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RW390 - Dawson's Creek S02E03-04 - Alternative Return


In this weeks episode of The Dawson's Creek Rewatch, Cory and Tom study hard and confess harder as they discuss season 2 episodes 3 & 4 "Alternative Lifestyles" and "Tamara's Return."

Alternative Lifestyles:

Written by: Mike White

Directed by: David Semel

Original airdate: October 21, 1998


As Mitch lays down the new ground rules for Dawson given his and Joey’s new relationship, Joey keeps being the brunt of Bessie’s requests for help in both her personal (the baby) and professional (the icehouse) life. 

Andie, forgetting her notes, calls upon Pacey, who true to his nature didn’t take any notes, and suggests just telling their teacher “pass” if asked a question. An assignment is assigned to all the students where they are to prepare a family budget with Dawson and Jen being paired up, and similarly Andie and Pacey.

Jen is at first reluctant to try and seduce Dawson, but Abby manages to get her over that hurdle easily while things come to a head between Bessie and Joey, and Joey heads off to a meet with a local artist/interior designer named Laura Weston who has offered her some help with her project.

When Gail returns home from work via a ride form a co worker, Mitch finds he feels he cannot trust her and the two agree to try the idea of an open relationship to restore their trust as they both head off on their own for the evening. 

Dawson and Jen begin their project with Jen eventually putting her head on Dawson’s shoulder, making him a bit uncomfortable as he heads out to go home. 

Meanwhile Andie and Pacey are working on their project trying to find affordable apartments within their budget but Pacey’s lack of actual trying gets to her and she insults him, leading him to lay a barrage of truths from his life on her which he ends with yet another dig at Andie’s entitled life, leaving her to storm off.

The next day at Dawson’s, he and Jen continue working on their project with Jen, at Abby’s suggestion,  going for broke wearing a slinky dress and makeup, complete with suggestive comments and poses to which Dawson remains uninterested. She even asks to stay the night and he refuses, leaving Jen to kiss him to which Dawson asks her who she is, not recognizing her attitude and new personality.

Back at the Potter home, Bessie and Joey make up with Bessie agreeing she has placed too much responsibility on Joey and the two move forward with new boundaries in place and their relationship restored.

At school, the students hand in their assignments with Andie confessing she only has half of their assignment when Pacey rushes in with their entire assignment complete which he finished to make up for their argument. As the two walk out together after school, discussing the assignment, a woman sitting in a convertible watches the two of them, taking off her sunglasses to reveal Pacey’s former teacher, Miss Jacobs.

Dawson's Trivia:

Laura Weston was played by Tamara Taylor who we have seen before in Serenity as the Teacher at the beginning of the film. Before that she was in Lost as Michael’s wife, Susan. Her first big reoccurring role was as Grace Wilcox in Party of Five for a run of 16 episodes, right before getting this role in Dawson’s Creek. She would go on to play Dr. Ana Syphax in the series City of Angels (Hospital drama), Hidden Hills (sitcom suburbia), and Sex, Love, and Secrets (20somethings in LA). She has made a lot of appearances in shows as a recurring chapter in Altered Carbon, Agents of Shield, and Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths. Her arguably biggest role would be in Bones as Camille Saroyan (a run of 223 episodes). Most recently she heads up October Faction on Netflix (monster hunting, supernatural).

Colin Fickes played Kenny. He has a small handful of roles as minor characters like an analyst in Transformers, a newsboy in The Hudsucker Proxy (Tim Robbins ’94). Most recently he was a supporting character in A Christmas Wish (hallmark, lifetime movie). You can watch him in a 2009 short called A Softer Touch.

The Landlady was played by Nancy Saunders who was a huge movie star in the 40’s but her career slowed down tremendously by the mid-50’s. She wouldn’t act again until the late 90’s where she started making guest appearances in shows, much like here in Dawson’s Creek.

Tamara's Return:

Written by: Mike White

Directed by: Jesus Travino

Original airdate: October 28, 1998


As Mitch meets someone to discuss a location for his restaurant, Dawson is surprised to find the person selling the property is his former teacher, Tamara Jacobs.

