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RW559 - Heroes Rewatch S01E19-20 - .07% Gone


In this weeks episode of The Heroes Rewatch, Cory and Tom make the hard choice for a worse tomorrow as they discuss season 1 episodes 19 & 20, .07% and Five Years Gone.

Chapter Nineteen '.07%':

Volume: One

Written by: Chuck Kim

Directed by: Adam Kane

Original airdate: April 23, 2007


As HRG sits in his cell at Primatech, the door opens and Claire runs in, embracing her father, apologizing for getting caught, but he is too smart for her and realizes it’s just Candice as her illusion falls away. Thompson enters and tells him that they’re going easy on him because of their friendship, telling him that he is just following orders because that is what they are supposed to do.

Nathan talks with Linderman who shows him his power is to heal things, explaining that the explosion may be awful, but that the amount of people that will die in it, .07% of the world population, is an acceptable loss in order for humanity to find a common goal and a united sense of hope. He tells Nathan of how he and his friends started an organization to make a difference in the world, but that some lost their way, using powers for their own personal gain, and that this explosion is something that gets things back on track, that humans need hope, but trust in fear. He explains that Peter has his role to play, exploding the day after Nathan gets elected, and then shows him a painting of Nathan as president in the Oval Office.

Angela talks with Claire, explaining she knew about her but her sons didn’t, with Nathan thinking that she had died as a baby. She tells Claire that she was trying to protect her because she has no idea of the life that her abilities would bring to her, hence the reason for running away to Paris to try and grow up better, dropping a hint that she herself knows about a life with powers. 

Back in his cell, HRG starts contacting Parkman telepathically, knowing Parkman can hear his thoughts, working out a simple yes/no response system with the pipes in their cells. He manages to help Parkman escape his cell and get a pass card, which he uses to free Ted. HRG tells Parkman that Ted needs to burn bright and not hot in order to create an EMP, which he does, taking down the systems in the building and enabling the three of them to get out. They head to the Burnt Toast diner where HRG reveals his plan to take out the company’s tracking system, while Parkman reveals that the company was going to take them to Linderman, shocking HRG, who didn't realize that Linderman was as involved in things as he apparently is.

As Sylar begins to cut open Peter’s head, he is shocked to see Peter healing immediately and pushes Sylar back with his own telekinesis. Peter goes invisible, but Sylar throws hundreds of shards of glass around the room until one strikes the invisible Peter in the head, killing him. Mohinder however, released from the telekinesis hold, slams a giant board into Sylar, knocking him out, and grabbing Peter’s lifeless body. 

Mohinder brings Peter to Angela’s and leaves as she grieves for her son. He calls Primatech’s number on the card HRG gave him, but Thomposn shows up, explaining that HRG is no longer with the company, and attempts to recruit Mohinder to join them, saying that the best way to stop Sylar is to work together. 

Nathan returns home to Angela to grieve. They leave the room so Claire can see Peter, and she cries over him and not getting the chance to get to know him, but as she does, she notices a shard of glass sticking out of the back of his head, pulling it out, resulting in Peter’s powers kicking in again and healing him just as Claire had done on the autopsy table not long ago. 

Later Nathan tells Peter he felt lost without him, but Peter says Nathan is the head of the class, valedictorian, all without Peter, but he counters that maybe he is those things because of those that surround him. Peter tells Nathan he should talk to Claire, and that maybe with her here, he won’t blow up. They decide to tell their mother about their powers but she says that she already knew, long before they even knew. Nathan talks with Claire and explains that he wants to be there for her, but can’t right now due to the election going on, but that once it’s over, she can come home to her newly found family.

