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RW399 - Dawson's Creek S02E13-14 - Leading or Not

In this weeks episode of The Dawson's Creek Rewatch, Cory and Tom take the method approach to writing as they discuss season 2 episodes 13 & 14, "His Leading Lady" and "To Be or Not to Be..."

His Leading Lady:

Written by: Shelley Meals & Darin Goldberg

Directed by: David Semel

Original airdate: February 3, 1999


As Dawson and Joey hold their first ever post-breakup movie night, he asks her opinion on some of the students he is considering casting for her role in his movie. Joey brings up how amazed she is at Dawson having finally moved on from their troubles as he laments that he had to, seeing as how SHE was the one who let him go, forcing him to accept it. 

The next day Dawson finds Joey at her college art class, but not being a student signed up for the class leaves the teacher asking him to leave, but not before he catches an eyeful of the nude model the students are sketching. As Dawson peruses the college library he runs into the model who introduces herself as Devon, a drama major, which gives Dawson the idea to let her read the script and audition.

Grams brings home groceries with the help of a young man she met named Ty and he drops a few not so subtle flirts towards Jen’s way, while she accepts his offer to help with the film shoot. Across the way, Pacey discusses with Dawson the fact that he found Andie’s depression pills which she was obviously hiding from him and wonders what is the best thing to do now going forward, confront her in order to help her and support her or forget about it. Eventually he decides to talk to her and she comes clean about it, revealing that her doctor wants to take her off the meds and try therapy instead, to which Pacey agrees might be a good idea, but Andie says she can take care of her herself. 

Devon meets Dawson and while she bruises his ego with a number of criticisms about the script, he ends up letting her audition and is subsequently amazed by her performance. The following day, at the Icehouse, Joey is freaked out by a customer, who ends up being Devon, there to study up on Joey so she can more accurately portray her in the film, something Joey doesn’t know about until she shows up to help Dawson with the film the next day.

As Dawson deals with Chris putting a bit of sleazy twist on his dialogue, and Jack being his usual clumsy self, Devon finds Joey and begins to ask her a bunch of questions to try and capture her character better, much to Joey’s obvious discomfort. Joey finds some solace with Jack later when he asks if she is ok with all that’s going on in the film, being that it's autobiographical, leaving her to brush it off and give him a big kiss, while Devon watches from afar, mimicking Joey’s movements. 

Dawson talks with Chris and tries to get him to understand his character and where the hurt he should be feeling is coming from. Devon meanwhile seeks out Joey again to try and figure out where her character’s anger is all stemming from, with Joey saying she is not really an angry person, leaving Devon to try and push her into getting angry which she does quite successfully before rushing off back to the set. 

Meanwhile, Andie ends up having a straight up meltdown at Devon for losing a prop, as Pacey comes to the rescue and pulling his girlfriend away from the situation, voicing his concern, to which she goes further off the deep end by saying she has too much going on in her life and has decided that he is the one thing she can cut from her list of responsibilities as she storms off. 

As Dawson films Chris and Devon acting their hearts out and delivering an Oscar worthy scene, joey shows up and confronts Dawson about his film, angry that he has decided to try and relive their pain, pouring her anger out in buckets. Dawson hits right back with similar passion as he reveals that he isn’t over the experience yet and reasons that making this film is his way of dealing with it.

Grams talks with Jen and reveals that she is very proud of her for how she manages things on set, how accomplished she has become, also commenting about how times have changed for women since her day of just raising a family, as Ty comes up and escorts Jen away for their planned date they set up. Jen asks about getting something to eat and Ty mentions his friend is having a party to which Jen readily agrees. However upon arriving, she finds out the party is less of a traditional Jen party and more of an actual bible study group. 

Pacey talks with Dawson about his mistake with Andie and Dawson suggests that he try, as he himself is doing, to let her go, that if someone really loves you, they will eventually find their way back to you. Pacey however is adamant that he is not giving up and goes to Andie’s door with a rose only to be confronted with her slamming the door in his face. Pacey climbs up the lattice outside her window and offers her the flower again before almost falling as Andie lets him into her room and the two make up and kiss.

As Dawson closes up the set for the night, Devon compliments him on his directing and runs off to hang out with Chris. Joey approaches Dawson and the two talk about what happened and they both apologize, realizing they are still both hurting. Jack shows up and together he and Joey walk home while Dawson stays behind, staring after them.

