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RW424 - Dawson's Creek S03E02-03 - Home Above


In this weeks episode of The Dawson's Creek Rewatch, Cory and Tom are breaking up, teaming up, and then lying and cheating their way through the discussion of season 3 episodes 2 & 3, "Homecoming" and "None of the Above."


Written by: Greg Berlanti

Directed by: Melanie Mayron

Original airdate: October 6, 1999


As Pacey advises Dawson on how to handle his next encounter with bus girl Eve, said girl grabs Dawson and pulls him into a classroom to kiss him, revealing she’s actually a senior at the school. As she rushes out to class, Dawson follows but then is grabbed by his dad and the principal who ask him to put together a highlight film showcasing the football team’s best moments to be used for a pep rally.

Jack talks with his Dad on Grams’s porch, discussing Andie’s return and how Pacey wanted to go up early to pick her up. Jack assumes that he can move his stuff back into their old house, now that Mr. McPhee has moved back to town, but he tells his son that he thinks Jack would be more comfortable staying at Grams given he is living in a situation that seems to work for him right now, prompting Jack to ask him to leave.

Pacey tries to get in to see Andie but the nurse on duty explains the rules about visiting hours, leaving Joey to distract her with her life story while Pacey sneaks in. He finds Andie with a friend of hers, Mark, and is seemingly looking uncomfortable at her boyfriend’s sudden appearance. 

Dawson and Eve meet up and she propositions him, telling him she will give him details of where and when later. 

Jack watches Jen lead the cheerleaders in terribly self aware and pessimistic cheers and as the two talk, Jack ends up catching several errant footballs headed his way, catching the eye of the freshman quarterback wannabe Henry. When Coach Mitch proposes some play patterns to the team, Henry suggests bringing Jack in to help prove his prowess and hopefully get the position he desires. Afterwards, Mitch sees Jack’s skills and asks him to join the team, to which Jack balks at, fearing being made fun of for his sexual orientation, but seemingly considering it after Mitch gives him a speech about them both needing a win.

Dawson ends up getting condoms with help from some fellow customers, while Jen discovers them and gives him advice about how to go about his first time. 

At the pep rally, Jack is revealed to be on the team to many cheers and applause and Henry takes a misstep and stumbles into Jen, falling for her. In the audience, Pacey, after having tried to spend alone time with Andie several times, finally gets fed up and pulls her into the hall to talk where she reveals she cheated on him with Mark at the institute. Although both Andie and Mark realized their mistake and vowed to keep it quiet, once she saw Pacey again she realized she couldn’t. Despite her pleading, Pacey leaves, disgusted.

Meanwhile, at the pep rally while Dawson’s movie plays to the audience, Eve finds him and begins making out with him. He protests but goes along with it when he ends up accidentally pushing the button to raise the screen, revealing to the whole audience he and Eve half dressed. As the auditorium erupts in applause, Joey gives Dawson the death stare of all death stares.

After the rally is over, Eve and Dawson talk about what happened and what is next, with Dawson revealing he wants to know someone better before having sex, not wanting to sleep with someone for any old reason, but rather for every reason. Eve reveals she was attracted to Dawson’s eyes and his old soul, making him feel more at ease with their budding romance. 

Joey gives Pacey advice about what to do with Andie, explaining that as hurt as he is, that Andie also is in pain, encouraging him to talk to her, which he does.  Although Andie gives an impassioned plea, Pacey can’t go back to loving her the same way knowing that it wasn’t strong enough this first time, and he leaves her, knowing he can forgive her, but he will never forget.

Meanwhile, Dawson meets Joey on his dock and they discuss how she always feels drawn to his house, even when he’s not there. They both come to the realization that they still love each other but they don’t NEED each other like they used to, friends, then lovers, then friends, then lovers, and now just Dawson and Joey. They leave the conversation with the hopeful thought that every Dawson has a Joey and every Joey has a Dawson. 

Dawson's Trivia:

Henry was played by Michael Pitt. He was in a couple of episodes of Hannibal, and one of the supporting roles in the movie Seven Psychopaths with Colin Farrell, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell, and Christopher Walken. He was a lead in the first two seasons of Boardwalk Empire with Steve Buscemi. He was also in the cast for M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and Finding Forrester. Most recently, he was in Lisey’s Story, a Stephen King story about a woman stalked by someone obsessed with her dead husband’s work (also stars Julienne Moore and Dane DeHaan from Spider-man).

Mark was played by Chris Demetral who we last saw in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman where he played homeless kid Jack. He’s appeared in 118 episodes of HBO’s Dream On as Jeremy Tupper, the TV movie Dallas: JR Returns, and the lead role of Jules Verne in The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne in 2000. He also had a one episode stint as Commander Riker’s son Jean-Luc in Star Trek The Next Generation: Future Imperfect.

