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RW401 - Dawson's Creek S02E15-16 - Question What You Wish


In this weeks episode of The Dawson's Creek Rewatch, Cory and Tom get a little dutch courage as they discuss season 2 episodes 15 & 16 "...That is the Question" and "Be Careful What You Wish For."

Wrong Side of the Creek:

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...That is the Question:

Written by: Kevin Williamson & Greg Berlanti

Directed by: Greg Prange

Original airdate: February 17, 1999


After a week of spending his school days crashing at Dawson’s house, successfully avoiding the wrath of his father AND speaking with Andie, Pacey returns to class. Mr. Peterson greets him with the usual disdain, surprised that Pacey has his assignments from throughout the week already competed but then hands him back his poetry assignment with a grade of F. When Pacey asks for feedback on how to improve his writing going forward, Peterson says simply to write better and then states to the class that their grades will now be subjective, and given according to his own personal taste.

As Pacey discusses this with Dawson at lunch, they see Andie walk in and sit separate from them. After waiting a few minutes Pacey goes to her and they begin to talk but both are still holding grudges for what happened the week before and she storms off, running into Jack who is on his way to see Mr. Milo, who she happens to be on her way to see as well, after dodging his calls home one too many times. When they arrive, Andie is ecstatic to see their father, Joseph, is in the office and hugs him, while he glares at Jack.

Joey gets the bad news that Jack has to cancel their dinner plans due to his father being in town so she accepts Dawson’s invite to join him, Jen and Ty at the jazz club. While Ty orders his “usual” for the whole table, Dawson and Joey decline, preferring some a Coke instead when suddenly all are surprised when Ty is invited to go up onstage and begins playing a set with the jazz band. Dawson laments on the irony of the situation where he sits between the two girls who dumped him, while Joey laughs that her boyfriend might be gay, and Jen admits she’s dating a bible-bumping hypocrite.

At the local library, Pacey starts investigating the code of conduct for teachers in the town, finding a number of violations, and writing them up in a report that he then gives to the principal. The principal is noticeably irritated but Pacey reinforces his report with the revelation that he has sent the report to the school board members ahead of their next meeting later that week.

As Jack, Andie and their father sit at dinner, Andie is quick to report on her various accomplishments to which Joseph responds by shrugging her expected success off, and focusing instead on Jack, insisting that his son not add to their family problems by admitting he is gay, to which Jack acquiesces, saying that he isn’t gay.

As Joey and Dawson dance and talk about their own friendship and the situation with Jack, Jen and Ty sit at a table and discuss Joey and Jack, with Ty revealing he feels it’s wrong for Jack to be gay. The conversation continues back at Jen's place, with Jen shocked that Ty would be so judgmental. Grams decides to step in and much to everyone’s surprise, she cracks down on Ty as well stating that it isn’t his job to judge, but God’s, and that while here on earth what Jack and all people need is love and tolerance.

At school, Pacey sees their class with Peterson was canceled but he sees the teacher in his class, packing stuff up and he goes in, asking him what is going on. Peterson says he has decided to retire 6 months early, due to not wanting to confront the school board about the allegations against him. Pacey says he is sorry for what has happened but the teacher says to not ruin the one admirable thing he has done in his life with an apology, and that Pacey came here to learn from him. Pacey reveals that he has learned that respect comes from compassion and not through fear, to which the teacher responds by asking if HE should then respect Pacey for not having compassion in ending his career.

Back at the McPhee house, Joseph is preparing to leave much to Andie’s surprise. Jack confronts him and tells him that he doesn’t need to come back, leading to a huge shouting match between them as he discounts both of their feelings with Jack finally admitting to his father that he is gay, as Andie comforts him, their father rushing out the door.

Jack goes to meet up with Joey for their rescheduled date, but then lays the news on her that he has accepted who he really is inside, and she accepts it, continuing to hold his hand in support. Later, in need of comfort herself, she goes to Dawson’s, crawling through the window and collapsing in his arms.

Dawson's Trivia:

Greg Pange ends up directing 16 episodes of Dawson’s Creek, but wears several producing and executive-producing hats across the entire series. He started out as an editor and cut a lot of TV movies from the mid 70’s through early 90’s. He’s directed and produced episodes of Airwolf, Flipper, One tree Hill and Rizzoli & Isles. 