Dawson's Trivia:

Ty was played by Eddie Mills. We have seen him before as D.E.R.I.C. in the Sliders episode  “State of the A.R.T.” He was a lead in Winter Break (who’s tagline reads “Better than warm apple pie”), co-starring Milo Ventimiglia and Anna Farris. He starred with James Franco in a movie called At Any Cost about a brother based rock n’ roll band. He starred opposite Hillary Swank and Jason Robards in Heartwood, a movie about a saw mill that is central to a small town and not doing well. He appeared in a TV movie called Sabrina Goes To Rome (with Melissa Joan Hart), and was also in episodes of Dead Like Me as Kyle Lowerdeck, Wasteland about 6 friends trying to make it in New York (also starring Rebecca Gayheart, and Adam Scott as Phillip the Coffee Boy), and a short 8 episode series called Push in which medal hopefuls are trained by a new coach on campus (Jason Behr was also a main cast member).

Devon was played by Rachel Leigh Cook. She originally played Mary Anne in the original Baby Sitters Club movie. Her list of credits is huge, including Tom and Huck (a Johnathan Taylor Thomas movie), She’s All That (nerdy girl becomes prom queen), Josie and the Pussycats, and Texas Rangers (with Van Der Beek). She was the voice of Chelsea in Batman Beyond, as well as voicing Tifa Lockheart in the video games Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, and Jalesa William in several Star Wars video games. Aside from other guest appearances on shows like Psych, Titan Maximum and Las Vegas, she was a lead on the Erick McCormack show Perception (neuropsychiatrist helping the government solve crimes). Most recently she’s done a number of … Hallmark Movies.

To Be or Not to Be...:

Written by: Greg Berlanti

Directed by: Sandy Smolan

Original airdate: February 10, 1999


As Pacey leaves Dawson’s house so he can get rest because it IS a school night after all, Jack remains behind as he looks over his model of Capeside, which is being used for establishing shots in Dawson’s movie. Jack asks Dawson for advice on a poetry assignment for class, seeing as how Dawson is the resident writer and he tells him to listen to himself and write what he sees inside of himself.

The next day, Pacey receives praise from counselor Mr. Milo on his recent return of good grades, but he then gets blindsided as Mr. Peterson rips him for writing his poem illegibly, and demands he write it over and get a low grade for late work, or let it sit as is and receive an even lower grade. Unable to shake Pacey, Peterson sets his sights on Jack after he makes a remark under his breath about the teacher and asks Jack to read his poem. Jack is hesitant, stating that it was only supposed to be for the teacher to read, but Peterson is insistent and forces him to start reading. As he reads, stopping but continually prodded by Mr. Peterson to keep going, he breaks down and runs out of the room, with Pacey trying to follow behind him. Peterson stops him and orders him to sit back down. 

As Joey and Dawson sit at computers working, they overhear a group of boys gossiping about what happened to jack and implying that his poem was about Jack admitting he is gay. Dawson later asks Joey about whether she talked to Jack about the poem yet but she is too upset and lashes out at Dawson, accusing him of trying to give validity to the rumor in order to get them to break up.

Back at the McPhee household, Pacey and Andie are studying when Jack announces he headed out for a bit. Once he leaves, Pacey asks Andie why she didn’t talk to Jack about the situation, rather than just dismissing the incident. Andie says she doesn’t believe the poem was about him being gay, and states if he was, she would be disappointed, which shocks Pacey.

Meanwhile, Ty continues to pursue Jen and finally gets her to agree to going out with him again, promising this time will not be a bible study party. Indeed the two end up at a small speakeasy-style jazz club, listening and dancing to the music. 

Joey talks to Jack and asks about what happened, and he explains that when he sat down to write the poem he just pictured a masculine image and went from there, thinking it was of his brother, given how his death has affected his family. 

The next day when they get to school, everyone discovers copies of Jack’s poem taped up all over the halls and lockers. Back in Mr. Peterson’s class, he again prompts Jack to finish reading his poem from yesterday. Shocked at this, Pacey grabs the poem and begins reading it but the teacher stops him, grabbing the poem away from him as the two face off, with Peterson hurling insults and ending with Pacey spitting in Peterson’s face.

