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RW389 - Dawson's Creek S02E01-02 - Kiss Cross


In this weeks episode of The Dawson's Creek Rewatch, Cory and Tom stay put and party hard as they discuss season 2 episodes 1 & 2 "The Kiss" and "Crossroads."

The Kiss:

Written by: Jon Harmon Feldman

Directed by: David Semel

Original airdate: October 7, 1998


As Joey and Dawson pull away from their first real kiss together, Dawson begins to overanalyze the situation causing Joey to think he regrets what happened but he manages to stop himself and pulls her back in for another kiss.

The next morning as Mitch awakens, Gail tries putting the moves on him but he rebuffs her, stating he has to get up for a meeting.

Meanwhile, as Joey and Bessie run errands, Bessie manages to talk Joey into revealing the truth behind her good attitude and smiles, and the two dish about what happened between her and Dawson. Elsewhere in town, the same situation plays out between Dawson and Pacey getting their haircut and talking about what occurred the night before.

Pacey decides that if Dawson can make such big changes to himself, Pacey will do the same, first getting frosted tips and then proceeding to take his brother’s squad car for a drive. Unfortunately as he pulls out, the cop car is hit by a new resident to Capeside, Andie McPhee. She apologizes profusely, thinking Pacey to be an actual policeman, to which he resounds by playing that up and eventually letting her go with a warning. Later however, Andie discovers the truth as she sees Pacey in the high school hallway and confronts him and the two trade barbs before she sees that Pacey is interested in a girl named Kristy and offers to set him up with her to which he readily accepts.

Dawson and Joey meet up at school and are nervous and awkward as they try and figure out how to be a couple after so many years of being just friends, and they decide to try a real first date that night. Jen shows up to say hi but then heads home, not feeling up to school due to her grandfather’s death. She heads home and sees that Grams is packing up her grandfather’s clothes for donations to the needy which upsets her but Grams explains that she had made peace with his passing long ago, knowing that the man she loved was really not living but wasting away for the last two years in hospital care. 

As Gail returns home late she begins offering multiple excuses to Mitch, trying to explain that she wasn’t cheating again, as he might think, but he surprises her by saying he believes her and then heads off for an unexpected meeting. 

Dawson goes to see Jen and she asks again about getting back together to which he responds with offering to be the friend she needs right now and the two hug before he leaves to get ready for his first date with Joey. They end up going to the old movie theater in town and all goes well with then holding hands and enjoying themselves before Jen shows up, due to Dawson mentioning that she should get out instead of staying home and cursing the world. Jen senses she has intruded on them and leaves with Dawson chasing after her. 

Elsewhere, Pacey, waiting for a while now for Kristy to show up is pleased when she finally does. Kristy then explains that she can’t stay because her boyfriend is waiting for her, and compliments him for being so brave despite his heart condition, a lie that Andie made up to get back at Pacey. Pacey finds Andie later in a store and he begins to feel down on himself again and decides to dye his hair back to its normal color to which Andie offers advice about which product is best for that, leaving him to decide if she is really being helpful or pulling another prank on him. 

Meanwhile, Gail confronts Mitch about his meeting, having found a business card with the lawyer's name on it, to which he responds that he is not sure he can stay with someone whom he loves and hates so much equally.

Dawsons finds Jen in the theatre lobby and they have a prolonged conversation about her feeling like a third wheel, to her mistake of breaking things off with him, to helping Dawson realize his feelings for Joey, to feeling like she’s ready to end it all, before running out of the theatre. Dawson then returns to his seat to find Joey unfortunately gone. He does find her shortly later and rather than want an apology, the two discuss why she decided to stay instead of going to France: not just because of Dawson being here, but that it was the harder choice to stay and work through her life as opposed to escaping to another country to essentially do over her life. Dawson jokes with her about the many French things they could see here in Capeside and the two end up on the swings, kissing again.

