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RW492 - Dawson's Creek S06E19-20 - Love Catch


In this weeks episode of The Dawson's Creek Rewatch, Cory and Tom are on the hotline with their very own opinions as they discuss season 6 episodes 19 & 20, "Lovelines" and "Catch-22."


Written by: Jason M. Palmer

Directed by: Joshua Jackson

Original airdate: April16, 2003


Eddie attempts to get Joey in the mood for a little sexy time but she’s put off by his adolescent advances, and welcomes the interruption of Audrey returning to school. At the helpline office, CJ tries to entice Jen by inviting her over, but she instead breaks up with him suddenly. Elsewhere Jack and David are selling tickets to a special charity episode of Loveline that is being shot on campus, and hosted by none other than Jen. One ticket buyer, Fred, shows a slight interest in David, leaving Jack to make a joke.

Later as everyone begins getting seated for the show to start, Jen panics and starts asking David to be a ringer in case no one asks any questions but he declines, citing glossophobia, a fear of public speaking. 

Backstage, Audrey talks with Jen, frantically trying to find Dr. Drew, but only ends up being hit on by Adam Corolla. Out in the audience, David shows up to find Fred sitting next to Jack, who offered him the seat when David hadn’t arrived yet. Fred apologizes and leaves, as David sits down, annoyed at seeing what he thought was flirting between Jack and Fred. Nearby, Eddie once again tries to get Joey to talk about sex but to no avail.

As the show gets started, no one volunteers any questions causing CJ to break the silence by asking about his relationship. While Drew and Adam begin their attempt to help, Jen interjects to shut down CJ’s thoughts in favor of finding questions from the paying audience members. Instead, an outburst from Eddie leads Drew and Adam to ask them what is going on, and then invite them up to the stage to further investigate. Once they’re on stage, the hosts try getting to the root of Eddie and Joey’s problem which comes to the broken trust when he left twice. Joey turns to Jen to take the heat off of her who in turn calls on David who asks about what to do when one finds his boyfriend flirting in front of him. Dr. Drew attempts to answer but Jen interrupts that perhaps it was all just a misunderstanding and attempts to take a question from an anonymous student who turns out to be Audrey, who quickly tries to seduce Dr. Drew before CJ brings up his issue again. Drew and Adam manage to get Jen talking but she quickly deflects and tries to turn the attention back to Joey before telling everyone to call the helpline if they have any questions and rushes offstage, giving Audrey the job of finishing hosting the show.

A montage follows, of various questions being asked and answered before the show is finally over, and Joey and Eddie find themselves backstage trying to find Audrey since they were going to give her a ride home. Adam comes over and gives Eddie some advice about earning Joey’s trust back, which after Eddie tells her there’s nothing he can say to earn her trust again but that he does love her. Joey rushes him home without Audrey presumably because he has now earned her trust and she wants to make mad passionate love with him. No really, that happened.

Jack and David talk about what happened and David will not accept the idea that the flirting he thinks he saw was just a misunderstanding, giving Jack an ultimatum, either apologize for it, or break up with him.

Jen waits for CJ outside, and asks for his help, revealing that her Grams is sick, as CJ takes her in his arms and comforts her. 

Audrey tries to get Adam to help him find Dr. Drew but Adam tells her that he’s already gone. Audrey is disappointed but suddenly hears Dr. Drew’s voice and accepts his offer of a ride back home.

Dawson’s Trivia:

One of the most listened to doctors in America, Dr. Drew Pinsky hosted the nationally syndicated radio show "Loveline", where he had taken calls from listeners since 1983. Dr. Drew is a practicing physician who is board certified in internal and addiction medicine, still runs a private practice, is on staff at Huntington Memorial Hospital and is Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Keck USC School of Medicine.

Adam Corolla started out as a carpet cleaner / boxing trainer before his friend Jimmy Kimmel got him on a radio show, which led to meeting Dr. Drew. Drew liked his style, and offered him a job as co-host on “Loveline'', which had a four year stint on MTV. After that, he created The Man Show with Kimmel. He was also the executive producer of Crank Yankers, and now hosts his own podcast. 


