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RW555 - Heroes Rewatch S01E16-17 - Unexpected Company


In this weeks episode of The Heroes Rewatch, Cory and Tom aren't the only ones tracking down protection rackets as they discuss season 1 episodes 16 & 17, Unexpected and Company Man.

Chapter Sixteen 'Unexpected':

Volume: One

Written by: Jeph Loeb

Directed by: Greg Beeman

Original airdate: February 19, 2007


Ted sits in his cabin, far away from everyone, but is contacted on his computer by Hannah Gitelman, telling him about the gun that made the marks on his neck, and who made them, telling him they can take them down together.

Isaac reveals to HRG that he believes Peter is invisible since he has been painting empty spaces and footprints. HRG gives Isaac a gun, telling him to save the world.

Back in Texas, Claire is shocked when her mother, who acted as if she didn’t know Claire at all just a few minutes earlier, suddenly recognizes her just fine. Later, her mom asks her if she needs to talk and Claire starts theorizing about how she thinks maybe her mother was brainwashed when she suddenly passes out on the floor. 

Parkman looks at the diamonds he stole but when his wife starts to enter the room, he tries to hide them away. Unfortunately she sees the diamond ring he had stolen and is overjoyed to receive it. The happiness is cut short however as Janice tells Matt that someone called, looking for him, talking about DNA. Later, Janice confronts Matt about the ring after she went to get it resized, with the jeweler telling her it’s worth 40,000. He admits to getting it and a bag of diamonds from Malsky, promising to take them to the precinct but he gets a phone call and has to rush off suddenly. He ends up meeting Ted, who introduces him to Hannah, and the three decide to take action and finally get some answers.

Mohinder and Sylar/Zane go to visit a woman, Dale, who is supposed to have powers and talk with her. Dale reveals that she is actually enjoying her powers, as the superior hearing they allow gives her the chance to hear weather patterns, and even hear peoples’ heartbeats. She hears Sylar/Zane’s heartbeat speed up as she tells them about her power and questions it, but he waves it off as just being excited to meet another special person like himself. Dale agrees to do some tests the next morning because she’s got a lot to do today. Sylar/Zane and Mohinder have a talk about how Mohinder’s father died before heading to a motel to rest for the night. When the pair go to check in on Dale the next morning however, they discover that Dale has been killed, her head cut off in the same way that Sylar’s other victims were killed. Mohinder goes to call 911, but Sylar/Zane stops him, explaining that they can’t explain why they were there without looking insane. Mohinder decides to instead try and warn the people on the list about Sylar as they drive off. 

Peter continues training with Claude, eventually being able to access his telekinesis as well, a power he got when he fought Sylar at the high school. As they train, Claude tells Peter about Charles Darwin’s theory about humans achieving maximum potential, thinking Peter is an example of that. Unfortunately, HRG and The Haitian show up and taser Calude, but Peter quickly stops the taser nodules. He grabs Claude and flies away quickly. HRG gets a call from Claire that his wife passed out, and he rushes off to the hospital to see her.

Meanwhile, Hiro talks with State Gaming Commissioner Gustavson, standing up to him and convincing the man to take him with him to find Ando and Hope. On the way, the man explains, using the things Ando did against Hiro, as an argument for working alone. When they catch up with Ando and Hope, Hiro discovers that Hope was trying to steal casino chips and has him at gunpoint. A shootout begins between Hope and Gustavson while Ando and Hiro hide. After the police arrive to arrest Hope and Gustavson, Hiro tells Ando he needs to continue his journey on his own now, that he can’t stand the thought of losing Ando too, as he boards a bus, leaving his friend behind.

Simone talks with Nathan about the powers everyone exhibits and wants to tell the public about them but Nathan is adamant that she doesn't, thinking that they will just be rounded up and tested in a lab somewhere. Simone comments that Peter saw hope in these powers, whereas Nathan is the opposite. 

At the hospital, HRG talks with his daughter about what she told the doctor, that she knows a man who can touch you and make you forget things. She reveals that she remembers everything and he tells her it’s very dangerous that she does, explaining how Sylar came looking for her and instead found her mother. Claire is inconsolable and pushes her father away, feeling he may be just as bad as Sylar. They manage to return home with Mrs. Bennett but are confronted by Ted. HRG tells Lyle and Claire to get their mother out of the house, but Parkman appears with a gun and keeps them all inside, saying that they all have questions. 

