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RW425 - Dawson's Creek S03E04-05 - Movies Summer


In this weeks episode of The Dawson's Creek Rewatch, Cory and Tom are getting prepared and looking around season 3 episodes 4 & 5, "Home Movies" and "Indian Summer."

Home Movies:

Written by: Jeffrey Stepakoff

Directed by: Nick Marck

Original airdate: October 20, 1999


As Dawson shoots footage as a favor for his mother’s human interest piece on her Philadelphia news segment, Jen decides to quit the cheerleading team after finding out that a kiss from her was being auctioned off as a part of homecoming week’s festivities.

Pacey and Joey cut school so he can get a package he ordered from the post office, but before he can take Joey to the place he wanted to reveal the contents at, they are picked up by Principal Green who brings them back to school, and gives them the punishment of being the school mascot at the football game this week.

When Mitch learns Dawson was filming footage of Jack for his mother’s segment and NOT for a school project, he is very upset, and dismisses his son’s dreams, reasoning that airing the footage will single out Jack to the other team and ruin their chances of winning. Dawson seeks advice from Joey and ultimately finishes the edit, which his mother shows on national TV. Mitch is furious with Dawson and the two have an argument in which Dawson points out that he’s just a kid, but that it seems like he’s had to be the parent many times instead.

Andie ends up running into an education testing service agent and stumbles over her words in their discussion, and then later is asked by Principal Green to come in Monday for a meeting to discuss a matter of disciplinary nature. Worried that her cheating has been discovered, she tears Jack down for doing the interview, saying that it could really affect their dad and to be careful.

Pacey and Joey end up hiring two other students to play the mascot so they can sneak off to Pacey’s original destination, a boat he purchased for cheap and hopes to restore with her help, as he shows off the package’s contents, a boat name plate that says True Love on it.

At the game, Jack is the target of the other team after being singled out in the tv interview, leading to him being constantly tackled and the team not able to gain any points. Dawson and Jen come up with a plan to turn it around for them in the second half of the game as they obscure their player’s football jersey numbers so they can’t find Jack’s number, and the cheerleaders put major makeup on all the football player’s faces, distracting the other team and making it much harder to pick out Jack. As a result, the Capeside Minutemen managed to score enough points to win their first game in three years.

Andie confronts Principal Green, ready to tell him she cheated, but he instead asks her to head up a student disciplinary committee instead, much to her relief. She finds Jack after the game and tells him to forget about her earlier rant which leaves him confused.

Jen, who decided to go ahead with the kissing auction prize after learning the money was to go to a local orphanage, is surprised that the winner was $500 bidder, Henry, who sold his lucky celebrity football player mouthpiece to make the bid. She kisses him, making his day, nay… his whole year, and then is unceremoniously named Homecoming Queen.

Dawson and his dad meet up after the game and have a heart to heart and instead of going back home to watch one of Dawson’s favorite movies, he asks his dad to play a game of catch instead. Meanwhile, Joey watches an old home movie that Dawson found while doing the edit piece for his mother and made a copy of for her, that shows the time when she and Dawson first met and played together as children.

Dawson's Trivia:

Writer of this episode, Jeffrey Stepakoff, actually graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Master of Fine Arts in playwriting. He then landed a TV writing gig on Simon & Simon through a university contact. He writes 9 episodes of Dawson's Creek (and 1 other “story by” credit), and works in various producing roles over the next 3 seasons. He has a cameo in season 3 episode 12, as “boy.” He also wrote the book Billion-Dollar Kiss: The Kiss That Saved Dawson’s Creek and Other Adventures in TV Writing. He has been teaching at Kennesaw State University as Associate Professor of Screenwriting since 2006.

Lillian Potter was played by Janice Fletcher. She also appeared in Sacrifice as a minor character (a convicted robber (Michael Madsen) breaks out after learning that a serial killer has killed his daughter).

All other characters have nothing else to their name, save for John Sheerin who played Emmet Creed. He had a run of 18 episodes in Maverick as a sheriff, and then a whole bunch of one off appearances in shows and soap operas in the late 70’s early 80’s, but nothing really as a lead.

Indian Summer:

Written by: Gina Fattore & Tom Kapinos

Directed by: Lou Antonio

Original airdate: October 27, 1999


Dawson spies someone sneaking around Grams’ house in the middle of the night and calls the police, only to go over and investigate himself and finds Eve sneaking out of a window. When questioned, she tries to distract with sex which of course doesn’t work. The arrival of Deputy Doug pushes Eve to blackmail Dawson into covering up her break-in by threatening to expose his role in the stolen PSAT test debacle.