Outside the principal’s office, Jack tells Pacey that he doesn’t need him to be a hero and come to his rescue, while inside the office, Mr. Milo tries to keep the peace stating that Peterson was not innocent in the whole incident, but the principal suggest reconvening the following day when everyone has had time to think.

While Andie and Dawson try to convince Pacey to just apologize rather than risk suspension, Jack goes to his locker to discover someone had spray painted a homosexual slur on it, leaving Joey to kiss him in front of everyone to try and help. 

Back at home, Andie confronts Jack and apologizes for not being there for him, and promises to do better.

Back at school the next day, as Pacey prepares to go to the principal, Dawson tells him that no matter what he does, he will never be ashamed of him. Pacey goes inside and refuses to give Peterson the apology he wanted, standing his ground for what happened in the class because he knows what that teacher did was not right and then leaves, accepting his punishment. 

Andie finds Pacey later down by the docks and attempts to talk with him, but Pacey is upset that she wasn't there for him when he needed it most, and also because she wasn't there for her brother either. Pacey admits he feels responsible for the entire incident due to his riling up of Peterson, causing the teacher to look for someone else to pick on. As Pacey leaves, Andie asks if he wants her to walk him home, and he says no, walking away from her. 

Joey confronts jack at the Icehouse and straight up asks him if he is gay to which he says no, as the two kiss and hug, with Joey’s face revealing contentment, while Jack’s face looks as if he is still troubled by something.

Dawson's Trivia:

Director Sandy Smolan's debut feature film, Rachel River (1987), was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and won for best cinematography and Special Jury Prize for actress Viveca Lindfors. He’s directed on many TV series, including Doogie Howser M.D, Northern Exposure, Earth 2, Dangerous Minds, Weird Science, Ally McBeal, Diagnosis Murder, One Tree Hill, Greek and many more. He did direct an episode of the single season show Class of ‘96 which starred Megan Ward and Kari Wuhrer. He’s also a well respected documentary filmmaker, gaining huge acclaim for The Human Face of Big Data and the VR documentary The Click Effect.

Mr. Peterson was played by Edmund Kearney. Only 7 credits to his name starting in 1989, and ending in 2002. His first role was a bit part in Double Exposure: The Story of Margaret Bourke-White (a pioneering photographer). He then played The President in Firehead (little higher on the cast list; a government agent assigns a scientist to help one of his agents track down a Russian defector who is a cyborg, Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau co-star). After that he has a run of four episodes in Dawson’s Creek, followed by a bit role in the TV movie Shake, Rattle and Roll: An American Love Story, then Danny Glover’s Freedom Song, (way down in the cast list; a civil rights 60’s movie), and then finally New Best Friend with Meredith Monroe, Mia Kirshner, Dominique Swain, and Taye Diggs in 2002 (he is not too far down on the cast list; a North Carolina sheriff investigates the near-fatal drug overdose of an underachieving college girl, and uncovers many sordid details of her life before and during her descent into drugs and debauchery).

Essential Playlist:

Classic Creek Critiques:

AmyP: Dawsons Desktop has an email from Pacey to Dawson asking for his NC-17 collection back, specifically Good Will Humping. It seems Pacey's dad was going through his room looking for fuel to the fire of why Pacey is such a rotten human being. The movie was Pacey's, not Dawsons!!!

AC: Liked the scene where D explains to Chris the pain of betrayal. Felt the pain right along with him. The writing was great too.

DeputyDoug looking for merchandise!

XFileGrrl: jack and joey seem unbelievable as a couple because it seems so obvious that joey and dawson are still "yearning to be together" even though they are mutually agreeing on the space thing - i mean, one would think jack would get mad that she's still giving dawson those loving gazes. I thought pacey was good to stick by andie, he's a sweetie. 

Whit116 responds:Awwww! He so was! That was so amazing and such a mature thing to do. Pacey is a

sweetie to the maximum. ;) I loved how he totally supported Andie through her hard time, that shows how much he really loves her. And, it was so great to

actually hear that come out of his mouth. Hers too. ;) I felt so bad for him when Andie was yelling at him and told him that she "didnt need him". Awww ... so sad. Thank god it wasnt true! The two of them are just sooo aww ... anyway, it was so sad when he was crying at his locker when Dawson walked by. But, that whole rose at Andie's door and climbing up her window, risking everything, just to be with her was awesome. I think every woman deserves a man like Pacey. Hell, they should just give a special Pacey live action doll to every girl. :) It was so odd to hear Andie yelling though, but I guess its understandable. Good to know that shes aware that Pacey is there for her.