Dawson's Trivia:

Kristy was played by Ali Larter. Most recently she was on Nathan Fillion’s show The Rookie, as well as a guest spot on the Jenna Fischer led show Splitting Up Together (divorce reignites a marriage). In the past she has been known as Claire Redfield from the Resident Evil series of movies, starred quite prominently in NBC’s Heroes, and did a movie with Beyoncé and Idris Elba called Obsessed co-starring Jerry O'Connell and a guest starred Bruce McGill of Quantum Leap fame (2 episodes). She was also in the Final Destination movies, Legally Blonde, Varsity Blues (with James Van Der Beek), and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. This role on Dawson’s Creek was her fifth role.

Meredith Monroe played Andie. Her biggest role is arguably Dawson’s Creek. She has a large handful of other guest spots in shows, the most notable of which are 13 Reasons Why and Criminal Minds. Of her small number of movie roles, The Husband She Met Online (meets guy online, marries him, he’s a psycho) and Not My Life (after a car accident, woman has visions that she is not who she appears to be) are her biggest. She also provided the voice of Pepper Potts in the Iron Man series of video games.

MTV Parody-


Written by: Dana Baratta

Directed by: Dennie Gordon

Original airdate: October 14, 1998


Dawson and Joey find themselves mortified when Mitch and Gail happen upon them while making out, leading to some very uncomfortable conversations about the birds and the bees and new rules for the two now that they are dating.

Elsewhere, Pacey finds out he has failed his driver’s license test, putting the kibosh on his and Dawson’s plans to drive to Maine for his birthday. Unfortunately, Dawson hasn’t actually remembered his birthday with all that has been happening in his life, leaving Pacey dejected and even angry at his best friend. Spurred on by Jen, Pacey decides to throw himself a party at the docks, inviting everyone and anyone.

While at Joey’s house, Dawson and her partake in another makeout session before she has to go and take care of the baby in the next room. Dawson glances through her journal and reads an entry in which she talks about Dawson’s movie and his skills as a filmmaker very unfavorably. This comes to a head when he confronts her about it and the two have their first fight as a couple. 

Meanwhile Mitch and Gail both individually seek out advice on their marriage with Grams suggesting a renewal of vows and working to keep it all together, while a friend of Mitch’s suggests an open marriage as the only way for couples to truly flourish. 

Jen finds herself hanging out with Abby, reliving her New York exploits and ending with the two of them deciding to crash Pacey’s party with their own alcohol, which ends up with them both getting pretty wasted and a dare from Abby in which Jen ends up grabbing Dawson and kissing him, much to his own surprise and disgust. 

Pacey, feeling thoroughly sorry for himself, ends up bumping into Andie who gives him. Present she had meant to give to her brother but forgot. As they read the answers on the gift, a magic 8 ball, Andie drops it in the water by accident and the two end up having a “deep” moment in their discussion. 

Dawson and Joey meet up at the party and the two make up, with him apologizing for invading her privacy and her explaining that it was written in a moment of frustration. As the two kiss, Jen and Abby look over them with Jen deciding she wants Dawson back and Abby vowing to help her.

Dawson finds Pacey and apologizes about forgetting about his birthday and the two end up bonding and having a bro moment, before Dawson suggests taking Mitch’s car and having their Maine weekend after all.

Dawson's Trivia:

Dennie Gordon is a long time television director. She got her start on Picket Fences, and has gone on to direct episodes of Chicago Hope, Party of Five, Grounded for Life, Everybody Hates Chris, The Office, 30 Rock, Suits, Burn Notice, 12 Monkeys, Under the Dome and Jack Ryan to name just a few. She also directed the feature films Joe Dirt, What a Girl Wants and New York Minute.

Kerr Smith played Jack. Most recently he has played the principal on Riverdale. Before that he had a recurring role in The Fosters (kid fostered by lesbian couple into their blended/adopted/biological family), he was in the first two seasons of Life Unexpected (girl finds birth parents and is temporarily under their care), was a lead in the Victor Garner vehicle Justice (lawyers handling high profile cases), a lead supporting actor in E-Ring (a political spy thriller series), and featured prominently in season 7 of Charmed. He played a serial killer in the movie Criticsized, was the lead in a movie called Silver Lake which had zero info on IMDB and played in Cruel Intentions 3 as Jason. Previous to Dawson’s he was in As The World Turns for a run of 44 episodes. 