Written by: Laura Glasser

Directed by: Robert McNeill

Original airdate: April 23, 2003


While Pacey starts to date Sadia Shaw, Joey studies in her dorm with Eddie, with him telling her to not just repeat what Hetson said in class and to develop an opinion of her own. They’re interrupted by Audrey who reveals that she is going to be kicked out of school unless she attends summer school, a prospect she dreads. Speaking of summer, Joey tries to figure out what THEIR plans are for summer, thinking Eddie would come home with her to Capeside, but Eddie fears the disapproving eye of her father and says he has a better idea, but won’t tell her about it till after her final exam, lest she be distracted. 

Jack finds David at the helpline and the two set up a date to talk about things. Unfortunately when David shows up, he sees Jack chatting with a friend from school and immediately jumps to conclusions. The two argue about their relationship with David saying that he feels Jack is just going through the motions of a relationship, rather than really wanting to be in one and breaks up with him.

At Hetson’s final, Eddie goes to give Hetson a thank you but as usual, Hetson’s sardonic remarks get to him and the two start to go at it before Joey steps in and calms things down. 

At the office, Dawson calls Pacey to tell him he’s nervous and wants to pull out of the investment but Pacey convinces him to stay in just a little longer, stating that the stock will shoot through the roof after the FDA approves Stepatech's vaccine.

After the final, Joey meets Eddie who gives her his surprise, a backpack, with a book inside called Europe for $5 a day, and explains his idea for the two of them to travel Europe for the summer, to which Joey enthusiastically accepts. However, later back at her dorm, as they begin working out the details of where they will be going and how, they begin to argue, having a difference of opinion on how big they should be going for this trip, considering their lack of money and the coming school year. With Joey now stuck on being practical, afraid of taking a chance, Eddie calls her on it, deciding that she blinded him, that she actually might be afraid to love someone because of the risk and pain that might happen. Joey asks him to leave.

The next day, Joey goes to see Hetson, her advisor, and he shows her her final exam grade of A- which brings her semester final grade to a C+ which she is more than happy with. He points out the darkness of her final exam analysis and points out a passage of the book that helps her to reconsider her practical ways she had tried pushing on Eddie the day before. She leaves and heads back to her dorm, ready to go to Europe with him, but finds a note from him, bidding her goodbye, as he runs away again for a final time.

Pacey walks into the office and notices a somber mood and quickly learns that the Stepatech vaccine was rejected, thus tanking the stock and causing everyone to lose tons of money. Pacey is shocked when he realizes he lost all of Dawson’’s money. Worse yet, he reveals that he lost all of his own money as well, not saving anything as backup. He goes to Rich to ask for some money to cover him, offering to pay it back at whatever interest rate he wants, but Rich denies him, calling him a loser. Pacey immediately starts to attack Rich and the two fight, knocking over computers and tables, but in the end, Pacey stops, and Rich fires him. Pacey heads back to Capeside, and stands outside Dawson’s house, knowing he has to go in and deliver the bad news.

Dawson’s Trivia:

Irene Ziegler was Pacey’s secretary, Mrs. Seater. She’s made a few appearances in shows like The Red Road, Mr. Mercedes, The Walking Dead, and Satisfaction. She will also appear in the season finale of Dawson’s Creek as Jane Markey. She’s still working today, most recently in Doom Patrol, playing the part of Micki Harris.

The waitress was played by Melissa Claire Egan. She’s known for her roles of Chelsea Bourdreau in 1013 episodes of The Young And The Restless, and Annie Novak in 715 episodes of All My Children. We’ve seen her before in DC as she played the part of Charlie’s sister, Ilyse, in the episode “Use Your Disillusion.”

Essential Playlist:

Classic Creek Critiques:

Jen Davis says: Jo + P = zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. That's "Z" for ZERO CHEMISTRY together. While, the well-worn cliche that is Pacey's character -- i.e. the "bad boy with a good heart" -- might warm the hearts of, say, the teeny-bopper female set, the truth is that the P/Jo storyline has never put forth an ounce of honest, romantic tension! It's all very contrived.

