently, something Joey tries to conceal, given the fact that she has started to look at him in a new way after seeing the movie.

Oliver talks with Dawson as Amy comes over to them to ask if they're going to start yet, seeing as how they’re running behind, and after Oliver says they’re still waiting for a few people, she calls them amateurs and walks out. Dawson reveals that he may have insulted her taste in movies, leading Oliver to beg him to go and get her back. Dawson tracks her down outside and he apologizes but she calls him out on it, saying if he had known who she was, he just would have kissed her ass. He reveals himself however to be a fan of film critics and her writing in particular is some of his favorite stuff, as he goes so far as to even quote one of her reviews to her. Impressed by him, the two head off for a quick coffee together. 

Meanwhile, Audrey pulls Joey aside for more help and tells her of the fiasco in the car with Pacey. Joey advises her to just tell the truth because if she doesn’t, anything past this point won’t feel as great as it could. Joey heads back to Charlie and as they talk some more, Charlie begins using the lines he knows so well that has helped him bed many more than just 2 women, and Joey changes in heartbeat and rejects him immediately. 

Jack and Pacey talk in the lobby waiting for the movie to start and Pacey tells him why he likes Audrey so much, while she overhears him. He faces her and she admits that she lied about the number 27 and that it was actually 57 men she slept with as Pacey spits out his drink.

Oliver finds Jen and starts chatting with her and as it becomes clear he’s going to ask her out, Jen stops him and tells him no way, not ever. He tries to appeal to her ego, saying she’s just nervous about what she might have if she were to give him a chance, but when she turns around, he’s not there.

Joey runs into Jen and talks around the question she really wants to ask her, while Jen tells her of discovering her grandmother’s new beau. They feel content that no matter what happens with their relationships, they know that in the future there may still be someone for them too, just like Grams has found.

Dawson and Amy discuss his movie, with Dawson telling her he isn’t even sure if it’s good or not, but she counters by asking him what the movie is about to him. He goes off on all the events that happened over the past year and that the movie is about none of those things, but that he put everything he had into making this film, which is an answer that makes her want to see it. As they get up to head back, Amy sees her ex and asks Dawson to kiss her, in order to make him jealous. He does, but afterwards, she realizes it wasn't her ex, just someone who looked like him, and the two head back to the school theater.

Pacey talks with Audrey and just admits to her that he has insecurities, and that they aren’t hers, and that none of that really matters as he kisses her. Audrey finally reveals that whereas she has made out with many many people, she has only slept with 5 people, and that Pacey has passed the test and apologizes because she has her insecurities and fears as well.

As Dawson and Amy walk back to the theater, they discuss relationships and why people stay in them, for comfort and safety. Dawson likens it to the movie he just made as keeping his life together when he needed it most, forcing him to be brave and move on and be strong. Amy counters that it isn’t the movie that Dawson is afraid of being incomplete but rather he’s afraid that HE isn’t complete and that it’s a good fear to have because one may never be complete, but you just keep making movies and showing them, because that is what a filmmaker is. He thanks her for the insight and asks what if his movie sucks? Amy says she will tell him about it over coffee and he might just get to make out with her again. 

Charlie goes to Joey and tries to woo her back to his side but she wonders who is asking, the vulnerable embarrassing boy or the obnoxious sleaze, an answer that Charlie can’t provide yet as he is still trying to figure himself out still. He asks her to let him sit next to her and hopefully she will look at him differently again, but she tells him to not get his hopes up.

As Dawson heads up to the front of the stage, Jen notices Oliver walking past with a cocky smile and she gets giddy, which Jack calls her on but she denies. Dawson introduces his movie, thanking everyone who helped make it, and rolls the film.

Dawson's Trivia:

We’ve seen director Les Sheldon before, he directed 5 episodes of Seaquest DSV; Treasures of the Tonga Trench (Krieg finds glowing gem rocks), The Regulator (a trader kidnaps Darwin), Nothing But the Truth (terrorists take charge of Seaquest), Abalon (Ford sees a mermaid with Charlton Heston), and Vapors (love is in the air and Piccolo has family issues). He also directed 1 episode of Thunder in Paradise. He directs one more episode of Dawson’s next season and that’s his final credit.

Clifton Smalls was played by Afemo Omilami. He has almost 100 credits to his name. He was a supporting actor in A Brothers Honor (3 brothers band together to keep their grandfather's business alive while trying to figure out who killed their mother, and also free their father from prison). He had a recurring role on True Detective as Police Chief Holloway, and in Saints & Sinners as Detective Noah St. Charles. He’s also had a long line of smaller guest appearances in movies and TV shows such as Ghost Whisperer, Law and Order, In The Heat Of The Night, Madea’s Family Reunion, The Hunger Games, and Hidden Figures. He’s also been in an episode of Creepshow, and the Netflix series Raising Dion (a mother discovers her son has superpowers and tries to figure out how to raise him). Most recently he’s been in an episode of the anthology series Women of the Movement which chronicles the civil rights movement and the women behind it.

