Thursday, August 25, 2022

RW491 - Crank Rewatch - Crank


In this episode of The Crank Rewatch, Cory and Eoghan have an adrenaline charged discussion about "Crank."


Our Favourite Trivia:

Johnny Knoxville was the original intended star. Nic Cage was also approached to play Chev.

Jason Statham did all of his own fight and car stunts, including the helicopter fight scene. The directors referred to the shoot as a big game of “Who’s the pussy.”

The directors operated the A and B cameras, one for wide shots and one for close ups. They often also used roller skating to do hand held camera work; Proton packs with roller blades using Canon XL2 and Sony CineAlta HDC-F950. They prefer to work in camera as much as possible which worked for the relatively low budget and short shoot.

A crane was used for the fall from the chopper.

When the Google Earth satellite views zoom-in they show the real locations where the scenes were actually shot.

Early in the film, Chev states to Kaylo that he's going to get Verona if it's the last thing he does, then asides that "it may actually be the last thing [he does]". He then pulls Verona out of a helicopter at the very end of the movie, making it seemingly the last thing he does. However, the last thing he actually did was phone his girlfriend and leave a message on her answering machine.

The filmmakers were early adopters of viral marketing. They got early Youtubers to help, using platforms like MySpace and Friendster. They basically did cameo videos for peoples websites and personal pages.

Jason Statham also did as much marketing on his own accord as he could, something he wasn’t known for. Efren Ramirez was pushing the movie a lot. 

Directors are so edgy and cool, they always drink beer. Apparently they need to tell everyone how the director isn’t gay for rollerblading.

What's Up Next?

The first film did pretty well, especially on home release, so a sequel was bound to happen. So, next week we're discussing "Crank: High Voltage."

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