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RW397 - Dawson's Creek S02E11-12 - Wrote Waters


In this weeks episode of The Dawson's Creek Rewatch, Cory and Tom mysteriously set sail as they discuss season 2 episodes 11 & 12, "Sex, She Wrote" and "Uncharted Waters."

Sex, She Wrote:

Written by: Mike White & Greg Berlanti

Directed by: Nick Marck

Original airdate: January 20, 1999


With their mystery-themed projects due for their English class, Abby has failed to turn hers in, leading her to delve into trying to solve the mystery of an unsigned note Chris found on the floor that gave the indication that someone in the class slept with someone the night before.

Abby begins using her rumor mongering talents, with assistance from Chris, to try and implicate Dawson, Jen, Joey, Jack, Pacey and Andie into revealing which one of them actually did the deed, trying to rile up their curiosity and jealousy in order to get a revelation, causing drama between the group of friends.

When the group receives a mysterious invitation to a classroom after school, Abby shows up and starts to pressure each of them into talking about who did what, leading to a confrontation between Joey and Dawson, both suggesting they each had sex. Jen debunks the theory as false, while Jack also reveals that he and Joey did not either. With the suspects narrowed down, it turns out Pacey wrote the note which states that he wants to take some time before something happens again between them, leaving Andie to rush out of the room upset. Before Jen leaves she confronts Abby and lays the smackdown on her, calling her out as a lying, manipulative, cruel, and pathetic person. Later, Jack and Jen share a few minutes together where he reveals that he couldn't sleep with Joey because his body wasn't cooperating, while Jen sympathizes with him feeling like playing second fiddle to Dawson with Joey.

The next day when asked to present her project, Abby claims she did not do it, indicating that Jen’s words may have had an effect on her.

Elsewhere, Pacey finds Andie in her car in order to explain why he wrote the note. He shows Andie his latest test grade, the very first A he ever received, due to all the help Andie gave him, and the changes he started to make in himself. He realizes that suddenly he doesn’t know what to expect of himself and it scares him, leading him to want to pull away, along with the fact that he has started to fall in love with her and is not something he had ever expected. She reciprocates his feelings and the two kiss, their relationship renewed.

At their lockers, Dawson and Joey talk about why they both did not engage in sexual relations with their respective partners, and joey suggests that it wasn’t about the perfect place or timing but needing the perfect person. They continue to talk outside and Dawson confesses he misses their friendship with Joey agreeing and the two decide to try and start up their friendship again slowly as they walk home together in the rain.

Dawson's Trivia:

Nick Marck has directed on several well known shows, including Wonder Years, The X-Files, Charmed, Dark Angel, Buffy, The Dead Zone and Veronica Mars. He directed every episode of the reboot Get Smart series in 1995, which saw Don Adams and Barbara Feldon reprise their roles. He also directed an episode on the short lived (13 episodes) TV series version of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Which starred Scott Bakula and Maria Bello in the lead roles (Timothy Olyphant also had an early role in one episode). In film, he interestingly made a live action Jungle Book movie (straight to video) in 1998 called The Jungle Book: Mowgli’s Story, which had the voice talents of Clancy Brown, Wallace Shawn, Stephen Tobolowski and Fred Savage. He also made the unfortunate and (arguably) worst Vacation movie that exists, Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie’s Island Adventure, which Randy Quaid was no doubt happy to cash a cheque for.

Unchartered Waters:

Written by: Dana Baratta & Mike White

Directed by: Scott Paulin

Original airdate: January 27, 1999


While Pacey invites Dawson and his dad to join him and his dad for a weekend fishing tournament, Gail, with the help of Jen, has invited several of Capeside’s high school girls to participate in an interview about life as a teenager. When Pacey’s dad, John, finds Dawson and Pacey together, the man shows a profound joy in Dawson agreeing to come, noticeably cutting down Pacey’s future, suggesting he will be flipping burgers.

Joey shows signs of jealousy when she is invited to Gail’s interview, but seems placated when Jen indicates that there is no one more eloquent and profound than her.

Dawson is glad to be spending time with his best friend and father, but is quickly sullen when he sees that Andie had convinced Pacey to invite Jack as well.

At Gail’s house, she starts interviewing Jen, Joey, Andie, and Abby but no one is very talkative. Thinking they need some bonding time to get comfortable with each other, she fixes them a ton of junk food. While Gail just plain disappears, Abby suggests sneaking through Dawson’s room for fun where they find a porno he had hidden away and they all settle in to watch. Abby makes a joke insulting Jen and everyone laughs, before Gail ends up reappearing and reprimanding the girls to respect Dawson’s privacy and the group heads back downstairs. Before heading back however, Jen confronts Joey about their strained relationship. Joey is incredulous that Jen would ask about this and suggests that Jen has been scheming all this time to get Dawson back.

