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RW494 - Dawson's Creek S06E21-22 - Goodbye Redemption


In this weeks episode of The Dawson's Creek Rewatch, Cory and Tom are bringing home all the drama as they discuss season 6 episodes 21 & 22, "Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road" and "Joey Potter and the Capeside Redemption."

Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road:

Written by: Anna Fricke

Directed by: Peter Kowalski

Original airdate: April 30, 2003


Dawson comes outside his house to see Pacey there and the two chat for a bit with Dawson inviting him inside to see his newly redecorated room, restored to how it was during his teen days. He tells Pacey he’s giving him the credit of associate producer and asks him why he’s in town but Pacey deflects the question, making a joke.

At Grams’ house, Jen’s mother, Helen, arrives in response to Jen’s request. Grams is shocked to see her, admonishing Jen for telling what wasn’t hers to tell but Jen reveals that she hasn’t said a word. They all sit down for a chat, but it’s somewhat stilted and Jen removes herself from it, hoping Grams will tell her daughter about her diagnosis but she isn’t ready yet to do that.

Joey and Audrey have a heartfelt goodbye with Joey saying that she never really had a girl-friend until her. Later, back at Capeside, she receives a script Dawson left for her on her porch and she reads it, immediately heading over to his house. He greets her as she stares at the ladder she used to use all the time and together they go up to his room and she is impressed with how he’s restored it. They talk about life over the past year and in the end she tells him that his screenplay gets the story right this time.

Pacey sits at a bar, writing down some notes when Audrey and Jack Osbourne show up. After some small talk, Audrey asks Pacey what he’s hiding from, telling him that no matter what, no matter how much he may drink, the problem is still going to be there in the morning.

Helen finally gets to meet Jen’s boyfriend CJ, though she does mistake Jack for him instead. As they talk, Uncle Bill shows up and makes a plea to Grams, saying he loves her and doesn’t want to see her give up, letting it slip that she has cancer, shocking Jack and Helen. Jen reveals that she felt that it was best for Grams to be surrounded by family, and suggests that they move to New York to be together as that family.

Pacey arrives at Dawson’s and when Joey goes to leave, he asks her to stay as he reveals what happened with Dawson’s money. Dawson is shocked and sick at this new information, and starts to get angry, bringing up the past, with Pacey responding in kind. Joey tries to step between them and calm them down, but the damage appears done as the two friends walk away from each other.

Joey goes to Pacey and tries to reason with him, explaining that they’re just ghosts of their former selves, in front of the same house they’ve haunted for years, and that the past is forgotten. Pacey denies that, but Joey counters that he seems to only ever focus on the sad parts of his life, instead of seeing the times when people are actually loving him.

Back with Grams, Jen asks Jack to move with them to New York and Jack happily accepts, citing them as his only real family he has.

Audrey is introduced by Jack Osbourne at an open mic night and she gets up and stuns the place, and the viewers, with her newfound ability to play amazing acoustic guitar as she sings a heartfelt ballad that plays over a montage of Jen, Grams, Jack and Helen baking cookies, Pacey staring off into the night sky at the pier, Dawson standing by his window in deep thought and hurt feelings, and Joey sitting outside her house, crying, as the wind flips pages of Dawson’s script nearby.

Dawson’s Trivia:

This is the first directing gig for Peter Kowalski. Again, it appears he works in the cinematography department, since he has most of his credits as a camera operator on films such as Mother’s Boys, Doctor Dolittle (1998), Hounddog (with Dakota Fanning and David Morse), and Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and shows such as V.I.P, One Tree Hill, and Vice Principals. He was a first assistant camera op on the Babylon 5 series, where he worked up to a camera op position, which carried over to 2 of the movies, Baylon 5: In the Beginning and Babylon 5: Thirdspace. He also directed 6 eps of One Tree Hill, and 2 eps of Rizzoli & Isles.

Mimi Rogers played the new Helen Lindley. She’s best known for her roles in movies such as The Doors, Desperate Hours, and the remake of Lost In Space. She found a revitalization in her career after appearing in Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery. She had several guest spots on the X-Files, several episodes of various NCIS incarnations, and recently the series Bosch as Honey Chandler. At one point she did star in a one season sitcom called The Loop, about a college grad trying to make it in corporate America. She’s apparently most proud of her role in The Rapture (1991), about a telephone operator living an empty, amoral life who finds God and loses him again, saying it allowed her to express the full range of her abilities as an actress. 