When Claude awakens from being stunned, he blames Isaac for leading HRG to him, leaving Peter to go and confront the painter. When Issac grabs the gun HRG gave him earlier, trying to explain that he was trying to prevent Peter from blowing up and destroying the city, Peter turns invisible and starts berating Isaac, accusing him of retaliating against him out of jealousy. Unable to see where Peter is, Isaac begins to become erratic, and hearing something from behind him, he turns and shoots, only to find he has just shot Simone as she was entering his apartment.


Rusty Schwimmer played Dale. She’s a character actor with over 100 credits to her name, including Grey’s Anatomy, Drop Dead Diva, Numb3rs, Desperate Housewives, American Dad, CSI, and Ally McBeal. Most recently she was in the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special and appeared in 4 episodes of The Righteous Gemstones. She was one of the 20 guests at the wedding of Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman.

Hana was played by Stana Katic. She is probably best known for her work on Castle where she played the lead character of Kate Beckett for the whole run of 173 episodes with Nathan Fillion. She also starred in the three season series Absentia (after being declared dead in absentia, an FBI agent must reclaim her family, identity and innocence when she finds herself the prime suspect in a string of murders). She’s done some voice work, playing Talia Al Gul, Lois Lane, and Wonder Woman in various DC animation projects, including the just released Justice League: Warworld.

Chapter Seventeen 'Company Man':

Volume: One

Written by: Bryan Fuller

Directed by: Allan Arkush

Original airdate: February 25, 2007


15 years ago, a pre-glasses HRG talks with a man who tells him that he is now hired as the regional manager of Primatech Paper, a cover for their true purpose which is to find and identify people with powers who are evolving in order to keep the world safe. Young HRG is introduced to Claude, the invisible man, one of the powered beings who works with the company and who will be his partner. 

The next year, as their partnership continues, HRG and Claude watch as their boss talks with Kaito Nakamura, who is holding a baby, the only survivor of a fire caused by a woman with fire creation powers. The boss takes Claude aside as HRG talks with Mr. Nakamura who tells him that he will be the baby’s father, despite HRG’s protests. Mr. Nakamura warns him to not get too close as the baby belongs to the company, explaining that if she shows signs of powers, she will be taken, as he walks off with his young son in tow.

Later that year, Hog talks with his boss, telling him he thinks his wife suspects something. The boss tells him they found a young boy in Haiti that can pull memories from people, erasing their memory, and that he will help with his wife’s situation. The boss then asks him, what would he do if he found out Claire had powers with HRG saying he would do what he’s always done, what he’s told. 

As a few more years go by, HRG drives with Claude who asks him where they’re going, with HRG saying that they need to investigate a security threat. Claude realizes it's him, due to him having hidden a person with powers from the company. He says that he knows they’re serving the greater good, but says that the vivisections have been keeping him up at night, indicating that he has learned that the company has started doing much more than just finding and identifying people with powers and that his belief in their mission has changed. He asks HRG what he will do if Claire has powers and HRG says he would turn her in and be done with it. Claude tries to argue his case but HRG shoots him several times as the man turns invisible and disappears over the bridge, their partnership dissolved. 

In modern day, at the Bennet household, Ted burns the doorknob, allowing him and Parkman to get inside and begin looking for clues as to who HRG is and what his company really does. Unfortunately the Bennett’s are returning home, with Matt scared of what may happen, not wanting to hurt innocents, while Ted is willing to do whatever it takes to get answers. Parkman holds them all at gunpoint, telling HRG that they just want some answers, blaming HRG for his loss of a job. Hug tries to play himself off as a paper salesman, but Ted won’t have it, getting agitated, telling HRG to let his family know what he does. Matt tells his tale of being abducted and injected with something and how they are made to forget things, which leaves Mrs. Bennett to question how they’re made to forget. The idea causes Claire to think of The Haitian, leading Matt to press for more, with Claire eventually telling everyone that her father is in fact, NOT just a simple paper salesman.

