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RW383 - Dawson's Creek S01E08-09 - Boy Trip


In this weeks episode of The Dawson's Creek Rewatch, Cory and Tom play good guy and bad guy as they discuss season 1 episodes 8 & 9, "Boyfriend" and "Roadtrip."


Written by: 

Story by: Charles Rosin & Karen Rosin

Teleplay by: John Harmon Feldman & Dana Baratta

Directed by: Michael Fields

Original airdate: March 10, 1998

When Jen’s ex boyfriend, Billy, from New York City comes visiting, Dawson finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place due to the fact that Jen doesn’t seem completely done with her past love. Dawson finds himself playing host to Billy since he has no place else to stay and things go about as well as can be expected as Billy tries to goad Dawson into asking about the details of Jen’s past relationship.

Mitch and Gail are slowly working through their marriage issues, but Mitch finds it hard not to take jabs at her due to the amount of hurt he still feels. Dawson later talks with his dad and learns that every relationship comes with its issues and problems, and that it’s not unique to Dawson’s current situation. 

Meanwhile, Joey is trying to get through her days with little to no sleep due to the newborn baby. When Pacey invites her to crash a beach party, Bessie lets her leave the restaurant and the two head off. Dawson arrives at the party, Jen-Less due to her meeting with Billy, and with Pacey off trying to score with any available girl, Joey and Dawson agree to get a quick drink and then head back to his place for movies. Jen however, shows up after having said goodbye to Billy, leaving him with a quick short kiss, and her and Dawson take a walk to talk about what has been going on between them.  Unfortunately Billy shows up and claims that Jen’s goodbye kiss wasn’t really to say goodbye and he and Dawson argue before Jen walks away from them both.

Joey, upset by being ditched, ends up drinking a bit too much with a guy named Tyler. Pacey comes to her rescue when Tyler tries to push more alcohol on her and then takes a swipe at Pacey but he ducks and manages to land a punch that knocks the drunken Tyler out.

Dawson and Pacey get the drunken Joey back to her place with Dawson tucking her in while Pacey recites the plot of the movie The English Patient to the newborn baby which puts the child to sleep. As the two friends row home, Dawson tells Pacey that Joey kissed him before she passed out which pushes Pacey to chide his friend for not realizing that Joey is in love with him. Dawson responds that it’s just friendship and not love, which he truly found in Jen.

Dawson arrives home to find Billy admitting defeat and leaving to head back to the city. Dawson goes to find Jen on the docks and the two begin talking but she reveals to him that she ended things with not just Billy, but with Dawson too, that she needs time to figure out herself before she can really be happy in any relationship. Dawson tries to plead his case but ends up walking away, leaving her with a few choice words about needing something who is capable of a loving, committed relationship, someone who isn’t her.

Dawson's Trivia:

Billy was played by Eion Bailey. His latest project is Deliver By Christmas, a holiday movie from Hallmark that came out just this past month and boasts a promo picture that shows Eion looking like Bradley Cooper. He did other Hallmark movies, including Switched for Christmas in 2017, and Candles on Bay Street in 2007. He was also in Once Upon A Time as August W. Booth for a run of 21 episodes spread out over 6 seasons, and made appearances in Stalker, Covert Affairs, ER, Band of Brothers and Ray Donovan. He had bit parts in Almost Famous and Fight Club, and was a lead in The Canyon (couple surviving while lost in the Grand Canyon), Language of the Enemy (a man visiting Jerusalem gets pulled into a world of violent intrigue after meeting a mysterious woman). He also starred opposite Antonio Banderas in And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself.


Written by: Rob Thomas

Directed by: Steve Robman

Original airdate: March 17, 1998

Billy returns to Capeside after hearing about Jen’s dumping of him and uses Dawson’s ladder to climb into Jen’s bedroom window where he is discovered by Grams and given two minutes to leave before she calls the cops. Jen gives him the cold shoulder again, leaving him to find Dawson at the school and convince him to go to a club with him, a way to nurse their wounds after having been dumped by the same girl.

Meanwhile Joey gets a ride to school from a jock named Warren and though he hits on her arrogantly, nothing else transpires between them. Later Jen approaches Joey and tells her that Warren is spreading rumors that the two slept together. When Joey tries to confront Warren, he twists the conversation so it looks like Joey is trying to get him to commit, leaving Jen to come up with a revenge plan.