Some other Mimi facts: 

  • Her maiden name is actually Mimi Spickler. 
  • She graduated from high school at age 14. 
  • Her first husband was a Church of Scientology counselor, and her second husband, Tom Cruise, would later go on to become one of the foremost spokesmen for the church. They were married just for three years, after which she posed for Playboy, commenting on her and Tom’s marriage, later retracting her statements saying they were misinterpreted (something along the lines of him studying to be a monk and needing to be celibate to maintain the purity of his instrument, and that her instrument needed tuning). Mimi would later leave the church of Scientogloy.
  • She is also a member of Mensa and an avid environmentalist. 

Joey Petter and the Capeside Redemption:

Written by: Gina Fattore & Tom Kapinos

Directed by: Michael Lange

Original airdate: May 7, 2003


Joey begins the show by narrating the state of Caepside and the relationships within its town lines before heading over to Dawson’s where he is removing things from his bedroom walls, symbolically purging his ruined film from his life. Joey tells him to stop and calls him on letting something get in the way of his dreams, trying to get him to work something out, try to come to terms with Pacey, anything, but Dawson is adamant that it is all over, being in debt so much now that he has to work double shifts to take care of it all. Joey leaves but tells him she will be back but to not give up.

Joey’s plan involves getting the whole gang plus Doug, plus various business owners around town, plus a blackmailed Harley and her boyfriend to all work together to try and pull off Dawson’s movie. She does attempt to get Pacey as well, but he is walloping in his despair, sitting in his own chip encrusted filth, watching daytime soap operas.

Jen attempts to use her feminine wiles to get a film geek working at a rental store to let her borrow some cameras, lights, and mics, but he isn’t interested in her, leaving Jack to step up instead.

Dawson returns home after a long double shift and heads up to his bedroom and is surprised to see everyone there and hear of their plan. He tries to explain why it won’t work because he has too much work but his mother happily enters the room and fires him, giving him a glass of champagne to toast the start of his new film.

The filming begins in earnest the next day, with various hurdles being overcome easily with Deputy Doug’s help, Joey’s tight grip on Patrick’s hair when he gets out of line, and Audrey being a diva. Gale even pitches in by bringing Todd to the set, glad to help out his young protege with whatever he needs. 

Pacey meanwhile has come out of his sad stupor and has started visiting local businesses to collect donations towards Dawson’s film, promising their name in the credits as advertising, and even offering a cameo for a local dentist. HE ends up bumping into Christy Livingstone from high school but barely recognizes her (mainly because she has been recast, but we don’t talk about that). The two get along famously and she leaves her number with him.

Joey sees the two of them and comes over to chat, with him asking her to give Dawson the money he’s collected so far. She refuses saying that he was right and it isn’t her fight, basically encouraging him to do it.

Grams sits on the Leery’s porch and reminisces about the old days with Jen nearby. Soon enough their cab arrives and they bid goodbye to their friends.

As shooting ends for the day, Todd hits on Audrey and scores, while Dawson lays down on his bed, chatting with Joey, saying how shooting the film is saving him tons of money on future therapy. She tells him that this was one of those rare truly great days, asking him how he would describe his movie. Dawson tells her it’s about a girl who wanted more than she had, but had to grow up to realize that she already had everything she wanted. With that, Dawson falls asleep, only to awaken the next morning to a note from Joey, quickly heading off in response.

Dawson arrives at the old ruins, and is surprised to see Pacey walking towards him. They realize that Joey sent them both a note to get them together and the two chat, with Pacey saying that maybe they can never go back to the way they used to be because they aren’t those people anymore, reasoning that they’ve grown and changed, and that the only thing binding them together is that they both loved the same woman. Dawson theorizes that it never worked out between them and Joey because all they ever wanted was her, and all she ever wanted was for them to be friends again. Dawson concedes that anything is possible when Pacey asks if they can ever be friends again, leaving Pacey to give him the money he raised so far, cementing a path for a new friendship to be forged.

As filming continues, Joey once again gives a voiceover, explaining how she finally feels grown up and not afraid to take chances, and is thankful for all that has happened because it made her what she is, as she walks around the streets of Paris.

Dawson’s Trivia:

Nicole Steinwedell played the new Kristy Livingstone. She was a main cast member in The Golden Scallop, about three restaurants that continually compete against each other every year in a fried fish competition. She was a bit higher up on the cast list in a TV movie called Guy Suave, a very inappropriate adult swim pilot about a homicidal and crazy spy who speaks in single entendres, playing the part of Licky Lick, a member of Guy’s Bikini Army. She did star in Jackie Collins’ Paris Connections, about an Investigative journalist, Madison Castelli,  investigating a murder during Paris fashion week, certain that it is more than the "crime of passion" the French press says. She also starred in The Unit during season 4, as Bridget Sullivan. Aside from one off roles here and there in movies and TV shows, she did have a bit part in He’s Just Not That Into You.