Meanwhile Jen and Jack have found a quiet place outside where they can spend the evening hanging out together, looking at the stars and confiding in each other as best friends do. 

The experience with Eve leads Dawson to start investigating her, finding out that she actually does NOT go to the school, and also was not employed at the strip club. On some advice from Deputy Doug, he manages to find her, and with Pacey in tow they follow her to a boat where she changes clothes and heads off into the night. Dawson investigates the boat while Pacey tails Eve, but Deputy Doug shows up and catches Dawson. Having lost Eve, Pacey returns and helps to somewhat defuse the situation and the two leave.

Elsewhere, Jack pushes Henry to just ask Jen out but he is still too shy and tongue-tied to do so, leaving Jack to set something up. Unfortunately, his attempt at matchmaking was a complete surprise to Jen and is too intrusive for her as it impacted her and Jack’s together time and their special place, and she gives both Henry and Jack the what for.

Joey, having successfully fended off another advance from her boss Rob, finds out that he is now taking Andie out for a date. She tries to warn Andie but to no avail as Andie is smitten with the arrogant man, leaving Joey to actually close up shop early and barge in on the date to try and help protect her much to Andie’s disappointment. Joey’s attempt is successful but the next day Rob fires Joey for closing up shop.

Eve shows up in Dawson’s room, demanding he give back a picture he took when he was on the boat, but with Dawson refusing until she comes clean, she reveals her story about finding a picture in her attic that revealed she was adopted and that her mother abandoned her and lived somewhere near the eastern seaboard. Because she is on the hunt, she never stays long in one place and so assumes a role in each town she goes to, never allowing anyone to get close, and with that, Eve exits.

Jack finds Jen in their special spot and the two talk about what happened with Jack revealing that he feels very alone due to being the only “out” gay male in Capeside and Jen revealing that she values Jack’s friendship as a boy who is with her because he likes her and not trying to sleep with her. 

As Dawson delivers one of their spare air conditioners to Grams, he spots a picture on her table that has a woman in it that looks like Eve’s mother. When he asks Grams, she explains that that is her daughter, Jen’s mother, as Dawson realizes that Jen and Eve were related.

Dawson's Trivia:

Writer Tom Kapinos later goes on to create the David Duchovny lead show Califonication, and brings on his DC writing partner, Gina Fattore, as a writer and executive producer.

Lou Criscuolo played the strip club owner. He’s had many small roles over the years starting back in the 60’s with Naked City, and then in shows like Maverick, Just Friends with Stockard Channing, and The Edge of the Night. He will return as “Man” in a later season of Dawson’s Creek.

Essential Playlist:

Classic Creek Critiques:

brandy: This isn't very important, but it bugs me because Pacey is my favorite character. How come we have never seen Pacey's house before?

Y2kvan5047 responds: t bugs me to, why wouldn't they show Pacey's house? They showed Dawsons,Joeys,Jens,Jacks and Andies house. Why not Paceys? is it that bad. will they did show his dad. But they should show his mom and sisters. But they also showed his brother also

Wackygirli responds: but then he disappeared

Ferris445 responds: Pacey's brother was played by Dylan Neal, who left Dawson's Creek when he was cast in the WB's now-defunct Hyperion Bay.

Daniel Habib: I thought the Andie-mirror scene was one of the strongest I've ever seen on DC. I agree that whether she's referring to Pacey or Marc is undecidable-- intentionally so, I think. Obviously, the initial impulse is to assume that it's Pacey, but what she says could be applied to either. For me, the most compelling moment of the scene was the realization that Andie's poring, soul-searching self-disclosure was self-directed, a rehearsed version of an exonerating speech that she expected she would have to make. The fact that Andie's baring of her sould occurs in what is actually a narcissistic, self-serving scenario is dark, and troubling. It gives further evidence to the conviction that her compulsion to "manage" her life, inc. purging it of all remnants of Pacey and re-directing herself on the straight and narrow is a complicated response to being abandoned. The cruel irony of the scene is that what she says is a perfect_ self-diagnosis, although she's so hyper-conscious of her own condition that she can hone it into a performance. Which makes you wonder: how aware (in her conscious mind) is Andie of the imminence of her collapse?