At the club, Dawson, Billy, and Pacey (who tags along) are talking and surveying the women in the club, with Billy attempting to goad Dawson into hitting on women. Dawson picks out a girl with a Film Threat t-shirt named Nina and while at first she rebuffs him, he keeps talking with her and the two discover they have some things in common.

Meanwhile, Joey and Jen’s revenge makes use of rumor monger Abby, spreading around the lie that Warren actually got Joey pregnant and won’t take responsibility. This has the side effect of Joey being instructed by Mrs Tringle to take the parenting classes and Warren getting lectured about contraceptives. Abby reveals that apparently Warren couldn’t actually impregnante Joey because according to his ex girlfriend he has problems achieving liftoff when it comes to sex. Joey threatens to confirm his failure to launch and Warren relents to telling the truth, asking Joey on a real date but she refuses.

Dawson leaves the club with Nina after Billy interrupts them and he explains to her that he is still heartbroken about a girl and wouldn’t feel right going back to her place, even if it is just to hang out and watch movies. She understands and leaves him with a kiss, telling him to call if the girl doesn’t come to her senses.

Billy comes out and tries to goad Dawson on further but he has none of it, explaining that he doesn’t want to be like Billy and do the things he does to women. Billy takes offense and leaves him and Pacey to find their own way back home to Capeside. Upon returning home, Dawson finds Joey waiting to hang out and talk but Dawson is too exhausted. He does reveal that after days of not being able to stop thinking about Jen, there was a time tonight where he didn’t think of her and it was like seeing the world anew as he drifts off to sleep, promising they can talk later, leaving Joey to say she can wait.

Dawson's Trivia:

J.M. Rodriguez was one of the rednecks. He’s had a few bit parts, but he'll return in a later season as a Prison Guard. 

Warren was played by Eric Balfour. His first role was Eric in Kids Incorporated. He had bit parts in Trojan War and Can’t Hardly Wait. He's been in The West Wing, NYPD Blue, Buffy, and The OC among many other shows. His bigger series as a supporting actor were Significant Others, Six Feet Under, Veritas: The Quest, Hawaii, 24 and a show called Haven (5 seasons, cop goes to town to help with a murder and learns about her past there as well as supernatural events). Most recently he has had a recurring role in the new Charmed series. 

Nina was played by Melissa McBride. She's most well known as Carol in The Walking Dead. She was also one of the main supporting cast in The Happy's (a girl catches guy cheating, marries him anyway, deals with life) and The Resurrection of William Zero (a guy loses memory, learns his identity from twin brother). She will also return in a later season as Melanie.

Essential Playlist:

Classic Creek Critiques:

Chris Could Dawson REALLY be that oblivious? How can he not realize that Joey loves him? Pacy's right. Dawson has to get his out of the clouds. I don't want to see Jen break up with Dawson permanently. It creates tension for the show, what with Joey's feelings for Dawson. I think it'd be interesting if Dawson DID finally realize Joey's feelings. It would cause a little more tension. Then he'd have to decide between Jen and Joey
Someone was asking who played Bob and the grandad (IMDB rec.arts.movies movie database)
Jeff says: I just gotta say that I love both shows, but I think that both are different. For example, "Dawson's Creek" is about teenagers coming-of-age in a small town in  Massachusetts. And the general tone of the show is cynical. I'm not saying that's good, bad or indifferent. It just is. "Party Of Five", however, is about a family coming-of-age in San Francisco, California. And the general tone of the show is sad. Lately, it has been quite depressing. However, both shows have an element of realism to them that sets them
apart from such shows as "90210." "90210" was a popular show when it first came out, but the problem with Aaron Spelling's shows is that they are unrealistic and you can't relate to them.
Raven says: Does anybody remember Some Kind Of Wonderful. You know, the movie with Eric Stolz, Mary Stuart Masterson, and Lea Thompson? Anyway, at the end of that movie, Lea's character tells Eric's that she needs to stand on her own two feet yadda, yadda, yadda. So my point is, Jen's excuses for breaking up with Dawson were very similar. In fact, the scenes were so similar, I automatically thought of Some Kind Of Wonderful when I was watching it. It's kind of  bugging me that's all. I don't know why either. Maybe it's because of the Breakfast Club episode. I mean Jen's dialogue for that breakup scene was almost straight from that movie. If you want to disagree, watch Some Kind of Wonderful and get back to me. The only difference was that Eric's character had already realized he was in love with his tomboy best friend (Mary's character), so the breakup wasn't that serious for him.
Shipping Jen and Pacey, however Juliet says this about Joey and Pacey. Juliet6824 wrote: I don t think that Joey and Pacey will go out because Pacey needs a girl with more spaz. He needs a girl whos not afarid of sex. He needs a girl nothing like Joey so I dont think it will happen.
Heather1 responds with: The way Pacey is, I can see him trying to make it happen. Joey will put up a pretty good fight though. She might, in the end, and for the experience value, give in though.
Amy Creasman: I thought it was truly thoughtless of her to ask Dawson to let Billy stay over and I thought Dawson was just a little too nice to actually let him stay. That was one of the lamest things I've seen.
Rivenstar: Jen was so wishy-washy last night! At that part where her ex says,"Tell me, Jenny, that all that kiss meant was goodbye" and Dawson and him stared at her for, like, 15 seconds and she said nothing! It was like, come on! If you really like Dawson and if you really meant it was over with your ex then speak up and stop looking so trembly! Sheesh
Brett Norris: Is anyone else out there hoping that the character of Billy (Jen's New York boyfriend) doesn't keep recurring on the show? I was hoping the "Escape from New York" episode was the last we see of him, but it looks as though tonight's episode (3/17) features him as well. IMHO, he's such a dislikeable character I can't wait to see him leave. I think Dawson's Creek can do without him.
Rivenstar: i like Dawson, but 2 major qualities can make him annoying at times . . .do you realize how much screen time is
taken up by him complaining and philosophizing about his personality, life, and love life?  Mountains out of molehills! Does the cutie have to take everything so seriously? Lighten up, dear! i can barely think of one time when he's (::gasp::) happy or just joking around with his friends. We can all be insecure and self-absorbed, myself included, but such constant verbal show of that can be a little irritating. if i talked so much about myself, my friends would tell me to shut up and get over it. But the worse crime of all! if Dawson must groan about his life so much . . . for God's sake, can't he at least be humorous about it??
TUbiG547 Okedokee...What if Pacey and Joey get togther? Chances are that they won't, but wouldn't it be really cute? I think they'd look cute together. They always act as though they dont like each other- but maybe under all the hate- they actually have feelings for each other.. Joey and Dawson are oke... but JOEY + PACEY= <3 perfect!
Bemer95 But that is what makes high-school, high-school. Abby is the typical stuck up snob that is always around  whenever you mess up. I think it's great that they have her one the show. Plus she's really fine.
LuViSMyWaY:What!!!! No way! That is absolutely DISGUSTING! If that ever happened i would stop watching the show. It is my fav. show in t.v. and if they went and ruined
it by making Jen and Joey gay, I would be majorly pissed off. It's bad enough that Jen is an athiest, why would you want add that to the show? Just thinking about Jen and Joey holding hands makes me want to puke! Please forgive me, any gay people out there reading this, I just can't imagine that. Sorry if i offended you at all.
Clarkkent (Dan): Atheists, lesbians, and blacks, oh my! Oh heavens! If they allow homosexuals on television, next thing you know they'll want to be able to marry. They might even (gasp) want to be treated like actual people. We can't have that. You people must really relate to Jen's grandmother.
Xcalibur: Dawson is a jerk for bringing up Jen’s past all the time. You should never do that to a girl...especially your girlfriend. I do not think that the breakup was Dawson's fault, but he could have made it easier on both of them if he didn't act like a complete moron most of the time. Jen was right. She basically said that she needed to be on her own for a while...and that is exactly what she needs to do before she starts a meaningful relationship.
Arguing about taking a ferry. Because Cape Cod and Providence is a drivable distance.
Nicholas A Chavez: Anyone else consider the possibility that Nina might have been a set-up? Billy's a regular customer at the bar, Nina's t-shirt was too perfect for Dawson (and too out-of-place in that fashionable scene), and rather than
simply insulting Billy and telling him to leave them alone, Nina conveniently suggested to Dawson that they take a "little walk" outside. Is it possible that Billy planted her there in an effort to get Dawson to hook-up with somebody? One last thing, Nina still invited Dawson over to her place even after he told her about the recent break-up with Jen. It just felt as if she already knew about the Jen thing to me.


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