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RW426 - Dawson's Creek S03E06-07 - Secrets Witch


In this weeks episode of The Dawson's Creek Rewatch, Cory and Tom stop to smell the orchids and document their discussion of season 3 episodes 6 & 7, "Secrets and Lies" and "Escape from Witch Island."

Secrets and Lies:

Written by: Greg Berlanti & Alex Gansa

Directed by: Greg Prange

Original airdate: November 10, 1999


Now that Jen is the homecoming queen, she finds herself inducted into a not so secret society of all the past homecoming queens from years past, much to her chagrin.

Elsewhere Pacey helps the Potters get the house converted into a bed and breakfast with additional assistance from some of his dad’s police auxiliary force before finding out that Joey’s boss went on a date with Andie, dampening his mood.

Gale returns to town, asking Dawson to accompany her to the homecoming queen gala where he ends up learning that his mom has really returned to town because she was fired from her job in Philadelphia. 

Andie gets angry with Joey for telling Pacey about Rob, while Jen meets the head of the HQ gala, Miss Freckling who is very old fashioned in her ways and expects Jen to follow suit for the event. As she leaves, Henry, who is Miss Freckling’s handy boy, falls from the roof and tells her to run due to the bees he just disturbed. The two talk about Miss F and Jen changes her mind and returns to the house, willing to play nice, negotiating for certain aspects of the gala with Henry to be her date for the evening.

Meanwhile, Andie calls Joey in a panic, crying, and she and Pacey go to find her. After Andie explains that things got out of hand with Rob in the bedroom at a party, Pacey finds him and punches him while Rob denies anything happened. Despite their pleadings, Andie doesn’t want to call the police as nothing really happened and she got out of there quick enough. Pacey takes Andie to his boat and the two talk about things before she begins to kiss him, and despite his initial misgivings, gives in and kisses her back. 

Rob goes to Joey the next day professing his innocence but doesn’t do much to make his case, especially after threatening to play up Andie’s mental issues if she decides to go to the police. Joey talks with Andie and mentions the interaction with Rob, leaving Andie defensive but saying that everything is fine because now things are back to normal with her and Pacey together. 

At the gala, Jen shows up in a not very appropriate gala dress, along with her choice of entertainment, a quartet of drag queens. While at first all seems lost, the music and infectious mood of the queens gets everyone, including Miss Freckling, going and dancing.

Pacey goes to Andie and apologizes for what happened the night before and says that he can’t continue on together, reasoning that if she slept with someone else, it was her heart’s way of telling her that he actually is not the one for her.

Miss Freckling and Jen discuss Henry, with Jen telling her that she just doesn’t see him the same way he sees her. Miss F tells her of how her own heart was broken young and never recovered, leaving Jen to talk with Henry and explain to him that she just isn’t ready for someone to love her because she doesn’t even love herself just yet. 

Dawson pushes his mother to go to Mitch and confide in him as a friend now in her time of need while Andie confronts Joey about her being the cause of Pacey breaking up with her but Joey remains a true friend and comforts her.

Dawson's Trivia:

Alex Gansa has worked as a writer and producer on several shows, including X-Files, Numb3rs, Entourage and 24. Most recently, he created the series Homeland, and has worked as showrunner on the entire run.

Miss Freckling was played by K Callan, whom we have seen twice before, in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman as Martha Kent, and then in the Quantum Leap episode “The Americanization of Machiko Mackenzie” as Lenore. Cory and Nathan have also discussed her in the movie Knives Out, and just a few weeks ago in Police Squad. Over the years she has made appearances in shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Veep, How I Met Your Mother, Castle, Desperate Housewives, and NCIS, among others. She was also a recurring character in the sitcom Meet The Browns, and a supporting character in Carnivale (depression era, battle between heaven and hell). She was also one of the leads in the short lived medical drama Cutter To Houston (lead by a young Alec Baldwin and Shelley Hack, Captain Stark from Seaquest). 

Of the drag queens, only Megan Whoopie has other credits, played by Dan Martin. He is currently employed on the Bold and the Beautiful as a policeman, totaling 176 episodes so far. Most recently he’s been in Your Honor, The New Twilight Zone, Doom Patrol, and Better Call Saul. Aside from various supporting roles here and there, he had a handful of appearances in Numb3rs. For horror fans, he was in Leprechaun 5 as a supporting actor as well. His biggest claim to fame is probably a lead in 106 episodes of the series Rin Tin Tin: K-9 Cop.

Escape from Witch Island:

Written by: Tom Kapinos

Directed by: James Whitmore, Jr.

Original airdate: November 17, 1999


Tasked with an assignment on the Salem Witch Trials, Dawson manages to secure special permission to do a video presentation and ropes Joey, Pacey, and Jen into being a part of it. As Dawson and Joey begin setting up their equipment he mentions how it feels good to be doing things like this again, and while she thinks he is referring to their friendship, he actually was referring to making movies. 