Watch With Wanda explanation for the rest of the show: Kristen Dos Santos started out as a writer for E! Online, penning the “Watch with Kristin” column (originally “Watch with Wanda,” a nom de plum), which gave exclusive scoop on fan-favorite shows, including spoilers, castings, pickups, cancellations and more. It grew to become the most successful franchise on E! Online, including a digital show, "Watch With Kristin", which targeted TV fans.

Whitney responds: According to Wanda, in 2 different e-mails: "Definitely Pacey!" and.. "Trust me, it's Pacey!" So, I'm going with Pacey on this call. Whew.Reader responds: Pay attention to the part she says ' he understood me in a way no one ever did or could' ... and try to remember this season's second episode when Andie says, and I quote: 'I was scared they would never gonna let me out of there [the mental institution] or whatever was broken inside me could not be fixeable and Marc... he understood these things like nobody else could because they were his fears too'. For the record... I am not saying nor want to believe it's all about Marc. All I want is to show that a lot of effort is being put on Dawson's Creek lately, so don't say it's bad... and if you want to trash DC, I heard there is a newsgroup for people who think it sucks. You will be welcome there... as in 'get out of here'! One more thing and correct me if I am wrong... wasn't there a scene in this season's preview with Marc and Andie sitting on a bench? It was broadcasted about a week prior to the premiere and lasted for less than a second but I am pretty sure I saw them. Maybe it's some footage they didn't use or maybe Andie will visit Marc one of these days... let's keep watching.

Allison Nettles responds: Yeah I was wondering about that too but when I looked back at the preview again it's a different guy she is hugging. I don't know if that was originially Marc and they just recast of if that is a totally different person. I just came to the conclusion that they recast and didn't have to time to reshoot everything. But who knows.

Warfreak: I am talking about the PSAT and not cheating on Pacie. Cheating o nPacie was a mistake and she was crazy :) so i excuse that. But I must admit that when i found Andie was the one who stole the PSAT and cheated on it i was a bit suprised. I always liked her as a character in the show but now i must say i dont like her much. She went from a hard working high strung smart girl to a cheating semi-high strung girl. I am just curious if anyone else likes her less for what she did or is it just me? My room mate doesnt like her now but he never did. Now he is happy that she really sucks and cheats. I must admit i still like her just not as much (I like her %50 less then i did). Had to clear that up.

Cherry responds: I personally think that they are making her out to be some sort of bad girl. I mean first she was the good girl the one that never did anything wrong; and now she is a girl who cheated on her man and who cheated on the PSATs. I will have to disagree with you on disliking her less than before. I think her role now is better. First she was boring and now she has a normal teenage life. Her role now is better.

AndyPan responds: But who says she has to CHeat on the SAT to be NORMAL? I rather she was kookoo but at least she didn't cheat [on pacey or PSAT]

Scooter… I think they should hook up. The last time they hung out (marine biology project), I really thought they were going to get together. What do you think?

Frank1252 responds: The last time pacey wanted to but joey did not -- i do think she would be more respetive to it

Reader responds: Aren't you forgeting that Pacey started hanging out with Joey because a certain person asked him to? I respect your opinion but if you think they should get together you probably missed the ending of last night's episode when young Dawson and young Joey are walking side by side... However, If they get together it would be a good way of testing the whole Dawson/Pacey friendship.... which reminds me of the line just after they refused to take their PSATs. It goes like this: "If we ever get to fight again, at least let it be over some chick!"

Warfreak responds: I do not necassarily like the idea of Joey and Pacey but i am interested in what will happen. Even if they do go out together it will not last. It oculdnt due to the fact of the show being about Dawson and his love for Joey and so on, etc etc. They are not a like but then again Pacey showed us that opposites do attract (Andie). Anyways it will be interesting to see what happens.

Father… First off, I'm a big fan. I've been watching this show religiously, and I really love it. But things have been progressing steadily downhill, and I want to know why! First off, Dawson's Creek is about Dawson and Joey and their relationship, and how it changes as they grow up. This is its bread and butter. Just like Roswell is about that alien freak and the brunette (I don't know their names yet, but it's a pretty damn good show!), and their forbidden love. So please don't change the format or focus to a 90210 or Melrose place type of deal. Stick with Dawson and Joey and the pain and anguish that is caused when an innocent best friendship gets altered because of the complications of age. For someone as old as me, it's really refreshing and touching to see something like this played out. This was what was so good about the first two seasons, when Joey was envious with the relationship of Jen and Dawson, then they gottogether, they broke up, and he was pissed off, and then she wanted to get back together, etc. They both made mistakes that only people that age could make. This was great TV. Now, it's more of a teen soap opera, and less of an analysis on the pureness and innocence of the friendship/love between Joey and Dawson. 