Frankly, IMO, the show's erratic spiral downward *really* escalated around the time the two of them got together -- and has never recovered since. While, their pairing was certainly inevitable, it really only worked as a short diversion from the D/Jo storyline. Again, the "bad boy with a good heart" hooking up with the "good girl with a curiously wild heart" cliche might sit well with certain memebers of the audience. But, the reality was a big, dead-end thud, IMHO.

For my money, it's gotta be Dawson and Joey. They represent the overall warmth factor that has escaped the show in recent seasons. Yes, their romance may be rooted in "teenage idealism." But, sometimes the "big foreheaded geek" DOES get his first, true-love in the end! Sadly, IMO,

the writers most likely *will* go with Pacey and Joey in the end. It's probably more of what their target audience wants.

Just wanted to let the P/Jo majority here know that other opinions DO

exist. : )

tachyon responds: I'm all for intelligent debate :-) It doesn't bother me at all that not everyone likes P/Jo, I just don't like it when the reasoning is "but D/Jo are soupmates"...If there's a valid reason for your belief, then hey, I'm all for it! Truth be told, alot of P/Jo'ers annoy the hell out of me too. Now just so you know...I disagree with you :P says: I have got to disagree...This one scene is why... IMHO this is one of the best scenes ever...Season 3, From: "To Green with Love" [The Wall Scene]. 

I think the spiral came when they left capeside; it was a big change, and s4 had a lot of character movement that was all left in s4, not brought to s5; which is logical, however.

I do agree that is was a diversion from the D/J storyline, but that storyline at that point had been back and forth twice already; and was boring at that point...I will however give credit for them having Dawson find the old home-made video and giving it to Joey. One of the best things

Dawson has ever done.

Here's my big reason for disagreeing with your point: I don't really think that Joey was Dawsons true-love. Maybe I'm just too horribly biased; but I've made it a point to watch the episodes on TBS to really figure out if I ever felt Dawson & Joey were meant to be; I just can't see it. I see more of the growing up first love than I do true-love. Joey and Eddie I could imagine more of the true-love, even though I want the guy that made "True Love" to be with her. I will say, the way the last episode ended I'd almost be content if she wasn't with Pacey, as long as she wasn't with Dawson…

Of all the comments that have ever come out of Joey's mouth (with regards to Dawson, Pacey and even Eddie), the ones with the most emotion and passion have been about Pacey; I feel the same is true for Pacey about his women.

Thats why I'm a Pacey/Joey fan.

Thank you for putting the effort in to actually comment with thought. I love the push/pull conversations that get started :)

D&K Condron says: Well, I'm a 32 year-old Pacey/Joey fan, hardly a teeny-bopper and likely not

part of the target audience. I see lots of "honest, romantic tension" between them because they are just like the friends I grew up with. The Dawsons of my youth ended up with the popular girls, growing away from the girl-next-door crushes of their childhoods. The Paceys and Joeys were a much larger segment of the population, and therefore ended up together. Pacey and Joey speak to me as a couple because they are realistic in my memories, and realism means much more to me than fantasy. The reason a cliche becomes such is because it is so familiar, and familiar is comforting - at least for me. I cannot speak for the teeny-boppers (nor

would I want to ;)

Missa Star says:  have to agree. I was a strict Creek watcher until P and J got together. For

some reason, around that time, it just became so uninteresting. Though, I do have a question to pose. How many P/J supporters out there have watched the show from the beginning? This is a theory I've had while watching this board that those (though seemingly few) Dawson/Joey supporters tend to be those who were early viewers. This comment from a follow-up P/J post made me think about it even more in this way: "I've made it a point to watch the episodes on TBS to really figure out if I ever felt Dawson & Joey were meant to be; I just can't see


The reason I began watching the show was because I related to the friend/sexual tension thing that D/J had. Maybe it's a diffiicult to go back on what you experienced first - in my case I see D/J being together as the main plot of the show. In the previous comment, the person had to see Dawson and Joey together after they were for P/J. It wasn't that way for some people.... that's all I'm saying.