Tom Nowicki is a solid guest star, acting consistently since the late 80’s. Just a few shows he’s guested in are Superboy, Swamp Thing, Thunder In Paradise, Matlock, Walker Texas Ranger, The Cape, and movies such as The Waterboy, Remember the Titans, LA Confidential, The Punisher, The Blind Side, and probably his best remembered role of Dr. Reginald Conquest from the epic tale Furby Island. Most recently he starred in The Dark and the Wicked (evil taking over a family).

Essential Playlist:

Classic Creek Critiques:

Matador30: they've matured a lot (relatively speaking and appearance-wise) over their hiatus...and I really am liking this Joey/Dawson relationship...though I am looking forward to the bumps along the way...also,

is it just me or does Dawson still have that infatuation with Jen? As much as he likes Joey, it doesn't seem like he's completely over Jen....and my god, she's an idiot....she had him the first time around when he was obsessed with her....dumped him...and now that he's with someone else, wants him again....something you can't have always looks sweeter...and I hope Pacey gets even more screen time...all of his scenes are adorable! though I'm not too sure about that Andie (sp?) girl…

TapDancerE (Erin) I think Jen is such a *@tch. I mean, she had Dawson fallen for her, "thinking" he was in love. Then she dumps him, wanting nothing to do with him, mind that he stills lusts for her. When he finally gets over her and finds he truly loves Joey, she gets mad at him for not wanting her anymore and yells at him for trying to be the only thing he can~ a friend (last nights season premiere). I guess she still doesn't know the great things she's got until she tries to get rid of them.

KC: Dammit Mitch, Ditch That Bitch. Come on Mitch, you can do better then her. Have some dignity man

ShAyNuH512: Hey. I know this is sorta immature and all, but last night I couldn't sleep, so me and my boyfriend went to the 24 hour Super K-Mart in my area, and while I was looking at the books, I came across this new Dawson's Creek series. They have 4 books out that have the characters of the show going on some adventures. I was wondering if anyone else has seen them??? Please don't laugh at me when I tell you that I bought the one they had! LOL...Just so you know, I'm 19 so before I bought it I asked my boyfriend if he'd think I was a total loser if I did, you know, just jokingly. But he knows I love the show, so he just laughed and we went on to the register...

NewsgroupMan: Well I just got through watching the new Dawson's Creek episode a couple hours ago. It was great. I really like the fact that Joey and Dawson

are together. I hate the fact that Jen keeps butting her head into everything. I hate her so much. She's trying to steal Dawson back. She's being such a bitch. She says she has no friends and crap like that. I never did quite like her and I can tell this season I am gonna really hate her if she keeps acting the way she is. 

Chris Ciolfitto: Wow, it was refreshing to hear the gang talk like normal teenagers for once. I guess I no longer have to watch the show with a dictionary beside me :)

Dele… responds: Really? I thought the episode lost piquancy as a result. Their previous convoluted phraseology and vast vocabulary was unrealistic for teens, but I *never complained* about it -- it was a refreshing change from the typical TV lowbrow monosyllabic grunts. If I were a teacher, I'd launch a letter-writing campaign to WB/KW asking that they *please* bring back "Vocabulary for College A" to set good role model behavior. 

People are thirsty about Pacey’s frosted tips!

Spiderman: Is it my imagination or does Dawson and Joey always have to have their faces about three inches apart from each other. How can you talk to somebody like that all the time? If they ain't kissin' by that point, then they need to make some "binaca breath" space.