Secondly, the thing I hate the most is the ridiculous storylines and the aggravating dialog. Why does everyone talk the same? It doesn't matter who it is, they all talk exactly the same as though they're reading from a thesaurus. Please, this is just an indication of how bad the writers are. Are they really that incapable of giving each character their own separate personalities and methods of expression, including vernacular? I am so tired of listening to everyone talk exactly the same way. Even Henry talks like Dawson and Joey. Come on. 

Also, the storylines are ridiculous. Why doesn't Joey just quit that gas pump job? You're telling me that's the only job in the town? Why doesn't she deliver newspapers, or wash dishes in another restaurant?? And then she cares enough about Andie even after she gets completely dissed that she would intrude on their date??? Why do they subject us to such stupid storylines. Do the writers really think we're that stupid? If the writers didn't put the characters is such ridiculous situations, there would be no story. Again, this is an indication that the writers are really unintelligent.

Ever since Williamson left the show, there is no driving passion behind its stories.

Ferris445 responds: Sorry, I disagree. I, for one, and sick of the whole Dawson/Joey drama. How many times can we watch them get together, break up, fight, get back together. The show is about a group of teenagers, not just Dawson and Joey. Personally, I don't want them to get back together because they annoy me.

Wackygirli responds: I totally agree with you. I'm sick of the Joey and Dawson thing too. It's soooooooo boring. Who wants to see them get together. break up, get together, etc. It's lame and it gets old. I hope they either decide to keep them apart or keep them together because it's just stupid to keep them breaking up.

Maryann responds in defense: That is what propelled the show into stardom. The fact that they don't talk down to us. They use big words. I enjoy that. I try to throw in a big word in my speeches every day now. Plus, it won't hurt my SAT scores.

It is a small town. Even in the big city of Virginia Beach several teens have a hard time finding a job. You have to work around school and the child labor laws. That is sometimes a big hassel for a employer. I know some people who have applied for several jobs and are still looking.

She is Andie's friend. People don't just leave there friends out in the cold just because they say something mean. I konw I don't. I take it as they don't know anbetter and we will probably make up. If I knew that my buddy was going on a potential sexual harrassment loser guy I would not leave them alone regardless of what she said.

Goro defends the attack on speech: THe complaint above is not one of large words, but that everyone speaks exactly the same way, uses the exact same strucuture, and chooses to use this same group of large words. Granted that friends who hang w/each other end up reflecting some shared histories, but chars will resonate if given their own voice. My only real gripe about the speech patterns of DC chars is the OVER-use of parallel construction in common-speak. This really bugs me, as it LOOKS really good on paper and sounds very good as a formal speech device, but in casual talk, it sounds particularly unnatural.... IMHO of course. or Anderson Crawford, (Ian Bohen) who was Joey's First Kiss. I think that would be great. His character is a nice, down to earth kind of guy... Hope they bring him back and him and Joey can stir up a storm... but I also like the idea of Joey and Pacey getting together.

S.N.B.: Ths is my guess and it's a simple one when Eve was in Gram's house why could she not have just taken the picture from there house and make up this story just my opinion route09

Debbie Entine: Am I the only person who is very bored with the "search for my parents' theme that we are being bombarded with? First Sarah on P of 5. Then Julie on Felicty. Now Eve on Dawson' Creek? For a show that is critically acclaimed and has writers who are more articulate than most college professors, you would think they could be a little more original. And poor Gram. Another slutty granddaughter. I do have to say that Eve looked incredibly sexy all sweatty like she was in the, “Body Heat" like episode.

Andy Pan: How many people out there that saw tonight's eps have gut a gut feeling that something bad is going to happen to Andie? Being ignorant about a person is onething... but ignoring a friend's advice and ripping her about it is too much... This is the Guy that Andie moves on with after Pacey? Someone send her back to the institute for being really F-ed up...that guy isn't half the man that PACEY is....we all know that the Logan guy is an A-hole... if they had any lawyers in Capeside... Joey would hire one and sue the crap out of his family's ASS for sexual harassment and then maybe she won't have to work to support her sister and her nephew.