The quartet ride to the local mysterious Witch Island via a hired boat and are greeted by the Island’s gift shop owner, Wendy who tells them of some of the history of the place, but refuses to take them to the church, the place where a number of girls were taken to be burned to death during the olden days. Joey intermittently reads from one of the accused girls’ journals while she and Dawson verbally spar about their relationship, or lack thereof, as well as how little they know about each other's lives now. Jen uses a book in the gift shop to concoct a love potion which she tries out with Pacey as a joke before Wendy returns and reprimands them.  With one of the gift shop’s maps, the four friends find their way to the abandoned church. Pacey goes off to find a place to relieve himself, with Jen heading out to find him after he is gone too long, while Dawson and Joey head back to the boat, only to find the boatman ready to leave because of the oncoming darkness of night. Reluctant to leave their friends, the two go back to the gift shop to wait for them, continuing their discussion.

Jen and Pacey find each other and begin walking back to the others while coming up with the idea for the two of them to become friends with benefits.

After the church bell starts ringing, the four friends meet up at the church where the ringing was coming from but to their surprise there is no visible bell. As Pacey and Jen begin kissing to try and begin to take advantage of their new status of FWB, loud noises suddenly start with the doors banging, fire appearing, chanting and screams sounding from all around them, and blue writing appearing on the walls. As quickly as it starts it stops and the four of them rush back to the shore where they find the boat sitting and waiting, as they rush in and sail away.

Meanwhile at school, Andie goes gung ho over her new position as head of the disciplinary committee and hands out dozens upon dozens of infraction tickets to students for seemingly small things.

At school, Dawson presents his movie much to the shock and surprise of the students, before Principal Green has to leave class to reprimand Andie for too heavily enforcing the student code of conduct which was old and outdated.

After school, Jen confronts Pacey and the two establish rules for their FWB status, cementing it with a handshake. Joey and Dawson discuss the two figures on Dawson’s movie that one of their fellow students noticed were watching them leave the island, theorizing on whether it was the boatman and the gift shop owner or one of the missing girls from the past and her lover. The two apologize to each other about how they were viewing their situation and vow to just take it slow and check in with each other every once in a while. 

Dawson's Trivia:

Boat Guy was played by Wayne Pere. We've seen him twice before, one time in the Flash ‘90 pilot as Rick, one of Pike's motorcycle gang members, and then again in Lois and Clark as Rolf, the assistant to the scandal-hungry Top Copy news reporter played by Raquel Welch (also guest starring Robert Culp). He's had a long career in movies and TV with his latest being Bryan Cranston's Your Honor. 

Liz Vassey played Wendy the tour guide. She played Lobstercules in the new Tick show as well as Captain Liberty in the older Tick show. She was recently in Riley Parra: Better Angels, a movie based on a series about a war between demons and angels (Marina Sirtis has a supporting role). She was a lead in Nikki and Nora (a series based on a movie about PI's in a party town). She was also a main cast member in several seasons of CSI. We've seen her twice before in the Quantum Leap episodes “Raped” and “Goodbye Norma Jean”. She also had a brief run of episodes of All My Children. She was one of the main cast of a short lived Friends-style show called Pigsty, and co-starred with the three Lawrence brothers (Joey, Andrew, and Matthew) in a show called Brotherly Love.

Saycon Sengbloh was the conspiracy theorist girl, and most recently she was a cast member of Delilah (lawyer leaves huge firm for her own practice in order to raise her kids), and In The Dark (blind woman tries to solve her friends murder). Other than that, minor roles in various TV shows and movies. She is currently a part of the upcoming Wonder Years reboot, focusing on a man who grew up in the 60’s in Alabama (Don Cheadle will narrate, Fred Savage exec produces).

Essential Playlist:

Classic Creek Critiques:

Melissa Michelle: Andy is lying about the almost rape.

Dee responds: I totally agree...I knew that she was going to use that as away to try to get Pacey back...when they kissed I was like eeewww...noooo! Ok did you notice Joey's face when Andie said that her and Pacey were back together? I want Pacey and Joey to go out.

Aimme Jacobs responds: the whole character of Andie is really annoying and she needs to get killed off like Abby. I didn't like her from the start and she strains her expressions when she tries to talk and its just annoying as hell. I wish they would have her commit suicide already.

Srm32574 responds: How do we know this isn't the real Andie. We don't know what she was like before she got to Capeside. She has always seemed focused on her hopes and dreams for the future. Up until this season there has been nothing standing in her way other than the whole deal with the accident. Seems to me things have kind of always revolved around her or at least in her eyes they have. Who knows maybe they didn't keep her in long enough for her to get completely better.

Matt Byron likes Eve: OK, last nights episode wasn't too good at all. First, let me vent on Jen. I hate the way she tries to act all non-popular. Anybody knows that there's no way she would be captain of the cheer squad or homecoming queen. Cheerleaders usually have this thing called a sponsor and when the hell do the cheerleaders get to pick their own squad?! And those fish-net pants under her skirt, gag me. Also, what no election for homecoming queen this year? Just give it to Jen? The lonely, confused girl who doesn't like anybody? (see my "popular" post for a good homecoming episode) The reason I liked DC so much is because everything in it was realistic. It is getting weird now. Thank god pacey is not going back with Andy, she is psycho. And Dawson, was he even in last night's episode?? What about that party. Like a bunch of old married guys are gonna go to a homecoming gala and dance with some hookers. If it wasn't for Eve, this year's DC would have been boring. All I'm saying is that we need to get back to the basics of highschool life. Party of 5 tried that whole seriousness stuff and lost a lot of viewers. There's still a cast a theme that can be worked on, if only the writers would know how to do it! And bring back EVE!!