When Andie drops some video tapes out of her backpack, Pacey and her bond over their love of Dumbo with him inviting her to hang out after school, to which she readily accepts. While things start off happily, they soon run into Tamara which causes Pacey to cut the afternoon short.

Jen, feeling down about herself after her failed seduction, is persuaded to join Abby for a shopping spree, which ends with them flirting with a dock worker while at lunch.

Meanwhile, Dawson has attended an art lecture with Joey being given by Laura, with Joey thoroughly engaged and Dawson much less so, not enjoying abstract art as a whole, leaving a rift between them as he treats her newfound interest as more of a hobby rather than a genuine lifelong passion. 

Andie seeks out Dawson’s advice about Pacey and her feelings for him, while Pacey seeks out Tamara at her old house and they have a short discussion as they try to deal with the awkwardness of the moment.

Dawson talks to Mitch about what’s going on with him and Joey, while Pacey stops by to tell his friend that he isn’t over Tamara yet, leaving Dawson to suggest he not act on it, fearing for his reputation and future.

Joey, wanting to go to an art exhibit at the college, is pushed to invite Jack, and the two discover they have a lot in common as Jack is very knowledgeable and fond of the art being shown. Mitch meanwhile meets with Tamara again to look over more of the building and the two have some exchanges about their individual problems they have been having in their lives.

Abby and Jen seek out the dock worker and find him on a ship, but he quickly rebuffs Abby’s blatant come ons, and flirts instead with Jen, inviting her out sometime, an act that is noticed by Abby who gets angry at Jen for stealing someone that she actually likes, leaving their friendship in question.

Pacey finds Tamara and he tells her he is finally over her, but then they both embrace and kiss, before he says they probably should take a pause and the two finally say a proper goodbye.

After another argument between Dawson and Joey, she reveals that she feels like her identity is tied up in just being Dawson’s friend/sidekick/now girlfriend and wishes to know who she is apart from him, but rather than break up right then, she asks to just let the question go unresolved for the moment.

Pacey finds Andie at a restaurant and joins her, hinting that Dawson told him about her feelings and the two do their usual back and forth when they see Tamara getting into her car to leave as Pacey looks off wistfully.

Dawson's Trivia:

We’ve seen director Jesus Travino before on The Rewatch, he directed 5 episodes of Seaquest across seasons 2 & 3; The Sincerest Form of Flattery, The Siamese Dream, In The Company of Ice and Profit, Good Soldiers & BrainLock

Vincent was played by Joe Flanigan. Previous to Dawson’s, he was on the show Sisters with Sela Ward and Swoosie Kurtz. He would go on to appear in episodes of Cupid, Profiler, First Monday (James Garner, Joe Mantegna), and Providence. He did a number of guest spots in the early to mid 2000’s before he landed the role of Niel Byrne in General Hospital in 2019, and was just killed off a few months ago. His biggest role was arguably John Sheppard in Stargate Atlantis.

Essential Playlist:

Classic Creek Critiques:

rrrrrrreeeeeerrrrr Rodney E: Loved it when Jen mentioned the dress she was wearing was borrowed, and Joey answered, "I'll bet". Things are getting catty in Capeside!

Deputy Doug: Didn't they work so well together on that project? Even Dawson seemed

surprised at how compatible they were in that mock marriage. Maybe this

will make Dawson realize that Jen was the best thing that ever happened to

him. *sniff* I think I'm going to cry.

Matador30: ok, to follow from the heading..granted, she knows Jen is still interested in Dawson but I saw a completely new side to Joey tonight...all her insecurities came out on that front porch when she saw Jen in that dress (not the most flattering outfit, IMHO..she looked a bit dumpy)...Now that she's got a

boyfriend, she's acting more stuck up. Poor Jack. If I were that guy, I would turn and run away as fast as I could. 