Back on board the ship, Pacey gets chewed out by his father for not putting the correct poles in the correct stands, while Dawson and Jack face off about Joey with Dawson claiming it’s not over yet between them, while Jack demands that he respect Joey’s choice. After an unsuccessful day of fishing they all retire to a local bar where Dawson and Pacey have an argument due to Dawson not really understanding how Pacey’s dad is very different than his own when it comes to talking about problems. 

Back at Gail's, the girls have finally started to talk, with Abby monopolizing the conversation and in the end making another derogatory crack at Jen, before Gail says that they have heard enough from her and asks her to leave.

As Dawson and Mitch gear up to bed down for the night, the two have a conversation about Mitch’s future and what he wants to do with Mitch says he is simply looking for something he can put his heart and passion behind and just wants to be someone that Dawson can look up to and respect. Back in the bar, John, has challenged Pacey to a dart contest which ends up with Pacey in position for the win, but seeing his clearly drunk father looking tense and angry at this, he throws the contest, letting his father win. As Pacey carries his drunken father out of the bar, they fall onto the sand, as Pacey unleashes his feelings and need for love onto his now passed out dad.

With Abby gone, the rest of the girls begin to open more about their feelings, revealing their insecurities to each other. The next morning, Gail thanks Joey for being the daughter she never had, before Joey goes to Jen and the two talk to each other and come to an understanding, hoping to go forward with a renewed less competitive friendship. Meanwhile, Andie finds Abby outside where she spent the night in a chair, waiting for her mother to show since she thought it was supposed to be a sleepover. The two exchange barbs before Abby gets emotional, explaining that her own life is drama free and boring so she tries to create drama everywhere. Andie rebuts by saying most of the girls would love a boring normal life, while Abby counters with “the grass is always greener,” before her mother finally shows up. In a rare turn, Abby decides to offer Andie a ride home.

Back on the boat, Jack has managed to hook a fish but needs Pacey to take over and actually reel it in which he does with his father standing behind him, hand on his shoulder, proudly helping. Back at the docks, the Witters hold up the trophy for their catch of the day, as John tells Pacey to keep the trophy himself since it's obvious he won’t get many more like it. 

In contrast, as Mitch drops Dawson off back at home, Dawson thanks Mitch for allowing him to make mistakes without feeling inadequate and that he knows how lucky he is to have him as a father and the two hug. Mitch turns to go inside before remembering that he has his own place now, and drives off.

Dawson's Trivia:

As a director, Scott Paulin has worked on shows like Northern Exposure, Melrose Place, Picket Fences, Beverly Hills 90210 and Early Edition. He also directed for a few single season shows such as the series version of The Net and Mortal Kombat: Conquest. He’s primarily an actor, with some of his bigger roles being in movies like Cat People, Warning Sign, Teen Wolf, Pump Up the Volume, Turner & Hooch and Jane Doe: How to Fire Your Boss, and TV shows like St. Elsewhere, Hill Street Blues, Friday the 13th: The Series, Beverly Hills 90210, 24, Lost and Castle. If you’re a big Marvel on-screen nerd, you’ll most likely recognise him in the role of Red Skull in the 1990 film version of Captain America.

Essential Playlist:

Classic Creek Critiques:

Tony says: Jen said essentially that she may seem to have sex with whom ever, but that she'll only have sex with the man that she loves if he's there for the right reasons. Holding the "sex with whom ever" aside for a moment, I think the rest of that statement demonstrates a lot of strength of character. I'm sorry to say that it didn't look like Jen and Dawson's relationship is

going to get a chance to develop in that way, with Dawson walking off with Joey at the end of the show...

Melissa: Pacey Whitter

was at his all time best performance so far this season. I love him and Andie together. They are so great. This couple deserves the best and Pacey getting his first A was the best way to start. I believe. I loved the ending when he told her that he had fallen hopelessly (sp) in love with her, that was such a heart felt moment. all in all I

kinda knew he wrote the letter, but I just assumed that Dawson and Jen had sex. but its cool that they didnt. I think this episode is the best on so far this season. although next weeks ep looks really good.

Finally we get to see the confrontation between Pacey and his dad. This episode looks to be quite informing as to why Pacey and his dad really dont get along.