The Pharmacist was played by John Bennes, who also played the pharmacist back in the season 2 episode of Dawson’s Creek “High Risk Behavior”. He has 50some credits as an extra in films such as Weekend at Bernie’s, Children of the Corn II, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, all the way back to the 50’s with The Adventures of Superman starring George Reeves.

None of the Above:

Written by: Bonnie Schneider & Hadley Davis

Directed by: Patrick Norris

Original airdate: October 13, 1999


Dawson and Eve watch an episode of Felicity while having a self aware discussion about TV versus Movies. Meanwhile, Joey has been having nightmares as she and her class readies themselves to take the upcoming and all important PSAT’s. Andie and Pacey literally bump into each other at school and their negative interaction just increases the stress level that all the Capeside High teens are feeling, despite Principal Green’s private talk with Joey where he tries to imbue her with confidence via the support of the faculty. Joey asks Dawson to hang out and have some mindless entertainment but the plan is ruined when it is learned that Dawson had planned to hang out with Eve that night.

Jack meanwhile is having a hard time with the football practices, trying and continually failing at pushing himself through the exercises, despite Henry’s constant help and coaching. When asked why he is helping, Henry reveals that he is really interested in Jen and was hoping Jack could help him get to her.

At work, Joey asks her boss Rob for Friday night off so she can study for the PSAT’s and he agrees. However, he then asks Joey for a date and she turns him down. 

Dawson and Eve sit on the roof outside his window where she reveals more of her past, part of which includes a relationship with her own boy next door, except the boy was her father’s commanding officer. Eve then hands Dawson a copy of the PSAT’s she obtained, leaving Dawson struggling with whether to look at them or not. Dawson takes the problem to his friends, but in the middle of the discussion a fire drill goes off and everyone leaves the school, the test itself left on the table. When the students return, the test is missing.

What follows is a series of interrogations and tests to try and determine who took the test. Joey, lost in thought about the test at work, ends up overfilling a boat’s gas tank, spilling the gas. Rob reprimands her and takes back his offer for her to have Friday off to which she argues that he is retaliating because she turned down his date.

Andie returns all the tokens of love and friendship that she and Pacey ever shared, and in a state of depression, Pacey ends up getting drunk, going to see Joey for some comfort and friendship, ultimately ending with him accidentally dropping the box of memories into the water. 

Eve tries to steer Dawson towards the most likely suspects, which leads him to accusing Pacey who responds with a punch before receiving one back from his former friend. 

Elsewhere, Jack is debating whether or not to quit the team but Jen gives him a pep talk, pointing out that he could be an inspiration to others as well as possibly help the team to win some games this year. Henry talks with Jack about using a mantra to help him push his way through the exercises, a way to focus. After some thought Jack comes up with his mantra, the word FUG… and gets through the exercise completely as the team cheers him on.

Eve finds Dawson and asks if he got the test back yet, but Dawson has had enough, explaining that the point of them spending time together was so they could get to know each other, but now that they have done that, he has discovered that he doesn’t like her very much at all.

At the PSAT test the next day, Dawson decides to not take the test and walks out, soon followed by Pacey and the two come back together as friends, vowing that if they're going to beat the crap out of each other, it should not be over a test, but at least “over a chick.” Back inside, the rest of the group begins taking the PSAT, with Andie quickly filling in her answers… before she even opens the question book, revealing that she was the one who stole the test.

Dawson's Trivia:

Rob was played by Niklaus Lange, who has no IMDb picture and only has a few handfuls of credits. His biggest role is an early 2000’s sitcom called Men Women and Dogs about four friends who try to get girlfriends. He is one of the four friends but the show only lasted 12 episodes. He was in episodes of shows like Nash Bridges, CSI Miami, Charmed, That 70’s Show and Ghost Whisperer and minor roles in movies like Legally Blonde and Some Body. He did direct two music videos, one for the Chainsmokers called Kanye, and Ten Ven and Ripley called 1 Bad B*tch. Not really a working actor anymore since 2011. 

Aubrey Dollar was one of the cheerleaders, Marcy Bender. The latest thing she’s been in is 10 episodes of Filthy Rich from 2020 (the heirs of a wealthy southern businessmen hatch a plan to get his money). It’s apparently a remake of a 2016 version that ran for 33 episodes. She was also in a short called Again in which a man watches Groundhog Day again and again as a strange woman brings him his lunch (Will the heart recover what the mind has lost?). She was a lead in the Josh Duhumel led lawyer show Battle Creek which ran for 13 episodes, a supernatural thriller show called Point Pleasant, and a show called Women’s Murder Club. She was a lead in a romantic comedy called One Small Hitch, Save The Last Dance 2, and a drama called Best Man For The Job. She was a supporting actress in See Girl Run and Happy Valley, as well as guest appearances in various TV shows like Blue Bloods, Ugly Betty, Weeds, Person of Interest, and The Good Wife

Essential Playlist:

Classic Creek Critiques:

Jen Nance: The condom discussion (mid aisle, not at the check stand) was HILARIOUS!!!! Especially when the guy put his arm around Dawson. Dawson looked so scared. I loved the woman at the end of the scene who spoke up at the last minute about "The Brown Betty." LMAO....I was falling over.