Joseph McPhee was played by David Dukes. His career spans back to the 70’s but his main bread and butter seems to be from the 80’s and early 90’s with various guest spots in movies and TV shows (Three’s Company, All In The Family, The Jeffersons, Law and Order, Ally McBeal). He also provided the voice of Bib Fortuna in the Radio Drama edition of Return of the Jedi. Aside from his run of episodes on Dawson’s Creek, he had a run of 7 episodes on Pauly; the Pauly Shore TV Show, playing his father. He was also a lead in a two season sitcom called The Mommies (two mothers, their husbands, their kids, and divorce drama), and a lead on Sisters (drama about the lives of four close but very different siblings in Illinois). He seems to be a fan of mini series as well, he was the main lead in Look At It This Way (a satirical story of double-dealing and infidelity among the London yuppie classes), and a supporting cast member in two other mini series called The Winds of War and War and Remembrance (WWII series). He was also a lead in the George Washington miniseries, and most recently appeared in Stephen King’s Rose Red mini series in 2002, as his final project. We have seen him before as Thomas Michael Mallory, Quinn and Maggie’s future son in a bubble universe in Sliders: Roads Taken. 

Sudden Light by Rossetti, but Slider-fied… from

I have been here before

But when and how I cannot tell:

I know the grass beyond the door,

The sweet keen smell,

the sighing sound, the lights around the shore.

And you have been mine before, –

How long ago I may not know:

Has this been thus before?

And shall not thus time’s eddying flight

Still with our lives restore

In death’s despite,

And day and night yield one delight once more?

The principal was played by Irene Ziegler, and most recently she was in a few episodes of Doom Patrol’s second season, and The Red Road, a drama about a cop trying to keep his family together while keeping the peace between his town and a neighboring Native American tribal community. What is surprising is that she will return to Capeside in a later season as a secretary.

One of the students was Matt Lutz, who’s main claim to fame is as one of the main cast in the McBride movies with John Larroquette of Night Court fame.

Be Careful What You Wish For:

Written by: Heidi Ferrer

Directed by: David Semel

Original airdate: March 3, 1999 (2 week break)


Dawson begins to worry about midnight, due to his birthday happening and having done nothing over the past year in comparison to his friends but Pacey tries his best to cheer him up. As the two head downstairs, they are shocked to see Mitch in the kitchen, cooking Dawson his usual annual breakfast. Gail, taken aback, heads outside its Mitch as they discuss Dawson’s present, which she reveals to Mitch she has already bought, a new Ford Explorer, which surprises him, claiming it’s a pretty big decision they should have made together.

Later at the Icehouse, Pacey, Joey, Jack and Andie go over their plans for Dawson’s surprise party later that evening when Abby shows up with some friends who take an interest in Jack as a novelty, being the first gay guy in Capeside to come out of the closet.

At her therapy session, Andie talks with her psychologist and she suggests that Andie let loose for once instead of letting herself carry the burden of all her friends and family.

Jen, wrapping Dawson’s present in her kitchen, begins to make out with Ty, but he puts the brakes on pretty quick, citing Grams being in the house and his excuse for stopping. 

Dawson finds Joey later and after she talks about wanting it to snow and make a wish on the first snowfall like they did when they were kids, he talks with her about wanting to get back to how things used to be which Joey takes as a sign he wants to get back to being friends but he reveals that he wants to get back to being a couple. She lets him down saying that she didn’t break up with him because of him, or because of Jack, but because she really does need time to find herself and who she really is. Dawson does not take the news well and walks off.

Later that evening, Pacey, driving his father’s squad car, has Dawson riding shotgun and Andie riding in the back, thoroughly enjoying being a prisoner, and ready to cut loose. They head to the jazz bar that Ty introduced them to and Dawson begins again to complain about how boring he is and wanting to cut loose for once. Andie invites him to do just that with her as she is going to cut loose finally as well and together they begin drinking rum and cokes. Before long they begin feeling the effects of the alcohol as Pacey watches disapprovingly. The two get up on stage to perform some open mic blues singing and end up creating a blues song based on their individual situations they are going through to much applause. Afterwards, the waitress finally decides to check their IDs and Andie gets a bit belligerent and the three are tossed out.

Meanwhile, at the party, everything is in full swing with Mitch and Gail hosting and people dancing and hanging out, awaiting the guest of honor. Jack shows up with a new do and new style, and Abby is immediately smitten and tries to get him to indulge himself with her claiming that everyone is a little bi and it's nothing to be ashamed of.