I love the whole Abby/Jen bad girl thing that's going on. It brings a lot more to the show and their lines are great...Also, I am dying for something to happen between Pacey and Andi...I think they're adorable together-kind of opposite attract thing going on.

I like the Joey/Dawson relationship but Pacey is such a scene stealer...I'm more interested in what he's doing now...the first season I could of cared less..I'm glad to see his storyline becoming bigger and bigger as each episode goes by...and these episodes seem to be getting better every week! which can't be said for most t.v. shows..

Spritey: From what I have been hearing the two are going to break up and Joey will be going out with Andie's brother Jack. I would rather have Joey and Pacey, but hey can't get every wish granted, So Dawson and Joey not together will just have to do.

Although I am dying to see Dawson and Joey discuss having sex and watch Dawson blush and fumble.

I don't think they should've gotten together in the first place. Not yet, anyway. I mean, Joey got what she always wanted, and it's only the begining of the second season. Where do we go from there? The only

other thing is to break up. Personally though, I would've rather seen the tension last a little longer.

Rodney E. I don't know if this was aired nationally, but here in the SF Bay Area there was a Long's Drugs commercial several months back about a money-back

guarantee for unsatisfactory makeup. The girl in the ad seemed to be Meredith Monroe (aka "Andie"), can anyone confirm/deny?

Argyle115: The DJ on Z100 here in New Jersey (well, it's a NY station) affectionately calls Meredith 'the Rite Aid girl.' I guess her spot is used for a chain across

the country. --Daria<br>

Spilldink: Swinging Parents? An issue that hasn't been touched often in television. Sure, many married couples have had affairs, but this is totally different. From the fact that Jen rejects God, to the fact that a teacher had an affair with a student who was 15 years old, Kevin and his team are constant iconoclasts riping apart social normsin a whole new way. While some shows (90210, Melrose, every other soap) show "deviant" morality, this show examins life and choices. While other shows shock people by breaking the social laws that were created by television in the 50's, DC is creating a picture of the changing morality of the 90's and the comming century. Now a days many of the kids I know who are starting High School question there sexuality, examine many religions and philosophical viewpoints instead of just blindly accepting their parents' religion, and look at life with an open mind.

JHinLA: I'm glad that I'm not the only one who was confused by the disappearance of the baby's dad... I was wondering why Joey was getting the short end of the stick so much lately...

John Smith: Yea what happened to bodie, has he become like chuck from happy days and just disappeared into the mist of time?

jeev: Short thoughts on new episode:

1) The interaction between dawson and has dad was hilarious.

2) I thought Jen was pretty annoying, double for Abby

3) What happened to Bessie's boyfriend? Did we get any explanation for

his disappearance?

4) Dawson and Joey together are nice, but i'm looking forward to some

more conflict which I guess Jack'll provide.

5) Love Miss Jacobs coming back, I missed her, hope we get some good

action with her and pacey.

6) Wow Meredith Monroe is hot.

Pavel Nikiforovitch: -- Mitch is a cool dad (and it's kinda obvious that he enjoys dealing with his son much better than with his wife). Yes, Dawson might think his

restrictions constitute cruel and unusual punishment, but Mitch is right -- it's his duty as a parent to enforce at least some semblance of discipline. And then, when Dawson asked him "didn't you make out with girls when you were 15 ?"... an average father would have either lied or said something like "yes, I did, but <insert some illogical explanation of why it's completely

different>". Instead of that, Mitch talks about fear of getting caught being part of "doing it". In other words, he doesn't officially encourage Dawson to have sex (no parent would do it), but he does accept the possibility of Dawson doing it without his permission. Basically, he washes his hands, like "do it secretly, and if you get caught, remember -- I didn't give you my permission". A pretty sensible approach.

-- Just one sidenote about Jen's unsuccessful attempt to seduce Dawson: when she kissed him (after she said "I just decided to liven things up a bit"), he didn't seem to mind, and the kiss was more or less passionate. It might notbe a big problem, considering how well he resisted Jen's advances otherwise,

but it would have certainly pissed Joey off, had she happened to walk in at the moment. Speaking of Joey, she trusts Dawson a lot, letting him spend so much time together with Jen (even if it's necessary for a project). Dawson better not betray that trust...

