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RW480 - Dawson's Creek S05E23 - Swan Song


In this weeks episode of The Dawson's Creek Rewatch, Cory and Tom will delay you no longer as they discuss season 5 episode 23, "Swan Song."

Swan Song:

Written by: Gina Fattore & Tom Kapinos

Directed by: Greg Prange

Original airdate: May 15, 2002


Dawson awakens from a dream turned nightmare in which he accidentally runs into Joey five years down the line and learns that she is engaged and tells him that he blew his chance with her years earlier, and that his current behavior with her is sad and ridiculous. 

Elsewhere, Audrey tries to convince Joey to come to LA but it’s a no go as Pacey shows up and Audrey insults him and rushes off. Pacey explains his guard outfit as being his uniform since he is now the security guard for Capeside’s yacht club, since Civilization finally closed down. Joey presses him to go after Audrey with one of his huge sweeping romantic gestures but he says he is spent.

Gale talks with Dawson and tries to get some info about him and Joey but Dawson is locked up tight and avoids the question. Later, Dawson goes to Leery’s Fresh Fish with Audrey and Joey, after which Audrey takes off to give Joey and Dawson some private time. She asks him why he came to Florida to see her and he tells her that she doesn’t really want to know but lets it out eventually that he loves her. He explains though that he realized she had moved on and so he kept it to himself. Joey asks when things changed and he explains it happened when he found her book of sketches and realized he hates it when she isn’t around. Joey counters that maybe she’s just his security blanket to help him not be afraid of the world, to which Dawson says he’s not afraid of the world and then tries to kiss her but Joey pushes away, saying that she can’t do this.

Jack shares with Jen that he got his grades back and has passed all his classes with C’s and D’s and the two begin planning for their Costa Rica trip.

Pacey finds Danny at the yacht club and the two have a short terse conversation about what happened with the restaurant with Danny explaining that he and his wife split but that he’s fine, and Pacey will be fine too because they are so alike and he sees himself in Pacey, something that doesn’t seem to sit well with the young lad.

At the airport, Jen and Jack are hurrying to get to their gate but find out that their flight has been delayed, along with Dawson and Audrey’s flight as well. Eric shows up and he and Jack get to talking and he reveals he tried to go home and tell his parents about his being gay but it just didn’t feel right so he came back. Jack makes an excuse to head back to his friends and leaves Eric alone with his thoughts.

Dawson bumps into Grams at the airport while waiting and it turns out she’s taking a trip with Clifton to Vegas. The two chat and Grams reveals that she is concerned about Jen and apparently was hoping that she would go see her parents this summer, in complete contrast to her attitude the previous week. Dawson goes to Jen and tells her that he thinks she should go see them, that she will never really grow up until she faces them head on. She heads back to Jack who feels bad that he didn’t talk more to Eric and help him during his time of need. Jen convinces him to go help and cancel their trip while she decides to go see her parents as well. 

Meanwhile, Bessie goes to see Joey at work and brings her a letter that was left for her in their mailbox, along with her passport that Bessie had gotten for her while she was away, explaining that they don’t need her in Capeside working for the summer, trying to push her towards going and enjoying herself in France, a trip she had once canceled long ago.

Dawson then bumps into Director Todd and the two spar verbally about his movies but he invites Dawson to call him when he gets back to LA, saying he might want to watch one of the movies he’s made. 

Pacey and Joey talk at the yacht club and Joey calls him out on missing Audrey and he calls her out on wishing that the letter she was reading, which turned out to be from Dawson, could be changed as well. Together the two rush to the airport and Joey finds Dawson, asking him why he wrote her such a final goodbye letter, while Pacey pages Audrey and talks to her over the courtesy phone. She doesn’t respond to his lack of a romantic gesture and hangs up however. Pacey then goes to the airport security office and bargains with them to use the PA system and makes his romantic gesture to win back Audrey over the speakers for all to hear, ending with her taking Pacey back and the two decide to drive to LA instead with some special stops along the way for food and sex. 

Dawson meanwhile explains to Joey that he wrote the letter after she turned away from him earlier and Joey says she was just scared, not of him but of not growing up if they went forward together. She realizes now that he is just going to be a part of her life because he makes her life better. Dawson tells her to come to LA with him but she says she can’t because that’s his dream and not hers. She says if they’re meant to be then it’ll all work out and kisses him goodbye, saying if he ever gets lost to remember that she loves him. 

Back at the Leery household, as Gale walks upstairs with Lily, The baby calls her first word as they pass a picture of Mitch, that word being Dada. Back on the plane, Dawson reassures a fellow nervous passenger that everything is going to be alright.

Joey heads back to the ticket booth to return the ticket she bought so she could get past the gates and find Dawson, but then changes her mind and decides to use it to go to France for the summer as the scene freeze frames on her goofy grin.

