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RW557 - Heroes Rewatch S01E18 - Parasite


In this weeks episode of The Heroes Rewatch, Cory and Tom settle into their symbiotic relationship as they discuss season 1 episode 18, Parasite.

Chapter Eighteen 'Parasite':

Volume: One

Written by: Christopher Zatta

Directed by: Kevin Bray

Original airdate: March 4, 2007


Peter holds Simone as Isaac rushes to her side, but Peter proclaims her dead while Isaac begins blaming him, aiming the gun again while Peter disappears and escapes. 

HRG talks with his boss, Thompson, who is shocked he can’t remember anything that happened. Bennet wants to go after the Haitian for abducting his daughter and erasing his and his family’s memories, but Thompson reminds him that Claire was an assignment and not his daughter. After HRG leaves, Thompson consults Parkman who is secured in another room and reveals that HRG isn’t lying and then leaves Parkman there, despite having earlier promised him he’d be released. 

Claire, with The Haitian, asks when she can return to her family and he tells her that it just isn’t possible, that she doesn’t understand what her father gave up so she could live. He then tells her they will have to leave the country. At the airport, Claire tries to get the Haitian to let her see Peter Petrelli but he is adamant that she cannot. Claire however, gives him the slip at the security checkpoint, having stolen his boarding pass from him and getting away.

Two FBI agents come to Nathan’s headquarters and it is revealed that Nathan is working with the FBI to try and get dirt on Linderman, with them asking him to wear a wire to his meeting with the man later today. After they leave, Peter appears, having hidden in the office using his invisibility earlier, and questions how long Nathan has been working with the FBI. He tells Nathan what happened with Simone and Nathan says he will take care of it, and that they should talk to Mohinder because he might be able to help him, but Peter disappears again.

HRG returns to a hotel room where he and his wife and Lyle are staying, a cover story due to their house being destroyed, and tells his wife he has to go on a business trip but she immediately turns the music up and reveals that the Haitian didn’t erase her memories, and that HRG himself planned for this, as she shows him a note he wrote to himself to stop him from going after Claire. His new partner, Candice Willmer shows up and continues the earlier lie of needing Mr. Bennett to go on a business trip and they leave together.

Back at Isaac’s the police show up after Nathan’s anonymous tip and they begin questioning him about the whereabouts of Simone. Luckily, Simone appears at the door, and the police leave, satisfied. Simone then changes into Candice, revealing her power of being a shapeshifter. HRG tells Isaac that Simone will be traveling overseas indefinitely and tells him to stay put and keep painting for now. Issac, at a loss of what to do, finds his old drug supplies and shoots up, beginning to paint, and ends up painting the scenes of his death, his head cut open by Sylar.

Hiro tries to get in to see Mr. Linderman but is blocked by security guards. Nathan arrives for his meeting and after a brief conversation where Hiro says he knows that Nathan cares about helping people despite his outward appearance, Nathan helps him get inside past the guards. Hiro goes to the curator to drop off the torn and taped painting, and when the man leaves to get a receipt for delivery, Hiro finds Kensei’s sword. Unfortunately, the curator arrives and activates the alarm to signal the guards. However when the first one arrives, he knocks out the curator, revealing himself to be Ando. Together they retrieve the sword and as the rest of the security members break into the door, Hiro uses his powers and they teleport away to the future, where they see the buildings destroyed, their mission to save the city a failure.

Jessica, still pretending to be Niki, plays video games with Micah. After he leaves, Jessica tells Niki in the mirror that she is a better Niki than her, but DL shows up, having found the picture of Nathan on his pillow. She manages to allay his fears that she is doing something nefarious for Linderman and leaves, with Jessica facing off against Niki realizing that Niki took control somehow and left the picture for DL to find.

Mohidner is trying hard to figure out his father’s formula, with Sylar/Zane offering to help, but Mohinder is insistent they not rest as he hands him a cup of tea which he downs quickly. Suddenly Sylar/Zane feels tired and passes out as Mohinder tells him that he knows his name is not Zane, but Sylar. When he regains consciousness he has been tied to a chair, an IV inserted into him to suppress his abilities. Mohidner tortures Sylar with a tuning fork, hurting his ears with his new super hearing abilities. They have a long back and forth battle of words as Sylar tries to enrage Mohinder because Chandra confided in him more than he ever did Mohinder. Mohinder decides he is going to take his spinal fluid, in a very painful way, to see if it will help him do some good before Sylar dies. Soon enough, Mohidner is able to use the fluid to start making a new list but Sylar awakens, saying he is the natural progression of the human species. Mohider tells him that he is not evolution, that he only committed murder, and that he is now getting revenge. He fires his gun at Sylar, but the bullet stops as it’s revealed Sylar has regained his abilities, removing his bonds with his telekinesis and standing up to approach Mohinder. 