DL tells Jessica that she needs to decide the life she wants, one as Linderman’s lackey, or one with her son and him. More of Linderman’s goons show up and take Jessica for her meeting with Linderman, who actually meets her in person, telling her he wants to borrow Micah to help him with a plan he has, due to his previous plan unraveling lately. Jessica refuses and walks out. However, later back at home Jessica goes to Micah and explains that she wants him to meet a friend of hers, taking him outside to meet Linderman who asks him if he wants to help save the world, before driving off with him. Jessica stays behind watching as the illusion falls away revealing it was just Candice all along. Jessica returns home, and Candice comments on her nice car as she walks away.

Sylar awakens and realizes that Mohidner took the new list he had worked on, but then finds Isaac Mendez’s name and address and realizes he can take his power of seeing the future. Isaac is ready for Sylar when he shows up, telling him that he realizes he can’t fight the future, that he already saw how Sylar gets defeated, and he is prepared for his own death. Sylar pins him to the floor with paint brushes and cuts off his head, learning how his power works, and then starts painting, utilizing his newfound ability, creating a painting of a distorted, evil looking Nathan in the Oval Office.

In the future, five years down the road, Hiro and Ando look at the devastation around them as things are being rebuilt. Ando wants to use Hiro’s power to return to the past to try again, but Hiro explains that they must have made mistakes, and it would be better to stay here and try and find out what they were before going back. They head to Mr. Isaac’s place to get his counsel, hoping that with Sylar being captured in the past, the future may have changed. When they arrive they see strings and hanging pictures hung all over the apartment with Hiro realizing that they are timelines. A noise from the back of the loft calls their attention and Hiro draws his sword, as out of the shadows walks the older future Hiro.


James Kyson played Ando. He has 118 credits to his name, most are for movies from smaller studios. He was a main cast member in Another Time (just because a journey leads you somewhere you didn't expect, doesn't mean you ended up in the wrong place), and Banana Season (Peter is a little person with a big dream of flying like the bird species his dwarfish body most closely resembles. He is hired to paint the town's water tower, a place he comes to see as his very own perch in which to take flight. Sun is a talented cage fighter who loves the energy and excitement of fighting but finds inflicting harm on others more unbearable than just absorbing the pain himself. A tale of true love, friendship and taking flight, Banana Season is a glimpse into the lives of ordinary souls, all at the point in their lives when they flower or fade). He’s done some minor voice work for cartoons and video games, and more recently has been doing some shorts and movies with roles further down the cast list.

Chapter Twenty 'Five Years Gone':

Volume: One

Written by: Joe Pokaski

Directed by: Paul Edwards

Original airdate: April 30, 2007


As Future Hiro faces off against Past Hiro, he is confused at his presence, saying that he and all of the things around him shouldn’t be here. He explains how five years ago a man named Sylar exploded in the city, but that he thought he had figured out how to change it. He pinpointed a moment in time that he could travel to to fix things and Past Hiro remembers the moment when Peter Petrelli told him over the phone to save the cheerleader and save the world. Future Hiro comments that with Claire still alive, then Sylar never took her power and thus Past Hiro should have been able to kill Sylar, but Past Hiro admits he didn’t. Future Hiro explains how he tried to kill Sylar but couldn’t because by that point Sylar had taken Claire’s power and simply regenerated. They are suddenly interrupted by police rushing into the room, led by Matt Parkman and The Haitian. Future Hiro escapes with Ando, while Past Hiro is captured. Outside, Future Hiro tells Ando they need help to rescue Past Hiro, teleporting to Las Vegas to visit Peter Petrelli.

In Vegas, the two meet with Niki, a dancer at a strip club and the girlfriend of Peter. She is shocked they would still be trying to win a war because it was clear that they lost. Future Hiro asks where they can find Bennet and they leave. Afterwards, a scarred Peter turns visible, having been present nearby the whole time. As they watch the television, they see footage from an America Remembers event memorializing the day Sylar exploded. Peter tries to get Niki to open up about losing Micah that day but she just wants to forget and let it go, asking if Peter needs to let go as well, or go off and fight with Hiro. Peter tells her he isn’t going anywhere. 