Dawson's Trivia:

Logan R. Berkshire played the security guard. He is actually part of the camera and electrical department on many shows and movies, such as Under The Dome (a dramatic live action series version of The Simpsons Movie basically), Secrets and Lies (a lawyer drama), Eastbound and Down (a burned out baseball player returns to hometown to teach PE), Journey 2: Mysterious Island, Surface, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze, The Exorcist III, and Little Britain USA. This is one of two acting credits, the second of which will be in a later episode of Dawson’s where he plays Director. 

Jennifer Ferris played the nervous girl. She’s probably best known as Jennifer Donovan on As The World Turns for 260 episodes. She is continuously working as a member of the main casts in many series such as The Kill Point, Life On Mars, The Cape, Falling Skies, The Knick, Hell On Wheels, Time After Time, Mosaic, Sneaky Pete, Rise, and The Equalizer.

Lory Glory was played by Ashley Williams. She got her start on As The World Turns playing Danielle Andropolous for 49 episodes. She’s got a long list of titles to her name, such as How I met Your Mother, The Jim Gaffigan Show, Good Morning Miami (a talented young producer revamps the lowest rated morning show in the country), Side Order of Life (a photographer reevaluates her life after a friend gets cancer), and Novel Adventures (four women use their book club to escape their everyday lives). Besides a number of other secondary cast roles, she is currently a lead member of Amber Brown (playing an aunt, the series is based on a children’s book series). 

What are WASPs? White Anglo Saxon Protestants (The white elite of American society).

Who are the West Memphis Three? They were three teenagers convicted of murdering children in 1993. The case evidence was considered dubious at best, but the three men were convicted and received sentences of life imprisonment and the death penalty. They were supported through fundraisers held by celebrities, and were released in 2011 after new DNA evidence could not link them to the crimes and an Alford Plea Deal (assert their innocence while acknowledging that prosecutors have enough evidence to convict them) was accepted.

Essential Playlist:

Classic Creek Critiques:

Billie Jo Short says: Ok, so Dawson and Joey are going to finally hook up and he will propose before they finish college. Anyone else agree? Personally I would be happy if they stay together but then the show would be just so predictable and boring. Joey is just too confusing for anyone though. Could she possibly find anyone better than Dawson... hello? Who is she waiting for... I must say Katie Holmes is spectacular and the show couldn't thrive without her.

I do not however, like what they have done with Jen on the show. Yes, her background is not first choice but they need to go somewhere with this, let people know they can prosper out of these situations, lead an example if you will. Her character is just dangling from day to day it seems... who likes to see people struggle, like we don't do it enough in our own lives. I would like to see her do something amazing with her life... WITHOUT the help of her parents!

flippit says: I am completely and totally confused... there's is so much sex flying around why does anybody worry about marriage. What does it mean exactly? Besides if they truly are soulmates why would they bother to have a wedding when 60 of the 80 people who turn up are ex-lovers?

I say boot the key characters and get some real people and storylines happening

bruce ostrok says: Since next season will be the last, they should fast forward to senior year and take it from there. We all know that Dawson and Joey will end up together. That's the way it was going to be from episode 1. Pacey and Audrey are a good match, so they should be kept together. It looks like Jackers may have finally found a mate. And who knows what will happen with Jen. Maybe she'll become a motivational speaker or something.


On Grams’ age, David asks: Channel surfing today I paused on an episode of the old (50s) DENNIS THE MENACE. I could swear that I saw the actress who plays grams on it and she played a grandmotherly character. That series is 50 years old!!! I checked the IMDB and it didn't give her age nor list a credit for DENNIS THE MENACE.

AllenGaryK responds: While I have no exact age, I believe she is about 60. She finished college and started her opera career around 1964 and didn't turn to straight acting until, I believe, the 90s. So it seems unlikely that she would have played a grandmother on a sitcom during the 1959-64 period.

Danielle Moat says: heard the actress who playes Grams, Mary Beth Piel is only in her 40's.

bruce rostrum says: Her character was just out of high school, I believe during WW II, IIRC. She told Jen and the others one time about falling in love with a young man who was about to go off to war, and it turned out to be Gramps. My mother is 72, having been born in 1930, so if my math is correct, Grams would be in her late 60's. Now if you are talking about Mary Beth Piel herself, I would estimate mid-60's.

Jim Heckmen says: So she would have been about 15 when when WW II ended in 1945. Not yet out of high school. Try mid to late 70's. The US was in WWII from 1941-45.

AllenBaryK says: Against this I would place Grams' specific reference in "True Love" to the boy who was going off to war: "Thomas Culpepper. The boy with the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen died in Pusan in shallow water, before he ever made it off the boat. Two years later, I married your grandfather. So I’ve had 46 wonderful years with one man and one perfect kiss with another." Pusan is a reference to the battles at the beginning of U.S. involvement in the Korean War in mid-1950. So she married Mr. Ryan in about 1952 and he died in early 1999, I believe. I'm not guaranteeing that the show has complete chronological consistency.


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