RiotSquad:And speakin of Pacey, I think that he needs to enrole in an anger management program. Every time he gets mad he punches someone, lets recap. He's punched, his Dad, Dawson, Rob, that guy Joey was dancing with on the beach(season 1), and he spit in a teachers face. He is running out of male characters to punch are the girls next?

BigAro55 responds: He still has a ways to go. Let's see, there is Henry, Jack, Himself... Dawson's Dad, his brother, the principal, Joey's dad (if he ever can get out of jail again) and some others I'm probably forgetting. 

Cherity13 responds: lets just say this Pacey was raised in a family that was at least semi-abusive... I think that eventually they can go a long way with this. Abuse doesn't stop untill someone gets help for it. So yes Pacey does need anger management... mainly because hitting has been the way that he was brought up to handle emotion of any kind... remember the ep when he said his Dad had never hugged him, ever!!! Well thats a clue that Pacey eventually needs to get help so that he stops the abuse.

Mary Ann: Okay, I was reading Pacey's Webpage on Dawson's Desktop and they updated it for the worse! They deleted everything Pacey/Andie related. He removed her from his "friends" list and even crossed out all of the Andie-related subjects on the "Memorable Moments" list. How sad! :(

Mary Ann on Andie: Me too. It's so sad. She was a great character. They are destroying all I felt she stood for. I can't believe it. It's like shes not even Andie anymore. Maybe the writers have some stupid plot where her evil twin has taken over and so this is what they are leading up to. It can't be any worse then it already is.

Embers97 responds: All I want to see is one character happy on this show. Is that too much to ask for?>? It seems they are using electro-shock therapy on the writers and the characters

are changing weekly before our eyes. 

Wackygirli responds: I wouldn't doubt it if it got any worse. I am fearing that they will make it that she is only acting like this because she can't live without Pacey.

AceGreen responds: So did I, I mean she was that major grade A student who helped look after her Mum, that takes a lot of strength

Ststeboy: Absolutely hated the episode, except for the Pacey - Jennifer casual sex agreement, and everything that led up to it. Blair Witch was a fine movie; the ripoff was pretty amateurish, even for Dawson (the special effects in the church weren't bad). Dawson and Joey rehashing things yet again is tedious. Andie is losing it, and the quicker she gets locked up, the better.

Plus, there was nothing about Jack, Henry, or any of the adults/quasi-adults to play off the teenage characters.

The Princess of Disco responds: 'The only part I liked was when Pacey asked Jen if she wanted to have sex, and she said something like she would but ROSWELL is on in 5 minutes! I loved that, because Roswell is a great show, and it is nice that it was mentioned in Dawsons Creek.' well, it could be also jen wants to see the male lead of Roswell, who looks *just like* that dude chris wolfe whom she had slept with last season

Brat17a: I think this episode was weird, but in a good way. But why you say, it had some of that first season quality to it. Take for instance that the 4 original characters were together also their backlashing on each other. Without Andie or Jack and the new ones introduced this season and their problems. Second, Dawson and Joey were finally talking which I had missed for a long time. Analyzing a movie which wasn't a Spielberg movie, this time the "Blair Witch Project" and the "Witches of Witch Island" argument. You know that they were either arguing, or that there was still sexual tension in the air. Also instead of beginning with the famous bedroom scene with the two of them, they ending the hour with it, still not the same, but it still made me very happy. You can also still see that Joey still has more than friend feelings for Dawson, and Dawson was clueless as ever to her ever changing emotions/feelings for him. Except for the Andie interruptions about the stupid disciplinarian committee, and Jen and Pacey witch brew kiss, that didn't make sense, I enjoyed this episode, and hope the writers plan another season one type episode, but no more spoofs on movies. Just the conflict and emotions and characters from that season. Email me back if anyone wants to respond to this. Just don't flame me.

Dginsb1213 responds: I really enjoyed Blair Witch episode. It scared the beejeeezus out of me (considering I watched it at midnight) and was glad that Pacey and Jen were finally going to get it on! I also liked how Joey kept referring to the relationship with Dawson It was a really good episode returning to the original 4 (they coulda kept Andie out of the episode completely...) ANd there we have it.

Ststeboy: According to Soap Opera Digest, Jack is going to be getting a boyfriend soon. One of the actors who has apparently auditioned was Jacob Young (ex-Rick on B&B).

Brat17 responds: Its going to be the guy that had sex with Buffy on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Parker. Wanda confirmed it on her Online Chat on Monday. Hope this helps. The WB likes to recycle their characters into different shows. I think we should come up with a list of them. If it already hasn't been done yet.


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