Rodney E: Where is the quip-cracking, lighthearted, don't give a damn wiseass of last season? I'm all for a person improving their lot in life, but Mr. Witter is totally giving up his identity being by with the fair, neurotic, maiden. I think the last time we saw the Old Pacey was him watching "Jacuzzi Floozies". Since then, he's been led on a leash by Ms. McPhee. Seeing her get upset over the barrettes Devon misplaced reminded me of "Mommy Dearest" (wire hangers!).

Perry Robertson responds: I like the path Pacey has been on this season. Sure he was great last season, but times change,and he is still great, just in a new way. I am more disappointed in Joey than I am in Pacey. Pacey has changed for the better and Andie brings out a good side in him. I wouldn't have wanted to see him stay "town loser."

SkyStar16 (Cara) responds: I guess they had to let Pacey grow up and let him be able to have the girl. I

like it alot. I mean old pacey was funny but you got ot grow up sometime.

Olafsson: did anyone look at the label on andie's medicine bottle when pacey was looking at it?!

it said "Zanac 20 mg" now i'm in a pharmacy school and i work in one and there is no such thing as zanac. there's zantac (for stomach acid) and xanax (for anxiety), neither of which come in a 20 mg strength. i mean, they pronounce the drug name right. why can't they spell it right? 

Tony responds: this sounds likely to me -- make up a drug and not have to worry about grief from drug companies.

Romana: Was anyone else as moved by Pacey's performance this week as I was. When Andie said that the only thing in her life that she could get rid of at

the moment was Pacey(or something to that effect) and then the look on Pacey's face. Like he was about to cry or something. That was SO sad!!! I mean we are talking about a guy whose father thinks absolutely nothing of him, and he had just found one special person in his life and then that person says that she doesnt want to be with him anymore! That was

so sad! But I thought it was really really good of Pacey to get the strength to go back to Andie and refused to be dumped like that! He knew her so well that he knew that this was just a side affect from the pills

that she was taking.I was SO relieved to see them get back together. It was right of Pacey to go back to Andie. Something that Dawson should possibly try with Joey....but I know I know the Dawson and Joey situation is just completely different then the Pacey and Andie

situation. Still I would like to see Dawson and Joey get back together....wouldn't u guys? Anyways I LOVED Pacey's performance this week again!

Top Cat responds: My favorite scene was when Pacey was walking away from Andie's door after having the door slammed in his face and looking into the distance as if heeding Dawson's advice to let her go. The photography was just excellent and the music by Springsteen (you could say good night, never lie...) made the scene ever more memorable.

Mike: I'm so sick of Dawson and Joey's on again off again relationship that I'm starting to not care if they ever get back together. Dawson should just drop Joey and go after someone that he can get. Joey is to high maintenance; too much baggage. And I'm really getting sick of her illogical attitude. 

Spooky 100 responds : How could you possibly understand her? She hasn't done anything that makes sense... her whole "find myself" thing turned out to be crap, she's always bitching at Dawson for the stupidest things, and then she doesn't want to admit she's an "angry person." She really needs to chill out, because she is, I'm sorry to say it, a real bitch. If a girl in real life acted like that, even if she was hot, she would find doors closing for her left and right. I know I wouldn't put up with that for a second.


Denise Atwood has a spoiler: ok, my cousin lives in N.C, and has a friend who was an extra, and he says that i guess abby was drinking and got really depressed and drove her dads car off a bridge. so i guess thats what happens. it really sucks cause i was just startin to like abby

Glenn9393 has a different related spoiler: nope. abby does not drive her car off a bridge. I am an extra on the show and I worked that day. Her and Jen get drunk at a wedding, Andie kicks them out, they leave and take a bottle with them, they are on this dock and Abby falls off the dock and drowns, Jen jumps in and tries to save her. Your cousins friend or whatever is crazy

MovieGuy17: Good episode tonight. The season has definatly picked up. I don't want to know if Jack is gay or not until it happens on the show. But one question why would he date Joey if he was truly gay. I mean HE made the first move. He kissed her. Not like he just went along with it. He started it....just a thought....

MHender506 (Molly) responds: Denial? More importantly, SELF- denial?