Amy was played by Meredith Salenger. She started her career as one of the orphans in the original Annie movie. Later, she was the lead role with John Cusack in The Journey of Natty Gann (In the 1930s, a tomboy runs away from her guardian to join her single father who is 2,000 miles away, where he has found work), A Night In The Life of Jimmy Reardon (with River Phoenix, a charming womanizer has to find a way to get $80 to elope to Hawaii with his one true love, or else go to his father's chosen business school), and Dream A Little Dream (with the Corey’s Feldman and Haim, an accident puts the consciousness of an elderly dream researcher into the body of a bratty teenager. The problem? The kid prefers dreamworld limbo to real life). She did take a break to go back to college and got a psychology degree at Harvard before returning to acting.

She was a performer on Mad TV for 8 episodes, and was a featured supporting cast member in Hollywood Heights (a series about a shy smart independent high school senior who has ambitions of being a songwriter and secretly sends her lyrics to her celebrity crush). She was a featured supporting actor in Lake Placid as well, with Bridget Fonda and Bill Pullman leading the movie about people attempting to stop a giant crocodile terrorizing a town. Most recently she is a supporting cast member in The Prank (a kid and a friend prank a professor played by Rita Moreno, but after she fails them on a test they decide to get revenge on social media by accusing her of murder). Coincidentally, Jonathan Kimmel also is a supporting actor in this, and is related to Jimmy Kimmel. She is also a voice in the Patton Oswalt series M.O.D.O.K. and even participated in Home Movie: The Princess Bride playing Count Rugen for a clip. She is also known as being the wife of comedian Patton Oswalt and hosts a podcast with him called Did You Get My Text? 

She has done a lot of voice acting in everything from Star Wars: Rebels, to The Secret Life of Pets 2, to Lego DC Superhero Girls, to Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Clone Wars as Barriss Offee, to Teen Titans Go!, to Robot Chicken to Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! (A twelve-year-old boy named Chiro was exploring the outskirts of Shuggazoom City and discovered a giant and abandoned Super Robot) as well.

The title? Maybe? John Carpenter’s Cigarette Burns. The film's title stems from a term that is erroneously believed to be film industry slang, which refers to cinematic cue marks as "cigarette burns".  Cue marks are on actual film reels to indicate the end of a reel when being projected and when to get the next reel ready. In the Cigarette Burns movie, the protagonist begins to hallucinate these midway through the film, and they appear to the viewer in the place where such marks would ordinarily be in theatrical releases. The term was originally used in the 1999 film Fight Club, which led many non-professionals to assume the term was standard film jargon.

Essential Playlist:

Classic Creek Critiques:

AW (Aesha) says: Well, finally I've been able to check out some of the messages on here...

Actually, I don't have much to say. My few comments:

~ I actually like Jen and Dawson. From the beginning, they have seemed 10 times more natural together than D and Jo ever will.

~ I hate Audrey. With a passion. Since the day she showed up on

screen, and I can't stand her to an even greater extent now. And add her relationship with Pacey to the mix, and it's at the point where I don't care whether I miss episodes or have no clue what's going on.

~ "Joey the Rock Star". I can't stand it. I don't like Katie's voice;

she sounds like a 3 year old. Are they changing her major, or is she

going into some profound direction? Why is Joey taking up 85% of the screen time lately? I think that's all for now, but maybe I'll have more to say later.

Danielle Moat responds: I don't agree with anything you have said. Oh well.

luser says: don't worry, wisdom is bound to hit sometime


Alberich announces: It's official: Dawson's Creek set to be renewed. Good grief. I feel sorry for JJ (Joshua Jackson) for this mess he's in. Not only has Dawson's Creek been set for renewal...but the screenwriters for the show are DUMB ENOUGH to not let his character Pacey Witter either get Jen Lindley or Joey Potter. 

Instead, they let his character fall helplessly over heels in love with this stupid, idiotic character Audrey who makes me pray, pray for relief in the name of horrors! Andie coming back to save Pacey from certain domestic doom. And of course next season will all be about Forehead Forever Dawson getting back to his "soul mate" Joey Potter. *roll eyes*

tachyon responds: The season finale will be enough to turn away the unspoiled fans who have been holding out on this show. I dare say that DC will be cancelled mid-season as I imagine it's ratings will tank a helluva lot further.

luser says: i agree, and isn't it damn fantastic news! no more lame dc

marie asks: Why do you lot bother to post on here or watch the show if you hate it so much?

tachyon replies: If you don't like what we have to say then why do you bother to read our posts?

luser says: why do you love the show so much that you have to post here?