Nowadays, it doesn't really matter to me who Joey ends up with; both P and D have both grown old. 


F.Y.I. None of this was meant to be offensive, so I apologize in advance if it was. I was just wondering if there was a possible correlation between time watching and what pairing one is for.

tachyon says: I have watched the show since the beginning and am a P/Jo fan :-) In fact, I was a P/Jo fan right from the beginning, all that banter and passion in their relationship (platonic though it was at the time). Remember Modern Romance in season 1? The kiss? *sighs* Personally, I never really liked Dawson. He throws a hissy fit the second something doesn't go his way. I don't like arrogant people like that. I think you'll actually find that ALOT of P/Jo fans watched right from the start. I think your theory is just a bit off :-)

Missa Star says: Alas, it may be true.... it was just a theory - not completely tested. Ironically enough, I'm not a fan of either pair! I really like all of the characters as individuals... that's all! says: hey hey… that was me that made it a point to watch the TBS eps. I've watched since the beginning, but I wanted to see if I ever liked D/J (I mean it has been several years, and I know personally I've changed, so maybe my views would have too), and indeed I don't. 

The comments kat and tachyon made I totally agree fact, the banter is one of the only reason I watch anything on the WB...Gilmore Girls is a perfect example. The stories on that show I find mostly pointless; again, maybe I've grown past it, but the dialogue is what keeps me tuned to the show. I can assume I'm in the minority, being a guy still watching this show...but maybe I like Pacey a lot more because he seems more "real" than Dawson.

On a side note, I kinda wanna beat the writers of the show for trashing Worcester (the place that Eddie lives) ...hey that's where I live. :P Its not that bad, but the police station does not have a pretty sign like they showed in the No Doubt episode.

Melissa Ann says: Ive been watching since the very first show and I have to say I lean more towards Pacey and Joey. Joey and Dawson dont seem to have the same spark that Pacey and Joey have. Their relationship is more real, than Dawson/ Joeys.

Dawson and Joeys love for one another is alot of close friendship and almost a brother/ sister type bond. It turned sexual for awhile, but notice how quickly it ended and stayed away. They make the best of friends, but as for lovers, I just dont think so.

I cant wait to see how it all ends, and no matter what the outcome, overall I really enjoyed Dawsons Creek. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me think. Its one of the few shows Ive watched from start to finish, and each and every character made the show great.

Rob Jobber says: Actually Bob, Worcester is dump and I reckon the writers were erring on the side of kindness, heh heh.

Angel Renee says: hello everyone I'm new to this group hope no one minds. I'm a Dawson's

Creek fan. I've watched it from the beginning up to now. I've even started watching the TBS shows of the mornings also. And I come to realized that I missed some shows but even what shows I did miss hasn't really stopped me from wanting pacey and Joey to end up together. AT the beginning I was all for Dawson and Joey and it just got where nothing really was happening with them except mainly being just the bestest of friends. Lets don't forget that its Dawsons fault to begin with cause Joey and Pacey fell in love. But I always believed deep down inside Pacey and Joey felt something more than just friends for each other. I agreed with KAt Pacey and Joey are more real than Dawson and Joey ending up together. But either way I'm a die hard Dawsons Creek fan 4 ever.


Had… says: What was David thinking? What was there for Jack to apologize for?

NOTHING!!!! Jack wasn't flirting; he was being sociable. That's how Jack is; he's just a nice guy!

Coates90210 says: I agree... David went off the deep end on that one. I also like how ALL of

the gay men on this show are portrayed as HOT! Where ARE these guys hiding!!??? ;-)

Melissa Ann says: I agree.....I didnt think Jack had any reason to say he was sorry...he

was just talking to another guy.