Whit116 (Whitney): Anyone notice the inside of Pacey's locker? You got to see the inside of the door while Abby was asking him to sign the petition. Anyway, clearly visible was a picture of Andie by herself. Surrounding her were just random magazine cut-outs etc. Anyway, there was a pic of another girl towards the bottom half of his locker. Was the Andie? It looked like she had brown hair or whatever. Anyone know who that is?

Annapilar responds: Maybe it was of his mysteriously unseen sisters--although it would be a little strange to have a pic of only her up,and not the other two, unless they are real close . . .

Rick Seiler” Loved tonight's episode, with Abby in full force, the writing at its very best, and the torment of the last several episodes finally being lifted. However, I guess I was asleep at the wheel last week

when I didn't see any possibility that it was actually Pacey and Andy who slept together. Didn't they agree not to?

Raina Dawn responds: I agree; goes in my top episodes of all time. Incredibly well-written, and, I don't know, I just love seeing the characters all interacting with each other, you know? Where it's not just "here's a Joey and Jack scene, followed by Jen and Dawson, then Andie and Pacey" though the whole show. They were actually all in the same room. And it seemed like pretty much everyone had a scene with everyone else. The characters who don't usually interact with each other did this time (i.e. Andie and Abby, Joey and Chris).

Lori Lynn Haynes has a different response: I totally agree with you. I was sort of confused about Pacey and Andie sleeping together, I really thought that they left the B&B and went to the car. This made me rewatch tonights epsiode. The first scene with Pacey and Andie showed them kissing and each of them saying thank you to each other before she went into her house. They must have either did it in the car, or turned and went back to the B&B! I was kind of disappointed that they actually did it, I really liked the way that Paceys character was developing. I thought that it was really ironic and sweet that he and

Andie were the only ones NOT to do it...(or so I thought!) But it all worked out to be ok in the end because the writers did a fantastic job with the scene in the car. As for the Joey/Dawson story, I didn't get all

that excited when they agreed to take things slowly. For the two of them to get back together it needs to be more dramatic and sensitive to live up to previous story lines and shows. Don't get me wrong, I love Joey and Dawson together, but it will take a little more to win me over into being happy for them. Overall this episode rocked!

Srikant Cheruvu adds: yeah, it was indeed a beautiful episode!!! I was shocked too (well, pleasantly surprised) that Pacey and Andie did sleep together, but what surprised me more was how KW chose to reveal it! And I soooo expected Jack to come out of the closet when talking to Jen...I guess that scene really surprised me as well! And I'm so happy that Dawson and Joey are finally, atleast *faintly*, getting back together! What Joey said was

beautiful..."it's not the perfect setting or the perfect's the perfect person!" on a side note, did anyone notice how sweet and beautiful she looked in that last scene with Dawson? It's like all her

"tired, bitchy" looks suddenly vanished and the old Joey was back again! After seeing her smile in that scene, I guess I joined the Dawson-Joey club again (I wasn't really keen on seeing them back together!)! anyways...these are just my thoughts on the episode


Mike Taylor: At first I didn't like these two together but since the "breakup" with

Joey jen and dawson seem to be really cool together. She's gotten him out from

under his rock and he has gotten her to stop being...well such a bitch and hey

at least she doesn't hang with that other little twit whats her name...??? Does anyone know what he used to do for a living? As far as I remember, from the very first episode he was working on his restaurant plan.

Donnival (Donny): I don't know about you guys, but I think Pacey and Jen are turning out to be more and more mature with each episode. They have grown so much since the first season--it's great. I'm surprised Dawson and Joey haven't grown in the same way, but hey, I'm not going to bag on the writers of the only show

I follow weekly. It's just great to see that the focus isn't only on Dawson


As for Abby, I think we've seen a tiny glimpse of what she is like. I

remember reading a post to the line of "Abby's the type of girl that was a

nobody in middle school, and when she hit high school, she realized that

making snide comments earned her attention, and so she did it, any way she

could." I think that is so right. She says her life is boring, and what

does she do? She talks crap about other people? She has problems, but it's

not the's a self-esteem thing. It's a facade that she needs

to drop.

I'm not gonna talk about Pacey's conversation with his father because

everyone knows that was an amazing scene (great job JJ!), but I want to put

some focus on the last scene, when Mitch takes Dawson home. They have that

great father-son moment, and then Mitch gets so caught up in the moment that

he starts going into the house, like old times. It must have been such an

awkward moment for Mitch, as well as for Dawson. Do you think Dawson's

respect for his dad might have lowered a smidgen right there? What Mitch

would have given to walk in the house with his son after their little



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