-- Abby is even a bigger bitch than I thought she was ! When she was picking on Kenny (the overweight nerd assigned to be her project partner), I felt extremely pissed (yes, yes, partly because Kenny did kinda remind me of myself in high school -- only I wasn't that overweight) ! He does all the work, and she has the nerve to insult him and act like his mere existence is

killing her ! I wonder why Kenny let her do all this instead of just saying "f**k you, bitch, do it yourself then !" -- well, I guess, it's because you can't say "f**k" on network TV... But at least he openly informed the teacher about her not doing anything. Some might find his behavior uncool, but I totally support him. Oh, man, does Abby suck !

Tabin responds: I think Dawson already did. I mean, in the first season Dawson said that a relationship should have no lies and have complete honesty. So Jen told her about her past. Well, when Abby threw the "Get a room," line, I got the thought that Jen told her what happen and was mad at Dawson. Joey didn't understand and Dawson said neither did he. Is it me, or did he NOT tell Joey that Jen kissed him TWICE. Granted she was drunk in the first kiss, but definitely not the second. Do you think this will cause a problem? I think so.


Matt English: First of all, the Vincent and Abby speech was one amazing scene. I love what Vincent said about..and to abby. Abby is such a skank. "abby Morgan 555-1042" My God! Also, as if Joey is that good of an artist...just like that! Oh yeah, stop drawing for 9 years and BOOM you're a regular Cezanne. Ok..sure. I am also mad about the Pacey and Tamara thing. I was not predicting that, and I am tremendously disappointed with the show's outcome. Andie was looking especially pretty this episode, and I am so looking forward to their (Paccey and Her) budding romance. It should be a good one. Also.....Jen loooked really classy and pretty this episode. Finally ...she

lost that depressed drunken look. How unbecoming

Skyhi… This is what I think...Joey is

paranoid due to the death of her mother (let's remember this was brought up by that art teacher). This re-opened a closed book in Joey's life, and she

realized that Dawson's all she's got, and if he died, life would not be worth living. By the way, in case some of you didn't know, someone posted something that I hope is true that Bodie is not forgotten and will be back. I kind of hope they get married. Jack, what a loser! The whole time he was with Joey he was shrugging his shoulders, and his hands were in his pockets. Come to think of it, although I like Dawson and Joey, Jack and Joey would make a good couple, have you noticed how much Joey shrugged her shoulders in season 1? 

Kenny 20920: Well folks believe me it is that hate for Jen that is going make this show interesting. Would I, as Dawson, pick Jen over Joey? way. But to say

that Jen should get over it, come on..a 15 year old who thinks she is in love, shouldn't and won't get over him that fast, and for sure not just cause he has a girlfriend. Joey and Jen never had that great of a friendship, so there are no lines that Jen is steping on. Go for Jen, bitch and scheme all you want.go after your "man".make the show fun! I hope Abby keeps talking to her. That Jen part sure does liven up Joey and Dawson!

Spritey: I don't hate Jen all that much anymore (not yet anyways), but feel more sorry for her. The guy who has been fawning all over her steps out with his best friend and her enemy and her grandfather dies. She is mad at the world and that is what is going to show for awhile. Jen admitted she had no girlfriends and guys only seem to want her for one thing most of the time.

Mark Christensen: I thought for a moment that they would get together at the bar, where they had both gone to "pick someone up." It would have been contrived, and strange -- but at least it would have ended this worthless story line. Look at the outcome of the honesty thread -- they both went out on date night, then they both went home and LIED about it. Apparently pretending they had fun in order to wound each other is more important than restoring the trust and honesty he SEEMS to care so much about. Perhaps he's just more interested in inflicting pain, and getting some action than he's willing to admit. Stupid. Stupid. This story line leads down the Soap Opera road. Which is a road I will not travel for long.


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