MovieGuy17 responds back: Perhaps a Jack is feeling a guy is suppose to date a girl. He is attracted to Joey but at the same time he is attracted to boys. He probably just realized that he is gay and he is scared out of his mind. In most cases people realize that they are gay in college, but they had normal dating relationship with females in high school.

Sinfi: Oh wow! This episode summed up PERFECTLY all the things I love so much about Pacey. He's so full of fire! When he sees something he thinks is wrong there's no way he'd turn a blind eye just for his own benefit,

he's idealistic and passionate and determined to change the world! He's got such a strong sense of what's right and wrong and he'll fight for it, too. And, on top of all that he's intelligent and articulate enough to voice his argument to crystal clarity and make all the adults look like idiots! (Ok, so maybe that part's a little unrealistic as far as inconsistency goes...;)

He's got such a sense of humour, too. You'd never see him getting all defensive about stupid little things the way some of the other chracters would.

I also hafta give props to the actor who played Jack. I still don't know his name yet, but he was amazing! All the emotion was so strong! Especially when he was reading the poem in class.

Kingfish: First of all, I'd be willing to donate to a fund to KILL teachers like the one Jack faced in the English class. I'm sure we all have had teachers like that, little tyrants who love to play Hitler, Jr. by using the threat,

"You'll never get into a good college if you don't kiss my butt." (Ok, the "killing" part was hyperbole... note to any feds monitoring the newsgroups... it was a JOKE... overstatement for effect, etc. etc. etc. :-)

MHender506 (Molly): We've all had mean teachers, but I think it was a bit exaggerated tonight. I mean, do you think a principle would actually tolerate behavior like that? I'm sure the students would have been pouring in the prinicple's office complaining, I know I would have! The whole show seemed very unrealistic.

Andy Pan: I don't think it was the point... call me naive.. but I don't think that Jack should have been punished for putting feelings and effort into an assignment. Granted the smart person won't do something like this for a teacher like him... But the fact is that the teacher should have NEVER forced to humiliate him anyways.

I totally agreed with Pacey on something he said about Andie... she didn't want to know what the mess was... she just wanted Pacey to clean it up.... when all along she should have been support him and jack UNCONDITIONALLY the same way that Pacey has been doing for her.

Sinfi: In the beginning, I thought perhaps the teacher wasn't trying to be mean, just trying to get Jack out of his shell a little and try and get him a little self-confidence. I mean, no one should feel they need to

be ashamed of what they feel. Of course, I was wrong

JoJo coins a nickname: Pacey "The Spitter" Witter

JSchue9241 (Jamie): I know exaclty what is going on wth Andy. I am clinically depressed and watching the last episode absolutely made me cry. I know exactly how it feels to be ehr. Her portrayal in this role is totally realistic. God, finally someone on television I can relate to

ShAyNuH512 responds: I can totally relate to her too. I have OCD, social phobia, anxiety disorder, and depression. She portrays this character perfectly!!!

Corso5129 responds: I do think that meredith portrays her character's illness well. i think the best that she's done was when she was in the rocking chair and jack was telling her that she needed to go back on her meds. she was crying and obviously quite upset but was trying to hold on to a stable appearance. i know how hard that must be for an actress, since i have depression and i've had panic attacks in front of others, and i can only imagine how someone who doesn't have this problem can try to portray someone who does. Cheers to Meredith, she is underrated!!

Kyl… I think it's wonderful that Dawson's Creek may make Jack a gay character. I just hope it doesn't mean that we'll never see him again, or that he'll just fall into being a small side character, like Bessie. If they're going to do it, they should go all the way and show him like they do the other characters, dealing with life, love, everyday things. I hope they're allowed to portray him this way. I can also see him being attracted to Dawson (or Pacey, for that matter) but I hope that once he's sure neither of them are

gay, he'll move on and not pine away for them.

NEXNET1996: After watching the last couple of episodes I see exactly what you are saying. I want to see what happens when the truth comes out, I mean I dont think they will have a major problem accepting Jack but I think the initial shock on the male side (dawson and pacey) might make them avoid him....but in time I can kinda see Dawson and Jack as friends.