Back in Vegas, the two FBI agents watch Nathan as he goes to meet Linderman when a knock at the door reveals Jessica, who attacks them both, killing them. Niki then takes the control and goes to see Nathan, telling him that the FBI agents are dead, and removing his wire because Linderman knows about it. She tells him to take Linderman’s deal or he will have to spend the rest of his life on the run with his family, before telling him to knock her out or Jessica will show up.

Claire meanwhile has traveled to New York and found Peter’s address, however when the door opens, Angela comes out, invites her in, and the Haitian appears. Angela tells Claire that she has been trying to protect her, because she is her grandmother.

HRG returns to the hotel and talks to his wife about their plan and how he feels the company must be stopped, but unfortunately, Candice is impersonating Sandra as Thompson steps out of the shadows to reveal that he now knows HRG’s lie and sees how his loyalty to the company is over.

Nathan finds Mr. Linderman in the kitchen, cooking, and approaches him. Linderman is nonplussed as he talks with Nathan about his recipe for pot pie, eventually getting around to asking Nathan whether he wants a life of happiness or a life of meaning, saying that he can’t have both due to a man needing to live in the present to be truly happy, without worrying about the past or the future. He says a life of meaning is quite the opposite of that and that Nathan has been doing quite a bit of it lately.

Nathan raises his gun, but Linderman tells him that he could easily shoot him but then he also will be dead very quickly as his men will arrive. He reveals he knows about Nathan’s powers, as well as Peter’s, and his daughter’s existence. If Nathan accepts his deal, he will find himself a step away from the presidency within two years, leaving Nathan to lower the gun, accepting the deal. 

Back in New York, Peter goes to find Mohinder and walks into his apartment, finding nothing, until something drips on his head. He looks up to see Mohinder trapped against the ceiling, whispering out the name Sylar, as he turns and sees the deranged man he fought against in Texas. Sylar uses his telekinesis to push Peter against the wall, telling him that he is like him and would like to see how that works, as he begins to slice open Peter’s head. 


Kevin Bray came from music video directing before getting into television, doing tons of videos for artists such as Vanessa Williams, Michael Bolton, Céline Dion, The Corrs, Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, Brandy, Jessica Simpson, and Christina Aguilera. 

Missy Peregrym played Candice. She’s had a decent history of main roles, including the Van Helsing TV series, FBI, Rookie Blue, Reaper (on his 21st birthday, Sam discovers his parents sold his soul to the devil before birth and he must now be a bounty hunter for the devil until he dies), Life As We Know It (See life through the eyes of Dino, Ben, and Jonathan -- three teens experiencing the joys and pains of growing up. Although different in many ways, these guys have one main thing in common -- women), and Black Sash (cop framed for drug smuggling, loses wife and kid, takes over a martial arts studio and trains students). She also appeared in an episode of Smallville as an email hypnotist murderer.

Mr. Linderman was portrayed by the versatile Malcolm McDowell, star of such films as Time After Time, Star Trek Generations, Rob Zombie’s Halloween series, 2012’s The Philadelphia Experiment, and of course his most well known film, Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. With almost 275 roles, he has played just about any type of role you can imagine. He’s not just a dramatic actor however, delving into a number of comedic and voice acting roles.  For DC Animation, he’s done such roles as Metallo and Merlyn, Tom and Jerry’s Sherlock spoof cast him as Moriarty, Phineas and Ferb, various Annoying Orange shorts, Community, We Bare Bears, and Robot Chicken to name just a few. He’s a bit of an Eric Roberts style actor in that he just does a lot, even ill-fated sequels like Home Alone: The Holiday Heist or even bit parts like the principal in Emma Stone’s Easy A. He has a number of upcoming projects, including one called Robot Dracula in which he plays the title character.

When Hiro is searching in Mr. Linderman's vault for the sword, it's listed as being in drawer CRM-114. "CRM 114" is an alphanumeric code used in many of the films of Stanley Kubrick. One of the films using that code was A Clockwork Orange, which stars Malcolm McDowell.

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