Friday, September 15, 2023

RW558 - Tom Hanks 80's Rewatch - Nothing in Common


In this episode of The Tom Hanks 80's Rewatch, Cory and Eoghan are faced with the downfalls of their upbringings as they discuss Nothing in Common.


Tom Hanks Timeline:

Doing press for Nothing in Common, Hanks appeared on Late Night with David Letterman and reflected on his career so far. Starting with He Knows You’re Alone, he had a good laugh about the filming and mentioned it was originally titled The Uninvited, then a first released cut was called Blood Wedding, before settling on the final release and title. He went on to reminisce about famous people he met during his time as a bellman at the Oakland Hilton Inn, including tennis players Billie Jean King, Rod Laver and Chris Evert, Cher, Bill Withers, & Ralph Edwards (who gave him $5 for doing nothing). On working with Jackie Gleason, he said “it was a professional honor and a joy.” He felt incredibly lucky to do the job, praised Jackie Gleason’s level of work ethic, and said Eva Marie Saint was wonderful.

Our Favourite Trivia:

Tom Hanks explained that some characters have nothing to do with you as a person - that you create them from scratch. He said, "But occasionally, you have to draw on your own experience. That was the case here. David Basner made me reconsider my own relationship with my parents." The role challenged Hanks to run a full emotional gauntlet.

This is the final film for acting legend Jackie Gleason. He was seriously ill with colon cancer, liver cancer, thrombosed hemorrhoids, diabetes and phlebitis at the time. In Garry Marshall's 2012 memoir, "My Happy Days in Hollywood," he credits film producer Ray Stark with asking Gleason if he wanted "Smokey and the Bandit 3" to be his final film, convincing him to take this final role.

The theme for the film is “Loving Strangers” by Christopher Cross. However, in the trailer the song “Nothing in Common” by Thompson Twins is used.

In the film, David Basner’s office is located in the Kluczynski Federal Building, identifiable by the Flamingo (sculpture) seen from his window in Federal Plaza.

The pool that David and Charlie swim at is the Riviera Sports Club, located at 400 East Randolph, Chicago, IL.
The movie inspired a short-lived NBC sitcom in 1987 that was scheduled to follow the highly rated Cheers. Due to audience drop-off, the sitcom was canceled. The series starred Todd Waring as David Basner and Bill Macy as his father Max Basner.

What's Up Next?

The rising star and the veteran actor butt heads in Nothing in Common.

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