SaraS: I liked that they didn't ignore the parents. Dawson's folks have an interesting storyline, and a very real dilemma considering how many couples get divorced these days. It's good that the parents on the show aren't reduced to these people who hang around in the backdrop and say "Hi, honey" "Bye, honey" while Dawson wanders through a scene obsessing about his own problems. Or if the parents end up just being the voices of knowledge and reason who give their kid a little speech or lesson on life every once in a while. I think we'll continue to get strong storylines for Dawson's parents (and even Grams was given a bit more depth and the chance to talk about her past with Gramps in the the premiere). There was an interview with Kevin Williamson recently where he's quoted as saying the show will continue to have interesting plotlines for the parents, and that he won't just have Dawson's parents move to Japan or Hong

Kong one day (a nice little jab at 90210 where the parents became redundant and instead of doing something with them, the writers just had them move to a foreign country and basically disappear)

TapDancerE: I like to watch this show because I have been in almost every character's position at least once. And the way they deal with the situation is the way I always look back and say, "Gee, I wish I could have said that..." Maybe they talk way above what they should, but isn't it great to sit back and re-live the same situations with a different intensity. That is what draws me into their web....

Cory Ellington: Im glad Im not the only person over 18 that watches the show! Im 21 and think its wonderful because its so real. Its the first show I have ever watched from pilot on, Ive never missed a show. 

Liquidsky: all i have to say is that it was so fucked up of Jen to just interrupt Joey and DAwson at the theatre and expect to be welcomed....shes jus trying to get in between joey and dawson....

Lori: Jen's never been on my list of favorite people in capeside. From what I've heard, she's not going to get

any nicer either.

Tabin: Yeah, I agree. I mean it was completely like what Dawson did to Jen in the carnival episode.

Montgomery: Her grandfather died the day before and she's messed up over breaking up with Dawson also. She should be allowed some mentally divergent behavior. I felt sorry for her.

Daws… Jen is depressed, and insecure 15-year old whose grandfather just died, whose parents shipped her off to Capeside so they didn't have to deal with her, who pushed away the first guy who really cared about her. Yes, she doesn't want

Dawson & Joey to get together, but it is really sad to see her turn into this.

LuvBug77: Joey. What to say about Joey. It seems like her quick wit and dry humor is kinda gone. I liked that her and Dawson were getting together, but I think

it happened WAY too quickly. But, it seems like because she's in love....she's lost that "Joey charm". I don't know. I just didn't hear her with her smart comebacks. It was a little odd to see her telling Dawson to go look out for Jen. I mean, where the hell did that come from? Oh well. They are all changing I suppose.

Jen - Didn't she look AWFUL? I mean, the first scene they showed with her, my god. It was awful. By the movie theater scene she was looking a little better. But, she just looked awful with the short, curly hair. Hmmm....but I do agree. Her range since being in H20 seems much more extensive. I kinda can't wait for her to become super bitchy (believe me, it's coming!)

and try to win Dawson back. I think she needs to get with Pacey!


Rodney E: Face it, the concept for Dawson's Creek comes from 30-something Kevin Williamson. When you get beyond the girl-loves-boy simplicity, most of the

one-liners and pop culture references are more easily understood by twentysomethings (I'm 26). Take Dawson's Speilberg fixation for example. While today's teens know him more for Schindler's List, Jurassic Park, and Private Ryan Speilberg's heyday came in the 70's and early 80's (Jaws, E.T., Raiders) when they weren't even born yet! Ultimately, this show can

be enjoyed by everyone.

Freckles: Yep. I am a 22-year-old grad student, and a hopeless Creekhead. My husband makes fun of me watching a "teenybopper" show, but I really think he's a closet Creek fan. He always seems to know what happens on every show. I like the show because I used to be Katie Holmes. I hung out with a guy on whom I had an unendurable crush. Alas, we never got together like our heroes. I think I am living that crush vicariously. I finally have closure!

Matt English: Wasn't the OCtober 14th episode great? Better then the premiere!! Poor must REALLY suck to have everyone forget your birthday. It was really sweet when Andie gave him the gift though...I see a romance brewing...although the spoiler for next week sorta discredits my theory! Jen and Abby???? A PERFECT PAIR! They are going to be so damn mean and's gonna be great. But what the hell did Abby do with her hair? Did EVERYONE in Capeside get a new hairdo? Well that is except for Mrs. leery....she likes the BIG HAIR! Dawson and Joey were less lovey dovey, which is more easier to stomach. I like romance and stuf, but the premiere episode was too much. I like this better. I hope that JACK guy doesn't stick around...LOSER AND A HALF! The character, not the actor (in case he reads this...slim chance) Spoiler...JOEY IS FIRED!! Holy cow....Bessie must be mad! Hell, Joey let the guy who worked at The Ice Box for about .44353 hours lock up. RESPONSIBLE...I think not!