Matt and Claire go to the den and he tells her that she shouldn’t be thinking of trying to be a hero after reading her thoughts, also telling her that Ted is not stable. Their discussion turns to Peter Petrelli with them both thinking that Peter is like them, not realizing his ability to absorb multiple powers. Claire is indignant at her father, thinking he made her and the others this way, leaving Ted to get angry and start beating HRG up, but Matt stops him. Ted pulls his gun and aims it at HRG while Matt tries to stop him, but HRG tells him telepathically to shoot Claire because she can heal and that it’ll cause a distraction. Matt acts on HRG’s thoughts and everyone is shocked, with Mrs. Bennett left devastated. 

Matt and HRG take Claire to her bedroom as part of the ruse so she can heal, while Ted remains with Mrs. Bennet and Lyle downstairs. Parkman and HRGG come up with a plan to lure Ted back to Primatech in order to subdue him, but Ted suggests that Parkman go instead, using the family as leverage for HRG to return quickly with answers. While they are gone, Claire recovers and decides to play hero anyway and rescues her mom and Lyle. Lyle escapes but Ted finds Claire’s dolls on her bed under a sheet and runs back downstairs and captures Claire, leaving her mother to try and save her but only getting captured herself as well. The two talk about her father with Claire questioning how she can trust him when he’s lied to her every day of their marriage. 

Back at Primatech, HRG roughs up the Haitian for lying all this time about being mute and who he’s been talking to about Claire but the Haitian said he answers to someone who supersedes him, someone involved in Claire’s life. They return to the house with their file on Ted and Matt asks him if he wants the truth or revenge and he chooses truth, taking the file as HRG says that he doesn’t give people powers, that they were just identifying him when he was abducted. HRG apologizes that Ted’s wife died because of his powers, explaining that there is no cure except death. At that moment, HRG’s boss appears and shoots Ted, starting his chain reaction of going nuclear. Everyone gets out, but Claire, the only one who could possibly get close enough to Ted and survive, remains behind to try and inject him with a sedative. As everyone waits outside, a crowd gathers, and inside the house there’s a large explosion, as Claire walks out, burned beyond recognition for the radiation but quickly healing back to normal. 

HRG and his boss talk about how the Haitian has disappeared, a ruse the Haitian and HRG concocted to protect HRG’s knowledge of his daughter’s powers, lest he be killed for betraying the company. He then asks HRG when he can expect Claire to be brought in to the company, with HRG saying he will bring her in now. As he drives Claire to the company, she is scared and upset about what is happening, as is he as well, telling her was always trying to just protect her secret, trying to be the best dad he could, and she's scared that she will ever see him or her family again. They stop the car on a bridge and the Haitian appears, telling Claire that she has to go with him, before shooting HRG to make it look like she simply escaped. HRG tells the Haitian to go deep and remove anything that would lead the company to Claire, as she rushes to her father and the Haitian covers HRG’s eyes.


The Boss was played by Eric Roberts, a well known “that guy” and star of many many many made for TV movies. He’s had roles in bigger movies like Star 80, The Expendables and The Dark Knight, but is more known for taking lead roles in many lesser well known movies, totaling a huge number of 668 credits with 76 credits currently listed in the “upcoming” range. Only the comedic Telugu film actor, Brahmanandam Kanneganti, known for his “hilarious facial expressions,” has more credits, clinching that record in 2010, with 857 screen appearances.


Roberts was poised to be a leading man, but a cocaine and marijuana addiction, combined with a car accident that left him in a coma with a scarred face changed things. He recovered and started doing a play, but disagreed with the director about how to play the character he was well versed in and quit. The director retaliated and no one would hire him. Bob Fosse saved his career by casting him as the villain in Star 80, a small-time hustler who stalks and murders a model. Also, going public with his addictions on Celebrity Rehab got him back into the limelight and working again.

His wife Eliza says of Eric’s working habits… sometimes shooting three movies a day and being made fun of by some people for appearing in so many projects: “Sit tight, because, even when you’re shit, you’re fucking awesome, Eric.” Eric himself says: “And so suddenly it’s like 250 movies, and I realize, I went from being a joke that’ll do anything to being ‘Is there anything he can’t do?’ ”He ended up doing The Killers’ Mr Brightside video, and then started appearing in more videos from artists like Mariah Carey to Akon to Rhianna.

His daughter is Emma Roberts and his sister is Julia Roberts, famous actors in her own right of course. Though they had a falling out during his drug years, he and Julia have since reconnected. He credits himself with going into agencies to get people to sign Julia as an actor, and is proud to be the first Roberts to get Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations. He was also The Master in 1996’s Doctor Who: The Movie.

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