Pacey finally gets Dawson and Andie to his house but Dawson has already guessed there is a surprise party waiting for him and rushes inside. He and Andy begin dancing on the table, now wildly drunk, and Joey grabs Dawson down and takes him up his bedroom to get a clear head on with some coffee when they walk in and see Jack kissing Abby.

Meanwhile, outside in the Explorer, Jen and Ty are getting things on inside, doing some major kissing and heavy petting when Ty stops, and reveals he doesn’t want to have sex with her because of his religious beliefs, not believing in pre-marital sex. He ends up making some remarks about Jen’s past and she runs off.

Dawson heads back downstairs and his mother begins to light candles so he can make his wish and Dawson goes on a diatribe about how he wishes his mother had not slept with her co-anchor, that his father would actually get a job, and that Pacey would go back to being his layabout, lazy self. He then mentions Jen and her wanton ways with her revolving boyfriends, and Jack who seems confused if he is gay or not, and then finally calls out Joey as the only 16 year old who needed to find herself as he kisses her hard on the lips, causing her to push him away and landing his face in his own cake.

Later, Dawson and Andie are in the bathroom taking turns throwing up, regretting their actions and vowing to not do this again. 

Downstairs, Mitch and Gail wonder if they have screwed up their son’s life, deciding to not give him the truck, and instead get a cheaper car and let him work to make the monthly payments.

Down at the docks, Jack explains to Joey what happened, alluding to the fact that he feels so alone after coming out, and Abby saying that everyone is a little bi made him feel more normal. Joey says it's ok, that everyone feels alone sometimes, and it’s a normal thing to be experiencing. 

Elsewhere, Jen tells Ty she doesn’t want to see him anymore, due to his contradictory behavior, and despite his pleadings, she ends it by shutting him out. 

Joey heads back to Dawson’s and checks in with him, as Dawson reveals that he got drunk because he himself feels so lonely. Joey reveals she broke up with him and ran to Jack because he wasn’t Dawson, he was a stranger, someone new that allowed her to see where she started and stopped in a relationship, whereas with Dawson, the two of them had always been together, a pair that had melded into almost a singular being. Now, she really needs to see who she can be as a whole person, on her own. As Dawson drifts off to sleep, he tells her that he loves her, and once his eyes are closed, Joey whispers it back to him while staring out the window, watching the snow, and making a silent wish.

Dawson's Trivia:

Heidi Ferrer only has 5 writing credits to her name. She started with 2 episodes of Dawson’s Creek, and followed them with an episode of Kevin Williamson’s series Wasteland. She then wrote an episode of the single season show Black Scorpion, about a female police officer who takes on a sexy vigilante persona by night. Then she also wrote the script for the Paris Hilton vehicle The Hottie & The Nottie, and a TV movie called Princess. She also has a single acting credit as Jennifer in the movie Mini’s First Time, starring Alec Baldwin, Nikki Reed, Carrie-Ann Moss, Jeff Goldblum and Luke Wilson.

The waitress was played by Gina Stewart. She has a handful of small bit roles, but is best known for voicing Trilby in the pre-school kids show Raggs. One main cast role (top five cast listing) would be in Captive (a single mother with an addiction gets taken hostage). She was also a minor bit player in The Rage: Carrie 2.

Abby’s friend Tracy was played by JoAnna Garcia Swisher. She was the lead in the Steel Magnolias TV Series, played Ariel in Once Upon A Time, was Amy in Jason Ritter’s Kevin Probably Saves The World, Betty Grissom in The Astronaut Wives Club, and also appeared in Animal Practice (comedy about a vet that hates pet owners), Better With You (two sisters at various stages in their respective relationships), Privileged (Yale journalism major becomes a tutor for spoiled kids), Reba, Freaks and Geeks, Party of Five, and did three years on the kids series Are You Afraid Of The Dark. She was also Tourettes Girl, Sandy Sue in Not Another Teen Movie. 

The bad open mic singer was assistant make-up artist Sara Seidman Vance. She’s also worked on The Rage: Carrie 2, Patch Adams, Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret Of The Ooze among others.

Essential Playlist:

Classic Creek Critiques:

Kevin Williamson came out around this time in The Advocate.

Dawsonsdesktop: Cook Book:

Bed and Breakfast:

School online newsletter:

Many people not believing Jack is gay because he went out with Joey, questioning why was he hiding it? 