Elsewhere, Parkman interrogates Past Hiro and finds out that he doesn’t have any knowledge of what has happened in the last 5 years. He is surprised Hiro doesn’t remember how he and Sylar made life difficult for the rest of those with powers, made them choose sides, tearing their families apart, leading Parkman to increase his aggressive interrogation tactics.

Parkman calls Nathan, now the president, and reports on the situation with Hiro, with Nathan telling him get to the bottom of this, to rip it out of Hiro or he will get someone who can.Nathan hangs up and welcomes in Mohinder, asking if they’ve managed to solve their problem yet, part of their pact they made to eliminate the dangers of people with powers at all costs. Mohinder admits that they haven't made any progress due to the powers being hard coded into everyone’s DNA. Nathan tells Mohinder of recent attacks that have been going on and says that people are anticipating a new Sylar to arise, and that they may need to turn to another possible solution they had discussed: extinction. Mohinder is aghast that Nathan would suggest genocide, but Nathan counters that it is self defense. Mohinder asks if he includes himself in that self defense but Nathan says he is hardly a threat, only being capable of flight.

Later, Mohinder goes to Isaac’s loft and sees the timeline and pictures strung out everywhere and starts to try and make sense of it all. Parkman shows up to find out what the professor is doing and they discuss how Hiro is likely a time traveler, able to not just teleport by folding space, but also capable of folding time. As he examines several pictures, Mohinder remembers the day he was told by Peter that someone traveled to the past to warn him about saving a cheerleader. 

In Texas, Mr. Bennet, along with Hanna Gitelman, is helping a young family with a boy with powers learn how to hide and fool the checks that the government employs to find people with abilities. Future Hiro asks him for help to rescue Past Hiro but Bennet refuses until Ando tells him that Hiro saved his daughter’s life. Future Hiro explains what his plan was, asking Bennet if his daughter is indeed alive and the man says he will see what he can do to help.

Elsewhere in Texas, Claire, going by the alias Sandra, works at the Burnt Toast diner, talking with a young man named Andy, who she plans to marry soon. Andy notices the creepy guy with the glasses is back, and Claire/Sandra goes to wait on him. Bennet tries to warn her that people know about her now somehow and that she needs to leave, but she says she just wants a normal life, telling him that Andy doesn’t know about her abilities. As they watch a news report about seemingly normal people being rounded up and arrested, the most successful operation of the Linderman Act yet, Claire returns to her duties, leaving her father at his table alone.

Future Hiro tells Ando about what their plans are, and the people that Bennett is trying to find to help them, with Ando asking how he will help. Future Hiro makes a joke, calming Ando down, but then tells him he needs to tell him something. However, Parkman and crew come barreling in again, tasing Future Hiro and grabbing Ando, pleased they’ve caught another Hiro. Suddenly though, Peter appears and knocks back some of the officers before freezing time, and teleporting Future Hiro and Ando away with him.

When time is unfrozen, Matt talks with Bennet, telling him his friends got away but Bennet reveals that he was the one who called Matt in the first place, and the two discuss wishing they had taken different paths and how they are both harboring children of interest, indicating that Bennett helped Parkman’s wife Janice get away safely years earlier with their son Matthew. As Bennet looks around the room, he sees that Hana has been shot and killed and suddenly Parkman grabs Bennet and forces him down onto the desk, saying that he is altering the deal, going into his mind to find Claire’s location. 

Back at the diner, Claire/Sandra tells Andy she wants to elope and he says he would do anything for her and goes to pack his stuff up while she serves up coffee to the customers when suddenly Parkman appears from behind the menu, calling her Claire.