Margie asks: I am not a regular in here but sought out the group to ask a question. I have missed several episodes and after watching tonights show...I see that Dawson & Jen have broken up. How and why did this happen? I am kind of wondering if something is going to develop between Dawson and the movie critic. She looks familiar to me....does anyone know who she is...what other shows she may have been on?

Jolene Darling responds: Dawson and Jen broke up on the episode before last, so a week yesterday. They just grew apart and realized that the relationship was no longer. It was anything big that broke them up.

tachyon replies: 'cept for dipshit's big revelation in next weeks episode...oh how i'm so looking forward to that *rolls eyes* the revalation is that he's still madly in love with Joey. course you couldn't see that one coming from a mile away *rolls eyes*

Alberich says: If Dawson gets back together with Joey next season, what the heck are they going to be doing with Pacey?! I can't believe for one minute he has to be paired off with that dopey Audrey. She's the worst thing since Andie! I mean, c'mon! Why can't the producers let Pacey have Jen?! Is there a REASON for this pair NOT to be?! Pacey and Jen?! Tell me one thing that's wrong with that pairing the producers can't put Pacey and Jen together if they're so insistent the "soulmate" pair of Joey and Dawson have to be together again?

tachyon says: They're trying too hard to make P/Au the new supercouple like P/Jo in season 3. Problem is that it's failing. While the ratings have dropped quite significantly, they're not low enough to warrant the show being cancelled. Yet. This season *alot* of people were hanging out to see what was going to happen with P/Jo, only to realise that they writers have selective amnesia forgetting about seasons 2, 3 and 4. Oh that's right kiddies, it's a return to that wonderful lala land known as season 1. You know where they're still 15 and refusing to grow the fuck up. But what can ya do? I dare say that by bringing this show back (which is confirmed), it's only going to bring further ridicule to what is already one of the most ridiculed shows on tv. It will help to further destroy the careers of what are for the most part some talented actors.

They won't get P/Jen together again. When they tried that in season 3 the ratings tanked, so they're hardly gonna do something that's proved to fail.

Alberich says: I find that hard to believe. Wait a minute. I read somewhere that Pacey/ Jen never paired off because they promised each other only to be friends. Well, if the producers/writers would brush off the cobwebs and look over that "past" episode they might decide to get smart and have Pacey approach Jen and say "Hey, Jen. Remember that promise we made to always be friends?" "Yeah, Pacey. I remmeber. Why do you ask?" "Well, I was thinking, now that Dawson and Joey are all together again...maybe it's time we explore being alittle more than friends."

tachyon says: errr...the reason P/Jen didn't happen was because of an order from WB execs. the morons from DC had no choice but to accept the decision. and the order came due to tanking ratings. i thought this was fairly common knowledge...oh well.

Alberich says: I think it's time for those morons to change course ant let Jen have Pacey for God's sake. They make a cute couple, wouldn't they? I certainly think so. But none of this matters anyway. I'm throwing away my cable box and subscription, so I won't have to watch the garbage on TV anyway. I'm also getting rid of my TV as well. I don't watch television shows that much anyway. I have more fun using my computer to watch movies on DVD like Swordfish or X-Men. I don't have to put up with the morons who don't know how to make good television shows anymore. I'm waiting to get my hands on Season 5 of the X Files on DVD. It can't come soon enough. I'm sick and tired of boring TV shows with all those commercials. At least within the confines of my own home, I can now watch practically anything I desire simply with the click of a mouse with NO interruption from commericals or stupid talking heads on so

called news channels. To hell with the Osama bin Laden and this stupid war in the Middle East. As for Dawson's Creek, well...I'll just simply look through the TV guide promos in the listings to see what garbage they plan for Pacey and his new "love" Audrey. What a mess.


On Saturday, October 17, 1998 at 2:00:00 AM UTC-5, 

RMLove1415 wrote: 

okay! first off all a-hole! Joey is not a bitch!! she is the hottest girl in the world! and second dumbass! the new girl,her name is not Alex!,its Andi and if you would watch the show the right way then.. you will see how great a person Joey really is,so all im saying is please get your facts together the right way and see for your self what you just said,thanks for your time and sorry if i sound rude here! =)

mohammad atieh responded on February 19, 2021: later omg I’m rewatching Dawson’s creek and thought that sexyy ass katie Holmes character was truly unintentionally a bitch in the show... the writers did not know how to give her the real tone we all were looking got [for]


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