Wackygirli responds: That was the best part of the show IMO

Meri Jaan: I just saw the season premiere of DC, and I must admit that I actually liked Jen. I hated her in the first two seasons but now I am starting to like her. The way that she stood up to those snobby girls, and put them down and everything. I like the jen and jack pair's just too bad that Jack is gay...they could have really had something good...

ABurenfiel: Eve's character is ridiculous. A male fantasy. I was thankful that she actually started revealing more about herself this evening. But when she wouldn't give Dawson her phone number I thought I would scream. Someone on the Dawson writing staff has been watching too many porn movies and is horny for a nympho dominatrix type. At least Jen (a watered down version of the same) had depth to her character. Would Kevin Williamson write this?

Ferris445: I was very disappointed with Andie last night. Pacey has been there for her through thick and thin, and she hops into the sack with the first guy that she meets. I can't believe she would do that to him. She deserves to be dumped.

Ryan3178 responds:  think the writers should just try and keep the main characters in a relationship together longer then 5 episodes.

Whitney: Marc sucks. Boooooo Andie! Bad Andie, bad, bad, bad! This episode made me so pissed. I knew it was coming, but it was just blaaaaaaaah. Poor Pacey- his last line made me cry! "I will always forgive you, Andie, but I will never forget.."

Wackygirli responds: LOL I agree i with you. I still can't believe they made Andie cheatof all people. Give me a break with the whole Marc knows what I been through stuff. so you're supposed to sleep with him? bah!

AndyPan responds to someone saying Pacey was acting self righteous: For the situation that he was in... I think he was really the MAN. The fact that he actually went back to talk to Andie and broke it off in a relatively civilized matter was proof to me that he was pretty mature [and that Joey wacked his head into gear] The thing he said.... "I knew that you were the one for me... but I began to realized that I might not be the one for you...." Like everyone I was devastated by the fact that Andie did something like that.... but Pacey would have been a Wuss and a pussy if he just forgive and forget about the whole thing. If he actually forgot about the whole thing... then it would serve to Andie as an example that she could use her "mental sickness" as an excuse to wrong Pacey. Yes, I can understand that she has illness and that makes her vulnerable, but having said that.. I don't think that Pacey has to be subjected to this pain and treatment for loving Andie. He handled the whole thing better than most people would have.

Tiffani Ing: if Dawson and his friends don't get really high scores on the verbal section of the PSAT, I'll throw rocks at my screen, I swear.

Whitney: The cheerleaders. They suck. Cheerleaders aren't even LIKE that and the ones at my school are terrible! Pacey and Andie. I miss them so much as a couple! I don't like how they both hate each other now and how their spars are only negative insults blaming each other. :( First Andie cheats on Pacey, now she steals the PSAT and cheats big time- what the hell are they doing to the poor girl? They're, like, ruining her. It's so out of character and just..lame.  Andie's bitchy attitude towards everything, mostly Pacey though. The box was way harsh. I love Andie..but, that made me so mad. She didn't even seem upset or heart-broken. :(

Ryan3178: What happen to Andie in theorpy over the summer? I mean she sleeps with another guy. Begs for Pacey to take her back and forgive her, then she gives all the stuff he gave her back. Says she has a plan now, then she steals the psat form and then cheats. What is going on in that head now?

Whitney responds: My thoughts COMPLETELY! Exactly what kind of mental institution WAS this? They turned her into a cheater, in moer ways than one. What happened to her morals? My goodness! And does she not have ANY pain or brokenheartedness over her current love situation? That puzzles me. Little emotional Andie doesn't even shed a tear- she's treating him like dirt and acting like a bitch. It's sad. I used to like Andie tons, but now- she's just so unlike her old character. I still like her, but I'm not liking her new attitude.

MaryAnn defends: The thing with Andie, I think was last year she seemed too good. Which no one is. Not totally. She has to do something wrong. Otherwise her character woudn't be as cool. Or complex. And you need complexities. I think she is feeling so much pressure to do good and show everyone she is okay, when really she isn't. She feels kinda like she missed a lot. She just did a really hard thing. Tell Pacey the truth. Her family is not better off. Everything is still messed up for her. Now she doesn't have that special someone to lean on. Which yes was her own fault. But I kinda understand. She wasn't herself. She felt the need to feel the same and understood. Enter crazy Marc. They get it on. She messes up everything. I just really feel the need to stick up for her cos she's still my fave and these bad decisions she has made hasn't changed my mind. It takes a lot more to do that. Don't dis Andie. She is still cool. It's all about complexifying (thats not a word, huh?) her characteer. Last year she was pyscho chick. Now shes going through moral issues chick. I like her. Shes real.


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