Mohinder talks with Past Hiro, showing him a 9th Wonders comic where Hiro kills Sylar, saying that history did not happen like that, asking Hiro if he is trying to change the past. Hiro says if it would have millions of lives, wouldn’t he do it as well? Mohinder then talks to Nathan, explaining Hiro’s plans, saying that without Sylar the world wouldn’t have considered people with abilities dangerous. Nathan is adamant however that he needs answers in the here and now and says he will announce that a treatment has been developed to reverse people’s powers, and when people start dying from the cure, they will say there was a mistake made but then people will unite in their grief. Parkman shows up and tells Nathan that Claire is here. He goes to meet her, telling her how important she is to him, but she counters saying that Nathan made everyone fear them. Nathan tells her how he just feels that they are more important and special than anyone else, and that he has met a lot of special people in his life, naming a woman named Candice who helped him become President. But now that he has Claire back, he doesn’t need anyone else again. Claire starts to leave but Nathan stops her with telekinesis, and then begins slicing off the top of her head with his power, as Nathan suddenly distorts and changes into Sylar.

While they wait for Future Hiro to awaken from his dazed state, Peter tells Ando that he died in this future, and is likely what caused Future Hiro to continue to work on a way to go to the past and fix things. Future Hiro wakes up and he and Ando share a moment reestablishing their friendship, while Peter goes to talk with Niki and the two again discuss letting things go with Niki admitting Jessica was right that she needs to look out for herself and not get attached. She wonders why Peter feels like he always has to save everyone and he reveals that it's because HE was actually the one that exploded, not Sylar, that Nathan lied to cover it up, and if he has a chance to change things, he’s going to help. 

The next day, as President Nathan/Sylar gives his memorial speech, Future Hiro, Peter and Ando break into Homeland Security to rescue Past Hiro. As they battle the guards, Mohinder goes to Hiro under orders from Nathan to kill Past Hiro, but as The Haitian holds Hiro down, Mohinder shoves the syringe into The Haitian, putting him down, explaining to Hiro that in the comic book it shows this scene happening this way. Peter and Future Hiro show up and tell Past Hiro he needs to go, but says he doesn’t know how. Future Hiro says he will take him there but suddenly is shot by Parkman before Peter pushes him out the door and shuts it with his telekinesis.

Parkman calls Nathan and tells him about the situation and in front of everyone at his speech, Nathan/Sylar flies up into the air and heads to Homeland Security. As Hiro is in shock at seeing his future self dead, an arm phases through the door and grabs Peter. Nathan/Sylar tells Parkman to get inside the door while he faces off against Peter. Peter questions who he is, knowing his brother can’t walk through walls, and Sylar reveals his true self to him, telling Peter that they both know the real story of who blew up five years ago. Sylar yells that Nathan had already turned against his own kind when Sylar killed him, engaging his ice powers as Peter calls him a liar, lighting up his fire powers.

As Parkman and his officers start breaking the door down, Hiro is scared to try and teleport, but Ando tells him he believes in him, seeing the man he has become, that he can do this, and Hiro concentrates and he teleports them back to their own time safely, as Hiro pushes his glasses up saying that now time for the hard part. 


Andy was played by Kellan Lutz. He was a major player in the first 2 seasons of FBI: Most Wanted and its various spinoffs. He was also a main cast member in Tracy Morgan’s What Men Want playing Captain Fucktastic, and the Twilight series as Emmet Cullen. He’s had a number of lead roles, in movies such as Money (two corporate spies with a $5 million haul for selling secrets are held hostage by a thief, triggering a game of cat and mouse to gain the upper hand), and 2013’s computer animated Tarzan movie (playing the lead role). He had a supporting role in Lisa Kudrow’s series The Comeback (an ex A-list celebrity attempts to rekindle the flame of her once prominent acting career with nothing but a camera crew and some determination), and a small role in the movie Experimenter (in 1961, famed social psychologist Stanley Milgram conducted a series of radical behavior experiments that tested ordinary humans' willingness to obey authority. He played the role of William Shatner). His most recent role was the lead in Come Out Fighting (set during World War 2, a squad of American Army soldiers are sent on a mission behind lines to locate their missing commanding officer).

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