Had… says: Only thing I can think is that it was because it was the same guy who

had been flirting with David earlier. BTW - how did he know David was gay? It wasn't an exclusively gay event.


beth says: It's good to see that there are still new people being drawn to the show. I was a senior in H.S. when it started and have always been a loyal viewer. Do you watch the new shows on Wednesdays or do you just plan to get all caught up with the repeats and watch the episodes from this season on TBS once they get to them? Every one has changed a lot from the repeats being shown right now to the current season. It's cool to be watching the 1st and

2nd seasons on the reruns and see how far they've come since the beginning. But to answer your question about Jen, she doesn't really ever become a faithful Christian. says: good post...its nice to hear someone have a passion for this show unlike

us cranky bastards that just get frustrated with spoilers that make ours blood boil.

The show does do quite the job of making the forehead-boy in dawson come through... There isn't much in Varsity Blues.

I'd have to agree with you. The past 2 seasons have just lost something... some new characters have been great, some leaving have been horrible. I think all of the recent changes has made the show hard if not undesirable to talk about. It lost the soap feeling of the same characters every day...just when you start getting used to something they would do a total change in both plot and characters; maybe that's why I'm so damn cranky about this show lately.

Christineee la Queen says: The show debuted on January 20th, 1998. I know this because It was 20 days after my 13th birthday. For 3 years I never missed an episode [give or take a few] - - During their senior year, I watched them all but I taped quite a few of them. After they  raduated andd got to college, I watched - - buit after a few episoes I lost interest and started wtaching very spordicall - I did try and watch it every couple of weeks, though. Since I heard it was cancelled, I've been trying to catch up some this season, watching what I can. And I've

been watching and taping all the old episodes [on TBS] because those are the classic creek days, great episodes. :)

Melissa Ann says: Hi......Ive been a Dawsons Creek fan since it first started and ive seen every show.....sad to see it ending but i guess its about that time. im going to miss coming home from work wednesday nights and watching dawsons creek....most people i know dont watch the show so i dont have anyone to talk to about it, especially since its coming to an end. I think i will stick around and join this group, until its all said and done.... but if jen does die, that will be so damn sad....i have my likes/dislikes for each character, but poor jen =-( the last show better be a good one..... one to remember

Andie says: Hi Suzanne, i just added this group and i'm a DC fan from a long time... I agree with you deeply. I guess fans like me are a little disappointed cos things have gone too fast and all the simplicity the show had at first is wasted. I loved DC when Joey was a confused ironic girl and when Pacey was a funny and messed up teen. It reminded me of me and a friend of mine. Now, they're all strange and new characters appeared... Capeside was almost left behind and there's College, work and more mature things to work out. I think the essence of being a teenager lives forever inside of us. they've lost it. I stop watching it since the 5th season (when they got into college). And you're right again about 90210. I was young at the time, but here in Brazil ( i forgot to mention that) we can watch it from the beginning all over again. I hated it.

Whatever... Tell me more about the DVD cos it'll take a long time to get here. And i want it so hard!!!!!! Even if i don't have a player, i can still watch it at my boyfriend's. I just have to remember to ask him! Lol thanks anyway


MoJo says: The Dr. Drew episode was the WORST episode of DC EVER. It might be the worst hour of television I've seen in about 5 years! It was crap! Isn't this show called DAWSON's CREEK??????? With four episodes left, he isn't even IN one of the last 1/4 of final episodes?????? CRAP! Shut down the show NOW! Don't even finish the finale! Send them all

home! Go home and watch the first season over again.

Mosaic says: I would have to agree that this episode wreaked! Only a handful of episodes left and you think they would be setting us up for the future ending of the show and they waste a whole hour with these two washups. Every show but the last will be irrelevant. Jumping 5 years into the future is lame in my opinion. It takes everything we have seen for the last 6 years and tosses it out the window.

mbg says: Agreed. POD.

Alex says: Then again, look at it this way. This show is about a group of kids who grew up in a small town and we watched as they went through high school and some college. The finale being how they turned out or what happened after their school years is quite suitable for the intention of the show


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