Alexander Schaewe on the issue of people not wanting to see more of Jack: It's also a big step forward for us (Gay teenagers) who don't get the feeling of "I've been there" in the sexuallity aspect, before last week's episode. Like it or not, there are people who aren't straight. You don't have to agree with it, you don't have to listen to it, just ignore what you don't like. I understand people have a problem with the homosexual issue, but what I don't understand is why are you focusing on our sexuallity so much? Why not focus on your own. Also, people question Jack and his sexuallity. Some say he's straight, or bi..just not gay. He's not straight, that's quite obivious. But some of you are so damn obivious, it's not funny. All I can say is, don't tune in to tomorrows show if you have such a problem with it, and don't act so anti-gay. There are people here who will be offended, as I have. I'm sure some of you wouldn't like it if gays acted so anti-straight. But do you ever see gays do that? No. Because sexuallity is not a big issue. So you're gay, so you're straight, or bi. Who cares, move on, Leave us alone. It's going to be a issue for the rest of the season, and once Collin comes in (I hear next season), it'll continue to be an issue. Also, Dawson's Creek is NOT A PORNO. I read some guys post, where he thinks

all of a sudden guys will start doing guys all over the place. If, and there probably will be some sorta affection from Jack torwards another will be done in good taste. You don't see us complaining if Dawson and Joey are doing it. It's not like it turns us on, or we're forced to. If Jack kisses another guy, it's not like you're forced to be turned on to that. Unless you have a big problem with it, then you have some sexuallity problems to deal with.

Steven Caufield: I am gay. The way that they portrayed Jack's coming out and his obvious confusion over his sexuality was absolutly accurate. I am so impressed that this show had the courage to go where no other show would: to honestly portray homosexuality in teens.

Shows like tonight's are very necessary to help the thousands of teens dealing with Jack's situation right now. They portrayed his struggle effectively and endearingly. And believe me, it is accurate. Many viewers, as is demonstrated by some of the postings I've read here, may have trouble dealing with Jack's homosexuality. Hey guys, it's real. This is not something we choose or something we want; it's something that just happens. The way most guys are attracted to women is the exact same as gay guys are attracted to men. I think that the show is really trying to portray that. Bravo.

Mark: Pacey is a great person. We need more "Pacey's" in our world today, the world would be a much better place. As my fiancé and I watched the scene in which Pacey and the teacher were arguing in the classroom, our appartment was silent except for the two characters on the tv. We were also cheering on Pacey and were very glad to see him do what he did. That teacher deserved it. I believe that there are some things that you can and cannot do and altough me personally would not have spit in someones face, I certainly would have let them have it verbally. When Pacey appologized for the act of spitting in the teachers face but said that he would never be sorry for what he told the teacher, I thought that this proved how mature a person he really is. The spitting in the face was a heat of the moment thing, and it REALLY got the point accross. In any case, in the not so far off future, I see the writers of the show making Pacey's life even more of a hell. Will he keep his grades up? Will Andie still stay with him?? What will Pacey's father think of the suspension (hopefully this will be the time that Pacey lets his dad have it verbally!) I just hope that Pacey's character stays the way he is; and doesn't turn to the dark side if you know what I mean.

Tweeder: "it's one of the more admirable moments of your life, pacey, don't ruin it with an apology." is it just me or does that sound like a compliment? granted, it's also sort of an insult, but it does sound like he meant at least semi-well by saying that. he obviously knows what he did was wrong, it showed him sitting there thinking as pacey was walking in, and he paused when he said he wasn't going to listen to parents tell him what he's done wrong for 30 years. he's well aware of what he did, but I don't think he can say it. I don't think it's over yet though, pacey should go talk to him some other time, his family maybe, if he has one.


HopesCharm: What are they planning on doing? Waiting till the last episode of the season and get Joey and Dawson together? It breaks my heart to see Dawson's heart being torn in to while Joey "finds herself". Now don't get me wrong I love Joey but this is getting a bit long winded.

Fallen responds: That would be interesting if Dawson met someone else and Joey got all jealous and stuff. But by observing Dawson and seeing how hopeless he is without her.. I don't know.. if he would even think about another girl.

BtheMarlin: The coolest thing happened in my Chemistry Class the other day. It was the Tuesday before the Drunken Episode. The whole class was talking about Dawson's Creek. The popular upperclassmen chick was talking about how she loved the show. Then the big football player type said how he loved the show. Then the white trash slacker girl in the back of the room says how she doesnt' miss an episode. it was very cool.

Talk of Howard Stern’s love Dawson’s creek. Interviews Michelle Williams:


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