TankCommander in response to Jack not knowing he is gay: Well, actually he does realize, or he at least has the feeling that he's gay but he just doesn't want to face the truth, that is the reason for the relationship with Joey. He is trying to "make" himself straight but he ends up finding a friendship type of relationship with her and he ends up revealing to her that he "likes" Dawson.

SoLiTuDoR on the negative posts about sexuality: Does anyone else feel that the issue about Jack's sexuality has gotten out of hand. There are so many disgusting, disappointing subject heading against being gay and for it(i.e. Jack is a Meat eater, Fags Rock my bed!!!!!). Let's discuss the issue in a civilized manner, okay?

Now, I've been dying to ask this question. For men and women who have gone through puberty or are going through it now, have you ever thought about your

own sex in THAT way? How did it make you feel? I've just heard many people say that during at least one point in their life, they've thought about their

own sex, in a more than just friendly manner. Be honest. Admitting to it does not mean you are gay or a lesbian. I just brought it up because if the majority answer is yes, then I want to show people that they should be more

compassionate toward homosexuals because it's perfectly understandable what would make them like their own sex. If you want to know my answer, it is yes.

In my case, it happened unconsciously. I had a dream that I actually had sex with another guy, but I didn't back off because I couldn't control my dream. I

felt scared by it the next day, not because I thought about it, but that Iactually enjoyed it in my dream. Did that make me gay. The answer is no. I didn't feel the attraction when I was awake and that is how I learned how to deal with the gay issue. I don't freak out when someone says they are gay, andI hope that most people don't either.

Tank_Commander responds: Well, of course you pose a tough question. In our society homosexuality is viewed as a perversion or a mutation, even though it's not. In fact, scientists have done studies on wild animals and it has and does occur in nature, primarily among primates, of which we are descendants. So for someone to answer honestly, which is an obvious yes for all people, would mean that their sexuality and character would be thrust in to public scrutiny. Of course on the Internet, it's a little easier because the persons which you are conversing with, you will probably never meet. All people, both male and female have or will have a homosexual thought about someone, either a fictional character or a famous person they've seen, or even a friend or family member. Normally, it is just a flash image or a detailed thought that the person wonders where it came from and why they thought about it. The mere thought doesn't mean that you are or will be gay, it is just a sexual reflex of the brain, no one knows why it happens, it just does. I myself have had a couple pop in and out of my head, but I am totally straight and find no physical attraction toward any other males. What makes some people attracted toward the same sex, rather than a more traditional mate? Who knows, the level of Testosterone (the male hormone) and Estrogen (the female hormone), of which everyone has some level of in their bodies, have been rumored to be a possible answer. What ever the reason, we as intelligent and compassionate beings must learn to understand and ultimately overcome the differences between all people, instead of separating and singling out those who are viewed as strange. It is then, and only then that we will be able to grow as humans and blossom as intellectuals.

Rodney E: The dark side of the Force, Mr. Peterson, was at least balanced by the friendly guidance counselor at the beginning of the episode. That old man was just as encouraging to Pacey as Peterson was an asshole. It just shows that Pacey treats right those who do likewise to him. It also makes me wonder why Kevin Williamson has a "grudge" against teachers, notice the evil aliens of "The Faculty" and the murder of one in the upcoming "Killing Mrs. Tingle".

LilSisa responds: I don't think he has a grudge against teachers so much as they are a typical "emeny" of students of any age. Teachers can either play the good guys in movies that help out or main characters or they are the bad guys that are totally against the main characters. Maybe Kevin does have a grudge, but I

view it as more that he doesn't have a grudge which allows him to play alot with teachers, going to the good or bad side of them. Seeing Mr. Peterson reminded me of how some teachers acted to certain students when I was in school. Teachers, who are supposed to TEACH, sometimes end up making it harder for the students to learn. He was a total ass.

Tank_Commander spoiler: Well, actually, if you were here when I first gave this spoiler to the NG, I said that's what it was. He has a crush on Dawson, at least he was supposed to at the beginning of the season when they mapped out the episode lay-out but at that time there wasn't any mention of a "love interest" for him, so they might have changed the plans. He was supposed to be going out with Joey just to get in between her and Dawson, then he would reveal it to Joey and tell her that he likes Dawson. All that could have changed but that was the original plot, I haven't gotten any new info lately.

Merc (Melissa) mentioned that James VDB hosted SNL:

The thing missing is The Cats Home Video Sketch, due to a song licensing issue. More info here:


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