Andrea Frank responds: I think this thing with the Logan guy is just a set up. I think he will turn out to be gay. Then, Jack and he will get together over a long drawn out period. #1 - I think Jack is supposed to have some sort of romance thing this year. Crush or relationship? I don't know. #2- This guy seems like he trying to prove he a ladies man, he wants to get laid, or something, way too much. #3- Andy said he was a gentleman & walked her to her door. I think he is making a reputation for himself as a cover. Of course this is just my opinion, but I have a serious belief that it's possible.

Wackygirli: well I definitely think Jen could have been nicer to Henry but I don't blame her for what she did. I'm sure she knows how it feels to be young and have a crush on someone like that, who doesn't? The point was that Jack set her up with Henry after she told him that she wasn't interested in Henry at all. Not only that but Jack got Henry to take his place which was supposed to be special

for only Jack and Jen. That was like their movie night that Dawson and Joey has. It was supposed to be special between them two. But Jack broke that. Plus by setting them up that way it only makes Henry look even more pathetic.

Mary Ann: Are the writers trying to make Andie bitchy? Every episode seems to drag her more and more out of character. I don't know what that institution did to her, but I know what they didn't do. They totally didn't help her sanity. Maybe she was lobotomized. Bring back the Andie I know and love. Or atleast her character personality. She changed so dramitically I don't even think she is the same


Brandy responds: I think Andie is just psycho. I don't think anything can help her. I also don't think she is the same person because she seems to have multiple personalities.

Wackygirli responds: I think they are trying to make her bitchy or whatever. From what Wanda says she continues to get worse and worse. I dont think she likes Andie anymore because she referred to her as "wacko Andie" 

Wanda never said for sure that Eve is Jen's half sister but a lot of the fans said that. She only says Dawson *thinks* they are sisters. So I'd go with what you said.

Mary Ann responds: Some one can help her. His name is Pacey. The love of her live. Her soulmate. He destiny. I will just sit back and wait for that day. And send my petition to the WB. I don't go to extremes. Remeber, sign my petition PA fans. Link below.

Sunshine responds: How true. I realized today that Pacey and Andie are probably the one TV couple that really seems to belong together. That includes Dawson and Joey, Ross and Rachel, all of them. Pacey and Andie are different, but I can understand how they could appeal to each other, unlike most odd couples. And they're just so darned cute.

Andy Pan responds: It's one thing to go through character changes... it's another to have multiple personalities. Andie suffers from massive mood swings and manic depression, but that doesn't make her schizophrenic. From what I learned in neurology class, schizo is a really bad illness and it's like 100 times worse than what Andie had/has. It's REALLY REALLY hard on a person that has schizo and even harder on the people around them. If Andie had the medical definition of schizo I don't think it would be possible for Andie and Pacey to have they type of relationship they had. 

To Mary Ann:I think maybe the writers are trying to tone down Andie's cuteness because she might have been overshadowing Joey and Jen's character. A lot of people would agree with me that she was REALLY popular during the 2nd season and even more so toward the end of the season. Making her less ikable probably will switch the audience's focus back to the "main" characters. At least that's my theory anyways.

Jeff Mills: I'm not as pessimistic as some of you are about the show, but I must admit that I have been more disappointed this year than I have been the previous two years. Let me just say first of all that it was inevitable that once the characters got to be juniors that they would not be the innocent teenagers that they were when they were first introduced to us in the first season. I think what the writers and producers have tried to do is to move the characters around and not have them doing the same thing all of the time. Because then, the rationale is, correctly or incorrectly, that the audience will get bored. Most fans want Dawson and Joey to get together, but it would be boring if every episode was "I love you, Dawson!" "I love you more, Joey!" In fact it would make some of us nauseated. It is inevitable they will get back together and that they will grow old together. But they have to go through some growing pains first and try dating other people before they will come back to each other. I think that the Eve storyline needs to get thrown into the garbage can. They kill Abby off but they bring this character on who has no chemistry with Dawson? I just don't understand that. I also never understood why they had Joey practically undressing in Dawson's bedroom. I think that they should have had Dawson and Joey remain apart for awhile because then we could see for the first time how they interact without the other in their lives. Maybe they both just need to be alone for awhile. After all, wasn't it Joey who wanted to find herself and who she is? Well, the "Blair Witch" spoof sounds like it could be a very good episode. And as for pairing Pacey with Joey, if it is true, it might be a very good idea. Of course we all know that it won't last.


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