Kenny20920: I like Pacey and that new girl! Joey is gonna hook up with her brother! I think Jenn is gonna add alot more to the show now that the bitchy New York girl is gonna be part of the show! No more playing nice! it's gonna get good!!

M&A Kelemen: Anybody else getting tired of Dawson's parents? I think Jen's grandmother is kind of an interesting character. I mean: you just KNOW she used to party back in the roaring twenties, until she found God. OK, Ok, that would make her about 95 years old, but you get my drift. I predict that Jen finds out this season that her grandmother used to be a wild woman with lots of boyfriends too, and that's why Gram is so worried about Jen all the time.

Jimmy: I didn't read any of the pre-season hype but I am so far dissapointed by this has lost its hip self referential story lines and quirky nature...

Why does Kevin Williamson and Steve Miner have seemingly zero involvement this season ? Why are the new writers just writing standard storylines instead of

emulating Williamson ? Just wondering

Kenny20920 responds: I read an article in the ATlanta paper saying that for the first few weeks of the filming this year that Kevin was gone to LA for most of that time. He would fly back and forth and even James and Michelle commented on it not being the same for them. Heres hoping it gets better. I thought last nights was way better than the opener last week! 

Tank_Commander continues: Well, first season shows are trying to do anything to catch an audience. More often than not, a shows first season tends to be the quirkiest of all the following seasons. It doesn't mean the great story lines will "die out" but you try to write episode after episode of great stories. Besides it's a drama, which means the story line has to be followed and sometimes that means sacrificing luster for content. In other words: that's just how the cookie crumbles. In my opinion I think that they have done a really good job so far. Also, if you ask me, watch out for that new guy Jack. I know a little bit as to how writers think and the way they delayed his entrance and how they're down-playing his character, I think he has something surprising in store but that's just a guess.

Cereal KIller: Pacey is by far my favorite character, only because I can relate with alot of the way he acts out on certain things. I can't say that I've slept with my teacher, or that my family is at all like his, but the way he branches out on his own, relies on friends to comfort him, and always has a hard time fitting in, I've always felt the same way.

Someone posted their angel fire website about Dawson’s Creek which stopped being updated at about episode 8 of season 2. Downloads midi files of some songs form the show.

Didron7765: when Joey and Dawson break up and Joey goes out with Jack, I don't really see where the show is gonna go from there. There'll be Pacey and Andie, and Joey and Jack, but what about the show's title character? Second, I don't think its consistent of the writers to have Joey go out with Jack so soon. They are breaking up in like 3 or 4 episodes. Now, if you think about it, we think of Joey as maybe changed over the summer, but you have to realize that season 1and season 2 theoretically took place with only a second or two in between them. 1 ends with the kiss, 2 starts with the end of the kiss. I don't think that after going out with Dawson for a couple of days/weeks, Joey is now a person comfortable around dating. Dawson is her first, let's remember.

Rick Seller responds: t's just a soap opera device. As good as this show is, that is what it ultimately comes down to. Two characters struggle against all odds to get together, they finally get together, and then the writers must realize that condition is "boring." There must be "conflict." So they tear it all back down to start all over again. Good news for Dawson/Joey fans though: You can enjoy the build all over again this season, since the other cliche is that characters that are portrayed for so long as being meant for each other usually get together in the end.

Joe T Starkey II: To tell the truth she intrigues me quite a bit. I don't find her particularly attractive, but I like the way she interacts with Pacey, the preview for next

week's episode where they say they don't know each other has me wishing it was Wednesday right now.Obviously her and Pacey has to hook up at sometime, but I don't think it will be for a while.


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