The Dentist was Megan Blake. She was the host of Animal Attractions TV during season 3, and made several supporting cast cameos in various TV movies and series, but nothing of great notoriety.

The Policeman was Troy Rudeseal who went on to appear in Surface as a surgeon. He also appeared in One Tree Hill as a nurse, and various other extra type roles. He’s still working today, appearing in Star Girl, The Resident, and a mini series called The American Constitution.

The video store owner was Rick Warner, and he’s a long time professional extra who can be seen in Surface playing an interviewer.

Essential Playlist:

Classic Creek Critiques:

Alberich says: I saw X2 today in the movie house and I immediately thought about Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson in the roles of Rogue and Iceman. They would be perfect for the characters and I'm wondering if you people think the same thing.

David//Amicus says: What about Kerr Smith as Nightcrawler?

Alberich says: Good one! Yes, but Alan Cummings is perfectly cast as Nightcrawler though. But I really think Rogue should be recast. Anna Paquin is a good actress but she doesn't have "presence" like the others. I do wish Anna Paquin will return for X3, don't get me wrong. I'm only suggesting Katie Holmes if Anna Paquin chooses not to come back for X3. But I think she will. It's if she decides not to come back for X4 should they get that far. Oh, god this X-Men franchise is heaven sent! They could go on and on and on with this thing. The problem is recasting the roles because most of them probably won't return at some point.

I mean, who do you recast for Xavier, Magneto and Wolverine? They've become so much the characters they play that it's hard to see them recasting the roles for other actors for these parts. That's why as much as I like the X-Men movies, I don't see them going beyond X3. And that makes me sad. The Mystique character can be recast easily though. The actress that comes to my mind is Natasha Hendstridge. Period. She could do it. Storm? I cringe when I say this but...J Lo. Dr Jean Grey? How about Michelle Williams?

DaleMurph1 says: If you have seen X2, You know why Jean Grey won't be in X3.

Jolene says: Saw it yesterday and I was not impressed with that. I understand why she did it but thought they could have done something for her

Sharpe Fan says: That was my impression when I saw the movie, but others have said this is wrong. Jean Grey become Phoenix, supposedly. I am not an expert on the X-Men universe, but I have read that happens in the comics. Also, I know Framke Jensen - the actress, I am not sure of the spelling - is contractually obligated to X3.

Katschthaler says: heard the same. I'm quite sure she'll be back. xavier made an allusion too

at the end as the kids come into his room...


Sean Billingsley says: I’ve been watching television for a while now, and this whole series finale storyline seems far too easy. Or maybe I'm hoping that the ideas being bantered around on this newsgroup about the finale are false because they contain the same soap opera-like atmosphere that has seen the show fall from grace.

If I'm not mistaken the show is called DAWSON'S CREEK. Not Pacey's or Joey's or Jen's Creek but Dawson's. Yes he may be boring to some or too straight and narrow but in the end it's his story and world that got me to watch the show. Case in point, The Wonder Years no matter how tragic or comical always centered on Kevin Arnold. Which was the shows enormous strength, and yes at times he was boring or too idealistic but in the end it gave the show a sense of purpose.

With Dawson's Creek's concentration on the Pacey/Joey/Dawson triangle it's become less about life's trivialities and more about Bev Hills 90210. So I for one am hoping it is a different show then one depicted (Jen dying?), and that it doesn't fall to the ordinary (Joey and Pacey)

as so many shows in the past have done.

Melissa Ann responds: I hope the ending surprizes us all. And turns out different than all these spoilers going around. I dont really want to see anyone die, and its kinda crazy how if thats the ending, they have alredy told us about it. Surprizes wether good or bad should be kept a secret. Thats why I have a feeling something is going to happen very different from the spoilers posted in this group. I could be wrong, but if all goes as written, theres not much left to see on Wednesday night. I guess we will see.....

Melissa Ann adds: I liked last nights show, I think it was a nice second to last show. Everything was nicely wrapped up, I cant wait to see next weeks last show and how it all ends. I have a feeling it is nothing like any of the spoilers floating around.Then again I could be wrong, but I have a feeling its going to be nothing expected. Overall Dawsons Creek was a great show, it kept me watching for all 6 seasons. Kinda sad to see it ending, wonder what will come next.


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